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Delivering an imperial order by Empress Dowager

Yan Xun was ordered to go back to Yanbei in advance.

This meant that my intention was known.

I have important matters to discuss with them.

Most likely he won't understand my words.

Your Majesty,sh­ould I summon Yuwen Huai

People from Yanbei that comes to pick up Yan Xun are here.

Duchess Dingbei comes here in person.

Sister Bai Sheng is in poor health.

This time, she makes marathon journeys here to see her son.

is the adopted daughter of Empress Dowager.

I'm the one who wants to meet you.

What do you think? Do I look pretty?

that I can't even open my eyes.

I need to prepare ceremonial robe

I shall give all these things

The crown is the most significan­t thing.

that will go down in history.

I can't finish all those things

promises my mother in advance.

She wants me to return to Yanbei immediatel­y.

All good things come to be an end.

I don't want you to leave me.

Brother Yan Xun, please don't leave me.

Did His Majesty really said that

with Duke Dingbei guarding the north

he was lucky to have Duke Dingbei defeating enemies

when Rouran invade our territory the other days.

His Majesty thinks highly of Duke Dingbei.

it's Shicheng's duty to do these things.

Duke had been going on campaigns for many years.

Luckily, Empress Dowager pitis me

and promises that I can take Xun'er.

Empress Dowager is very fond of Xun'er.

By the grace of His Majesty and Queen Mother

Xun'er is taken good care of.

I don't know Your Majesty is here.

Your Majesty attends to numerous affairs everyday

and cares about the common people.

You know that I care about the common people

but you still want to take Yan Xun away.

Aren't you raising difficulti­es for me?

Shicheng has been going on campaigns for many years

And in recent years, he suffers recurrence of old injuries.

His ability falls short of his wishes.

And he misses Xun'er very much.

Thanks for Duke Dingbei's hard work.

I know youy Yan Household'­s loyalty.

there are many guests in Chang'an City.

stop the gossip among common people.

please understand His Majesty.

I won't make things difficult for His Majesty.

You... want to stay in Chang'an?

Chun'er, you are a big girl now.

stay in Chang'an for one more month

and attend my Adult Ceremony.

Your Majesty, you just said that...

we'll allow him to return ti Yanbei at once.

If His Majesty doesn't want you to leave

he will find some excuses anyway.

After the princess's Adult Ceremony

you set off for Yanbei immediatel­y.

do you have something that you don't want to leave behind?

What do you want to say, Mother?

With her Adult Ceremony in one month

that I don't want to leave behind.

judging from the way you speak

you are not talking about a friend.

has fallen in love with someone?

Don't make fun of me, please.

And then we'll go back to Yanbei together.

It's a good plan for Bai Sheng to save his child

his mother's painstakin­g effort.

The one who can dispose is not God

Yan Xun chose to stay not because of the Princess

When it is useless, you have to throw it.

The guards of Yue has got the latest informatio­n

that The Emperor had a plan to attack the Yanbei.

So they have sent the female spy of the highest rank

So you want to send her to probe it, do you?

Are you sure that she is qualified for this?

to arrange the person from the Afterlife Campthe

to deal with the vile maid of Yuwen Yue?

I have invited two beautiful musicians

Why haven't you got everything done?

Remember to invite every Young Master

I don't understand why I need to invite him.

You are talking too much nonsense.

Don't you see that I am kind of busy?

The thing at five steps northeastw­ard

The thing at three steps northwest

It's no use no matter how your nose

If you are blind, you just can't see.

a useless chess piece is a basket case.

I smelt the fragrance that belongs to

that Young Master would hurt me.

the bad guy that I don't want to see

Out of mind. Out of mind. Out of mind. Out of mind.

Young Master is worst. Young Master is worst.

Xing'er likes it. Xing'er likes it.

Where did you get the pearl in your mouth?

That's because the Huatuo Water.

that ordinary people can't see.

is to prevent you from the shadow out of the sun.

What kind of shadow it would be?

The person who disturbs your mind

There is a dinner party tomorrow.

You need to remember everything

including all the details and sound.

Please set your mind at ease, Young Master.

Do you really think that Xing'er will come with you?

Even if it will take the trials of a long journey, or the ends of

Chun'er, what's matter with you?

but you are the last one to come.

- I need to be the last one to come here, - Stop.

because I am the most important.­..

The one is supposed to be here hasn't come.

The one you are talking is Yuwen Yue, is it?

The Green Hills Courtyard is just across the way.

You are not showing some respect for me.

I have get some precious gifts

The things that the maidservan­ts in the Palace wear

Why are you laughing, Zhao Xifeng.

how could you say I am hypocritic­al?

you just make friends with all the Young Masters around the

you always speak something bad and evil

your aunt, Countess concubine Zhao, about them.

Your highness, please just stop talking.

You are about to be adult soon

just after the Rite of Passage.

You should learn something about the doctrine of kindness

and try not be too hard on somebody else.

Not be too hard on somebody else?

that you never wanted to be the emperor's son-in-law

send some gifts to me secretly?

What you are doing will hurt the friendship

between our Top 5 Handsome of Chang'an.

if there is something making me feel unpleasant

Because the elder brother is here

So you do have a way with words.

There is something if I don't speak out today

I will never get another chance to say.

She is just frank and outspoken.

Master Yue, it's been long time.

if I talk with the wild kitten for a while?

May I help you, Royal highness.

Let me tell you some good news

that I'm about to go back to Yanbei soon.

How could you just go back as your will?

Of course, the Emperor has just allowed me to do it.

the journey back to Yanbei is kind of not long

If you need anything during the journey

like something to eat or to use

just let me know in advance, then I can prepare them.

Thank you for your concern, Royal Highness.

Royal Highness, please excuse us for leaving.

What a coincidenc­e, I'm heading that way.

Your highness, let's just start it.

Why hasn't he been here so late?

Did you get chance to approach her?

What wrong with your Young Master?

He is just standing here still.

Stop. Everyone just stop for me.

Everything is fine, what's matter?

Then it should be elegant and dignified.

It just gives someone a chance

How could this be the obscene music?

And you are saying something like that.

All of you just get out of here.

I don't want to watch the show.

Please calm your anger, Your highness.

Would you like to hear what I'm saying?

Get out and answer my question.

I'm the private tutor of Tao Yeji

What we were playing just then is

Picking the Lotus From the River.

It comes from the former Yuefu poems

which was unused in the Palace.

So it's not the so called obscene music

Are you saying that I'm so ignorant

Just now, I saw Fangqin looks like

very slim and graceful between your maneuvers.

And it seem like you have practiced Light Foot

You overpraise­d me, Young Master.

but it's just skills of dancing.

Maybe it looks like some familiar

with the Light Foot Young Master talked about.

So he went home and have some rest.

You dancing has no equal in the world.

He's not feeling well, so he went home.

are so absorbed in wonderful singing and dancing

that we didn't even notice that

Your eyes were fixated on them.

Young Master, what are you thinking about?

in case that our secret is given away.

Only the spies of The Green Hills Court

There are two options for you.

Young Master, do I have a choice?

I want to be a spy of the Eyes of God.

you are a spy of the Eyes of God.

The sword that I gave you is called Canhong Sword.


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