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萌妻食神 第1季Cinderella Chef S1 EP03 Eng Sub 种丹妮徐志贤穿越时空秀恩爱 百纳热播剧场 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

I can use dietary alkali instead

Wow, it﹑s bubbling. Is there any poison in it?

It is acid-base neutraliza­tion reaction!

I can tell that you didn﹑t pay attention in your chemistry

But be married to a guy from Black Wind

It turns out that you are planning to kill yourself

What is in your mind every day?

If you are not going to kill yourself, what﹑s your plan?

Are the Big Brother and Two in Black Wind single dogs?

Please don﹑t call the Big brother dogs!

A single dog means he does not have a wife

Since there is no first lady in Black Wind

Does that makes me the most powerful woman here?

The reason that I am married to Sha Chunyu

Anyway, I have a free tour in Ancient China

And I have a handsome husband

I can eat whatever that I want, and I do anything that I like

Please give me a reason to kill myself

I cannot understand what you are talking about

Oh my gosh, there are fleas in my throat

The flea water was scary at first

You cannot call it is flea water

We can call it Black Wind Magic Drink

If you have Black Wind Magic Drink, your life will become easy and

Black Wind Magic Drink, easy and good

He does not trust you my lord

Since you are no lord\n

The good thing is that you become Three, the third boss in Black

You either refuse me to come to Black Wind\n

Are you worring that brothers in Black Wind will disobey you?

But since you are Ye Binghuai﹑s son-in-law

You have the government background

That makes you more powerful than anyone here

Does Bai Chongye worry that you are sent by Ye Binghuai?

Since you are married to Ye Jinxuan

You became Ye Binghuai﹑s enemy

Can I choose not to marry her?

If you have married me earlier

you don﹑t have to worry about it now

It is her luck to be your wife

It is going to snow, can we have a drink together?

This cup will remind you of me

I still cannot believe that I﹑m married

Ye Jiayao, Cheer up\n

the most important thing in one﹑s life is to be happy

At least Xia Chunyu is handsome

Just consider this as a vacation in ancient China

I never expect that we are going to be a couple

We are not married out of love

I will sleep in the study room from now on

Why don﹑t we do something interestin­g

Something people in love would play

Song Seven should do his job better

And Seven didn﹑t send you his invitation

﹒It is going to snow, can we have a drink together?‧

If seeing him gives you heartbreak­, then it﹑s better not to see

There is no need to bring it up again

Whether you want to bring it up or not

are so obsessed with their manhood

Now you already have the ring

You no longer have to put on a happy face

The Madame Ye is not your biological mother

I presume the reason why you cherish this ring so much

is because you inherited it from your real mother

If you want to think that way, that﹑s fine

Donkey! You don﹑t have to go to the study room

that you can﹑t control yourself

Which side of the bed do you want to sleep on

They took my money and my clothes

we often drink together in snow

And he loves to drink the palm liquor which I warm for him

It is such a privilege to meet him

there is no reason to feel sad now

But now you have to watch him marrying someone else

He is the star shining in the sky

he is only a commoner like all of us

But you said he is a star in the sky

You must be a Virgo since you are so fussy

Do you know that I am a Taurus

Can you stop calling me donkey?

Can you lower your voice? It﹑s midnight!

No wonder Song Seven said you are mental

But this experience is quite mind-blowi­ng

Other people travel to the past and be concubines in the palace

Who thought I would become the wife of a bandit

this ring will trigger the Last Mimzy in High dimensiona­l space

I can go back to the modern society

Junior Shen, what﹑s the date today

A few days later, it will be the birthday of Big brother

I am having this free trip to ancient China for one month

and there is also a handsome husband

Until the sun falls from the sky,and the heavens burn in

do you remember your girl Xia Yuhe beside the Daming lake that

Until the sea is dry, the rock turns into dust

the sun falls from the sky,and the heavens burn in conflagrat­ion

We shall always be hand to hand

Until the sea is dry, the rock turns into dust

the sun falls from the sky,and the heavens burn in conflagrat­ion

We shall always be hand to hand

Hand to hand, hand to hand, hand to hand

Brothers you all train hard. Come here and drink some tea

10 doits for each cup. Give me the money

It is my first time to see girls

The one looks like a butterfly is Sunsun

She is the elder sister of Four Ma Chenglong

They one with money is named Shengsheng

She is the younger sister of Five He Zhongbao

How could you call her stingy

She is just good at financial management

Bad-mouth girls behind their back

Is it because you tried to pursue them

Come on. I am say this only to remind you

You just arrived here and you are married

They need to pay us for the tea

How could you get married by being so singy

You are the person who can﹑t get married

I think you are too desperate about getting married

Then you would realize no man will be attracted by you

At least, I already saved 3 hundred taels

3 hundred taels? So What? Better than you!

You really thought the makeup on your face

So what! I am going to kick your ass

Stupid Songsong! How could you hit me

Stop fighting! Stop fighting! Stop fighting

It is not worthy to fight each other for man

You are the only two girls in Black Wind

You don﹑t have to worry about man

No need to fight each other

I saw a group of soldiers training

Come here. You are absolutely correct

The barrette on your hair is so beautiful

What did you use to wash your hair?

That﹑s what you got Lady Ye?

Let me tell you. You are in Black Wind

Don﹑t pretend you are still a lady from a noble family

You are only married to someone new here

侷哈油�蜊惴鮑��炬­�\nAren﹑t you afraid that I tell this to Big Brother

Shengsheng­, what have I done

Nothing. Does anyone see what she has done

Does anyone see what she has done

You really think I am a useless stupid girl

who don﹑t know how to play with them?

Look at your clothes. It﹑s so hideous

Grandma. Are you going to do anything radical?

What﹑s the matter with your hair

And I don﹑t have hair conditione­r

What﹑s the matter with your dress

I had some strolling in Black Wind

Do you know how many men already became my fans

Are you still a lady from the house of Ye

You need to change your clothes immediatel­y

You want me to change my clothes

Do you want me to undress in front of you?

Don﹑t speak what is contrary to propriety

Are you trying to do something inappropri­ate?

Fine, I don﹑t want to talk to you

He said I am as cute as this rabbit

Can be a good choice for meal

I never feel jealous in my life

I﹑ll cook Vinegar Cucumber for you tomorrow

Otherwise your rabbit will be my food

I don﹑t want to sleep on the same bed with you today

Only if you don﹑t mind the smell

I found out one suspicious thing

I heard that Xia Chunyu slept in the study room in his wedding

Was he afraid of Ye Binghuai?

Or he wanted to do something furtively?

Love to eat radish and vegetable

Always bounce back and forth

Where are you? Where are you?

Or to limit my rights to wear my own clothes

It﹑s fine for you to keep this rabbit

He can do nothing but stay in the cage

If you want to wear your own clothes

People will see my beautiful legs‥Don﹑t do this

You are becoming frank after a few nights in the study room

So can I come back for sleep?

This is the best moment in my life

Do you have two personalit­ies?

In fact, I feel uncomforta­ble today

Do you think you can do whatever you want to me?

You little bastard, you little bastard

Well, as for you to move back

It can﹑t be decided in a hurry

No way, which means you should leave

Madam Jiang! stop chasing me!

Please stop running, madam Jiang!

You are all bad people, let me go

Don﹑t touch my child! Don﹑t touch my child!

Listen carefully, My husband is

The third master in the Black Wind﹑s Fortress

Don﹑t touch my child! Don﹑t touch me!

Madam, what do you want to do?

You are a bad man! I﹑ll kill you

The men walked her out the fortress were bastards

They assaulted her even she was pregant

She lost her reputation­, her husband

I came across her down the mountain

She reacted like this at the time I met her

I﹑ll kill them for a thousand time

If anything happen to her, you﹑ll be the one to blame

My life should be taken by brother three

Big brother, you really want this?

It is me who killed brother three, the old one

Are you going to let Xia Chunyu become our new brother?

I thought you were scaring him

And testing his relationsh­ip with Ye Binghuai

If he is on Ye Binghuai﹑s side

He still can﹑t be our new brother

That kid likes to be in the Yong Cui Pavilion

He can replace the position of brother nine

He can be a boss in his place!

Big brother, you can﹑t do that

If he sits in the high position

You know my loyalty big brother

I just thought that kid is not as capable

Because the Black Wind﹑s Fortress

Smear the blood as a sign of the oath

We shall never betray each other

The drink will witness our brotherhoo­d

You are right, you are my man

To be in perfect sympathy with each other

The brotherhoo­d will witness

As witness by the god and the land

There is no more distinctio­n between you and me

We﹑d not ask to have been born on the same day

But only that we should die together on the same day

Today he is our new brother in the Black Wind﹑s Fortress

He shall be taken on scourge and die for a thousand time

He shall be taken on scourge and die for a thousand time

May be there is a female rabbit around

Even the rabbit knows to find his wife

But he just doesn﹑t care about me

If there is anything you can﹑t tolerant with

I shouldn﹑t lower myself to his level

Hope you like this turtle soup

You stay up late for reading

You are so considerat­e my love


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