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楚乔传 Princess Agents 17 Eng sub未删减版 赵丽颖 林更新 窦骁 李沁 主演 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

(Sounds of the house burning down)

Put off the fire now. Hurry up.

Fangqin, the musician or the spy from the Liang State?

Young Master Huai is indeed very clever.

You are deemed to make some achievemen­ts.

I knew we could be connected somehow

I wonder whether this connection

Besides, it is a chaotic time.

You must know who to work with

You are beautiful and you appreciate my talents.

Young Master Huai takes note of the situation.

You have nothing to worry about.

to let you take control over the Red Hills Court.

Something is going on at the Green Hills Court.

Many guards of Yue are coming towards the Jile Pavilion.

How dare he burst into my place.

They are just some subordinat­es. Nothing to worry about.

Don’t act rashly and alert the enemy.

Risk things the matter for the sake of those don’t.

There is a secret path in the Red Hills Court.

I already told you there is no way out.

Do you think we are coming together

What would be terrible of me.

Drink some alcohol. It can warm you up.

Something just occurred to me.

I like the feeling that we are

I don’t want to die in this cave.

I don’t want to die in this cave.

You should be very familiar with it.

selling informatio­n is more profitable than selling weapons.

There can be a million reason

for him to catch this illness.

How am I supposed to know which one it was?

he has had it for a long time.

Actually, it can be cured very easily.

Bring a heater all the time and eat tonic regularly.

In that way, I think he will survive

It is extremely hard to get fully recovered.

He is lucky to be born at the Yuwen Household.

and see whether he can be cured?

that he won’t die any time soon.

There is no corpse in the ruin.

His Young Master should be safe for now.

deal with the local officials carefully.

The spy from the Liang State made such an effort.

Their intention is definitely not only to

There must be some other reason.

Yue Qi, bring someone with you

There is no need to monitor them anymore.

the forest nearby to search for His Young Master.

If you find anything suspicious

the technique to break the Qimen shield

You are knowledgea­ble as well.

I can’t even hold your hands?

I’d like to buy something from you.

I wonder whether you have it.

It all depends on your price.

we definitely will repay you some day.

Why should I give you credit?

We are not friends or relatives.

Why should I give you credit?

I become the kind of person who has no principle.

I shall make an exception for me.

You can give me that worthless

I am making a great loss here.

This is very important to me.

Do you know the Twelve Elites Camp?

the Wind and Cloud Dreed then.

where the Wind and Cloud Dreed is? tell you?

We are not friends or relatives.

Because I’d like to trade with you.

I have these elite magic weapon.

I should lure him to talk more

The Twelve Elites Camp is holding it

I only said I may know something about it

Why don't you let me to go with...

Just let me tell you the truth

Although I don't know where it is

You fool. Why didn't you tell me earlier?

and this beautiful girl like me

It's a little bit late. Time to leave

Brother Yan Xun, how are you?

Let's see you are drunk or not

Only the female members of royal family stay here

to visit the Empress of Dowager

Then I accidental­ly met the princess

So I sat and asked for a drink

It's me that did not behave properly

I hope you would pay attention from now on

Since when he is your brother?

We do not have anything related

he can not just be my brother

Chun'er, you should understand

You are the noble princess of Great Wei

How many noble families disappeare­d

during the battle of the government

If you stand on the wrong side

what could you do at that time

I may need your beauty at most

You should be brave to face the stakes

how would you achieve your goal

Shopkeeper Zuo, how about this?

I want to go to Jile Pavilion

There is the machine-op­erated trap

You have to face it sooner or later

The Kungfu of Ice I just give you

along with the kungfu of inner power

For a month at least, half a year at most

and find a man with the family name Jing

When your kungfu is of the highest level

no matter how your dignity is stepped on

From now on you name is Jing Xiaoliu

Your mother is about to be executed

Who are you? Where is my mom?

You are the daughter of Luo He

So incredible gongfu and agents

release the slaves and stop the war

If I say she was killed by you

you think people will believe it?

Today you won't get away with it

Don't you come back ever again


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