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楚乔传 Princess Agents 38 (TV41-42) ENG Sub 未删减版赵丽颖 林更新 窦骁 李沁 主演 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Where is the Crown Prince of the Liang State?

(Sound of the bottle falling down to the ground)

Don't get involved in this matter.

You dislike owing people the most

How did you get out of the city?

Gosh. They scared the hell out of me.

Something is off about what happened today.

to get rid of his enemies back home.

to see who the spies of the Liang State

If you have some balls, just kill me now.

as if you were floating over the Lake of Zi Xia

as if you were floating over the Lake of Zi Xia

Li Yu, the owner of the Shuang Lin Inn.

after using this, you will be even more beautiful.

Tell them to stop whatever they are doing

The Spiritism was very powerful.

I let her have some rest for now.

I shall resume the interrogat­ion later.

The businesses they have run from years

Those are what matter the most.

What about what Miss Tao Ye said

Remember. Don’t alarm the enemy.

if you have something concrete.

I am Xiao Ce, from the Liang State.

Tell me the reason why you came.

This is the map of military distributi­on

Don’t stare at me like that. Prince Yan.

The Emperor of the Wei State is cruel and inhuman. He killed his

and have a war with the Wei State

so that you can benefit from it.

Where are the people from the Secret Repository­?

This map of military distributi­on

the armies stationed there, their generals

I spent half a year on the road.

I wasn’t just enjoying the views.

You know what I am talking about.

set the entire Chang’an on fire.

He is just angry that I put Qiaoqiao in danger

However, Yuwen Yue got involved.

He arrested many people working for

This is certainly a pleasant surprise.

However, Yuwen Yue also has Miss Tao Ye.

Will Yan Xun get out of Chang’an safely?

He should concern about everything

better for him to die in Chang'an

the guards map outside Chang'an

So I wanted to take the chance

To send us the map of all the troop camps

He may not stay too long in Chang'an

He will leave in his character

since you took the risk to get out of the city

I need to take you back to see the doctor

and City Beishuo for Zhao Fongting

Let me bring you some food first

They seem common in usual time

But they worked in every field of the government

Shall we inform the government of Chang'an?

to ensure that on the wedding day of the princess

the princess bring a jar of Yupu wine

She said it was the one and only

Everything in the world is like this

Do you really want to marry Chun'er?

What did you prepare for the betrothal present?

an extremely interestin­g list at the same time

Cui Jia in the Ministry of Works

Pei Mingshu, Left Military Officer in Jiangzuo Department

Wang Mianzhi, the Chief Director of Shuilong Department

Cheng Yi, the skilled warrior of Wulin Guards

Deng Jia, the guard of the East Gate of Chang'an

I also checked the recent working record of

I found the Longsheng Channel

And the one that organized is Cui Jia

The one assisted him is Pei Mingshu

You spent all these effort and all this money

to have these two persons to work for you

as your present on your wedding day?

Eighty thousand of civilians in Chang'an

Over five hundred thousand people in total

through the east gate controlled by Deng Jia

Then you can escape from Chang'an

Zhao Dongting commanded fifty hundred thousand forbidden soldiers

attacked Yan led by my father that year

The city of Beishuo and Hongchuan

The fire lasted for three days and nights

Two hundred warriors and civilians were killed in the flame

You also survived from tragedy

You should know it more than anyone

has no difference from Zhao Dongting

He slaughtere­d innocent citizens

While as for me, it was just eye for eye

Sometimes there is something that

Happiness is not the only thing we seek for

No matter what, I won't let you win

Don't you ever think of any thing else

Luck thing is that we have prepared for that

the map that prince from Liang

Prince, these people aren't important

They got controlled by Yuwen Yue

we lose the power from military side

and get rid of the pursuing force

is to find a way to stop Yuwen Yue

Caiwei, how is everything going on?

So many things can't be prepared

I take you to have a look. Let's go

Enough time to come to the palace

It is the Ministry of Rites that was working

is the one that I care the most

She is at the age of marriage now

You agreed to marry me to brother Yan Xun

That is the biggest present for me

I feel happy from the bottom of the heart

If you want to see the princess

I can take her back to see you

Chang'an is wealthier than anywhere else

If it is not the fact that I miss my hometown too much

I would like to live here forever

the general that send you back to Yan

I would like to follow your arrange

I can move him from Xiaoqi Camp

And let him send you back to Yan

Majesty, to tell you the truth

we were friends only when we were small

I haven't seen him for three years

Since your were friends in childhood

you will know about each other soon

To the palace to see the endeavor yesterday

He may asked to lived there in her palace

will you be back to Xiaoqi Camp?

Yan Xun asked for leave for me

Nothing. It doesn't concern you.

a warrant granted by Yuwen Yue

draw bow and arrows from the armament division.

But people in the arsenal said

and they gave the bow and arrows

haven't been found in Xiuli Army.

and accused of armament corruption­.

Are you going to confess or not?

accused me of embezzling soldiers' pay

and reselling military weapons.

Fine. Since that you don't confess now

He Xiao embezzled soldiers' pay

According to military law, he should be killed.

Neither Chief Commander nor Vice Chief Commander is in the army.

on such important issue by yourself?

Vice Commander He has been in the army for years.

He is conscienti­ous and loving.

- Don't kill the innocent! - Stop it!

The evidence for his sin is conclusive­.

As the commander of Xiuli Army

I have the power to punish my inferior.

Don't slander innocent people!

Don't slander innocent people!

- Don't slander innocent people. - Stop it!

Don't slander innocent people!

There is human testimony and material evidence.

What punishment do you think you deserve?

- Let our Vice Commander go! - Stop it!

Do you want to rebel against me?

we carried the name of traitors.

I don't have the luck to enjoy it.

Some day if you have a chance to protect your country

that our Xiuli Army has been carrying.

You can't kill him! You can't kill him!

What are you doing here, Commander?

Punish a sinner according to military law.

Embezzling soldiers' pay and reselling military weapons.

He Xiao said that he lost the warrant

and couldn't draw those bow and arrows.

But the armament division said

drew the armament by the name of him?

he is to blame for dropping the warrant

thus making the armament gone.

The warrant was given to me by Vice Chief Commander Yuwen.

I am on a mission given by His Majesty.

Also, I am a military officer of Wei State.

who get yourself into difficulti­es.

Prince Xiao Ce was attacked the other day.

plead to His Majesty on my behalf.

His Majesty allowed me to recover from my injuries first.

Also, His Majesty said he would reward me later.

you'd better report to your superior

what kind of background you have.

You two stay here on your knees.


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