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楚乔传 Princess Agents 18 Eng sub未删减版 赵丽颖 林更新 窦骁 李沁 主演 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

don't say that I'm your teacher.

You are the one that caused my trouble.

why don't you kill me when we are in the cave?

the worst thing is to act by yourself.

You got hurt. Go back and have some rest.

If you have anything to report

We found the track of Liang Spy.

follow the trail to the Red Hills Court.

You hurry to the Red Hills Court.

Didn't you hear what I was saying?

How many people will I serve,plea­se?

This medicine is sent from Young Master.

These medicine are really expensive.

Young Master is being so nice to you.

Unlike me, no one cares about me.

This is the ointiment that will cure your scar.

Young Master let me bring it as well.

Young Master gives medicine to me.

Please send my gratitude to Young Master.

I have no idea that Young Master Yue

will be restored to health soon.

I'm going to decocte medicinal herbs for you.

How come that grandfathe­r collapses suddenly?

are you pretending not to find out

You are really at leisure, Zuo Baocang.

Why didn't you stay at Yanbei to assist the Duke Yanbei

I'm kind of tired of staying at Yanbei

so I just came out for some little sightseein­g..

that after your last little sightseein­g

help the Prince Yan to escape away?

I hope you won't get involved into this.

Otherwise, I don't know who will die.

You have some misunderst­anding about me.

I don't have any misunderst­anding about you.

that I hadn't got to know you at all.

Just tell me, who did you offend again?

has been smashed into a big mess.

You can just give me straight what you need from me.

I just found a little girl recently

and there is a wood bead with her

which is the one you made by yourself

and is the one Luo He used to wear on.

She doesn't have any inner power

and the martial art is different from you.

Do you really think that a little girl

can hide that when she was between life and death?

I will find it out clearly for you.

If she is really the little killer

I will protect her with my life.

Royal highness, the Duke send me here

I have been getting old and sick, so I'm looking forward your

However, I am aware that you are the gust

and if you leave Chang'an openly

the emperor must be angry about it.

to help you come home secretly.

So this will relief me from the suffering of missing my son.

Did my father want me to come back to Yanbei with you?

I hope Royal highness can understand

the painstakin­g efforts of the Duke

and I will commit a felony to leave.

I'm afraid that the emperor of Wei

will declare that your father wants to rebel

even if you don't come back to Yanbei.

The Duke still has the military leadership

But if you are in the hand of the emperor

even the Duke has the military power

his life will be handled by somebody else.

So as long as you come back to Yanbei

the Duke doesn't have the fear of disturbanc­e in the rear

then he can attack or defense as he will.

if the emperor losses the thing

he will held himself a little bit.

Royal highness, time is running out.

I hope you can make the decision as soon as possible.

I will come back to Yanbei with you

but I will bring aother one with us.

she will come back to Yanbei with me.

There are so many spies around you

and your Palace is under the surveillan­ce.

You have to make a good plan about leaving Chang'an.

Royal highness, we will be beset with

after the rite of passage of the Princess Chun'er.

a little bit ahead of the time.

I will make all the arrangment as soon as possible.

I hope you can let the Duke know it

Deliver it as soon as possible.

I saw a person from the Liang State just now

outside the House of the guest

who replaced the guest's letter.

Each weapon here is a good one.

No matter which one I take out

it is sharp enough to kill Yuwen Xi.

Your Young Master, here is the letter

sent from Duke Dingbei to his son.

When you are stealing the letter

Why did they steal the letter?

If the Emperor see this letter

Yanbei will get into big trouble.

I should replace it with a normal greeting letter

when it was sent to the Emperor.

May the move help Yanbei avoid a disaster.

Sir, Master has something important to discuss with you.

replace Yan Xun's letter from home.

Your Young Master, trainings today

are a little different from the usual trainings.

I could learn some actual skills

with the spy from the Liang State

so I want to learn more skills.

why do you have so strong desire to excel over others?

If I can't learn more actual skills

your Young Master, you are not a good trainer.

speak to you frankly and sincerely.

Don't you want to hear the faithful words?

this is a crossbow that can be folded.

and light with a high fire rate.

it can fire six arrows in quick succession­.

Six arrows in quick succession

you are encounteri­ng a greatest master in the world.

Have you ever heard about ice arrow?

Is it used only by young master yourself?

Just a weapon, everyone can use it.

you must possess good body position

It is differ from regular arrows.

I will teach you stick by stick.

The ice arrow was made of cold ice.

It kills people without seeing it

I'm so sorry not knowing you're coming.

I have heard that you backed home

so I came specially to see you.

Thank you very much, Mr. Duke.

take it and have a look at it.

The people of Liang state wrote it.

that they replaced the letter of Prince.

They planned to seduce you into the capital.

So that a war between Yanbei and the Wei State will start.

But the Prince has already noticed

the purpose of the spy of Liang state

and asked me to bring another letter to you.

something has happened on Xun'er.

In this letter, Xun'er worried about my back injury

he said he has found a highly-ski­lled doctor

and will soon sent him to Yanbei

Mr. Duke, think about it twice.

As long as I ask the Emperor's permission in advance

Since we are going to Chang'an

we have to make a well preparatio­n for that.

Prepare troops and horses in case of emergency.

if the Emperor wants to kill me

Hiding myself and getting along

I will write a letter at once.

I place a great deal of faith in you.

the Emperor has suspected you so much

I have told you so many times

Well, I am going to prepare immediatel­y.

You are not a competent Emperor.

(The sound of the Emperor's screaming.­)

Imperial concubine. Imperial concubine.

It's just a dream, it's not true.

Yan Shicheng cut my head down

and hung it on the wall of Yanbei.

Put down the ginseng soup and get out.

Okay, only if he had the desire for against you

I need the proof of his rebellion.

Let someone find out the evidence.

I will help you reduce your worries.

A confidenti­al letter from Yuwen Yue.

Sir, I guess this is the memorial to the throne

It supposed to be sent immediatel­y.

what is the difference between him and a monster.

Master said that I am a dishonest and calculatin­g person.

And I am not appropriat­e for studying the art of assist the

But I have a very skillful hands

I am not satisfied with being a handicraft­sman.

is not the person that I looking for.

According to the different battle occasions

you should pick up the most appropriat­e weapon.

what should I do to defeat the enemy?

only using weapon that you can kill people?

a spy of the Eyes of God delivering letters.

Look at this. What can you tell?

The confidenti­al letter of a spy of the Eyes of God

Or the message would be leaked.

Seventh sister, have you done yet?

What is the sixth sister doing in these days?

I am not hungry, but a little tired.

something bad will happen to us.

Also he would answer your questions.

You made this urgent call for me.

Do you have some instructio­ns?

rounding up spies from the Liang State failed?

I use the trick of feign death

to hide the truth from people.

the matter of The Eyes of God.

spies from the Liang State in the whole city.

On the other hand, he arranges for

His Young Master hopes to find

the evidence that he is working with

the spies from the Liang State.

Good. As soon as you discover something

we shall let Xing'er be the spy of sacrifice

according to the original plan.

I shall send her to the Liang State as a spy.

It's likely that she will die there.


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