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White privilege isnt real - Jordan Peterson with English subtitles   Complain


okay what time is it 8:15 I started win

sorry it's me 6:30

I should stop them

I'm gonna go for five more minutes and

then I'll wrap this up I want to talk

about intersectionality and and white

privilege a bit so so I first said well

we analyzed Marxism we have analyzed

post-modernism I suggested that

post-modernism was a way for the Marxist

to keep going under a new guys I

suggested that Marxism was fundamentally

based on hatred rather than sympathy and

an empathy I suggested that the corpses

were the evidence for that I told you

why I think post-modernism is

fundamentally wrong but now I want to

talk to you a little bit about white

privilege so the first thing that I can

and I haven't got this quite figured out

yeah I can't quite figure out why the

post modernists have made the canonical

distinctions they've made race ethnicity

sexual proclivity sexual gender identity

let's say those are four dimensions

along which people vary but there's a

very large number of dimensions along

which people vary right in fact given

that there's an infinite number of ways

of interpreting the world you could

immediately point out that there's an

infinite number of dimensions along

which people vary and so then the

postmodern question is why would you

privilege some of those dimensions over

the other and I would say well because

it sustains your bloody Marxist

interpretation that's why but you're not

gonna say that because it marginalizes


you've marginalized that so you can

ignore it so that's one of the fun

things about post-modernism you can you

can I have a very vulgar image in my

mind but I won't share that with you but

you can infer it here's some ways people

differ intelligence temperament

geography historical time you live now

and not a hundred years ago

attractiveness that's a big that's a big

one that's a big one

but you imagine you you could you won't

go there either you

he it's it's advantageous to be young

you've got potential it's advantageous

to be old you've got wealth health

that's a good one

sex women have advantages men have

advantages maybe one has more than the

other it's not self-evident women live

about eight years longer they're

multi-orgasmic athleticism well family

structure friendship education well then

there's the classic you know postmodern

once race ethnicity etc why not those

other very dimensions of variation

there's no evidence that they're less

important in fact there's quite a bit of

evidence that they're more important so

like why not consider them then you get

intersectionality this is one of the

things that's really comical I think

because the post modernists identity

politics types actually realized this

they thought well okay race and gender

fair enough what if your what if you're

a black woman that's a problem because

well now you've got two dimensions of

differentiation what the hell are we

gonna do about that and what if you're

what if you're gay and black and female

well then what if you're not very bright

and gay and black and female and then

what if you're ugly and not very bright

and gay and black and female and like

you can keep playing that game you can

keep playing that game an infinite

number of ways because there's an

infinite number of ways to categorize

things as the post modernist already

pointed out and so the intersectionality

theorist came along to plug the hole but

they don't know where they're going they

don't understand that the logical

conclusion of intersectionality is

individuality because there's so many

different ways of categorizing people's

advantages and disadvantages that if you

take that all the way out to the end you

say well the individual is the ultimate

minority and that's exactly right and

that's exactly what the West discovered

and you know the intersection list so

get there if they don't kill everyone

first so on to white privilege so it's

really interesting to find out where

these ideas come from because it's

usually the scholarship is so awful you

just cannot possibly believe it it's

just absolutely it wouldn't in

at the University of Toronto in the

psychology department the original paper

on white privilege wouldn't have

received a passing grade for the

hypothesis part of a undergraduate

honors thesis we're not even close

there's no methodology at all the person

who wrote it it was called white

privilege and male privilege a personal

account of coming to see correspondences

through work in women's studies well

first of all personal account is like

sorry no so she she listed a bunch of

ways that she thought she says these are

personal personal examples of her

unearned privilege or unearned privilege

that she saw as she experienced in 1970s

1980s so this by the way that so this

idea is the opinion of one person who

wrote one paper that has absolutely no

empirical backing whatsoever which is a

set of hypotheses which have never been

subject to any statistical analysis like

if I ask you a bunch of questions it's

not obvious how many questions I'm

asking you because I could say how tall

are you

or I could say if you're laying on the

ground how extended would you be it's

like that two questions it's like no

it's one question

it's just asked two ways and the way you

figure out if you ask someone a bunch of

questions how many questions you're

asking them is by doing something called

a factor analysis which is kind of an

elementary form now of social science

investigation if you make a

questionnaire you have to subject it to

a factor analysis because you got to

find out how many questions you're

asking because you might think it's 60

but it's probably not it's probably five

that's the big five by the way anyways

who cares about that there's no such

thing as methodology anyways that's all

part of the oppressive white male

European patriarchy so we can just not

bother with that and we can pen a few

notes about how we think the world is

constructed and then we can screw up the

entire political system two decades

later okay so here's your white

privilege list some of it there's like

50 things I can if I wish arrange to be

in the company of people of my race most

of the time if I should need to move I

can be pretty sure of renting or

purchasing housing in an area which I

can afford and in which I would want to


that's actually a well thing by the way

I can be pretty sure that my neighbors

in such a location will be neutral or

pleasant to me I can go shopping alone

most of the time pretty well assured

that I will not be followed or harassed

I can turn on my television or open to

the front page of the paper and see

people of my waist race widely

represented when I'm told about our

national heritage or about civilization

I am shown that people of my color made

it what it is there's 50 of those I

think something like that okay is that

white privilege is that like majority

privilege is the same true you go to

China you're Chinese it's the same true

if you're Chinese does the majority

privilege and if its majority privileges

like isn't that just part of living

within your culture so let's say you

live in your culture you're privileged

as a member of that culture well

obviously that's what the culture is for

that's what it's for why would you

bother building the damn thing if it

didn't accrue benefits to you now you

might say well one of the consequences

that it accrues fewer benefits to those

who aren't in the culture yeah but you

can't immediately associate that with

race you can't just do that say it's

white privilege

there's many things that could be

certainly could be well and the

intersectional people have already

figured out that there's many things it

could be so like what the hell

seriously well what's going on well we

let these pseudo disciplines into the

university because we're stupid and

guilty seriously

and they have no methodological

requirements and plenty of power and

plenty of time to produce nonsensical

research and produce like resentful

activists and now we're bearing the

fruits of that it's not pretty so white

privilege well the other thing you might

notice is that to attribute to the

individuals of a community the

attributes of that community on the

basis of their racial identity is called

racism that's what racism is there's no

other way of defining it it's

attributing to the individual the

characteristics of the group as if the

group was homogeneous

now the intersectional people have

already decided that's not a fair game

there's so many differences between

people but the postmodernist don't care

about logical coherence because they

regard logical coherence here it comes


as a creation of the white European male

patriarchal structure that's designed to

oppress the oppressed and that's

technically the case so logical

incoherent it doesn't matter and you

could say well if you act out your

logically incoherent ideas in the world

you're gonna run face first into a brick

wall and the postmodern answer to that

is there's actually no real world it's

all interpretation so there's no there's

no having that discussion but the post

modernists don't care because they don't

believe that discussion between people

of different power groups is possible


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