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Empresses in the Palace—the Legend of Zhen Huan\n

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Perturbed by the thoughts on my mind\n

I could give away my crown for the beauty by my side

but the wheel of fortune turns weals into woes, \n

No one is the master of their own destiny,\n

For all the lovers in the world, \n

I could give away my crown for the beauty by my side

but the wheel of fortune turns weals into woes, \n

No one is the master of their own destiny,\n

For all the lovers in the world, \n

Who can break the spell of romance?

In the year 1722,\n

General Nian Gengyao and General Long Keduo \n

Emperor Yongzheng, 45, was the Fourth Prince named Yin Zhen.

He held the two generals in high esteem,\n

By the Grace of Heaven, His Majesty awards Long Keduo the

(Long Keduo)\n

Long Keduo is appointed as Minister of Personnel,­\n

His Majesty awards Nian Gengyao the Second-Ord­er Honor.

He will be in charge of military affairs

(Zhen Yuandao)\n­He will be in charge of military affairs

(Guaerjia Emin)\nand the appointmen­t of frontier officials.

(whisperin­g) His Majesty does think highly of General Nian.

We are grateful for your exceptiona­l contributi­on to our country.

Congratula­tions, General Nian!\n

Sir, you certainly are His Majesty's right-hand man.

His Majesty is concerned with your arm injury.

He instructed me to send you the\n

I HUMBLY thank His Majesty for the heavenly grace.

May I ask how my sister is doing in the palace?

No one is comparable with your sister, Consort Fleur.\n

(sneer) Thanks for taking care of her.

Hall of Mental Cultivatio­n\n[the Emperor's residence]

Your Majesty, an official from Attendance Services is here.

Your Majesty has not been visiting\n

Her Majesty the Empress Dowager\ni­s going to blame my negligence­.

She'll just blame you for talking too much.

Her Majesty the Empress Dowager is here.

The Imperial Kitchen made me sweet mung bean soup with lily

I brought you some, figuring you must be awake.

General Long got the pickles for Her Majesty from the south.

It is more refreshing than what we have here in Beijing.

Don't be upset. We'll get used to it.

It's been over 6 months since his coronation­.\n

(sigh) I understand your frustratio­n of displeasin­g \n

(gasp) Thank you for your understand­ing.

I would be most grateful if \nyou could often remind His Majesty

that his concubines miss him like desserts miss the rain

I would like to oblige, but His Majesty has been so busy lately\n

I had no chance to mention the concubines­.

Mother, if you are bothered by the heat, \n

My aging body is not as sensitive to the heat.

You should care more about your health.\n

Did you take some time to look into \n

I did. He was coming along with his calligraph­y, \n

(sigh) Your three sons cannot compare to \n

I understand your concern. \nI am not as blessed as Father.

It's not your fault. He had more children because he had more

Your harem is almost empty. The Empress, Consort Honnête,\n

It is the Imperial Family's priority to have children in plenty,\n

That is why we have a Concubine Selection every three years.

(chuckle) I am too old to arrange for you. The Imperial Household

I will just happily wait for more grandchild­ren.

I will let Consort Fleur take charge of the Selection, \n

Consort Fleur is more than just a pretty face.

You have loved her exclusivel­y for years, and now it's better\n

But there's something I'd like to change.

It is costly to do it every three years.

I see Han people [the dominant ethnic group] as family to us

I'd like more concubines from the Han Banners. \n

I'm glad you are having new concubines­.

But do not make the old ones feel neglected.

You should often visit them no matter how much work you have.

Especially the Empress, she is the pillar of your harem.

Palace of Great Benevolenc­e [the Empress’ palace]

Thanks for coming at this time.\n

(The Empress)\n

I was just wondering if everything is ready\n

(Consort Fleur, Nian Shilan)\n

(Consort Fleur, Nian Shilan)\n

His Majesty is on a tight budget to select concubines­.

But I must not make him lose face.

Who could understand the difficulty of my job?

(sigh) I must thank you for your hard work.

I hope you will like the new pastries I ordered for you.

Spring.\n[­Another maid of the Empress]

(slight sigh) Or would you like a recommenda­tion?

Autumn, bring forward the peony rolls.

Song Zhi.\n [Consort Fleur's maid]

I am terribly sorry, Your Majesty.

It is not your first day in the Palace.

You must beg for Her Majesty's forgivenes­s.

I do beg your pardon, Your Majesty.

I did expect more from you as my dowry maid.

If Her Majesty does not forgive you, I shall not let you off

Thank you for your magnanimit­y to my clumsy maid.

She will be better trained next time.

A dowry maid is different from the other servants.

Song Zhi must be inexperien­ced with menial jobs.

There is no need to be mad at her, is there?

Fuzi was recently sent to my palace by the Household Department­.

She's a competent maid. I'll let you have her.

Song Zhi is good enough, and my palace is well staffed.

Your palace is staffed with the best servants.

I hope Fuzi will have the chance to learn from them.

She can also do menial jobs for Song Zhi.

I hope everything is fine with the Selection.

His Majesty does need new concubines for the family.

Stay out of Her Highness's sight.

Dear Buddha, although I am unable to choose my own husband

I wish to marry the best man in this world.

I hope we will end up old and gray together.

I wish not to be selected as a concubine.

(Zhen Huan)\nI wish not to be selected as a concubine.

This is a wish fulfilling temple.

My Lady, your wish will come true.

My Lady, every other girl is wishing to be selected while you want

The Buddha will always remember you.

Shh! A wish will not come true if you tell it.

(Wen Shichu)\n[­an imperial doctor]

Mr. Wen has been strange lately.

Imperial doctors cannot pay home visits without the Emperor's

But he's been a frequenter of our residence.

I'll ask Mr. Wen for a prescripti­on for gossiping.

Hi, Huan'er [Huan->Hua­n'er like Max -> Maxie].\n

I knew you were worried about the Final Selection lately.

I did my best, and Buddha will do the rest.

Huan'er, this heirloom jade teapot is a symbol of pure love.

My father would like me to give it to my future ...

I have always wanted to marry you.

You don't have to attend the Selection if you're married.

The prior emperors demanded that qualified girls for\n

Thank you for trying to help, but the jade teapot is too valuable

Huan'er, I know I am just an undistingu­ished doctor.

But I promise to love and cherish you all my life.

I will put you before anything else.

I am satisfied just to see you whenever I pay visits to your

But you were unexpected­ly selected, and you are not willing ...

Shichu, I'm sorry that I do not feel the same about you.

I always see you as my elder brother.

And you treated me like your own sister.

I believe you will marry the girl you really love.

I'm sorry for the sudden proposal.

But I really wanted to spare you from being selected.

Not only for my feelings about you

but also for my gratitude to your father,\n

(whisper: why is it taking so long?)\n

It was our pleasure to help. Think nothing of it.

My father was incriminat­ed because of the rivalries in the harem.

Even an imperial doctor can fall victim to the\n

But even if I avoid the Selection,­\n

My parents only have two daughters,­\n

Let me look at you, Meizhuang.­\nWalk around.

My Lady, Miss Shen walks with grace.

His Majesty will like her slender waist.

May peace and grace be with Your Majesty.

What if His Majesty asks about your education?

I learned Poetry, Confuciani­sm, and History.

His Majesty is selecting concubines to have children with.

The lack of talent is the virtue in a woman.

(the hall for the final Selection)

(Huang Guiquan)\n­Consort Fleur sent me to inspect your work

as the Final Selection will be held here in ten days.

The hall must be presented in pristine condition.

Otherwise, you would offend Her Highness

It's been over ten days since His Majesty came for dinner.

Consort Fleur has sent someone to wait for His Majesty.

He is likely to have dinner with her tonight.

Your Majesty should eat if you are hungry.

It's almost the day for the Final Selection.

I am certain His Majesty will come today.

Your Majesty, Nian Gengyao is a successful general

but a success is easier made than kept.

Do you view his new-found fame with caution?

Only Your Majesty can be the judge.

Mr. Zhou from Consort Fleur's palace is waiting for you outside.

Her Highness wishes to have dinner with you.

His Majesty is leaving for Palace of Great Benevolenc­e.

Your Highness, the food is cold.

(Palace of Earthly Honor)\nNo­t until His Majesty arrives.

Your Highness, His Majesty is going to eat at Palace of Great

Please don't be upset, Your Highness.

She deserves a meal with His Majesty.

I just thought that they only eat together on the 15th of each

(slight sigh) You are the Empress

you should let the servants cook.

I am your empress and your wife.

It is a pleasure to cook for you.

Your Majesty, our ancestors believed that a third helping is

If you are going to have the third serving

I'm afraid the soup will not be made again in a while.

Healthy eating requires balance and self-restr­aint.

That not only holds true for food, but also for people.

Is that what you wish to tell me?

Your Majesty likes eggplant. Have some more.\n

Eat in silence, sleep in quietness.­"\n

No, thank you. I need to go check out Consort Fleur.

You shouldn't be waiting outside.

I don't remember seeing you before.

Your Majesty, the Empress sent me to work here today.

I remember you were her age when you married me.

Your Majesty sure has a good memory.

Please line up according to your Banners.

when you meet His Majesty and Her Majesty the Empress Dowager

try to relax and show good manners.\n

Those who are not selected will be bestowed a flower to return

If you are selected, you might be arranged to marry a prince.

The luckiest ones will be the new concubines of His Majesty.

New concubines will officially move into the palace after their

I wish everyone the best of luck.

Your year-long effort would have been wasted were you late.

(An Lingrong)\­n

I will always remember your kindness!

[Why am I so pretty? I don't wanna be here.]

I've always wanted to congratula­te you on passing the previous

It was all right. I am well-reste­d after a few days.

I missed the time we were neighbors when you were living with your

Now it's difficult for me to visit you at your parents' house.

I always remember the good times we had growing up together.

Are you keeping a low profile today?

But how could anyone not notice your gorgeous face?

No, you are the belle of the ball.

You dressed up so nicely. How can His Majesty take his eyes off

Everyone here is very competitiv­e.

We must be careful about what we say.

Xia Ruhua, daughter of the Mayor of Jiaxing City, is not

Fu Hua, daughter of the Deputy Minister\n

Cao Xiangyu, sister of the\n

Lin Qingyun, daughter of the Assistant General\n

How dare you pour the tea on my dress!

How impetuousl­y loud in the imperial palace!

Are you too embarrasse­d to even say his position?

He is the Assistant Magistrate of Songyang Village.

An unknown family from a nameless place\n

Did you know this is Miss Xia,\ndaug­hter of Brigadier Xia?

I was nervously walking in the palace,\n

I do beg your pardon for my inadverten­ce.

His Majesty will not select you regardless­.

What is there to be nervous about?

It is your undeserved privilege to meet His Majesty in the

What else can you reasonably expect?

If you are upset about your dress, I will make a compensati­on.

And the design has been out of style for 2 years.

My dress was made of a Suzhou embroider.­\n

Are you compensati­ng me with your rusted silver hairpins?

Or your tacky gold-plate­d bracelets?

It is entirely my fault. How can I make it up to you?

I can forgive you if you kneel down and bow to me.

Leave them be. You should not add fuel to the fire.

Miss Xia is much more likely to be selected.

It's not worthwhile being angry over a dress.

I am Zhen Huan, daughter of the Deputy Minister of Judicial

A deputy minister? Not a high position.

It's not about the position. It's about being reasonable­.

Do you think you can tell me what to do\n

I do not. I am simply thinking for you.

We do not want to disturb His Majesty with the accident over your

We would not be able to justify ourselves\­n

Besides, your reputation would be tarnished by this.

Please think twice before you punish Lingrong.

Everyone will remember you for your beauty.

Thank you so much for your help.

I will never forget your benevolenc­e.

Miss Xia is spiteful in nature.\nD­o you worry about that?

No, I do not. Let her worry about it.

It was very reckless of you to speak out.

A girl is judged by the way she dresses.

Not everyone is able to appreciate the elegant simplicity of your

I'd like you to have the earrings as a gift.

Thank you for your generosity­.

But I may be too humble to repay it.

Where you come from does not determine what you can become.

(His Majesty summons An Lingrong and five other girls)

Good luck.\n

An Lingrong, 16, the daughter of the \n

May peace and grace be with Your Majesty.

Thank you, I bid Your Majesty farewell.\­n

Everyone else was displeased with the offer of a flower.

But you expressed your gratitude.

I feel most privileged to have a chance to meet Your Majesty in

I like the wild apple flower on your hair.

Mother, let's not give her the flower when she has one.

An Lingrong is selected. Bestow the sachet.

(quiet sob) Dad and mom, I was selected!

I did not let you down! I made it!

Your priority is children, not perfection­.

Xia Dongchun, 18, daughter of Brigadier Summer.

Her name is interestin­g. She's selected.\­n

Shen Meizhuang, 17, daughter of the Governor of Jizhou Province.

May peace and grace be with Your Majesty.\n

I studied Rules For Women and Advice For Women.

They are good books for women.

Did you have a chance to study Confuciani­sm?

Regretfull­y, I did not. [lying]

Girls are expected to spend most of their time on needlework­.

I'm impressed that you are literate.

Zhen Huan, 17, daughter of\n

Zhen Huan, 17, daughter of\n

May peace and grace be with Your Majesty.\n­My name is Zhen Huan.

Zhen Huan ... what is the character for Huan?

As in “The slender beauties in King Chu's palace”.

You are educated, I appreciate that.

I wonder if you are a slender beauty.\n Raise your head.

Theme: The Lonely Phoenix\n[­phoenix is the symbol of an empress]

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I dimly recall the colorful blooms in every summer.\n

He loved me with a volatile heart.\n

Behind me was the promises and longing.\n

I loved you with my body and soul\n

My wish ran athwart\na­nd I ended up a fool of my destiny.

My love was the wind-swept flowers from a tree.

A plum bloomed in winter hoping for a fruitful summer.\n

You can hear the flapping of a phoenix\n

What you see is the falling leaves from the phoenix tree.

The falling leaves from the phoenix tree.


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