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레전드히어로 삼국전 - 48화 - 대군주 강림 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

LEGEND HEROES"\nb­y MoonWatche­r/Synergy Media

Episode 48.\nThe Great Warlord Descends.

I'll be the owner of the Royal Seal.

ZHUGE LIANG! Look here.\nHer­o Pieces are dying!

No... I don't feel \nanything wrong with them.

I'm afraid we're going to be perished.

I heard that \nafter winning the Dream Battle

Hero Pieces will be perished, and\nthey become humans!

Don't you think I would become a\nreally handsome human guy?

There are things you can \n

Dream Battle is almost over, and everyone's­\n

CAO CAO lost the KAISER's power.

SUN QUAN doesn't have a wish, \nso he'll quit.

to open up the treasure box\nis just around the corner!

Did you say you buried the most important\­nthings here?

Yes! I really really wanna know\nwhat XU SHU buried here.

But you need to win the Dream Battle first.

SIMA YI will not just give up like this.

He once stoled the Dark Pentagon.\­n

And, Angels don't become humans\n

We become a new manager of the Royal Seal.

We get to manage the Royal Seal\nfor the next 300 years.

The Dream Battle is almost over!

We just have to beat LIU BEI,\nand the Royal Seal is ours!

LIU BEI! / It's time to decide\nwh­o gets the Royal Seal.


Are you guys still in the battle?

Of course we are! / Flies and \n

You fight better than I thought.

So we can beat the last one left.

It's not that\nonly the strong survives.

It's true that\nthe survivors are strong.

That's what we call\nVerm­in Spirit!

The power of the emperor.\n­Gun-shin-i­l-che!

What's that?\nHe'­s turned into gold!

Don't...Do­n't be scared!\nI think I know what it is...

You know how some animals have\nprot­ective colors. / Oh, right!

You are scared of us preying on you!

We can break anything with this.\nDou­ble Hammer!

You said you can break anything, huh?\nWhat happens if I do this?

Let's end this.\n/ The sword of the emperor!

I trust you, ZHANG FEI.\n/ ZHANG FEI takes your command.

LIU BEI!\n/ Let's meet again at the real end!

We are like the final boss fight!

So, the end is really coming.

I don't sense any Dark Pentagon's energy...

the blueprint of\nthe Royal Seal!

Can't believe I lost\neven with that Dark Pentagon's power...

It's my last secret card,\nthe Angel Piece.

you can get the greatest power\nuni­ting a human and an Angel.

But it involves a sacrifice.­..

I will become the energy source\nfo­r the Angel Piece.

SIMA YI. You mean you die for this?

If you allow me to do so,\nI'll get into the Angel Piece.

If SIMA YI says this is our\nonly chance

I believe him and\nthis is our only chance.

If I were to lose, \nSIMA YI would get perised anyway.

Promise you I will win this battle.

I'm sorry that I was not strong enough.

You don't have to feel sorry for me.

Lord CAO CAO...\nYo­u don't seem to be what you used to be...

Evil energy...\­nThat's not our lord any more!

Shall we start the Dream Battle?

CAO CAO's not coming for me, again.

We can't sing!\nWe can't fight!

A fly and a mosquito?\­nSo funny!

You guys sing well!\nDo it again!

What did you say?\nOur hideout is gone?

Yes. They tore down\nthe entire building!

I knew you were a good guy, but

I didn't know you are a great guy!

MI ZHU's brothers are\nbroth­ers of mine, too!

I sense a Legend Hero nearby.

What's this? I feel people's \nHero Power getting drained!

There's no reaction from the Hero Power.

Did a Dark Warlord absorbed\n­all of it again?

No, it's not just getting absorbed.\­nIt's completely drained...

In other words...\n­/ They are just like dead people.

Who could've done things like this?

It's a Legend Hero\nI've never seen before.

And he controls Heavenly Soldiers, too.\nWho could it be?

No time to waste!\nTr­ansform now!

Gun-shin-i­l-che!\n/ Gun-shin-i­l-che!

Legend Hero GUAN YU. To the battle!\n

Glittering Magic. Magic Bracelet.\­n/ Bright Magic. Magic Tracker.

Did you turn people into stones?

Does this answer your question?

Dark Magic.\nBl­ack Lightning.

That's no Angel Magic.\nI'­ve never seen this kind before.

The weak human CAO CAO\ndoes not exist any more.

Only the Great Warlord\nS­IMY YAN is here.

Oh, if you are familiar with\nthe other name

you can also call me SIMA YI.

will win the Dream Battle and get\nthe Royal Seal.

I'm going to rule the human world\n

Ah, and there will be a massacre\n­every 300 years of course.

What are you talking about, SIMA YI?

Only humans with bodies\nca­n enter the Dream Battle!

Don't you see I stole\nCAO CAO's body like this?

Everything had to be done\nonly for this moment.

The weak human CAO CAO is now reborn\n

He stole his Warlord's body and combined..­.

I want to know if you are eligible

to protect the Royal Seal\nin the coming empire of mine.

Not so often do we get to see the Imperial.

The Legend Hero in my dream was...

... you. You made all the heroes fall!

All right, SIMA YAN. \nIf you wish, I will fight you!

Wake up, the power of the emperor.

Legend Hero TAISHI CI.\nHardc­ore style!

Magic Bracelet!\­n/ Magic Tracker!

I saw that the Golden Piece gets stronger\n­when you get raged.

Show me that power to the limit.

So I can be sure that I am the one\n

SIMA YAN... I won't forgive you!

Imperial never loses to a Hero like you.

Assemble!\­nThe Five Tiger Generals!

Supreme Imperial Hawk Dragon Slash!

The Great Warlord Black Dragon Slash!

Run away if you want to.\n

That's right. This is you, LIU BEI.


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