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그래서 나도 모르게 그만! 최고의 에이전트를 찾아라 SKILL 1, 2 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

The first skill we're going to train is

Of course, I'll shoot the best

Fire 5 shots toward the target

The team with the higher score wins

(The team name is changing) \nPeople with superpower

(Test)\nSh­oot it to the ground

Sorry but, don't cross the line

- You gotta step on it\n- Step on this

The way you shoot is doesn't matter

(stepped on it anyway)\nI­t's the front foot

(How does he shoot?)\nT­his hyung is a hacker..?

Hackers have to be good at math

- Uh (sticky up)\n- Not that one

I can change my gun in between?

I gotta raise it up? A bit more?

In a way, YUTA did it very well

DOYOUNG, you wanna how to do it?

(wrong bullet is loaded)\nT­his is for the long gun

- Ah, foreal?\n- No more chance

But your team didn't tell us either

That's why I gave you a chance

Finally, let's try this long gun

Then how many times can I do this?

(8 points)\n(­the best score ever)

You're good at this, you can do it

- We're still tied \n- Show us

It doesn't go as well as I imagined

(best accuracy rate)\n(fi­nish with 3 points)

(Final score) Let's count the last one

(HAECHAN starts)\nW­ho's the yellow one?

- It fell off\n- I have 2 shots left

What do we do with the one on the line?

- That's a high score\n- A high score

9 points (admiratio­n)\n(next up is)

(No mercy even for the same team)

From MARK, let's shoot 3 shots

It's fine, I'll shoot the middle

(Superpowe­r team, last try)\nI'm next?

Wait, where should I put this?

- than I thought\n- You gotta raise it up

No shooting well, it's inevitable

You gotta get the hang of it first

You've been crossing the line?

[Final score] \n4X8 points and 2x7 points

Wait, what's this then?\n(on the line)

- We decided to count this as 7\n- It's obviously 7

Wait, then we gotta count again

([Final score] Superpower­)\nOk, 1X2 points

- (peaceful) (lol)\n- 1x7 points

2x8 points\n(t­easing the youngest)

(We won) (shocked and frozen N.C.T.A) Wait

- We won\n- You counted it properly?

(Final score Superpower 54 : It's okay 59)\nAh, it's this

- This is it\n- This was unexpected­..

How quick on your feet\nin case of an emergency

(Skill 2. speed) (pass the bomb) (-make sentence & say keyword

(1.make sentence ) ( I woke up this morning) \n

I really wanted to exercise too

I heard TAEIL's butterfly in the restroom

What I was doing in the restroom

- I don't think I can do it \n- Wait, time out

(lol)\n(Wh­y do we go together?)

It's not, I went to the restroom\n­with HAECHAN

Ah, right\n(Ma­king fun of DOYOUNG is started)

- We went together\n­- You're in the restroom now

- JAEHYUN came in?\n- Stop it (Why do we in the restroom?)

Ah, this bomb doesn\'t blow up

(2. Say keyword) ( Inside the bag)\n

Tell the keyword where's in the bag

- Say the word\n- Inside the bag

- cell phone charger \n- Why?

- No MARK in the bag\n- It's not possible?

- The end is coming\n- sleeping socks

Wow, it almost went to JUNGWOO



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