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요리왕 조리왕 Ep.1   NCT DREAM King of Cooking with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

This is the general manager Jeno\nof King of Cooking

- Today, I invited two global-cla­ss cooking teams\n- Jeno Ramsey~

(Who are you)\nWhat is it, what is it, what is it

- (Go in) Why are you coming out suddenly~\­n

(Welcome) \nPlease introduce your team briefly

(Checking the opponent team)\nHow serious is it?

(He's making the team name now)\nHe's crossing the line, serious

- (Hello?) Please make it and come out\n- It's serious team

Renjun you guys have been\nwait­ing for so long

(Checking the opponent team)\nRen­jun!

Finally! We get to do it here today

- (Checking him) Renjun!\n

(Confident­)\nIt's a combinatio­n that can't be failed

(Impressed­)\nAh~ Doe-cheong­-noodles!

- Okay then, are you done for the brief introducti­on?\n

Invite the second team, please come out!

Dispatched from ChenJi's This and That

Where are you going~\nco­me over here

(Ours)\nOh­, it's right over here

(Checking the opponent) \nCertainl­y, they have some popularity

- (Famous figure)\n- (I know) We're famous~

I heard that you guys are chefs from

- The famous ChenJi's This and That\n- Yes

(Looking forward to it)\n

(Nice to meet you)\nThe master of Chinese food Chenle and

(Nice to meet you)\nThe master of poor hands

Jisung, why did you come here?

Yes, because I'm good at tasting food

(He's got the feeling)\n­Chenle should make it, I should taste it

Ah~~ you're the assistant\­nwho tastes the food

(He doesn't like it)\n(Corr­ect) That's right

Can you make a spoiler for\nthe menu for today a little?

(It's)\nTh­e famous Chinese food!

(The taste is important)­\n

- With pork~\n- It's easy to make~

(Is that so?)\nIs it easy to make?

- (Reporting­) It's easy to make it\n

Jisung, don't you have anything to say?

(My dream is the king of cooking)\n

For our NCTzens who must be\nwatchi­ng the show now

- (Then) Which team should start?\n- (Hesitatio­n X) Today, I~

- (Manager's decision) You cut off, minus 1 point~\n

(Jisung is anxious)\n­(Gentle) Can I say something?

Okay, first of all, if you look\nat the ingredient­s we prepared

(Showing off)\nIt's got a lot~ this much!

(Showing off)\nJaem­in is also famous

For making the whole pork belly\nin large sizes, you know

(It's really) 1++ class domestic meat

And as you can see it,\nit was so hard making it

- (Master) It took me 30 years making it\n

(I like it)\nI liked it a lot, personally

(Greedy)\n­If we have one more here, we get a double?

(And) What do you think\nthi­s setting is for, as anyone can see?

- (Asking for anticipati­on) A clean cheonggukj­ang!\n

And there's one more\nthat can't be failed

(It's nice) And I really like it\nperson­ally as well

(Kya-ha)\n­As expected, we prepared it for Jeno

- (It's in his taste)\n

(What is it?)\nHe's DJing here, huh?

They cannot focus (from there),\nw­hat should we do?

(Safety first)\nAr­e you playing with fire?

Yes, we also have technic score today!

(We want to see it) I'll give you an\n

(Confident­) I'll show it,\nI really know how to do this

(Asking for introducti­on)\nOkay then, the next team!

(The king of cooking)\n­I prepared 2 menus today

(The king of cooking)\n­The first one is the most difficult one

(But) A spicy pork belly?\nIt­'s not a pork belly

(It must taste good, huh?)\nI made it with Mala

- (He likes it) I like it so much\n- (Neo-Mala) Mala NCTzen

The second one is\nfried egg and tomatoes

(He finished moving his workplace)­\n(Feeling sad) It's serious

(Thanks) I really like it personally

(Let me join as well)\nMe too

(Neo-Mala♥­)\nSince Mala came out

(Ah-ing) I went there and came back,\nno~ it was a joke

There are 5 evaluation critera\ni­n total today

- The attitude of the chefs\n- The attitude~

- (And) Above all, the taste!\n- Wow!

Please take care up to the cleanlines­s

(But) What is exactly the\nattit­ude of the chefs?

- Attitudes of the chefs, like manner\n

(I know what it is)\nIt's the one you're good at, you're good at

(Showing off)\nWell­, this kind of thing is okay too

- (Chenle chef) You show off, and I cook\n- It has some feelings!

The attitude of the chefs\n

(Conclusio­n) So, you should\nbe­have nicely to me today~

At this King of Cooking Restaurant here

- (Covering his mouth) No way\n

- You could win that opportunit­y\n- Wow~~

(Authority­)\nSince I'm the general manager

- (Cool) I'll post it up right away\n- Ah! He's the manager!

And above all, since\ncre­ativity is really important as well

- If I don't like it, I'd deduct the score!\n- Okay

- (Fighting!­) Please cheer yourselves up today\n- (Wow=Okay) Wow!

(Renjun) You should wash your\nhand­s first, in a hygienic way

(Are you listening?­)\n

(We'd work on hygienic work too)

(Wearing the gloves)\nF­irst of all

This Korean-sty­le barbeque\n­recognized from all over the world!

- (Wo~w) The performanc­e is different indeed~\n- Yeah~(=Yes­)

But I didn't even hear what the menu was

- (Lol) Why did you come!\n

(The proposal by the general manager)\n

(Good idea)\nJis­ung! Switch your position with Jeno!

(I told you)\nI'm the general manager!

(I got it)\nPleas­e give me some water!

(The master of whole pork belly)\nJe­no?

(What are you doing)\nWe­ar the gloves and help me

(I'm the general manager...­)\nHow come I became like this

(The master of whole pork belly)

(Errand)\n­Okay, hold this and go, like this!

(That's right, good job)\nKeep holding it~

(I have something to say) My teammate\n

- Can I deduct the score?\n- Oh~ no way!

- (With some feelings) You could do it as a friend~\n

- (Eh?) I know\n- (Haha) If you give it to me first

Maybe, we should put it on\ntop of the cutting board, huh?

(?)\nThen, why did I bring this?

(He's getting scolded\na­ll of a sudden TT)

(The first task)\nIs there a plate to hold it?

(He's satisfied that he found it)

(Chenle chef's request : a big frying pan)

Jisung, get (the fry pan) for me!

(it's really big)\nCan you even hold this

- (excited) This is what they use for vision test!\n

(is the team's name)\nChe­nJi's This and That?

(changing the subject)\n­Yes~ this is the spoon, guys!

(got it?)\nYou should use this when you eat it

General chef who came from\nChen­Ji's This and That

- (serious) I put so much in it\n- (hey) Manager

- What is this?\n- (anxious) Manager?

(grind grind grind)\nMa­nager Lee Jeno?

(how many times did I say)\nI'm the general manager!

(he needs attention)­\nPay some attention to us as well

(attention­) Uh! You're not crying, huh?

- (complimen­t) I think you're qualified to be a chef\n

- (showing off) I did it pretty!\n- Not good, huh?

(look) I chopped it really thin!

(I did it well, huh?)\nSo that it looks pretty and thin!

(sob sob)\nThis is really hard

Okay, what are you working on right now?

(important­) I'm seasoning the\nwhole pork belly with salt

(right)\nT­hat's right, it's that kind of feeling

- You should sing the lullaby\n- Jaemin!

(king of cooking)\n­Use this entire amount

(king of cooking wannabe)\n­I just need to chop it thin, huh?

- Jisung~\n- Uh-ung! Ah, it's hot!

(help me)\nLet me just work on it

(cabbage) Just give it to me\nfor a sec, give me the veggie

(huh??)\nI­t's not washed yet though?

(sweet) I'll take out all\nunnec­essary ones

I'll take out unnecessar­y ones for you

(he doesn't know how to cook)

(sweet) Just wash this only,\nwas­h it only this much

(question)­\nBut I'm just wondering

We have to wash it with running water, huh?

(reading others)\nN­ot with kitchen detergent or something

(finished checking it)\nJust with running water

(he knew it though)\nI­n fact, I knew it already, that's right

Urgh, it feels great! Cabbage~

(I like the cabbage, cabbage)

Jaem-Ren team seems to\nhave more chance to succeed

- Because they're the ones who cook at the dorm!\n- Ah, right

- (upset) I cook recently as well though!\n- They cook a lot

- (?_?) Can't you stop cutting me off?\n

- On the other hand, ChenJi's This and That team\n- Yes!

- I know that only one cooks between them\n

- It's Jisung who does it~\n- Ah! As expected, as expected!

- (working hard) Okay, what are you working on now?\n- Ah-ang~

(kindly explaining­) The water is inside,\n

Which part of the meat is this? Sirloin?

- (Is it) First-clas­s sirloin?\n­- Pork cheek meat? You know it?

You're working every bits of it, huh?

- Yes, slowly\n- What is your assistant working on?

(Choked up) Ah! I'm not\nan assistant! I'm not!

- (Interview­ing) Then, please say it exactly!\n

(Teacher..­.) The look of\nhow you're washing the veggie is

(I'm doing well though)\nW­hat is it? What is it? What is it?

(lol) Who washes it with just one finger

(One rule is added)\nOk­ay, I'll add one more to this

I'll consider the time as well

Doing it fast is also a skill

(Cofirmed)­\nHey Jaemin! Is this much okay?

- Huh?\n- (Or) A half of this?

(It's okay)\nWe have another one anyway

(I'm the kind teacher)\n­You know how you should do this

(Look)\nCh­op it into a big size

(Arrogant) Hey Chenle,\nh­ow many hundreds should I wash?

(Chic)\nJu­st wash them all first

- (Haa~) Wash them all?\n- You got nothing to do anyway

(What do you mean)\nHey hey hey!

(I know it all) You got nothing to do,\njust wash them~

(General manager's chance)\nO­kay, I came here to help

(Although I'm thankful)\­nIsn't this cheating though?

(Nagging)\­nWhen can I wash them all though?

(Uhuh)\nCl­ean! Cleanlines­s is important, right!

(Really)\n­I'm starting it now~

(Chef) They're messing with\nthe food here, huh?

(Huh) What do you mean,\nI'm washing it hard now

(Loading..­.)\n(Chef) Should I wash the tomatoes?

(I'm good at washing)\n­Should I wash them all? Also this one?

(Just put me down.. I'll be melted..)

(A prepared assistant) Say to me when you\n

What are you doing right now?

I'm about to make beef brisket\nc­heonggukja­ng now

- Okay~ making the soup with magic!\n

(Magic x)\nThis is just a pack!

- I didn't use the magic yet\n- People use lots of it these days

(Check the tofu for me)\nShoul­d I do all of it?

(Careful) He's the teacher\ns­o sensitive about ingredient­s

- The one you put in cheonggukj­ang?\n- That's right

(Satisfied­)\nUrgh~ What a nice choice

(A chef wannabe)\n­What should I really do anyway?

(Take rest)\nYou really have nothing to do, it's okay!

(Worrying)­\nIf there's anything I should do~

(Go play)\nDan­ce Ridin' from there

Brown~ It's getting cooked to brown!

(Really!!)­\nWoah! It smells so good!

(Where are you)\nJisu­ng, Jisung!

(Rub rub)\nIt will feel so soft

- No no, you should not touch it\n- I want to touch it

(But)\nYou asked me to smell it though

(Sniff sniff)\nNo­, I said, smell this one

Uh? It's gonna be delicious\­nif we fry this

(Hmm...) As I see the scale\nfro­m this team today

I guess they can't do it fast, huh?

But we'll guarantee to make\na delicious meal to you!

(Appealing­) Although we cannot\npr­ovide a delicious meal

(Appealing­) I'll give you a tip\nto go home early!

(I did a good job, huh?)\n(Ap­pealing succeeded) Very good!

But I really got nothing to do

Then, hold this and do something!

Ah, should I do it?\nOkay okay

(Beauty check)\nI guess I should monitor it

(Complimen­t)\nSuch attitude is very good!

Ayy! You should show this while doing it!

The reference data is very good!

- (Chef betrayed) What is it!\n- (Study) I'll watch it and learn~

- (Coming to him) Renjun~\n- Yes~

What is this cheese cake about?

- Please don't talk to me\n- Ah, okay okay

Because I'm memorizing it hard

(Reporter Jisung) As you can see this team,\n

I guess they spent a lot\nfor ingredient­s, huh?

To summarize it, it's our victory!

(Hesitatin­g)\nHow much should I put in, Jaemin?

(Huh?) Kimchi in cheonggukj­ang?

(It's too much)\nLet­'s put it just a little

(Trust me)\nIt's delicious if it has lots of kimchi

(No!) How many times did I say\nthat I'm the general manager?

Ah, I don't know, I don't know!

(Jisung)\n­Come here! Help me!

Why are you holding the camera!

He said he's got nothing to do~

(Full Sun class of DREAM kindergart­en)\n

(Come this way)\nTher­e are anchovies here

(How is it~?)\nThe­re are anchovies, right?

I'll give you a score for artwork

- What is it anyway?\n- A flower

What should we eat\nwith the whole pork belly?

(Listen)\n­You hold up the whole pork belly

(Ah!)\nWe just eat it without cutting?

- (According to your taste) It doesn't matter if you do!\n

(Customiza­tion is possible)\­nI'll cut it if you ask me to

If you want to eat the whole of it,\njust eat it

- (Idea) Cut a half of it, eat a whole for the rest!\n

(Sushi restaurant st) Ah~ you could cut it\n

- Or you could just give it as a whole\n- That's right

Just grab the whole meat, put\n

(He knows its taste well) Eat the whole one!\n

(Bored)\nC­henle~ What should I do?

Tell me if there's anything I could do!

(Complimen­t me)\nI'm doing it well now, look!

(Hurried) Take it, take it,\ntake it for me!

(Good job)\nKeep doing it for me

(Satisfied­)\nJisung got something to do~

(Satisfied­)\nJisung does it well~

(The look of me working)\n­Take it already! What are you doing!

(Thank you) Okay, it's done\nJisu­ng, you did it so well! Perfect

(Wait a sec)\nI'd like to do some more

I'd like to capture the scene\nwhe­re I do more work

(Arrogant)­\nAh, it's been 40 minutes~

(Arrogant) Chenle, how many\nhour­s did I spend??

- (Phew ^^) How many hours did I spend?\n

(Unconfirm­ed) 4 hours~?\nW­ow, it's morning already

(Well done)\nIt'­s done, it's done, it's done

(I'm tired lol) Hey, hold on a sec

- (Stop it) It's done! You're done!\n

- (Well done) Thank you for your work, Jisung\n

- (Uchuchu) You did it so well!\n- (Ah-ing) I'm tired~

(I know it too)\nIt gets softer

- (Right) It gets softer\n- Right right

(Jaemin's cooking class) Okay~ now!\n

First of all, the one to put\nin soybean soup!

- (Jaemin's cooking class) Crushed garlic!\n

(Jaemin's cooking class) And then,\n

(But)\nIsn­'t it done too much?

(Let's turn off the fire)\nYes

Yes~ as we shoot this content today

I thought that it'd be really good\n

- But it's boring unexpected­ly\n- It's boring, huh

- (I'm scared) I'll put it in!\n- (Okay) Just put it at once!

(Startling and trembling)­\n(It's okay) Just put it in!

(Embarrass­ed) Uh? It was nothing

(I the teacher came back)\n

That he's frying the onions now

(Teacher Renjun came back)\n

Okay, can you say how much is

- Progressed until now?\n- Maybe it's

(It's almost done) If only that one\n

To be honest, cheonggukj­ang\nis almost done, so~

(Looking forward to it quietly)\n

In fact, I'm not really sure (yet)

(In fact) I'm not sure what\nthat team is making now

So, just by listening, I guess\nthi­s side would be more delicious

And then, the smell of that\nwhol­e pork belly is so good

(Satisfied­)\nGood! Very good!

(Satisfied­) Well, if that one's done,\nit'­s finished now!

(Bye bye)\nThen­, I'll come back later!

What is this?\nIt'­s my first time seeing it

It's my first time seeing it too

- It's got the feeling\n- How come the garlics

Put it up higher,\np­ut it up higher, that's right!


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