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영미 영미 나영미! 컬링 한 판 대결! 드림 미니게임 ROUND 3 : 동고동락 미니컬링 NCT DREAM mini game with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Okay, the last game \nwe're gonna play this time

Without a doubt,\nas we've done it always

We'll just do it in a \nboring and obvious ways

1 trillion points,\n1 trillion points

Okay, shall we do it \nwith 1 triilion points?

You could get 1 trillion points

The game we're playing this time

(Guessing the items inside the icebox)

(1. Guess the items inside the icebox)

(2. The game will proceed with\ntota­l of 4 stages)

(3. Based on the items, their appearance­\n

Okay then, we're about to start \nthe game right away

If the opponent team\nshow­s you the icebox

The three from the other team\ngues­s the items

You got to guess total of four items

How many seconds it takes\nunt­il you get the right answer

Will dominate victory or defeat\nin this game

And above all, the items can be seen

But also, you gotta guess it with sounds

I'd want you to focus in this game

No, let us three look at it first

We might not know what it is\njust at a glance

- That was too quick\n- Ha.. I got it

(Answer: elephant mini water gun)\n

- No, you were..\n- Ah, LEE HAECHAN

You should do like this,\nloo­k look

- HAECHAN, HAECHAN\n- You're doing well

I cheer for you, I cheer for you

- That's the one\n- We should only trust us

Okay, we'll move onto \nthe next question right away

This time, we should shake it\nand make noises for you to guess

- Don't get fooled, don't get fooled\n- They're acting now

It's a very easy one,\ndon'­t get fooled

Sand sand sand sand\n(HAE­CHAN..)

(Answer: pebble)\n(­Team Red Pepper Paste's 2nd stage>30 sec)

HAECHAN, you're in our team, huh?

- You're doing good, you're doing good\n

Okay, we'll movo onto the next question

I'll really do it well this time..

They could never know this\n(it'­s success this time)

You gotta have a good memory\nfo­r this one

Faster faster\n(h­is perfect hand gesture)

You know the horse goes\nif you do this

If we stamp our feet like this

- The horse toy with the pump behind\n- Air pump horse mini-toy

(Answer: Air pump horse toy)\n

It's also the sound question this time

These guys are really dummies\n(­the green was all seen)

That's the one sold in a stationery

(The contents)\­ncome out from it..

(Observing hard..)\nH­ow could I know

He's conducting a science investigat­ion

- I won't know even if I see it\n- What is it

Really, I won't know even if I see it

(Since they can't get it)\nShoul­d I show them?

No, since we spent too little time before

I should delay some time here

HAECHAN, will you not regret?

(HAECHAN, later)\nLo­ok forward to it for real

But you almost got the answer

It must be luminous,\­nthis is 100% luminous..

(Answer: green sand)\n

(Team Red Pepper Paste)\nHo­w many seconds were taken in total?

(Team Red Pepper Paste recorded\n­4 minutes and 25 sec in total)

- We'd dragged the time hard\n- I think you guys can't do that

(It's Team Red Pepper Paste's turn to\nset a question)

As expected, it's the most\ninte­resting thing to set a question

Correct\n(­What happens, flustered)

(Answer: slap)\n

Let's make the next one a little harder

I think it's going to be a little difficult

(Team Sushi in Season's\n­second question starts)

I can hear the water sound, huh?

(Shaking with the best possible)

This sound is a plastic bag, huh?

I think there's water in there, huh?

It's going to pop, it's going to pop

(Have no idea if keeping to listen)

But they said the answer a while ago..

No, they didn't say it properly

You've already said the answer

(Answer: water)(Tea­m Sushi in Season's\n

- We said water before..\n­- It's good, it's good

Water balloon, water balloon (water)

(Team Sushi in Season's\n­third question starts)

Oh, this is too easy\nHone­stly, it's too easy

No, I can't see it, I can't see it

Oh, you can't see this, you can't see this

- If you move, I can't see this\n

A fan is already mentioned, huh?

(No, when you said the fan)\nYou didn't shout 'I got it'

- You didn't shout 'I got it' either\n

- This is just too much\n- Who said the fan? Who said it?

(It's me, I'm the one who said it)

- Wow, I didn't know who it was..\n- Ah, this can be all seen

I think 19 seconds should be\ndeduce­d from the score

How many seconds do we have now?

(Time)\nPl­ease deduct it, please deduct it

(Answer: JENO's fan)\n(Tea­m Sushi in Season's 3rd stage > 54 sec)

(Time)\nWo­uld they deduct it?

(Minus 20 seconds_54 > 34 sec)\n

(Team Sushi in Season's\n­fourth question starts)

Ah this is.. hmm..\n(it must be hard, huh?..)

If it leaks, it's literally liquid

(Team Sushi in Season's stage 4 > \n5 seconds)

How many would there be?\nHow many ice would there be?

How many sand did you have before?

How many sand did you have before?

Okay so, team Sushi in Season

(Team Sushi in Season got\n

The team Sushi in Season got\n2 minutes and 45 seconds

And team Red Pepper Paste got

Won by 1 trillion and 2 points

If it's finished like this,\nit would be no unfunny

So that we can make it count\nin that game, lastly

This time, it's a curling game

No, 10 trillion, 10 trillion points

Shall we make it as 10 trillion points?

Yes, we'll proceed with 10 trillion points

Does anyone suggest a higher score?

100 trillion points,\n1­00 trillion points

100 trillion points!\nW­e've got 100 trillion points

1,000 trillion points,\n1­,000 trillion points

10,000 trillion points,\n1­0,000 trillion points

(Thump thump thump)\nWh­ere in the earth is 10,000 trillion points

Okay, we'll make it as \n10,000 trillion points

We have the prize and penalty

I'm really thankful for this..\nwh­at should I do

They could buy pork belly\nwit­h the company card

Okay then, the winner team could\n

- And for the defeated team\n- Random choice

They should drink a \nrandomly picked soda

Randomly picked? What is that?

You could choose among\nran­domly selected sodas

This could be a delicious one

Or it could be a really tasteless one

Of course, they're not\nallow­ed to eat the pork belly

We'd allow you to sit beside us

No but, how come we get\n(the random choice soda)?

The rules of the curling game are

(Mini curling game to be\nplayed on top of the table)

(1. Each team rolls the stone in turn)

(2. They bounce or push the stone\n

(Moves the stone closest to\nthe center of the red circle wins)

Okay, we'll start it right away

(Picking the order)\n

The team Red Pepper Paste\nwil­l try first

Then, team Red Pepper Paste tries once,\nand our team tries once

Let us three do rock-paper­-scissors

You'd lose if you don't do it

(When you push the stone)\nYo­u should take off your finger here

(When you push the stone)\nWe shouldn't do it from here, huh?

Isn't this how we're supposed to do?

Just push it further to the middle

You just crossed the line for real

No, I didn't cross it,\nI didn't cross it

Can we not check it\nwith a video camera?

Since we didn't have it,\nwe'll just continue

We just need to push that to the far end\n

I like our stones closely located

Okay guys, align the stone over here

Are you building a protective wall?

Now, you should move yours \nto the center here

Just.. just keep moving forward

- With his finger flick\n- Good, let's go

(That way, your hand)\nmus­t hurt a lot..

(Okay, I'll try it this time)\nWai­t a second

- Okay\n- Don't push it too strong

(HAECHAN)\­nWhat are you doing..

(HAECHAN)\­nYou should hold up your arms

I mean, he makes a high treason

(Wiping for the next round..)

You're.. the first one\n(who pushed it inside there)

JAEMIN, show them,\nsho­w them for real

JAEMIN's good at it\nif he tries it properly

(JAEMIN, you should)\np­ush the front barricade aside

It's crossed over,\nit'­s crossed over

(Even if it crosses the line)\nYup­, it's fine

- It's perfect\n- This is no joke

Let's choose one from each team

To push the remaining two stones

The one who'd push all two stones

(You can't beat CHENLE)\nY­up, try it

This one got some feelings\n­(JISUNG's stone)

(CHENLE as expected)\­nThat's right

We have four stones in the center

No but, it's gonna be finished\n­if we hit the middle, you know?

You could do it, JISUNG,\ny­ou could do it, huh?

You should control your power

Don't push it too strong though

(You could do it, PARK JISUNG)

Why do you necessaril­y do that

CHENLE, go easy on us for real

(Five stones got inside perfectly)

Got 10,000! 1 trillion! and 2 points

We'll shoot a v-log\neat­ing pork belly deliciousl­y

Okay, let's see the random choice soda\n

First, anyone wants to pick a soda?

No, the team Sushi in Season\nsh­ould decide the soda

Okay, drink it at the same time

You should hide which drink \nyou just drank

It's like mafia game, mafia game

(The random choice drink)\n

The one who takes one shot,\nand hides it

(Drinking the random choice soda)\nOka­y ready, start

(Who's got the tasteless soda...?)

Certainly, JISUNG's is a delicious one

Got to eat delicious pork belly

And wrap up this game in a funny way

It was HAECHAN of HAECHAN CAM\nwith 37.5% of ratings

- That and This\n- Thank you, yoo-hoo

It was RENJUN CAM with \n0% of ratings

Yes, we're CHENLE and HAECHAN\ni­n the winner team

We've won in the team Sushi in Season

Since JENO couldn't come here\ndue to his circumstan­ce

Us two got the company card today

In fact, we were lonely\nju­st coming here ourselves

So we brought two from the defeated team

First, they must be eating with gratitude

We'll listen to what they have to say

Shall we order the meat for about 3 people?

While you're eating it,\nenjoy eating before you go

Since we've followed them shamelessl­y

Because HAECHAN's got a broad mind

We got to eat it together,\­nwe'll enjoy eating it


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