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I can't replace fiddle Evelyn could be

fun to do i do eve or fiddle eat but

through you

I saw something wanna see some everyone

before cs3 we're closed oh oh

they picked re diam Sun well re are so

good resembling how many nights whatever

is it take you check out the personality



doing drugs

oh there he is

bras motherfucker oh ok we gotta go we

gotta go I don't want you'd oh you still


all there solo can I get a double kill

flash double kill oh do I do it wait

hasta la vista baby

I'll take it how about air oh we need no

no no no three two one until I get out

of macho your eyes already level six

actually have times to camp her but

aren't up on my killer anymore once use

level six it becomes quite the threat

for me :

what she into the calf died without an

insta cast re all said oh she netted and

all said okay oh that's a kill

let's go said look in the boat thank you

what was that what don't kill somebody

like in this let me go boys hailey what


hello oh look at work oh my god we

destroyed that guy you exploded dude

okay let's go gunplay then I think I'm

gonna be good I mean just kill off both

of us coffee Gnap know how much we get

good 120 total dude alright 640 is the

field ready for them get out of my

juggle Oh clean it is alright so live

but not Oceane right oh man re was so I

think it but I got fern all taken dude

I'll take it

bring it this real quick yeah it's good

just sick yeah because you look at it

you get a BP 40 80 120 damage you know

in general and scales both of you and

your E which is our main sources of

damage right and then I'll skip the

heels and then you also get this huge

like just you know first image awesome

it's exactly like that

luckily Devlin I've never done complete

Evelyn I won't set throat of all I want

to kill Lee I'd be willing to fight lead

alright I'll use that

that's all you buddy got him

nine very far I guess I was a little

harsh yeah yeah I did most of the damage

there can feel sadness all right we got

gonna blend up with it is time to do

some massive amount of damage my god

okay probably everybody calm everyone

it's time to get a restraint I think

whatever I'm rich man would eat you so


I think it's Michael stork she's right

Dyer all the way with Tori market and

something just got so hard watching

Washington explode ready in the back

here you go they're yummy happy he's


okay okay we gotta go what you got it



every night I gotta fight everything

twitch have a free day dude

no one you just splash you alcohol you

splash you the wall be flat field the








another wise welcome to be defeated

get out of my way I thought we did so

much there dude what the heck I didn't

even pay tobblo almost died with my pots

in my inventory there is no filter years

of like Cod I'm outta here

goodbye write me a postcard okay wait

how much martyrs yet

much wait a second let's last 4741 but

he has lost HP okay I got it oh for

Sandra Cole for Jim ready yes but I want

to put him off like that yeah yeah you

get yeah yeah yeah you got one shot

let's go dude

I like I'm like analyzing who's the

easier one shot right before it right in

front of their face - sorry

oh I already yeah yeah I'll do it do it

do it

Cena's match up I need to be in biz I'm

gonna go all the way around script ha ha

ha ha

Oh even a juicier target y'all going for

him on oh okay oh no who's that who's

that Pokemon over there why are you


why are you running yeah yeah

wait wait you have a BA whatever ma ma

ma dude who cares

not today all right why is my cue

focusing Brom oh my goodness

reow your spaghetti code fixing it was

up re how you been how you doing how's

the wife and kids

how's it kappa one two three guess what

I don't care that's what you get for

picking my counter oh man that's scary

isn't it dude this gun blade was this a

good call good call on the gun plate

guys oh how do you doing re yeah all

Mike Hill re again I I don't like this

re I don't like re discussing fine re

get out of my home nope wait what no no

no no official file next time she had

one HP all right Jen it's because of you

I died we need to have a word come on

except for I will try to

and I will kill you let's get good cap

dude a minute like this

do you ever look at someone and wonder

what is going on inside their head he

just walked asses

oh no danger I'm not part of that one

tell me how that goes okay right 528 EP

I just gained like 280 almost actually

if I wanted to have maybe hit a thousand

eighty but honestly time for in whatever

gunblade lich bane bada-bing bada-boom

Oh Ari's right there oh wait was Shin

getting here my chin Oh Jin Oh kind of

you to hold on to me Oh Oh No okay we

gotta go we gotta go

I'm inches already oh pretty low oh okay

delayed free low dude that ball is so

good without having a void cuz I'd olive

oil you just tank me out you know okay

maybe I can come up are you here oh this

Jin they don't have a coward we're sorry

I'm gonna go all the way around dude all

this give you so awful for them yeah

let's go

twitch wombo combo Mombo switch oh oh

he's your flash towards me you would've

black first me

okay I'm here to watch I'm here to watch

their greatness that bask in your glory

twitch Oh

kill that re die Ari

put him in this er put a band of oh that

great guys I'm dead so wait uh can we

get elder dragon I don't think we can

end we can't end it's impossible it's

another reason we couldn't end that game

is because we need to teach Ari a lesson

for counter picking our Evelyn hold on

watching you do have 794 AP not bad not

too shabby

yo where's Ari all I need to do is

gunblade EQ her oh she thought mr asked

you think that Omar's gonna save her she

think that on Mars gonna save her is

that what she's thinking all right come

on Ari

did I want that Ari I want Ari oh I can

I can run through this I came son let's


and oh oh my god you saw what I do so we

didn't come back from Rome I want to I

want to return the favor buddy so we did

so much Davis is Jin and re oh I can

tell him beat you to it

oh it gave the dizzy that what game does

not sting and that's why ha ha ha


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