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Yaoguai Mingdan Ep.7 (English Subtitles) with English subtitles  

Master, I've completed your task

Good, we'll debrief later

Did you see the battle that happened?

I saw it

Very good

Now go work on your next task

Wake up

Packing up my bags

Farewell, to my witless life

Starting, new adventures

Travelling afar


Close my doors and blinds

I'll aim, for my dreams and goals

Always, I'll never doubt them

When the day comes, they will bloom

Strangers all walk along the busy city streets

Only you, can tell me

No one else, will suffice

No one in this whole and wide world

Can push me

You are the light, that shines ahead, path of my dreams

Gives me strength to fight on

On my path, regardless of the pain and sweat

When you're with me, my heart will not waver

The comforting light, it shines on me, fills me with hope

Relieves me of my pain

In the end, I'll never be in paradise

If you're with me, then it'll be, just as good


Why isn't your Mimosa reacting?

It won't move no matter how much I touch it

I've told you it's not Mimosa

I'm picking up the mail

Don't try anything weird when I'm gone

(Also remember to grab my mail)

The incident with Hehuan has concluded

Although she has passed on

That Mimosa is a sign of her existance

With everything peaceful again, I can finally live a normal life with Sujiu

Let the normal life begin with checking the mail

Gramps, I'll pick it up

"Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah"

The mail...



What are you doing?


I'm just checking the quality of the mail

There's a lot of scammers online

I don't want students to be scammmed

You don't have to go that far!

I've noticed that you've been looking stressed lately

For a lively young guy like you,

it's important to unwind ever once in a while


Thanks for your consideration



No! It's not like that!

You don't have to be embarrased

I know exactly how it feels

What's your dorm number?



It's fine, we all understand

Isn't he the pervert from before?

He really is

Let's get away from him

My task has appeared

To prevent any suspicion

Our meeting must appear to be normal

If I cut through these buildings

I can bump into him and pretend to ask for directions and gain his trust

Ok, mission start

This is so embarrassing

That fat fuck

You'll pay for this!

Can I ask?



Are you...


I didn't foresee that he'll bump into me because of the box he was carrying

Calm down

Calm down

I'll reply in the most naturel way possible


Student, were you saying something?


Fengxi student


How do you know my name?

Who are you?


Why would I know his name?

This is getting awkward

What to do?

Please practice "Mind and Body" with me



"Mind and Body"?

Could you mean, perhaps...

Who are you anyways?

Technically speaking,

"Mind and Body" is a relation between opposite sexes

It isn't important if we know each other or not

So please accept my request!

A girl appears and offers her body?

Could it be...

Not again!

Another mission well completed

Thank you master

No need to thank me

This is for you

Take a look


This is the guy from yesterday

I'f I'm not mistaken, then guy can see monsters

The school registration will be complete in three days

Observe and protect this guy and confirm his identity

Yes sir


If you have the chance

Practice "Mind and Body" with him

Your superior is also at this school

When he's finished his tasks, he'll support you

Any other questions?


Is "Mind and Body" obligatory for this task?


Now don't disappoint me

Hey, little priest

What are you trying to do with Fengxi?

You are...?

You're that blacklisted fox monster

Why are you here?

I'm a student here, is there a problem?

Moreover you,

Transferring in so suddenly

What do you plan to do with Fengxi?

He is my task


Then I wish you good luck

Try not to die...

I thought you were picking up the mail, where's the mail?

There's more pressing matters

Things just don't calm down

Fengxi, I've retrieved your mail

A female visitor?

Wow, so pretty

How did you find me!

The informations on the box

My first plan has already failed

I must approach him in the most naturel way possible


What I said before was a joke




So it's like that

I was worrying over nothing

You really scared me back then


Before we practice "Mind and Body" can you be my boyfriend?

"Mind and Body?"

"Mind and Body" eh?

So even Sujiu isn't good enough for you

You filthy philanderer!

You've got it wrong! I don't know her!

Not only did you lose my mail, but you also picked up innocent girls


This is?


What have you done to my goddess!

I eat hot peppers for three months to save up for her!

(Hurry up and explain yourself!)

I won't disturb you anymore

Farewell for now

I'll wait for your decision

You asshole! Pay for my goddess!

Someone save me!

Are you sure about this?

She was crying out of the door



She good at completing most tasks

But this is a problem isn't it?

Unless she can change her atitude

I'm talking about the "Mind and Body"


You mean that

You saw that battle right? I think you know what I mean

I kinda feel sorry for big bro

Where did he get that thing anyways?


So you've been causing trouble again

No, it's not it

I wouldn't dare under your watch


There's something I want to apologize to you


I lost the monster scope you gave me


You mean that magnifying glass?

It's an ordinary magnifying glass


I think you already know

You're special

You can see the true form of monsters

This is an ability you've always had

There's a seal on your body

The seal blocks your powers

But when viewing through a magnifying glass

You're able to bypass the seal

This trick works with any refractive lens, say for example prescription glasses


But I'm still normal right?

Under regular circumstances, the seal hides your powers

But last time when you were impaled through the chest

The seal had been temperarily broken

And the power flowed back into the host

That enormous power, it seems that he is the Yangyan, the one with the mythic eyes

In that moment, you attracted large amounts of monsters

If he really is the Mythic Eyes, then his safety should be our top priority


Anyways be careful, don't stand out too much

If she could "Mind and Body" with him, then the benefits would be enormous

Mythic Eyes eh?

I'll have to see for myself to determine whether he's worthy of that title

On the topic of maintaining a low profile

I met a girl this morning

You mean her?

How far is she willing to go?

I must accomplish my task

[Ep.7 New Beginnings]

Never stop my path, journey of my dreams

Solemnly it ends, from the point it starts

Bit by bit I work, Bit by bit I grow

My tears are left behind

They're signs of my struggles thoughout

Open up, wings of my dreams

Looking for all of the strength that's inside me

Singing loud, in front of the rain

Soaring free, with the blowing winds

Never stop my path, journey of my dreams

Stride towards my goal, the final resting place

Bit by bit I work, bit by bit I grow

My tears are left behind

They're signs of my struggles thoughout

[Hehuan arc ended, ladeladela]

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