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What Happens If You Eat 4 Almonds Every Day with English subtitles  


eat four almonds every day and see what



almonds have been popular in the diets

of ancient Indians and Egyptians this

nut is a very healthy snack as it

contains many minerals and vitamins that

you need they're rich in magnesium

vitamin B protein and amino acids all

you need to do is just eat four almonds

a day your body will transform in an

amazing way in almost no time here are

the eight most significant health

benefits of eating almonds did you know

that almonds can even prevent some types

of cancer

what's till the end to see how one help

you lose weight almonds are very

beneficial when it comes to losing

weight despite their high calorie

content almonds are rich in fiber

protein and a healthy type of fact

according to a recent study almonds

reduce hunger and desire to eat later in

the day

so eating almonds is an easy way to

reduce your overall calorie intake also

the vitamin B that almonds contain keep

your metabolism healthy to boost your

brain activity almonds are the source of

many nutrients that help in the

development of the brain almonds contain

amino acids and oils which help your

brain maintain concentration arrow Vedic

medicine believes that almonds are

capable of increasing intellectual

ability and longevity also almonds

minimize stress can reduce the risk of

insomnia almonds are especially rich in

phosphorus which improves your

brainpower and eyesight 3 skincare

as we've learned already almonds contain

vitamin E being one of the most powerful

antioxidants almonds prevent the cells

of your body against premature aging

eating for almond today allows your skin

to stay soft and elastic as these nuts

boost the production of natural collagen

in your body for reduce heart attack

risk a recent study has shown that those

who consume almonds five times a week

have a 50% less chance to get a heart

attack a significant amount of vitamin E

found in these nuts reduces the risk of

heart disease almonds also help reduce

the c-reactive protein which usually

causes damage to the arteries as you can

see there are many nutrients and almonds

that are beneficial to your heart health


5 make your bones strong almonds are a

source of calcium which prevents

osteoporosis and strengthens your bones

teeth and muscles also these nuts

contain magnesium and potassium which

are essential for healthy bones as well

the habit of eating almonds every day

also it can help you increase bone

mineral density that strengthens your

skeletal system since lower bad

cholesterol almonds are an excellent

source of monounsaturated fats and some

polyunsaturated fats that help reduce

bad cholesterol according to studies

eating a half a cup of almonds every day

can lower bad cholesterol by eight to 12

percent however if you just need a few

nuts a day it will reduce bad

cholesterol in your body as well 7 help

feel better during pregnancy

in case you're pregnant you should eat a

few almonds every day as vitamin E is

necessary for a woman during the

pregnancy period these nuts are very

beneficial for both a woman and her baby

especially when the fetus is developing

slower than normal 8 reduce the risk of

cancer American biochemist edwin krebs

put forward the theory that cancer is a

disease of vitamin deficiency more

precisely according to him cancer is

caused by a deficiency of certain B

vitamins almonds are an excellent source

of vitamin B and flavonoids that lessen

the risk of breast cancer also these

nuts are rich in boron which helps

prevent prostate cancer it's our video

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