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요리왕 조리왕 Ep.2 NCT DREAM King of Cooking with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

It's this one's little brother, huh?

Are you working on this until now?

Then, what have you done?\nAmo­ng these

- I worked a lot\n- So, what did you do?

Washing this one!\nAnd stirring this one!

That's why I don't do anything

The water is boiling well now, right?

It's boiling, put kimchi on this side first

- Cheonggukj­ang is tasty no matter how you boil it\n

Cheonggukj­ang that I like the most

Can you feel its enormous taste?

I like that kind of thing a little,\ns­alty taste

The broth should be a bit thick

We're confident for that though

You've got something to work on finally

Jisung, you washed it well, huh?

What is this?\nI'v­e never seen this veggie before

It's my first time seeing it too

You want me to give you a tongs?

(Pork belly interim check is completed)

Since I have an experience of\neating Chenle's food

Then, I'll make one in the next episode

You're not gonna do it this time?

I suppose to make an egg tomato

Hey Chenle, let's give up cooking

We already lost,\nlet­'s go home

Make the egg tomato and just leave

When this one boils,\npu­t all ingredient­s in it

Boil it hard and put all of it

Are we suppose to wash all of these?

- Please also wash several garlics\n- Give it to me

I got so many stuffs all of a sudden

Hello? Let me wash the water here

Wow, it's amazing,\n­is this garlic?

First of all, we should make the meat,\nand now we should make

Red pepper power which is most important

Prepare the veggies,\n­make the broth

And we should pour some oil on it

Chenle, this is garlic, look at it

If you see this, it's quite long

- Is it okay?\n- It's okay, I'm certain

(Inserting the small and\npreci­ous tofu)

After this, boil the cheonggukj­ang hard

- While you're boiling it, make one chewy noodles\n

I like such an unfunny ad-lib

But it smells a bit of kimchi stew, right?

The beef brisket is already in it, huh?

- I think I should take it out now\n

But our concept is a bit of kimchi stew

Jeno, Jeno student, give it to me

It's an orchid I've raised for a long time

You washed it cleanly, right?

Chenle, all the ingredient­s are here

- Good job\n- Good job, huh? Compliment me more

- Put it inside there\n- I got it

Are you gonna show \na profession­al performanc­e?

I'm not gonna show the performanc­e

But this is most important part \nin this cooking

Now, everyone is paying attention to you

What are you doing while the fire is off?

He's heating the frying pan without fire

Is there? Is there?\nTh­ere is, right?

This is Korean medicine though

Did you take out all the beef brisket?

I think you're the one who's \ndoing nothing mostly

I got to know about the cooking \n20 minutes ago

I got to know it 20 minutes ago

'Are we gonna cook that menu?'

Honest, I don't know it exactly

You're listening to me, right?

(Cannot hear him)\nRigh­t now, it's 5:02

Jisung, you're the only one for me

What did you say?\nWhat did you say?

Right now, it's 5:02 you know?

Then, would it be possible to \nmake it by 5:20?

We're gonna do this until 5:20?

Are you able to make it by 5:20?

This team said it's not possible

And this team said it's possible

Point will be deducted\n­every 1 second after it

Are we not gonna put this in?

Why is the soybean stew getting\ni­nside the cheonggukj­ang?

I've never seen putting soybean stew\ninto cheonggukj­ang before

Can I try an interim taste evaluation­?

Usually, if you watch other shows

MC suddenly shows up and tastes it

That's why it's from another show

The meat is getting done\n

The volume of the meat is reduced though?

It's got quite smaller than I thought

I don't have anything to \nhelp you guys, huh?

Where is the garlic? The garlic?

Aren't you suppose to use\nthe backside to do that?

Crush it into really small pieces

Hey hey, you're not cutting anything at all

I'm pretending to be working well on it x2

It's done, please give it to me

Do you know what Baek Jongwon said?

But do they usually put \nsugar in cheonggukj­ang?

Every food tastes good with sugar

(Putting in red pepper powder \na lot as well)

You're not gonne be scolded by Jaemin, huh?

The color is certainly changed, right?

- Certainly it seems to be better, I'm not sure\n

Then, I'll do the interim evaluation

- He says you're not allowed to\n- Put more cheonggukj­ang in it

Don't get inside 3m radius from here

I can't really adapt to this smell

How do you think it is, at a glance?

This is too small, so I can't do anything

Or split it in half and Jisung should do it

I want to split in half,\nbut I can't really trust him

If there a chair by any chance?

I think Jisung should sit down

I don't think he has anything to do

Spicy taste and cheonggukj­ang

Let's pour the water,\nle­t's pour the water

You can't beat this visual with anything

Jaemin, what should we do?\nPour more water?

Pour more of it,\nJeno says it's salty

- If the judge says it's salty, you should put more no matter

If you're to boil it more,\npou­r more water

About what percentage is\ncomple­ted by now?

Chenle, it doesn't look cool\nif you sprinkle it that way

Who sprinkles it with fingers like that

- More above x2 that's right\n- Good x2

How many points will be added?

I'll give you about 20 points

It was minus 100 million \npoints before, right?

I hope you'd work hard on filling it

I'll have an interim questionin­g session

Is Jisung being helpful a little?

I borrowed it,\nI borrowed it from Jeno

Now, the last one,\nthe very last one

Now, one menu is completed, right?

I thought it was beef tartare

When I gave you the garlic before,\ny­ou said you don't need it

Suddenly, it became necessary for me

In fact, it was just a show,\n

Put it in 5 minutes before you stir it

How much meat is left, Jaemin?

The meat is almost completed now

We might have a sufficient time, huh?

There was a team that said\n20 minutes are enough, right?

Is ChenJi's This and That team\nable to do it by 05:30?

This team said it's possible by 05:20?

What did you say the time was in minute?

It's between 16 and 17 minutes

I think we need about 2 more minutes

Then, you get minus 200 points

It's okay, we got minus 100 million \npoints last time

It's okay, that team got\nminus 100 million points

You could think that you guys won

The opponent team came,\nlet­'s show it to the opponent team

Somehow, Chenle looks cool, huh?

Are you working on the sauce now?

Yes, after working on the sauce,\n

But Chenle does it better \nthan I thought, huh?

I'll give you guys a technical point

It's like Jaemin I saw\nback in the accommodat­ion

Is Renjun doing an art right now?

I'm trying hard to decorate it \nbeautifu­lly right now

About the menu you're making now

I'd like you to give us\nan additional explanatio­n

The snack for all Koreans,\n­it's the ramen

You know the combinatio­n, right?

We're okay, that team got\nminus 100 million

(High-end technique: cutting all 3 at once)

(High-end technique: squizzing all 3 at once)

Can I do the interim evaluation­?\nFor the taste?

No, you can't do it now,\nyou can't do for this one

The meat is going in,\ndropp­ing the meat

It's already getting done, right?

Jisung is tired too, huh?\n

Because I had so many things to do

Why is this one not coming out like this

Jisung, let's prepare the\ntomat­o egg now

Please clean all the stuffs on top here

Stop boiling it, \nwhy are you boiling it for a long time?

Are you gonna leave the meat like that?

When are you gonna put the meat, Renjun?

- First of all, just for the visual\n

So many things to wash\nwhil­e making only one menu

- I've only tried this once at home\n- I respect you

Now, we could make the \ntamota egg in 5 minutes

Is this the one, is this the one?

It's really delicious, right?

It's really delicious, right?

This is chef Jeno who came from

Turn on this side\nand put the oil in

'Crossing the line' team \nis almost wrapping up

The outer surface must be really crispy

Now, it's the last one,\nplea­se shoot me Jeno

Guys, you would get a score\nfor plating as well

It's done, this one is finished

We'll finish it within 5 minutes

Be careful, it's slippery\n­because of the oil

I'll put it, I don't trust you

Move away, move away, move away

Please, you look so unsettling

Everyone thinks you're unsettling

Did you finish it, the team from that side?

(Preparing the egg and tomato)

Do you need a fire extinguish­er?

Chenle, should I take it out or not?

You're doing a fire show, huh?

I'll give you 100 million points \nfor technique

Okay (recovered 1 million points)

I'll give you minus 5 thousands points

I thought the oven will take too long time

Are you gonna bake it slightly?

We'll wrap up within 5 minutes

If you're not finihsed within 5 minutes

Then, we'll start tasting it right away

I'll start the 5 minutes timer

Out of expectatio­n, the spinach...

No Jeno, it's getting done so well

Everyone's confident, right?


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