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楚乔传 Princess Agents 27 ENG Sub未删减版 赵丽颖 林更新 窦骁 李沁 主演 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

be in charge of Celestial Prison?

the commission has arrived at the Ministry of Personnel.

Yuan Song will take up an official post tomorrow morning.

His Majesty was in a fit of anger.

Since he dares to set against me.

then take the killer of my grandfathe­r to court.

make things difficult for us servants?

You are still covering up for Yuwen Yue, right?

Yuwen Yue was the one that sent you

to kill my grandfathe­r that day?

Does it matter that who killed him?

You people in Yuwen Household are always

What is so interestin­g about one person's death?

I wonder if you can still be this stubborn.

was committed by your house slave.

be dealt with inside your household.

has been recorded in Chang'an Hall.

I have to attend this interrogat­ion.

As to how to deal with this matter

I hope that you can decide after discussion­.

Of course, you don't need to consider me and the authoritie­s.

the slave in my Green Hills Court.

The slave in your Green Hills Court

Don't I have the right to deal with her?

What's the secret between you two?

Is your heart filled with pain?

Do you feel hurt seeing her like this?

Who knows whether she is really dead.

Master Zhang, please examine her.

Okay, I'll see if she's really dead.

Please wait for me to change in my house.

Young Master Yue, hurry up and follow me.

Take the body back and wait for my orders.

hit the Guan Yuan acupunctur­e point of Xing'er

blocking up her blood and thus making her faint.

It looks exactly like the symptom of death

she will die because of the blocked blood.

And Young Master was called to the Palace.

What is he busy with these days?

to shot Yan Xun using his Bingxue Arrow

Master, all your actions are for his interests.

robing and killing at Celestial Prison that day

this is purely a false accusation­.

stay outside Celestial Prison every night

regardless of Your Majesty's order

let alone that I have received Your Majesty's favors

I can't just sit back and watch.

Today, the border got alarm signals

saying that situation was tense.

you can enrich your experience by going to the borders.

your elder brother Yuwen Huai takes over.

Are you not willing to go there?

Her body was sent to the graveyard.

Young Master Yue played your cards well.

You reversed the situation easily

A woman's body was sent here just now

the pestilence has broken out in city recently.

as soon as they were sent here.

a woman's body dressed in prison garb.

give this finger knife to Yue Qi.

by the staff of the Yuwen Huai.

I need to get out. I need to save her.

Your highness, it will be a jail-break­ing

but you are condemned for this

the loss will outweigh the gain.

Please rest assured, I have already sent someone

Your highness, while there is life

and brought a doctor to treat your injury.

The princess has also sent the guy

to bring trays of delicious food to you

you just need to put with this

and your good fortune is just around the corner.

you are as hard as the nether millstone.

that you are the person who seeks fame and riches.

The Eyes of God has just been taken away

how could you be so dispirited­?

the words from the emperor, will you?

I'm afraid that you have no idea

where the Eyes of God get archived.

Since the beginning of the Eyes of God being created

all the informatio­n from the spies

Don't you want the Eyes of God?

I don't want the null and void

What I want is the directory of the Latent Clan

the esoterica of the Assassinat­ion Clan

and the treasure of the Silver Clan.

The Eyes of God has existed for many years

Don't you think the value of this room?

The whole story of the Zhuxu's case is here

happened at nine years after the late emperor ascending the

Zhuxu fell off the horse and died.

between his wife and the Prince Lu

and then he was killed by the Prince Lu.

Zhuxu's son has held the military power.

If this informatio­n is known by somebody

what kind of storm will be caused by this?

Eight years of the late emperor, the Yellow River burst the

After that, 28 officers had got involved in it

and 36 businessme­n had got beheaded.

the late emperor was the one who misappropr­iate the money

for the river regulation constructi­on

to bulid the Royal Pavilion for himself.

Weiguang had a love affair with his sister-in-­law

the attitude of Weiguang and Wei Shuye

that whether Wei Shuye is the nephew

be the enemy of the whole world

This is the self-destr­uction device of the Tower of the Eyes of

I want to destroy it every day?

Now, it's alright. I get free.

Once you step into this place

who stay in darkness for your life.

you will be kept in this court

You didn't even know what the Eyes of God is

but you still wanted to snatch it with me.

The answer is also in the Tower of the Eyes of God.

You are lying to me. You are lying to me.

I really appreciate older brother could stay the jail for me

and let me get the freedom again.

I don't want to be the scapegoat of you.

- Just let it be. - Young Master.

Don't fight the fire. Let it be.

The Tower of the Eyes of God is on fire.

It's said that Yuwen Huai initiated

the self-destr­uction device of the Tower of the Eyes of God

and burnt the Tower of the Eyes of God down.

and put him into the Oriole Courtyard.

the several noble families will seize the opportunit­y

Prisoner Yanxun, listen to the decree on your knees.

the prince Yanxun has been badly injured.

So his ears might be not good to hear.

The imperial edict says Yanxun, the sinner

is the son of the Yanbei traitor, Yan Shicheng.

In considerat­ion of he is young and has committed minor offense

he will be under the house arrest in the Oriole Courtyard from now

I hope he will turn over a new leaf

When he finishes his prison term in three years

he will go back to Yanbei and succeed to the throne.

There are 80 visible guards outside

However, customers are absent minded.

It looks like they have bought

all residentia­l areas and shops

There is no one to govern Yanbei.

Those rich lords all want to take control over it.

As long as Your Highness is alive, they don’t have a valid reason

The attitude of His Majesty is uncertain.

However, when he makes the decision

and gives the imperial decreed to pardon you

Besides, it will be difficult for them to find a reason to do so.

and left Yanbei in a brash way. Then he was killed.

However, it doesn’t affect your family’s influence over Yanbei.

All people there are loyal to Your Highness.

The problem is who the first one will be.

Look likes His Majesty spent a fortune

in order to imprison us without being known.

to the prison holding guilty servants.

When they were about to cremate me

Her Highness has a message for you.

is in a difficult situation right now.

Her Highness is worried about him.

ordered me to ask you for a favour.

She hopes you can check upon Prince Yan Xun.

please inform us as soon as possible.

The Imperial concubine won’t be happy

if Her Highness gets involved in this.

That’s why I came to you for help.

I tell Her Highness certain things

Her Highness won’t be able to stop it.

Besides, Her Highness is at court

when the informatio­n reaches her

just go to the Green Hills Court

That’s right. Her Highness said

when it comes to Prince Yan Xun

Young Master is still trust worthy.

I shall stay awake for the first half night.

You can get up during the rest of the night.

Whoever is awake can stay here.

Otherwise, neither of us can get some sleep.

When you wake up, I can have some rest.

Young Master, something is going on at the Red Hills Court.

Each one of them has sophistica­ted martial art.

will the man behind man make a sound?


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