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What is Antimatter? with English subtitles  

hi I'm not sure and this is Nigel goes to space

what is anti matter if you're a fan of Star Trek you'll know is a fuel which

propels the Starship Enterprise to boldly go across the universe but it's

not just science fiction antimatter is real

you can make it in particle accelerators like the job certain accelerator in

Switzerland where you create a flash of energy and alpha becomes both matter and

antimatter so ordinary matter if you think of an atom has got positive

protons in the center and negative electrons go around the outside now if

you look at the antimatter which is elected mirror side of matter then the

heavy ones in the antiprotons have got a negative charge and the ante electrons

have got a positive charge and its own then even made atoms of antihydrogen we

got an antiproton in the middle and then an anti-electron going around the


hello universe consists almost entirely of ordinary matter and that's a puzzle

for cosmologists the Big Bang was a big burst of energy like a mega scale of

what you can do at CERN so coming out of the Big Bang there should have been a

mixture of antiparticles and particles antimatter and ordinary matter and we

believe the wars but for every 1 million particles of antimatter there was one

extra particle of matter so most them annihilated in a big plays of energy in

the big bang but one particle of matter survive after this vast destruction and

all that tiny proportion of ordinary matter the entire universe today is made

an antimatter can be used not just as a theoretical concept but we hope and

speaking as astronauts as a future rocket field two drivers efficiently

across the universe

now if you think about that big Saturn five rocket that took astronauts to the

moon and the amount of fuel that was on board if i were to take a piece of

antimatter so just about size of this nut there's enough energy in that

antimatter to take a crude spaceship not just to the moon but to take astronauts

all the way to Mars and bring them always

again with just that amount of fuel and it tastes delicious too

if you have any burning questions about antimatter matter and energy energy

about anything is out there the universal might be out there in the

universe to be in touch and we'll explore the answers together

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