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Yandere Simulator School Furniture in Minecraft Vanilla with English subtitles  

hey guys in today's video I'm going to show you how to get yandere simulator

school furniture in Minecraft 1.8 . 8 latest version these furnitures are all

interactive so you can sit down on chairs that you place down this was all

made possible by the red engineer so without further ado guys let's get



inside this school download in which you can get in the video description below

we're gonna be using this school in order to place down some furniture

remember everything about to show you is not a modification to the game

this is all done with a single command block so first off what I'm gonna do for

demonstration purposes only

I'm gonna go inside here and try to make a classroom and then we'll come back and

play some furniture for a second you thought that was my voice fast for that

was just me making sounds it so now that we have the classroom ready and finished

and Albright and stuff

now we could play some furniture you're gonna want to leave far away from your

building so you don't want to place down this command block next to your building

or else it's just gonna be you know destroying the building so go to a place

that's pretty safe far away from your school so that it won't be shown you can

even make it inside a building if you want to but that's pretty risky you have

to have a lot of space now the command you're going to be spelling / give your

username minus s talk Stephen command underscore blocked with that command

typed in you should be able to receive yourself a command block now what you

have to do is go in the video description below and copy this entire

page filled with code no joke I don't want to leave the Creator feeling that

he's not being promoted hear this guy spent eight hours making this entire

thing possible so special shoutouts to the Creator check his YouTube in the

video description below and check out his form to ease you don't have done a

great job you know what I mean if you're not able to access your command block or

even spawn in any sort of items in single-player make sure that you open

land party in turn on sheets and then click start land party so that you're

able to use cheats in order to copy and paste the code very quickly i recommend

using control a to highlight all and then ctrl-c to copy and then when you're

in a command block press ctrl-v and you should be able to paste it inside the

command block so now that you've done all that make sure you use yourself a

power source a button eight lever to activate the command block to turn it on

and you should be able to see everything transforming the school furniture has

now been installed so now make your way back to your classroom and now we can

begin placing down some furniture you have to craft them all so let's start

off by crafting some black boards in order to make this you're gonna need

four sticks and for black banners

so going creative mode and try to find for black banners and four sticks

once you get all the ingredients I have to do is just place it down on the floor

and wha-la it just transforms into to spawn eggs one that says remove

blackboard and one that says blackboard we're gonna want to place this

blackboard on a wall so let's go ahead and find ourselves a wall

all you have to do is just right-click wall and it should be able to appear but

if you place it somewhere where you don't want it to be just go ahead and

right-click it with the remove blackboard and he could even extend

blackboard to make one huge one

these black boards are interactive so you could go ahead and right-click where

the bone is located and you could place down items and blocks there

seriously you can place anything there you can even place down a knife imagine

that that's a good idea for some series so now that we have ourselves a

blackboard now we need some chairs and tables so let's start off making the

tables you need four sticks for the four legs and one wooden pressure plates just

throw those down on the floor and you should be able to get yourself the table

leg and the remove table leg so it's up to you and how you want to design your

classroom i like to have things spread it out so I'm just gonna place down all

of these tables and then show you some features these tables are awesome

because you could place down things as it was an item frame so you could have

paper you can even place down some books to to make your classroom look more

alive in order to remove a table all you have to do is just right click it with

the remove table around this area just next to it now let's place down some

chairs all you're gonna need is one pressure plate that's iron so get

yourself the weighted pressure plates and then you're going to get yourself

for sticks through those ingredients on the floor and you should be able to get

yourself some spawn eggs

therefore you can start placing down some chairs and now your classroom is

almost complete it is looking really nice and these chairs are cool because

you can also right-click and sit on them now what's a classroom without any trash

cans get yourself one black carpet and for iron bars the trash can is awesome

you just place it down and you could actually throw down blocks and items

into it and you can no longer pick them up they get deleted but you could also

see the item that's inside the trash can so you can leave them in there you can

pile it up with papers and whatever you like and you can no longer pick them up

it's pretty cool now in case of some rainy days you're going to need to get

yourself some hangers

so let's get

one trip wire hook and one stone button this makes a hanger so you can hang your

hat your umbrella your jacket whatever you like in case you place it down the

wrong way

what you want to do is punch it through the back in creative mode and it should

be able to erase itself you can place down as many hangers as you like in acts

as if it was an armor stand you could place down hats jackets whatever you


there's also one little extra thing the red engineer edited you get yourself one

redstone and one iron and you could have yourself a Pokeball this item here acts

as if it was a player head which i think it is we have to do is you can place it

down as a decoration block so in case you want some pokeballs around your gun

at a simulator you know role play series then you can go ahead and do that or you

can actually capture a villager and get professor oak so find yourself a

villager and throw the item towards it as if it was a real pokeball and it

should be able to transform itself into a Pokeball Professor Oak

now you can play some anywhere so throw the pokeballs anywhere you like it

should be able to summon Professor Oak you'll be saying some weird stuff and

also he moves his body moves as it feels breathing and that's the last thing

that's inside this model which is awesome

you have yourself professor oak if you want to and if you are making the end it

is simulator series because everyone is doing it there's high school

there's middle school there's college people are making so many hundred a

simulator role play series I'm surprised there's not even elementary oh wait

all right things are getting weird those are nine-year-olds and ten-year-olds


no need to make elementary series or even preschool anyways guys that is it

for today i hope you guys that enjoy this video make sure to subscribe if you

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available for you guys but I tend to you know put a lot of time into these videos

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see next and i'll see you guys in my next YouTube video thanks for watching


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