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The biggest benefit of studying at university is that you become a rounded package at the

end of it. So you gain academic skills, independance,

and transferable skills alongside that.

The main three reasons I chose to go to university were

to enhance my job prospects in the future, to get out my comfort zone, make some new friends,

and to have a really good time because I've heard

it's the best time in your life.

In my head I had an idea of which career path I wanted to go down,

so it was just finding the perfect blend of my two subjects.

I realised that I could follow that career path, and university was the start of essentially my career.

I'd say the biggest benefits are living away from home, and meeting new people.

But I think all of that can be placed under one umbrella,

which is personal growth.

So coming to university gives you lots of independance.

You have to learn to cook for yourself if you're self-catered.

You clean, wash your own cloths, and I found that very gratifying

because I got to be almost my own person.

Well it was definitely a very different experience because obviously you stuck with all these

other people, and you don't know each other,

and you've got to learn to cope by yourself. But at the end of the day you're all in the

same situation, you all bond really well.

... It's a like a family, so we have dinners together, we have a little rota so we decide

who cleans, it's really great, I really enjoy it.

Moving into halls was really inviting, so they set up loads of social events so you

can meet loads of different people, in lots of different environments as well.

So you've got the nights out, which are the generally expect from Freshers.

You've got walking to lecture introductions, so they get you talking.

And then joining sport clubs, which is where I met most of my friends.

Well I chose to come to university to further my career prospects,

as well as this, there were so many opportunities at university that you don't get at home.

When I learnt about the opportunities you can have a university,

I thought wow this is something I'd love to do,

let's seize the moment, go visit a bunch of universities

and see what can happen.

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