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Hi, I'm Vanessa from SpeakEngli­shWithVane­\x­a0\n

A great way to remember vocabulary­, I know that's\xa0­\n

is to know the words that are around you, to be\xa0\n

about the items in your house because that's what\xa0\n

help you build your vocabulary­, specifical­ly\xa0\n

to be taking you around this bathroom in my house\xa0\­n

exist here. They might not be the same that exists\xa0­\n

in the comments, if there are any things that\xa0\n

Before we get started, I want to explain some\xa0\n

these three words: bathroom, restroom, washroom.\­xa0\n

Can you guess which two we use? You just heard\xa0\­n

but there is a difference between these a bathroom\x­a0\n

comfortabl­e location. And a restroom is usually\xa­0\n

in your office. If you need to go to the bathroom,\­xa0\n

more formal. It's a little more indirect. It's a\xa0\n

restroom. I'm just resting. So we use restroom\x­a0\n

about bathrooms in a more formal setting. As\xa0\n

I've ever heard anyone use this. I could be wrong.\xa0­\n

in Canada, they often say washroom.\­n

they say in Canada, this is what they say in\xa0\n

an expert in other types of English. I only know\xa0\n

these words: toilet, loo, John, and water closet.\xa­0\n

it to talk about this room. We never say I'm going\xa0\­n

And loo, we never say loo in the US. Also John,\xa0\­n

this expression water closet. If you saw this\xa0\n

you're at a restaurant and you're looking\xa­0\n

a door. Would you know that that's the bathroom?\­n

is sometimes on a bathroom door. And it just\xa0\n

kind of silly words to talk about the bathroom.\­xa0\n

girl's room. And these are always, usually said\xa0\n

lavatory, this is a very high class way to say\xa0\n

bit silly, you might say, "Excuse me, where\'s\x­a0\n

you might say, that'd be kind of funny. Or you\xa0\n

to freshen up." And I think this is something\­xa0\n

just kind of as a little joke, "Oh, I need\xa0\n

in my teeth. I\'m going to go to the powder room."\n

just for little girls. This is talking about the\xa0\n

need to go to the bathroom, you might ask where's\xa­0\n

We don't really say where's the boys room. I think\xa0\­n

are more indirect about these types of things.\xa­0\n

silly expression­s used with the bathroom. Now\xa0\n

porta-pott­y and porta-John­, do you have a\xa0\n

shocked. These are, a porta-pott­y or a porta-John­,\xa0\n

or maybe if you go to an outdoor concert or\xa0\n

structure or some kind of restroom outside.\x­a0\n

All right, now that we have cleared all that up.\xa0\n

restroom, and let's get onto talking about the\xa0\n

about this. Here we have the sink. Sometimes it's\xa0\n

a more formal word. If you're purchasing a\xa0\n

Also, we have the faucet and the hot water handle,\xa­0\n

might see some bathrooms that have two, that's\xa0­\n

inside here, down there is the drain. If\xa0\n

plug the drain. "I need to push that\xa0\n

plug the drain and fill up the sink with water."\n

some plumbing. Plumbing are the pipes that bring\xa0\­n

drain. Notice that the B here is silent plumb-ing,­\xa0\n

items a little bit later in this lesson. So\xa0\n

All right, here we are by the toilet.\xa­0\n

In the US we always call this the toilet. We\xa0\n

So on the toilet, we have two lids. This\xa0\n

the seat, which can also go up. And this is always\xa0­\n

the seat down. And this is what a lot of wives\xa0\­n

I'm curious if you have ever had this\xa0\n

and we have here, this is the toilet bowl. You\xa0\n

or the toilet handle, because we can push this\xa0\n

toilet when you're finished, to flush the toilet.\xa­0\n

on our toilet. It is this thing. It is a bidet.\xa0­\n

but it is certainly not a well-known feature of\xa0\n

I have lived abroad, we know about bidets,\xa­0\n

Also around the toilet, you will see there is\xa0\n

freely. And we have a toilet brush for cleaning\x­a0\n

you can see on this side, we have our toilet paper\xa0\­n

you. Do you have your toilet paper coming over the\xa0\n

I prefer it like this coming from the top, but I\xa0\n

Sometimes on the back of the toilet, you\xa0\n

we almost always call these Kleenex. This is\xa0\n

call this type of item. Or for us, we have a\xa0\n

back of the toilet. Oh, we have one more thing.\n

It is called a squatty potty. I actually\x­a0\n

in my city online. Somebody online said,\xa0\­n

you put under your toilet. Does anyone want to\xa0\n

I met her at a gas station, kind of felt like\xa0\n

She said, "Are you here for the squatty potty?"\xa­0\n

and she gave me the squatty potty and we left.\xa0\­n

body supposedly to be in a better position so that\xa0\n

actually works or not, but it's something that I\xa0\n

Next, let's talk about the shower or the tub. Now\xa0\n

house, in this bathroom. We do not have a tub.\xa0\n

Otherwise I would show you a tub, but this is what\xa0\n

there's also a shower. This bathroom does not have\xa0\n

of cloth that comes over. Instead, we have these\xa0\­n

video, but there are glass doors that block the\xa0\n

In our shower, we have a shower head, and\xa0\n

or sometimes it's just fixed on the wall.\xa0\­n

turn on the hot and cold water. I'm not going to\xa0\n

In our shower, we have a squeegee because we\xa0\n

good to take care of them and not let the water\xa0\­n

after taking a shower. And this is a\xa0\n

and I need to squeegee the doors.\xa0­\n

This is my three year old son's favorite activity\x­a0\n

but to take care of our shower. On this end\xa0\n

There is shampoo, conditione­r. There's also liquid\xa0­\n

shower, or you might have some kind of shower\xa0­\n

little abrasive pieces in it to scrub your skin.\n

or a washcloth to wash their body. We have this\xa0\n

well, it's not the same one from Korea, but\xa0\n

in it and it's a little bit scratchy, and you can\xa0\n

On the wall of our shower. We have tiles.\xa0­\n

like this look, but they don't like taking care\xa0\n

you have to occasional­ly clean the grout in your\xa0\n

and scrape it. You need to do something. We\xa0\n

without having to rinse, spray it on your shower\xa0­\n

a week, if I remember, but you can spray it on the\xa0\n

scrub them. I don't know. We'll see what happens,\x­a0\n

You might notice here in the bottom\xa0­\n

It's a secret that all Americans keep a little\xa0­\n

Don't tell our secret. Just kidding. It's my son's\xa0\­n

the term shower stall, a shower stall is\xa0\n

or in a dormitory where there's multiple people\xa0­\n

are going to be those individual shower spots.\xa0­\n

nothing. It might just be open, but this is kind\xa0\n

term shower stall to talk about the bath shower\xa0­\n

In our bathroom. We have several types of\xa0\n

towel. And we hang that Bechtel on a hook, or\xa0\n

you hang your towel. We only have these little\xa0­\n

a washcloth. I mentioned this previously that\xa0\n

this to wash off my face in the morning or in the\xa0\n

Another type of towel you might have is simply\xa0­\n

explanator­y, bath towel, wash cloth, I guess you\xa0\n

Can you guess what you wash with a hand towel?\xa0­\n

this ring to let it air out in between washings.\­n

might be in your bathroom. On our counter, we\xa0\n

ties, my glasses, some deodorant, and a contact\xa­0\n

I have my jewelry. There is an outlet for\xa0\n

we have a soap dispenser here. Then we have our\xa0\n

is a toothbrush and toothpaste beside it is an\xa0\n

more deodorant, and underneath here is a glasses\xa­0\n

A lot of bathrooms in the US we'll have a little\xa0­\n

a separate area, or if it is in your closet, we\xa0\n

towels, blankets. Mine is a little bit messy,\xa0­\n

So here, these are where I keep my linens. On the\xa0\n

where we keep some bandaids, extra shampoo, these\xa0\­n

cabinet, but it's not necessaril­y a cabinet.\x­a0\n

Instead, we'll still say that this is in the\xa0\n

Some other items that you might have\xa0\n

solution. This goes with my contact lenses that\xa0\n

You might also have some Q-tips. I don't really\xa0­\n

Instead of Q-tips, you might have cotton balls\xa0\­n

people use these to take off makeup or for other\xa0\­n

cotton supplies in your bathroom.\­n

tweezers and fingernail clippers.\­xa0\n

And sometimes on the fingernail clippers,\­xa0\n

there is a nail file for filing your nails.\xa0­\n

I haven't really heard this an awful lot in my\xa0\n

Emery board." I would know what they were talking\xa­0\n

which is pretty clear, right? It's a nail file for\xa0\n

Sometimes it comes with some extra razorblade­s. I\xa0\n

This is his razor. We also have some\xa0\n

I don't know if this is true in your house, but my\xa0\n

than Dan's side of the counter. I think in his\xa0\n

But on my side, there are quite a few\xa0\n

some different bottles of potions, like makeup\xa0­\n

but it can be used as like a toner for your\xa0\n

clips and some things for my hair like\xa0\n

but these are called Bobby pins and you can\xa0\n

In the bathroom. There's also a curling iron\xa0\n

a straighten­er or you might have a hairdryer. Do\xa0\n

because the hairdryer I had before that I have\xa0\n

15 years old, is amazing. No, I guess older than\xa0\n

died, but I can't believe it lasted that long. It\xa0\n

but it lasted a long, long, long time.\xa0\­n

So I have a new hairdryer. Hopefully\­xa0\n

If you choose not to use a hairdryer, you can\xa0\n

I often say this, "I need to air dry my hair."\xa0­\n

I need to use the hairdryer or I need to air dry\xa0\n

hair is better for your hair. So usually I air\xa0\n

to go to bed and it's still a little wet, I'll\xa0\n

make it so that I'm not sleeping in a wet mop.\n

bathroom is laundry and the trashcan\x­a0\n

might be in a laundry basket. You might call this\xa0\n

hamper. It feels a little bit old fashioned, but\xa0\n

where some places say hamper, some places\xa0­\n

is kind of soft, but you might have a hard\xa0\n

is dirty laundry. And this just means dirty\xa0\­n

it in the washing machine. And then after that,\xa0\­n

All right. We talked about a lot of bathroom\x­a0\n

useful to you. I went to know tell me in the\xa0\n

missed or what exists in your bathroom\x­a0\n

Let me know in the comments and make sure that\xa0\n

learn about other expression­s and other places\xa0­\n

English with me and I'll see you again next Friday\xa0­\n

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