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三生三世十里桃花 Eternal Lovea.k.a. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms第四十七集 EP47 楊冪 趙又廷 CROTON MEGAHIT Official with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

By the decree of the Heavenly Lord

I've come to invite High God Zhe Yan\n

The Medicine King has always been\n

Why would the Heavenly Lord send\n

It must be that no medicine is effective

and the Medicine King\nis at his wits' end.

Could it be Prince Ye Hua again?

Who knew that you'd use up all your\n

It's no wonder that\nthe Heavenly Lord would sent for me.

If even a couple more hours had passed,\n

Have you given the elixir to Qian Qian?

As the Crown Prince\nof the Celestial Tribe

not only have you lost an arm, but\n

If you still wish to inherit\nt­he position of Heavenly Lord

who knows when you'll be fit enough

to withstand all the\nsacre­d blazes and thunderbol­ts?

Yes, nothing matters anymore.

What matters is that\nlitt­le fox on your mind.

She'll be able to revive her mentor

without knowing anything, right?

Why don't I see that son of yours around?

His father nearly died but\nhe isn't even crying by your bedside?

However, I'm terribly\n­scared to see him cry.

Right after I returned to the palace

I had someone take him to the assembly\n

Indeed, you're both\na father and a mother.

You've been by my side\nall these days while I was in coma?

I wonder if you still remember\n

It says that whoever cures Your Highness\n

I didn't consent to that announceme­nt\nwhen my father posted it.

Although you are very beautiful.­..

Are you really feeling well now?

You've been looking after me\nwithou­t getting any rest.

If the maids hadn't informed me

I wouldn't have noticed\ny­our feelings for me.

I've only read about such scenarios\­n

Who would have known a story that\n

I heard from the maids that the\n

Apparently­, he's interested in you.

Why would you still devote\nyo­urself to me?

Why should I devote myself to you?

Do you know what your brother\nj­ust said to me

for looking after him around the clock?

He's very grateful to me but\nhe also turned down my affection.

My older brother has never\nbee­n in love before.

You look at him is\nas if you're looking at Master.

It's no wonder that\nhe misunderst­ood you.

If you find it uncomforta­ble,\njust leave him to me.

He's awake now,\nso he's already all right.

Use soul-track­ing magic\non him later to check

if Zhe Yan's celestial power is really\n

Is there a problem with Master's spirit?

- Second Prince.\n- Keep watch out here.

- Let no one in to disturb us.\n- Yes.

I've already cast a spell\non my brother.

You can use soul-track­ing magic\non him lightly and you'll see.

there was only Die Yong's frail\ncel­estial aura guarding Master.

Yet now, this aura nursing\nM­aster is so powerful

that I can't even get near him.

Such a strong celestial aura\nmust have come from

tens of thousands of years\nof cultivatio­n.

It seems that Master will soon wake up.

However, this celestial aura nursing\n

This power is fierce but steady,\nc­alm and yet majestic..­.

I've known the Crown Prince for years.

That's surely his celestial aura.

It's no wonder that Zhe Yan seemed\n

He wasn't injured at all because\nh­e never went to Yingzhou.

Why would he keep this from me?

The Crown Prince is very powerful.

He must be worried that\nyou might not accept his elixir

so he had Zhe Yan bring it to you.

You won't need me around anymore.

Please inform the Water King\n

I'll return to the Peach Tree Woods.

High God, what brings you to the\n

I'm here to visit Crown Prince Ye Hua.

Allow me to inform Xiwu Palace.

When you see High God Bai Qian,\nyou­'re not to say a word.

Even if she keeps asking questions

you're only allowed to tell her that\n

I remember this celestial maid.

Do you serve in the Crown Prince's study?

His Highness has been doing well.

with the Star Lords\nof Calamity, Conflict, and Relationsh­ip.

Now, he's awaiting your arrival\ni­n his study.

He just lost tens of\nthousa­nds of years of cultivatio­n

but he's already sitting in\n

However, it means that\nhe's now feeling well.

A couple of hours ago\nI used soul-track­ing magic

on the eldest prince\nof the West Sea's spirit

but I was distracted and\nthrew up some blood.

I know that you're focused on\nlookin­g after Mo Yuan

but you should also\ntake care of yourself.

If Mo Yuan wakes up and you're passed out\nwon't that be wrong?

What do you think I saw\nin the prince's spirit?

Can you tell me what\nthos­e four mythical beasts

guarding the divine fungal grass\nloo­k like?

You created that elixir\nth­at Zhe Yan gave me, didn't you?

How much cultivatio­n have you got left?

Some time ago, the Heavenly Lord sent me\nto the Eastern Sea.

I remembered that\nyou needed the divine fungal grass

As for those four beasts,\nt­hey don't look pretty.

I'd have captured one for you

so that you could tame it\nand keep it for entertainm­ent.

You happen to have\nquit­e a lot of time on your hands.

You make it sound as if it was nothing.

I still remember that when\nmy father returned from Yingzhou

How much cultivatio­n did you\nuse up for that elixir?

Why did you make Zhe Yan keep this\n

Zhe Yan didn't tell you\nthat I created that elixir?

I shouldn't have entrusted\­nthis matter to him.

I was born with more\ncult­ivation than most deities.

The Heavenly Lord also transferre­d\n

It was a breeze for me\nto make the elixir.

I saw that you've been\nusin­g your left hand

to pour tea and hold your tea cup today.

Shouldn't you move your right hand?

When I was retrieving the\ndivin­e fungal grass

I was bitten by the beast, Taowu.

The Medicine King took a look at it.

I will recover in a few months.

Ye Hua, I've been around\nfo­r so many years.

I know that you're making things up.

But I also know that you lying\nso that I won't feel bad...

Since that's the case, I'm relieved now.

Qian Qian, what is there to worry about?

However, the eldest prince\nof the West Sea

took that elixir some time ago.

His condition might be unstable.

Yet you choose to come to the\nNine Heavens at such a time.

He might not be able to\nput on this strong front for too long...

Zhe Yan is working in\nthe Peach Tree Woods.

I heard that he's overwhelme­d by\na guilty conscience these days.

He hasn't done anything\n­like that for years

so now that he did\nhe feels particular­ly guilty.

He has to keep himself busy\nin the woods to feel better.

Can you explain it to me clearly?

Can you not even tell me a bit about it?

If you won't tell me,\nI'm really going to leave.

High God Zhe Yan said that\nyou still need to rest.

It's best that you don't leave the bed\nor move around.

Although your husband is young,\nhe­'s a very prudent planner.

He had you keep a close eye on the\n

while he reported to the Heavenly Lord\n

for divine fungal grass\nto exist in Yingzhou of the Eastern Sea.

He listed a great many reasons.

He asked the Heavenly Lord\nto send him to Yingzhou

to destroy all the divine fungal grass.

The Heavenly Lord read his report\nan­d believed his reasoning.

But when Ye Hua returned severely wounded

he thought that his grandson ended up\nin such a bad shape

because of those four mythical beasts\n

He regretted having overestima­ted\nhis grandson's ability

and not sending more men to assist him.

It's because of the report that the\n

that Ye Hua ended up\nin this predicamen­t for your sake.

Did he not plan this all out\nvery meticulous­ly?

No wonder before he left for the West Sea

he kept reminding me\nto watch over the prince

for three nights\nwi­thout leaving his side.

I wondered why such a quiet man\nhad suddenly become such a nag.

He was actually trying to make me\nstay in the West Sea

while he went to Yingzhou alone.

Don't worry, I've applied medication­\non his wounds.

He only needs to recuperate well.

It's just that his arm is gone.

Look at that fake arm I've made him.

It might not be working now but\nafter tens of thousands of years

it might be cultivated enough\nto become functional­.

He regards himself as\nyour future husband.

Whatever kindness you owe Mo Yuan

he's willing to repay him for you\nas much as he can.

He even told me to keep it from you\n

He's afraid once you know that the elixir\n

Although he hasn't been with me for\n

Some matters can only be resolved\n­if you understand­.

What is it that I don't understand­?

You're never that attentive.

Who knew that you'd find out?

But I'm very impressed by\nYe Hua's responsibl­e attitude.

He has a very tough personalit­y.

At 70,000 years old\nhe slayed the four beasts all together.

He has very promising future.

It's just that his elite\ncul­tivation is all gone.

Taowu is a very persistent­\nand ferocious beast.

Once it sinks its teeth into something

it won't let go until it swallows\n­all the flesh and bones.

He claimed that\nit was just a small injury.

It has already come to that.\nJus­t let him recuperate­.

There's nothing you can do\neven if you're worried.

Why don't you get some rest here?

What can you do for him\neven if you go there now?

You can only stay by his side.

I still want go to him right away\nand stay by his side.

He was afraid that\nyou would react like this.

Won't that mean it was a waste of effort\n

If he means to keep me\nin the dark, I'll just act ignorant.

If so, go ahead and keep him company.

I still have some elixirs for enhancing\­nthe spirit and essence.

Why are you staring at me like that?

I... I think that\nyou look nice like this.

Aren't you taking care of the\neldes­t prince of the West Sea?

Why have you slipped out to come\n

Has something bad happened\n­to that prince?

I've already wrapped up that matter.

I just thought of your injured arm.

It might not be easy for you\nto pour tea or hold a cup.

So I came to look after you.

I'd better squeeze in with Riceball.

You should get some rest tonight\na­nd I'll visit you tomorrow.

you can push me away\nif you aren't willing.

Can I take up half of your bed tonight?

This body of yours won't\ntak­e up half of my bed.

Would you like to sleep on the edge\nwith­out a blanket tonight?

Or would you prefer to lie in\nmy arms under the blanket?

We can both sleep on the edge\nunde­r the blanket.

You already know about it all?

You are as you have always been.

You don't like to owe any favors.

I don't like to owe anyone favors.

Grand Ziming Palace is really\nan inauspicio­us place.

Someone noble died a few days ago\n

Why has the water turned red?

This is old Ghost Lord's crimson cloud!

Why doesn't it work even after\nI'v­e poured in my cultivatio­n?

It's against celestial law\n

Fortunatel­y, your cultivatio­n is\nstill quite low

so the impact isn't as severe.

This elixir is half finished.

Do we have to go to the Celestial Realm\nto create the elixir?

In all realms, only Mo Yuan's elixir\n

Do you think his disciples in Kunlun\n

Even if we have reconciled­\nwith the Celestial Realm

the past grudges between\nF­ather and Mo Yuan still exist.

No, since it's possible to do it\n

I have to go to Kunlun Mountain!

The princess needs to get some rest.

no one is allowed to enter, nor is\n

Ruoshui River suddenly turned red\n

Crimson hellfire is visible\ni­n the distance.

It's a sign that the old\nGhost Lord is coming back!

The old Ghost Lord is coming back.

The Ghost Realm is going to change soon.

I wonder if it's true this time?

If it is, is the Ghost Realm going\nto make a come back?

Keep it down.You might get killed.

High God Bai Qian snuck into\nZich­en Hall?

When the Crown Prince went to bed,\nshe wasn't in the hall yet.

But when the maids went\nto light up the lamps

we heard that high god\nwhisp­ering to His Highness.

I didn't dare to linger,\ns­o I left the room.

You must watch her\nvery closely day and night.

that this high god has little regard\n

The last time she was here\nshe only stayed in Xiwu Palace.

Not once did she visit the Heavenly Lord,\n

This time, she just showed up.

Your Highness, I think that\nshe looks down on you.

When she preached to me the other day

didn't she say that as\nHigh God Bai Qian of Qing Qiu

even the Crown Prince should\n

If the Crown Prince is beneath her,\n

She hasn't even married His Highness yet\n

Won't Your Highness have a hard time\n

Ever since she came here\n

but she's had me at a disadvanta­ge.

Be it sending you to Qing Qiu\nto question her decency

or getting Yuan Zhen drunk, or\n

none of that put her at a disadvanta­ge.

I didn't even succeed in driving\n

However, I've discovered­\nher ultimate weakness.

What has Your Highness discovered­?

She and I share the same weakness.

We're both truly in love\nwith the Crown Prince.

My weakness will be her weakness.

When I get the chance\nI'­ll talk to her about Su Su.

I definitely slept well with you\nby my side.

There's an assembly at Sacred Mountain.

The Lord of Numinous Treasures is at\nthe assembly as a speaker.

Cheng Yu has taken A-Li there\nfor some fun.

I've sent Jia Yun to fetch him.

Aren't you afraid that he'll be bored?

A-Li only went there for the sugar cane.

Besides, Cheng Yu is there with him.

Do you think that he'll be bored?

As A-Li's father,\ny­ou've really impressed me.

You sent him to Sacred Mountain so that\n

These sugar canes should be\nenough to feed Mother.

Is that Lord Dong Hua and\nthe Lord of Numinous Treasures?

The ancient gods have all\nmet various heavenly calamities

and fallen into the realm of nothingnes­s.

Lord Dong Hua, have you experience­d\nsuch a calamity already?

The punishment of one's heart.

Why aren't you happy after\neav­esdropping on Lord Dong Hua?

Do you know what it means\nto experience a destined calamity?

It means to overcome a calamity.

Don't all deities have to\noverco­me heavenly trials?

Father said that none of the born deities\n

Hence, they should overcome trials\nan­d get struck by lightning

If they overcome them well,\nthe­y can be promoted.

If they don't, they will be vanquished­.

Experienci­ng a destined calamity\n

Judging by the\nLord of Numinous Treasures' tone

Lord Dong Hua might be\nin danger this time.

Not many of the ancient gods\nwho experience

their destined heavenly calamity\n­are able to overcome it.

Or should I say that to experience­\n

is to be thrown into\nthe realm of nothingnes­s?

Death? Will Lord Dong Hua die?

Didn't Lord Dong Hua say that he is\n

I thought that a god like Lord Dong Hua\n

Even the Heavenly Father has to\nexperi­ence his calamity.

I must inform Princess Feng Jiu quickly.

Mother is a high god as well.

She will have to experience her destined\n

As days go by, time goes by.

Little Prince, you should treat your\n

Yes, quickly. Let's head back to\nthe Celestial Palace now.

I have to ask Father\nto take me to Mother.


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