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楚乔传 Princess Agents 20 Eng sub未删减版 赵丽颖 林更新 窦骁 李沁 主演 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

How come they die in such short time?

Your Majesty, Imperial Concubine Wei asks to see you.

It looks as if Imperial Concubine knows the time of day.

Please remit your anger, Your Majesty.

The Wei State is under the danger of destructio­n

Our imperial family is in the risk of death.

Yan Xun grew up here in Chang'an.

I've been putting up with them for a long time.

The powerful families in Chang'an

to crusade against the traitors of the Wei State.

Do you have something urgent to say?

The secret orders that His Majesty gave.

Ye'er earnestly requests for you

Are you a member of our Wei family?

There's no chance that he will conspire against the state¡£

This is our Wei family's chance of

by His Majesty himself on court.

His Majesty has given his orders, you must obey.

Duke Dingbei has lost his powers.

Are you going to crusade against rebels of the Wei State

I was the only one who thought so

You are in such great happiness.

You have me who love you so much.

You have been crying these days.

Tonight, there will be troubled times.

I hope that you can keep out of the affair.

A littie grief is hard to avoid.

The newly arrived tippy tea this year

This is the dream of many people.

We are born in the imperial family.

we can live in ease and comfort.

what do you want to tell us exactly?

the prince and the princess of the the Wei State.

everything of the entire world.

There are too many thing that I don't like

but the one I really want is unavailabl­e.

People always think that the Royal Family is noble

but nobody knows that there are many suffering

of being the member of the Royal Family.

you can get everything that ordinary people can't get

that ordinary people can get with extreme ease

I want you to forget the affection

Affection is the most difficult thing

while you are in this high position.

between the affection and the duty.

At last, you will bring trouble upon yourself.

cut off the thread of love totally?

You are the prince and the princess.

The pleasure is not the purpose of your life.

Besides, you can get everything you want in this world

And you are not allowed to go any place.

Take a look at this map carefully.

even the exit of escape is very clear.

and there is skilful contrivanc­e in it.

Because you can't bring any weapon with you

when you get into the Jile Pavilion

so this is the only thing you can bring with.

I have youger sisters and brothers

as you are just the humble persons.

- Hurry up. - Please let us come home.

The prince asked me to send you the message.

How could you know that you can wait me here?

if I couldn't get into the Green Hills Court

the most secret trail to the outside

Your prince just foretells like a prophet.

What is the message? Just tell me.

the prince will wait for you at the west gate

he will not leave until he sees you.

you guys don't need to wait for me anymore.

Then I will report this to the prince.

That's why the prince likes her.

both of you go and wait for me at the west gate.

don't be found out by somebody else.

I've got something very important to do.

Don't you plan to take the revenge?

If you really plan to take the revenge

You could rest assured, as long as I am alive

and you need to go back to Yanbei with them.

you won't be the maids anymore

and you could just live your life.

I'm born to belong to the noble person.

Young Master likes her so much

but she still chooses to go with the Prince Yan Xun.

What are you talking about alone?

I... I just said Young Master...

We will be free when we get Yanbei.

need to rely upon each other for life.

how to make the Old Mr. Xi happy

but also you may get the chance

The Imperial concubine asked me to

send the pastries to the West Palace.

you are preoccupie­d by some troubles?

I don't know what happened either.

Today, my mother just came here suddenly

and said something every strange.

there is some dangers to Yan Xun Brother.

You just go and figure out for me

and don't let my mother find it.

You can just wait for a moment

to get into the city and inquire about some informanti­on.

If the thing in the letter is true

what he is going to deal with me.

And we will get into the city early tomorrow morning.

The following ones just hurry up.

I will kill her if someone refuses to do it.

It's lucky that I have the inner power.

Your highness. I've got some bad news.

The emperor went out of the palace in plain clothes yesterday.

When he passed by the city moat

he saw someone salvage a big stone from the river.

And there are some words of treason and heresy on it.

The emperor of the Wei State will die and Yan will rule the

Your highness, are your feet okay?

The emperor summoned Wei Guang , Zhao Gui

the General Song Zifu on the main hall.

and he was the General of Yanbei.

The power of the Wei State is on the north side.

They are the people who would most like

since Zhao Donting of the Zhao State and his army

My father had a plan to kill them.

Your highness, what should we do?

my mother said something like that

I have to inform Yan Xun Brother.

I have to save Yan Xun Brother.

I have to tell him to run away.

The slim chance of survival is to escape.

- Please calm down. - Back off.

Yan Xun Brother is in trouble.

Young Master. He's Duke Dingbei.

I have mustered thirty Yanbei elite soldiers

to escort prince to leave Chang'an by night.

I will take Xing'er and her two sisters

Feel safe. She's sure to come.

I must take them back to Yanbei

I didn't recognize Your Highness.

opening the gate without a summon

so I want to take a walk outside.

I'm going to tell Brother Yan Xun.

Your father have given orders that

to kill the Duke Dingbei family.

You go to find him. Aren't you afraid of death?

You are the princess of the Wei State.

If it takes a favourable turn

But if the outcome is a foregone conclusion

I don't want this kind of ending.

Brother Yan Xun is the only one

Better a finger off than always aching.

after going through this matter.

Escort pricess back to palaces.

- I want to go out. - Princess.

(Sound of people falling into the water)

we can look after each other and never be apart.

It is what you owe my Sister Zhixiang.

This bouilli is the most tasting food

It is what you owe my Brother Linxi

If you are not dying naturally anytime soon

I am Xing’er from the Green Hills Court.

and harmed many young innocent girls.

Young Master Yue sent me to kill him.

No mastter what the people at the Red Hills Court

Young Master Yue will rescue you.

Every single of you are the most competent

Everyone needs to watch out for your own life.

we shall celebrate this victory.

We shall do our best to protect Your Highness.

I gathered some informatio­n in the city.

I have something important to tell you.

Yuwen Xi at the Red Hills Court

you and the others leave now according to the plan.

Prince, we don’t have much time.


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