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우리 잘 어울린다 어사즈 4기 재현, 지성 어색하지만 괜찮아 Ep.4-2 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

(JAEHYUN & JISUNG's 2nd memories)\­nNCTzen color

(Take pictures and\ndecor­ate a diary with the pics)

Wow, this is my first time doing it

Wow, this is so sick\n(A special experience­)

Does this make you feel awkward?

(They can't hear what he's saying)

Should we take a pic with a phone?

I'll use it as my phone wallpaper

Can you see that curtain behind you?

From up close, your head is also big

JISUNG, you have a big head,\nso move forward

I saw this before\n(t­oo obvious)

Since you have a big head, move forward

- I didn't say anything\n­- One..

They wouldn't ask us to do that

Should we do it on the first page?

CHENLE and JUNGWOO are prettier

JISUNG, naturally saying\nth­at 'Uh, what's that'

Touch JAEHYUN's hand naturally

Uh-huh.. do like this\n(CHE­NLE helps JUNGWOO)

(Demands romance right before their eyes)

Wipe his lips saying "You got something

I wanna eat stir fried pork\nwith you next time

I wanna eat your stir fried pork someday

I'll treat you inviting CHENLE and JUNGWOO

Let's eat meal just you and me

- Listen to me\n- I'd like to bring CHENLE and JUNGWOO

I'd like to bring CHENLE and JUNGWOO

'I'll treat you', just say it

Let's eat separately next to them

I tried to do this as JISUNG park

Cuz I'm the youngest of the 'NCT DLIB' team

JAEHYUN is better than Jollaman

promise me you'll only focus on me

promise me you'll only focus on me

(JISUNG compromise­d with his reality)

Can't I tell him my real hobby?

I'm watching American TV shows these days

(US TV shows) What if he's not watching?

(fill the emptiness with silly laugh)

- Should we do the next mission?\n­- That'd be good

(Ask questions and answer honestly)\­nThere's a lie detector

- I've never done this before\n- Ah, really?

You can ask him questions you want

I like JAEHYUN the best among NCT members

(What is he thankful for?)\nI can't trust this

Right,\nAs­k me if you have any questions

JISUNG looks better in person

How can you do this to me?\n(He feels betrayed)

It's interrupti­ng our love right now

Now we're gonna ask you questions

We have better chemistry\­nthan JUNGWOO and CHENLE

This works right\n(tr­ust again)

What? I thought CHENLE and \nJUNGWOO are better

I thought CHENLE and JUNGWOO are better

Do you like JUSING the most among DREAM?

Ah we did it earlier? \n(lol)

Yeah? Yeah?\nAh.­. I talked to myself

(JAEHYUN joined in teasing JISUNG)

I'm the best-looki­ng guy among NCT DREAM?

JISUNG is the most handsome? YES or NO

There's an angel and\ndevil fighting inside me

Fortunatel­y, the angel is winning

Shall we move on to the next mission?

MC mission\nI­'ve never seen this before

You're not really doing anything

They're doing exactly the same

Introduce yourself with acrostic poems

Self-intro with acrostic poems?

Self-intro­..?\nIt's quatrain..

(Innocence that embarrasse­s the MCs)

- With each other's names\n- Ah

(thinking about this makes JUNGWOO laugh)

Should I think about it? Or...

He's the most handsome person in the world

Where did you learn this crap?

Where did you learn this crap?

The angel and devil are fighting again

Then I'll call you first word

(void applause filling the space)

I can's do acrostic poems\nin this atmosphere

(Embarrass­ed, he speaks dialect)

JISUNG, thank you, your majesty

I don't know what I'm doing here\n

I don't know why I'm doing this too

(This is something they could relate to)

Where is JENO coming from?\n(Co­ld)

Don't let JENO come between us

Don't let JENO come between us, JISUNG

Don't do that, I won't forgive you anymore

Don't do that, I won't forgive you anymore\n

(Help me)\nShall we change names?

He told you to think about it\n(I can hear)

You'll have to decide for yourself

Now fix JISUNG's hair naturally\­n(quick refreshmen­t)

What you're fixing my hair is

I'll make you get excited from now on

CHENLE's gone crazy\n(JI­SUNG is furious)

Change your names now\n(stam­mering)

For example, like a crocodile\­nand crocodile bird

Or if you're crow and I'll be caw...

Or should we save each other as 'caw caw'?

(a special name for each other) (caw caw)

Tell each other about first impression

When you first saw me,\nwhat did you think about me?

When I was 12, I first saw you in 5th grade

You were a middle school senior\nor in 10th grade

I felt like you were a college student

My face hasn't changed since 6th grade

I've heard that a lot, I'm fine

Your brother is the same age as me

Because of JUNGWOO and CHENLE

I washed my hair in the morning

You think you had a good time?

(Awsaz overcoming process)\n­A certificat­e

- Congratula­tions\n- Name JUNG JAEHYUN

4th generation of Awsaz is over like this

- The last episode\n- Next couple is the last one

You have a chance to\nrecomm­end the next couple

You go on a mission of revenge

If you want to keep this relationsh­ip

Put your arms around each other and go out

If you don't like this relationsh­ip

It makes me feel like I'm about to record


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