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Yaoguai Mingdan Ep.8 (English Subtitles) with English subtitles   Complain

Wake up

Packing up my bags

Farewell, to my witless life

Starting, new adventures

Travelling afar


Keep my thoughts inside

I'll aim, for my dreams and goals

Always, I'll never doubt them

When the day comes, they will bloom

Strangers all walk along the busy city streets

Only you, can tell me

No one else, will suffice

Even in this whole and wide world

Can push me

You are the light, that shines ahead, path of my dreams

Gives me strength to fight on

On my path, regardless of the pain and sweat

When you're with me, my heart will not waver

The comforting light, it shines on me, fills me with hope

Relieves me of my pain

In the end, I'll never be in paradise

If you're with me, then it'll be, just as good

If you're going to stalk me, then at least hide behind the newspaper

So that's how it is, pardon me

It's too late now...

What's your relationship with that girl?

No! It's nothing! let me explain!

Calm down!

She's strong

[The First Snow Freezes The Morning Dew]

[As Night Skies Shower With Frost!]

These tricks of yours are too naive

(woah, the two legs of his love triangle are facing off)

Calm down!

I give up, she isn't your enemy

Fengxi, let's return to our dorms


This is really awkward...

Not bad, she can defeat an elephant all on her own

She must have developed a new ability

New ability?

With her current preserverance, she'll soon catch up to you

Perseverance? Catch up? I'd like to see her try

Her perseverance is outstanding

Morning is the time to think about the meaning of life

For breakfast, should I buy the one dollar meat buns, or the sixty cent plain buns?

For you, Fengxi student

Want a drumstick?

This cafeteria food is disgusting

We should've ordered take-out instead

Fengxi, is this why you always eat plain noodles?

I guess...

Fengxi student, do you want a drumstick?

I'm leaving, you guys enjoy your meal

My stomach...

Fengxi student, you must be hungry, do you want a drumstick?

(Now we'll talk about the history of anime, turn to page 38)

Fengxi student, do you want a drumstick?


[Internet Cafe]

I'm hungry, where do you want to go eat?

You guys can go, I'll pass

You're skipping diner? Are you meditating?

It's fine, call it rationing

What do you guys want?

Fried rice, fried noodles

Give me a drumstick

She should be gone now

[Fengxi, have you made up your mind?]

[Do you want a drumstick?]

Dahm it, fuck, she's onto us, crap!, no!!!


There's math homework due, did any of you do it?

Fengxi student, you've returned

I've had enougth!

Our enemy appears before us!

This is todays homework, I've done it for you

This... she's an angel

My hand's moving on its own

Fengxi, you bastard

I have copies for your friends as well

Wow, really?

This is all handwritten

She did this all for us!

She's our goddess!

Fengxi is a good man but I'm better than him

How about you do it with me?

I know all the positions

I want a blowup doll that looks exactly like you

Those dimwits...

From that day on,

Guoshuang invaded my life like a plague

Posing as a transfer student she became our class rep

She appears spontaneously and attracts a lot of attention

She constantly puts me at unease

It's like she wants me to pity her, but I'm the one that should be pitied

It just dosn't feel right


Sorry to your mom

How dare you interfere with the leader of the mighty square dancing entourage

You kinda look like my ex, now let us take advantage of you

Wow, you've captured the heart of the leader!

Stay away, I'll scream

There's no use, this turf in under my control

If you come with us, I'll make you our square dancing executive

It's an honourable position

Come my child

No! Help!!!

Our leader is most charming

Hurry and give in

You don't want to lose anymore face



Fengxi student, are you unharmed?

I'm fine

It's you again

You've got guts you little skank

You dare steal my man

She's strong

I can't let my guard down

This little bitch

I'll teach you a lesson

My speaker! It holds all of my special square dancing music

Lets go

Yes ma'am

I'll see you tomorrow, Fengxi student


I need to talk to you

Your a good person and I'm thankful to you

So sorry, but please stop...


I will always support you

I will always be by your side

Even though you cannot accept me, and I cannot please you

But I will not give up


This is difficult

Guoshuang, I've arrived

You don't have to take master's task too seriously

I understand what he wants

The Yangyan is the embodiment of Yang

His sperm is powerful

If I "mind and body" with him, I can determine if he's the real deal

It's the fastest way to complete my task

No, you don't actually have to take what master said seriously

Rest assured, I will definitely complete my task

Never stop my path, journey of my dreams

Solemly it ends, from the point it starts

Bit by bit I work, bit by bit I grow

My tears are left behind, they're signs of my struggle throughout

Open up, wings of my dreams

Looking for all the strength that's inside me

Singing loud, in front of the rain

Floating free, with the blowing winds

Never stop my path, journey of my dreams

Stide towards my goal, the final resting place

Bit by bit I work, bit by bit I grow

My tears are left behind, they're signs of my struggles throughout

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