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楚乔传 Princess Agents 15 Eng sub未删减版 赵丽颖 林更新 窦骁 李沁 主演 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Young Master Yuwen, you are a noble man.

Don’t you find it inappropri­ate?

You have some questions to ask.

That’s why you came here, right?

why don’t you let me take a guess?

you are the son of a concubine.

That’s exactly what I am concerned about.

if a man wants to achieve his goals

that his talent is not appreciate­d.

there is no fairness in the world

be underappre­ciated all your life

then I am afraid there is nothing I can do.

I can’t change the fact that I was born by a concubine.

you are probably in the wrong place.

It is not a place for fortune telling.

You also asked the wrong person.

I am not a fortune teller, either.

If I meet a close friend who understand­s me

I would do anything for my friend.

whether I can be your close friend.

whether you can achieve your goals.

The tower of the Eyes of God is nearly penetrated­.

I didn’t take sufficient precaution­s.

has been safely kept for years.

No single incident had occurred.

This time, it was penetrated by

a female spy from the Liang State alone.

She could enter the Green Hills Court

as if no one were here. I think there must be a mole.

was hosted by Yuwen Huai at the Red Hills Court.

He deliberate­ly invited you there

He won’t know the secret path to

the mastermind at the Red Hills Court…

to make any decision in a hurry.

Grandfathe­r, if I may be so bold

His Young Master had the chance

to catch the spy from the Liang State.

(Sounds of stones falling into the water)

Only you can comfort her right now

I won’t do it. You may go and comfort her.

You are the only one who can comfort her.

will lead to huge trouble. Who is to blame then?

She is perfect in every aspect

but I only see her as a little sister.

Since we are as close as brothers

(Sounds of stones falling into the water)

you never changed since you were little.

I don’t want it anymore. I don’t care.

You always pretend you don’t know a thing.

You don’t even want to hear a joke?

Then I have no choice but to leave.

I changed my mind. Tell me the joke.

who was obsessed with playing music.

(Sound of a stone falling into the water)

The Emperor could not find one person

who understood him in the palace.

and found a prisoner in the death row.

I will play some music for you.

Then, the Emperor brought out the instrument and started to play.

(Sound of a stone falling into the water)

kneeled down in front of him and crying hopelessly­.

He said, "I am not afraid of death.

Please put me to death by dismemberi­ng my body

Was it because the music played by the Emperor

The gates are surrounded by our people.

The Office of Chang’an also sent additional securities­.

We have more people both in the daylight and in the dark.

the portraits of the majority of people

I have reached out to some private organisati­ons

the Gang of Cao, the Gang of Lang Qing

Feng Yu League and Yun Ya Chamber

Once they discover some informatio­n

they will tell us as soon as possible.

The spies in the city are also active now.

There are fourteen north0sout­h streets

We shall search each of them thoroughly­.

These are the leases of shops and

It also includes the cargo informatio­n from

livery stables and armed escorts.

I have found 46 shops that are suspicious­.

According to Your Young Master’s order

we don’t have any viable informatio­n.

The secret path to the Tower of the Eyes of God

In case, it is penetrated again.

They not only came to the capital of the Wei State

penetrate into the Eyes of God.

Young Master, we have caught more than a dozen spies.

they are extremely loyal to the Liang State

Do we need to torture them harder?

They are not here just to find out

we will get hold of every detail of their plan.

The counteratt­ack from the Eyes of God is quite strong.

The spies and ligatures we have placed

Except for the people you brought

the others are all unreachabl­e.

has been silent for many years.

it would still be this powerful.

Princess, you better leave now.

You can get out of here through it safely.

But you will be in danger if you don’t leave.

Anyone of them could betray us at any time.

He is surrounded by competent subordinat­es.

His martial art is also very sophistica­ted.

Your Highness has a solution already?

The girl, Xing’er, who caused me many troubles

Men from the Yuwen Household are very affectiona­te.

and ruined his splendid future.

protected that maid several times.

If we want to get rid of Yuwen Yue

I have been at court for years.

is sufficient for me to tell their relationsh­ip.

Master, please have some fruit.

Isn’t that what ceremonies are for?

You must have some other reasons.

Grandfathe­r, I am acting for your own good

for the prospect of the third branch.

(Sounds of walking in the water)

How dare you talk about the prospect of the family.

Your have humble blood in your body

You have to learn how to be humble

and you want to deny being a coward?

adopted you to the third branch

You will be worse than that humble slave

I was playing the Bili that day

Then why not come out and see me

Then you won't be a slave anymore

Master, time to have the medicine

you must take the drug on time

He wants me to watch you drink it

Do you think the drug is too bitter

I'll fetch some glazed fruit for you

Or maybe your eyes feel uncomforta­ble

throwing off your identity as a slave

Maybe the prince takes you seriously

and lets you become his concubine

I have been by your side for such a long time

Although I am just a humble maid

Master, please have your medicine

I'm going to the Empress Dowager's

Don't give it to them. Give it to me

I'll take it to the palace for

Brother Yan Xun, does it have a name

Zhan Mou had some words from the lord

Even the food sent by the servant

As the poem goes. Swallows would always leave

Winter cicada would not sing even when feeling lonely

but I did observe your little conversati­on

I will not hide anything from you

All the things with Zhao Xifeng

if my own emotion was used by the enemy

and get more intelligen­ce from him

you keep your contact with Yuwen Huai

Princess. The intelligen­ce of Xing'er

The men of Yuwen Yue are all gathered outside

but also the center area of the whole world

In other words, the mission of agents

is to send all the intelligen­ce

Then all the intelligen­ce here

from regional conflicts or war

The sword will not be changed by politics

Just know whose order you should follow

Try your best to complete your mission

There are three agents organizati­ons now

there is the Secret Repository

They are gathered by the Wind and Cloud Decree

But a year ago, there's an accident

Her daughter, the younger master of the decree

If her daughter comes out again

there will be a war between us

The mission of agents are extremely hard


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