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楚乔传 Princess Agents 11 Eng sub未删减版 赵丽颖 林更新 窦骁 李沁 主演 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Why do you come here in person today?

Half of the male servants were sent to the Red Hills Court

to help clean up the dirt in the lake and move things.

your hair clasp is way too small

You better just focus on your job.

At least there is still hope, right?

You spend your whole day in the kitchen

how can you possibly know what is going on outside?

the skill flowers lost by Concubine Sun

of the second branch two months ago.

(Sound of woman falling into the water)

Yuwen Huai is going to clean up the dirt in the lake.

That’s why we are escaping tonight.

Yuwen Yue will go out to appreciate the lanterns.

Use your entry cards to get out

and wait for me in the steward in the northern gate of the city.

After Yuwen Yue goes out tonight

and get the statement of freedom.

you don’t need to wait for me anymore.

We won’t leave the steward until you come.

we will come back and find you.

This trip needs to be as simple as possible.

Why are you giving me new clothes?

His Young Master is taking you to appreciate the lanterns.

waiting for You Young Master tonight.

Unfortunat­ely, the Empress Dowager is unwell.

cancelled the lantern show in Chang'an.

The Empress Dowager has made a full recovery.

May God bless the Empress Dowager.

there is a birthday ceremony for the Emperor.

Someone suggested to host a lantern show

to celebrate the Emperor’s birthday.

Surprising­ly, the Emperor agreed.

as soon as you finish dressing up.

Just follow His Young Master’ order.

His Young Master is going to attend the lantern show in the Street

He can’t be alone without any servant.

you will be thirsty and hungry.

I will tell the kitchen staff to prepare some refreshmen­ts.

You don’t need to worry about this kind of things.

Princess, we have arrived at Chang’an.

Be cautious. Don’t expose who you are.

I will inform the Secret Repository

in Chang’an to wait for Your Highness.

There are many goods in Chang’an.

I’d like to ramble in the lantern show alone.

There is no need to inform the Secret Repository­.

I have finally arrived at Chang’an.

We are born in this chaotic time.

We better not meet and just each other in mind.

this is not my main concern right now.

Before our parents were killed

they left the wooden beads to Zhixiang

and they said it had something to do with the antecedent­s of out

Young Master, it is inappropri­ate.

is usually an excuse for people’s own decision.

the one always wants to fight against the Wei State?

The Wei State has more than one enemy. Rouran is just one of

The spies from the Liang State are better at scheming.

is inside the Wei State itself.

Something horrible will happen in Chang’an.

- Who do you think it will be? - No idea.

May God bless our Sixth Sister escape safely.

Is the danger coming from Yanbei?

Prince, here is the letter from the Duke.

Prince, is there any good news?

According to my father, everything is fine in Yanbei.

Last time, we fought against Rouran, the rebel.

I heard from the maids of the Green Hills Court that

is going to take Xing’er to the lantern show.

Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

Come and take a look at these beautiful lanterns.

Come and take a look at these beautiful lanterns.

If it isn’t cute, why did you buy it then?

Come and take a look at these beautiful lanterns.

Come and take a look at these beautiful lanterns.

Come and take a look at these beautiful lanterns.

Come and take a look at these beautiful lanterns.

saving me the trouble looking for you.

Come and guess lantern riddles.

- Young Master. - The top reward is two silver.

I want to go and guess the lantern riddles.

Come and guess lantern riddles.

The mister answered correctly.

Mister, you can claim your reward now.

Does the prize include a beautiful woman?

I will give your beautiful woman as the prize.

It is not that easy to guess these riddles.

Mister, would you like to try?

This is my prize. I will give it to you.

I shall forgive you this time.

Come and guess lantern riddles.

Mister, which one would you like to choose?

Don’t say it too early. Don’t say it too late.

You think you can keep the secret

In that case, the consequenc­e will be pretty bad.

thought this one was easy to guess

Don’t say it too early. Don’t say it too late.

It is based on the writing of the character.

It is based on the writing of the character.

but it is actually quite difficult.

He is just saying. Don’t take it personally­.

you can go to the pavilion on the right-hand side

Even if you win the top reward

You Young Master please wait here.

The answer is the character “Ning”

The rabbit-sha­ped lantern you have

Could you tell me where did you buy it?

Go straight and turn right at the third cross-road­.

Miss, you have got a glib tongue.

Could you please show us the way?

is no better than ours in Jiangnan

the master of Wind and Cloud Decree a year ago

The person that killed Yuwen Hao

When I chased her till the river

and saw the pattern of Equinox Flower

I know she was the daughter of Luo He

But her inner power : Kungfu of Ice

Although she was deeply wounded

when she saved people from the prison

Then we follow her and take a look

The girl is not weak at gongfu

Prince of Lord Dingbei , Yan Xun

He came into our sight himself tonight

We should be united to mourn the ancestor tonight

But you follow me here after all the journey

You are just at the age of enjoying the like but you

I really cannot bear it for you

I'll go make arrangemen­t right now

Easy to get on hard to get off Right

The air on the bottom is poisoned

It's dangerous to stay here for long

We can't stay here the whole night

I have something important to do

It seems lower on that direction

Then you come back to pick me up

I am the male and you are female

Just wait I'll go find another hand

If I can't go reach my sisters

without the statement of freedom

I can't leave my sisters alone

a person that trust me so much

got trapped with poisoned air in it

How can I just stand by and watch

to meet with Xiaoqi and Xiaoba

why do I feel so hard to eat it

left some for our escape later on

They are running concubine or slaves

we looks like running slaves from some big family

I'm spending all the effort saving you

You need to take me to the Street of Rose-finch asap

We just need to pass through the woods

How do you feel carrying somebody

on your back for the first time

In the Field of Fire and Thunder in our Yan

Naughty slave from Yuwen Family

They promised us the statement for freedom

We have to escape to Northern Yan

We won't let you go even after we died

You are animal with human's cover

Slaves without statement is running slaves

We can't stop them Nor are we capable of

These humble slaves worth nothing

There are still other slaves running

Search for the whole city and kill the rest

If I can't find Xiaoqi and Xiaoba soon

But can you save all the slaves

You and I are of different class

Since we do not share the same life

we should be apart earlier as well

please do not follow me any more

without the statement of freedom.


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