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楚乔传 Princess Agents 56 (TV65) ENG Sub未删减版赵丽颖 林更新 窦骁 李沁 主演 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

It's your people who provoked us at the border

This place has precipitou­s terrain.

Did Yanxun just turn a blind eye to it?

might be more difficult to melt

there is some will in the unseen world.

I thought my strength was very powerful

they all have left me one by one.

The soldiers of the troop of Xiuli don't have any belief.

Their belief is having confidence on me.

just has put them into the fight and danger

and let them shed blood and lay down their lives.

to let them charge and shatter enemy positions for me.

to expel the troop of Xiuli out of Yanbei

and would have been living well.

There were so many fetters in my life.

Some of them were right and some of them were wrong.

It's because I could see my heart.

You can't get anything accomplish­ed

Everyone is loyal and brave with righteous cause.

that you could come back to lead them.

The one who could make great achievemen­t

have to go through the plots and conspiraci­es

the sea of blood corps mountains.

Rather than keeping you around with me

After the crying, you will be strong again.

I'm coming to say goodbye to you.

to help you protecting the troop of Xiuli that day, haven't you?

that his highness had already made his mind to kill them.

If I stand out,it won't change his mind

but get the people I want to protect

Now, I'm leaving for the city of Lan.

Then I will escort Mr. Wu leave Yanbei.

The Mr. Wu you are talking about

The people of Cheng Yuan went to the city of Lan to collect

There is a serious drought in the city of Lan.

At last, Mr. Wu was put into the jail by his highness.

will make all the senior officers of the Yanbei

After what happened in the Jiuyou Platform

I was in the same position as you were.

to choose how to live their live.

No one does everything wrong either.

has their standing and bottom line.

I am only willing to risk my life

When the Duke of Dingbei was killed

When Yan Xun was nearly killed

in those three years in Chang'an

and when he set up a fire in Chang'an

It has nothing to do with Yanbei.

My memory hasn't fully recovered.

I can vaguely remember some of it.

I happen to remember them quite well.

Since we have time today, why don't we catch up a bit?

The essence of every martial art is about speed.

you don't need any complex movements.

You only need one move to defeat your enemy.

- I can only remember - Mother.

my mother isn't always around.

She often left me alone for months.

I could only practice martial art myself.

I didn't know what she was up to.

There was one time. Before she left

she told me she might not come back this time.

and taught me the Kungfu of Ice.

Later, she told me to find a family

The parents in the Jing household treated me as if I were one of

I got along with my siblings as well.

my martial art became more and more sophistica­ted.

My mother never came back to me.

A bad news came to me instead.

because she was the only family I had

the woman who pretended to be my mother

She pretended to be me and fought with

branded me as the killer of my mother.

it is you who killed your mother, Luo He.

The woman pretending to be you

was the killer from the Afterlife Camp, Xia Chong.

was the leader of the Wind and Cloud Decree

and the leader of spies of the Underworld­.

You are her daughter, Chu Qiao.

Yinxin from the Secret Repository of the Liang State.

The one who actually killed your mother

was a traitor who was close to Luo He.

For the benefits of those rich lords.

You mother wanted to free slaves and end wars.

For the benefits of those rich lords.

The leader of the the Wind and Cloud Decree

can order spies of the Underworld­.

What is the Wind and Cloud Decree?

Your mother had already given you

After you learn the Kungfu of Ice by heart

there will be a Higanbana on your shoulder.

That is the Wind and Cloud Decree.

You mother wrote to me in secret that

she transferre­d 80% of her martial art

you are the new leader of the Wind and Cloud Decree.

I don't know the Kungfu of Ice, either.

I am not the leader of the Wind and Cloud Decree

who can order spies of the Underworld­.

that prevented you from using the Kungfu of Ice.

in extremely freezing environmen­t.

to help me recover some of my memory.

Unfortunat­ely, it was interrupte­d.

after you got out of the prison.

At that time, you were badly wounded.

Yuwen Hao led the troop, chasing after you.

Yuwen Hao was a valiant general of the Wei State.

His family, the Yuwen Household

has full control over the Eyes of God

which was against the spies of the Underworld

and wanted to catch you alive.

Unfortunat­ely, the spy from the Liang State

You were so angry that you knocked Yinxin out.

You also fought with Yuwen Hao.

You also fell into the Huanghe River.

Later, the Viper struggled and managed

When we learnt that you fell into the river

we sent people searching for you

Since then, your fate has changed.

you would end up being a slave in the Yuwen Household

of the third branch of the Yuwen Household

Now the truth has unveiled itself.

have a complicate­d relationsh­ip.

You are the daughter of Luo He.

You should inherit what she achieved.

I am sorry, but I don't remember

much about what happened in the past.

However, I can't leave with you.

I have been looking for you for two months.

Your Highness would go this way

so I searched for you along the way.

It is only five thounsand metre away from the border of Meilin.

I have been with you for years.

what's on Your Highness' mind.

The reason why I did this is because

I found out Brother Yue is actually Yuwen Yue.

I know I can't let him stay alive.

I understand your feeling, princess

There are some words I keep in my mind

You always consider for the bigger picture

and making orders to achieve your goals

even overweigh man in this world

Hongchuan was almost taken down

Rebels and evils begin to appear

are directly related to the future of Liang

give up your country for anything

just want to get out of all of these

fights against your country and faith

Does Yuwen Yue know any of this?

If you and he exchange your position

Will he put aside his standpoint

Thank you for saving Yuan Chun's life

Prince Yu really appreciate­s it

But the troops at Meilin were well-train­ed

enough to react on the action of Yan

So you can be at ease, your highness

The agent sending the letter has been killed

I guess making peace is impossible

more less time for him to think

about the communicat­ion of the Afterlife Camp

Not to mention I am extremely familiar with

Hard to find peace in the world of chaos

Remain yourself in fire and water

are the only one help me wake up from illusion

the one talking with me by letter

The Agents of Liang and Eyes of God

I never asked for charging the agents

Our will is so tiny compared with our country and people

your loyalest friend that keeps secrets for you

Xiao'yu will disappear since now


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