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Vyaapari Telugu Full Movie SJ Surya, Tamanna Sri Balaji Video with English subtitles  

This is the first cloned sheep of this world.

Name is Dolly.

In 1996, Dr Campel cloned it after great research.

After the success of this formula,

Scientists all over the world successfully produced many clone animals.

I've experimented and successfully produced a human clone.

A sheep clone is possible from a sheep's cell.

How is it possible to produce another human from a human's cell?

It is possible. I have made it possible.

Taking a cell from a 25 year old man,

I wanted to produce a human clone of the same age.

This was my 30 year penance.

Producing a male clone from a cell without a female's participation is against nature.

Do you expect people will welcome such things?

People stoned Galileo, when he said, World is round'.

People feared it was a Satan, when they saw train for the first time.

Wright Brothers were called as mad for inventing airplane.

Today's Science is tomorrow's necessity.

People may now oppose cloning. But in future, people will accept it.

Doctor, animal cloning has proof. But is there any proof of human cloning?

How will you prove it?

I need a brave, science loving, young man for my research.

Govt. has banned human cloning to safeguard security, law & order and social degeneration.

This evening Dr. Stephen Raj was arrested by Police.

It has ordered to destroy immediately the human clone produced.


We have heard about 10 headed demon Ravanan in Ramayan.

History has many proofs for man's many incarnations.

Today in this busy scientific world,

many people are struggling to balance both domestic and office work.

In this current situation...

The current youth have to Struggle hard doubly...

24hours per day... Their 2 hands are not enough!

As the ordinary people are so...

A businessman who wanted to earn at least Re. 1/- more than Bill Gates...

To maintain these 2 responsibilities in the same way...

How many struggles he faced and how he got perplexed...

That is the concept of our ''VYAPARI''

Good morning, sir. - Good morning.

Sir, I want to ask you a thing for long time.

Everyone hang God's photographs in office. But why photographs of the semen?

I've photos of Bill Gates to Kalanidhi Maran. Do you know why?

They are top 10 millionaires who reached this position the hard way.

To me, they are living Gods. - They all are okay.

Who is this man grinning as if he gives ad for tooth paste company?

Does he own the Close up company?

He is Mr Kasi Viswanaths.

A person's failure may have many reasons.

But hard work is the only key to success. That is his slogan of success.

Is everything ready for the meeting? - Yes sir. All are waiting for you.

Good morning, sir. - Hi, good morning.

Sir, your mother, sisters are here to meet you.

Why did they come here?

Does a mother need reason to meet her son?

Do they have to come to office for that?

- Uncle... - Hey, move away...

What's all this? Why did you come here? Won't I come home?

It's 6 months, you haven't come home. That too, you came for an IT raid.

Look, I'm not an ordinary 9 to 5 office worker.

I own 362 businesses. I travel all around the world.

Do you know my position in Top 10 Indian businessmen?

7th place. I'll become No 1 in near future.

Do you know my ambition?

Bill Gates is the richest man in this world. I must earn a rupee more than him.

That's all!

We are least bothered about your earning.

You didn't visit to see your Sister when she had a child.

You sent a greeting card from America when your elder sister got married.

I had 3 children.

But you haven't come to see them even once.

They love you so much.

Did you ever bought a chocolate for them? - Shut up!

In America, even a 5 year old boy desires to launch a rocket.

But you people are talking about rubbish things. Country brutes!

Don't say like that.

We are planning ear-piercing function to Divya in our family temple.

Do attend the function.

Why are you wasting time For this in temple?

Take her to an ENT specialist and Get her ears pierced in a jiffy.

And take her to the beauty parlour and get her head tonsured.

Use talcum powder on forehead like scared ash. That's called as scared ash smear.

Tonsure of head a sacred ash smear is over. Why do you need me there?

Hello sir, yes tell me...

What? Your grand daughter's ear-piercing function?

Yes. It's an important function.

How much ever rich we maybe, we should follow our customs, rituals & traditions.

We are duty bound to preserve it. I'll definitely come.

Are you shocked to see me attending business associates function declining yours?

Mother, between us, it's Rs 40 billions transaction.

I will attend whether it is function or mourning in their house.

Because I'm a 100% businessman!

I'm a businessman...

I'm a businessman...

Successful man is a businessman...

Businessman can sell even moon...

Businessman is a man of many tricks...

Businessman is a man who creates magic...

He wins the entire world... He wakes up to chimes of the dimes...

He buys heaven with a cheque... I'm a businessman...

He dares to mount steep uphill or journey across deep valley...

Rain or shine can't change his focus... He works hard day and night...

He makes impossible things possible...

Business can be done if there is endeavour...

He is a role model to Bill Gates...

I'm a businessman...

A good man has a heart... But I have business within me...

Heart is made of mercy... But my heart is made of coins...

Everybody's hunger is for food! His hunger is for notes!

I'm No 1 businessman...

He is a role model to Bill Gates...

Successful man is a businessman... Businessman can sell even moon...

Businessman is a man of many tricks...

Businessman is a man who creates magic...

He wins the entire world... He wakes up to chimes of the dimes...

He buys heaven with a cheque... - I'm a businessman to the core...

Successful man is a businessman...

Why do they behave nastily Inside the jail?

How come somebody would remain smiling?

Sir, just one question...

What? -Sir, your name?


You are brother-in-law of Industrialist Suryaprakash, aren't you? -Yes!

What mistake landed you up in jail?

Lt wasn't mistake, it's fate. - What's the matter?

It's a miracle not matter.

What was your problem? - Not a problem, but a typhoon.

Sir, not able to get your point. - Disperse, if you don't get my point.

Sir, public is eagerly waiting to know The reason for your imprisonment.

I'll tell for people's sake.

This tiger was gashed by them. - Gash?

Now it has healed.

They made a rogue elephant to kneel... - Then?

Nothing happened as you think. But they molested me.

They clipped my wings and cut me short. - Just wings?

Sir, still you didn't tell the reason for your imprisonment..

No... - Tell the reason sir.

You idiot! Why are you thrusting Mike into my mouth?

What if I choke myself to death? No interview. Get lost.

Sir, please return the cover. - What cover?

Mike cover is inside your mouth, please return it.

What do you mean? - Yes sir

How did it go inside my mouth? They're fooling me.

Stop playing and do your homework. - Welcome is very bad.

Hey stop...

I'm coming out of jail after a terrible experience...

Your mother is showing long face to me.

Your sister is turning as if I'm a killer...

And you're rushing inside? What do you think of me?

Don't shout...

You have gone to jail, haven't you? If you had informed about the jail,

I would've asked my brother to bail you out.

Your husband is not such a hopeless guy...

I'll face everything all myself. All of one man show... know it!

Then why are you here as an intern son-in-law?

Don't comment on that.

It's a tradition in my family for men to be Intern son-in-law.

Why are you raking about it now after 3 kids?

Okay. I'll stop talking about it. Why did you go to jail?

Why is she digging that now?

Tell me, father... - I'll tell you, donkeys.

It happened on a Sunday afternoon... on Mount road... The road was deserted...

I had to answer nature's call.

Don't bluff. Tell me the truth.

I pissed on the Police station compound wall.

What? - Yes.

A Cop saw this and arrested me for public nuisance.

And had a ball with me for a week in jail.

Lakshmi, let bygones be bygones. Don't reveal it to anyone.

Hello Dinesh, it's me.

My father was sent to jail for pissing.

Spread the news to all the students. Don't forget to inform our Sunitha teacher.

Because she was very inquisitive.

I've the history of well known Industrialist Suryaprakash.

He is my subject of this year's project.

We both haven't met each other.

I'm confident of successfully finishing my project meeting him personally.

Is it confidence or love? - Both.

What are you talking?

I didn't love him for his fame or money,

in these 6 months of my research on him,

I saw his hard work and sincerity.

My respect for him grew with every passing day.

Slowly it turned into love.

He is brother-in-law of Suryaprakash.

Don't know how my day will be! They spilled water for me to trip & fall.

Hello sir... - Me?

What do you want dear?

Aren't you American Industrialist, Mr Abraham?

You, me, Bill Gates, and Anil Ambani had great time together in London airport.

Have you forgotten it?

Look, there is a limit for everything. I'm a master of lies.

Just now, I escaped by skin from my wife by telling a lie.

Don't bug me now. Come out openly, what do you want?

Sorry sir.

We have come to meet your brother-in-law, Suryaprakash.

You could've told me this straight. Why were you beating around the bush?

Sir, it seems he respects you very much. I heard that he dances to your tunes.

Stop exaggeration. Tell me frankly, who are you?

Me? I'll tell you.

I'm a billionairess. Yes sir.

If you introduce me to your brother-in-law...

I've an idea of doing business with him. - Oh sure! I'll do it now itself.

Can you do a small favour for me? - Hey takeout 20...


Does she have billions or a shop in Koti? Let's not worry about it.

Wait, I'll get his permission. One more thing...

Suddenly you may hear a voice like mine crying for help...

Don't believe it as my voice.

To maintain his status, he will cry in my voice.

You should close your ears then.

Don't try to recognise the voice. Okay? - Okay.

I've to manage everyone around here.

Welcome... I was waiting for you only.

Your presence will spread smiles. - Thanks a lot.

Talking on phone? - Yeah... evening 6 o' clock? Bye

Why have come here suddenly? I'm not here simply.

I've brought 4 girls. You will surely like them.

All are rich girls. - What?

You've decided to start a business instead of sitting idle.

I appreciate that. - Shit! How do I look like to you?

Have I become so cheap to you? - What do you want now?

I want respect. - What respect?

I've told the visitors that you dance to my tunes.

Lf you don't, I'll be in a great loss. - Hey, get lost man!

How can I go empty handed? Shell out something... Still didn't throw it?

This much only? Oh my God!

Sir. - Yeah.

Have you heard about Java Sumathra islands?

I've but not in detail.

Lf I say I own 70 billions property, would you believe it?

I'm planning to dispose it and invest the money in India.

Would you believe it?

I propose to have partnership with you, would you believe it?

Madam, please be seated. Hey, get some tea.

The moment you heard 70 billions, you're ordering your PA to bring tea.

Will you order me to clean the toilet, if she says 700 billions?

Who are you to me?

By saying mere Hindi film names, I can't accept you as Hindi girls.-Get out!

How much did you say? -70 billions.

Wow! When are you we becoming partners?

I mean...when are you going to invest your 70 billions in our company?

What are businesses you're running now?

Surya Exports, Surya Garments, Surya Constructions, Surya Steels, Surya Foundations,

Surya Fabrics, Surya Chemicals, Surya Papers, Surya Minerals, Surya Metals.

From your hair clip to kohl to powder to mascara to moisturising cream,

from lip stick to necklace, till that...

Surya products touch every part of a woman's body.

Do you know that?

Hello darling, show me your back please. - Why?

To apply soap.

I won't show my back for ordinary soaps.

I'll show my back only for Surya soap.

Only Surya soap makes women's back glow.

That's why I've bought Surya soap.

Then what? Apply... - Show me...

Apply Surya soap... - Cut...

Is this the way to apply soap?

It was like scrubbing buffalo with straw.

You've proved that you're a cowherd. - Sorry sir.

Madam's back was very smooth and flat like ECR road.

That's why like driving a car very fast, I overdid it.

Hey Mister! I've insured my back for 5 crores in LIC... Do you know that?

A small scratch on my back will demolish the insurance company.

Have you insured only your back, madam?

What I want to tell you is... You've cool waterfalls here.

Our soap is slippery. Madam's back is very soft.

Shouldn't you apply soap with joy? - Only then, our sales will shoot up.

Sir, my hands are quivering when touch madam's back.

That's the problem. That's why you're hiding the soap.

We aren't selling her back. We are selling the soap.

It should be clearly seen. Give me the soap.

Take it, sir. - I'll show you how to apply it.

Don't hide the soap.

Let it be open and soap be visible clearly.

Rub it gently. Understood?

Now rub properly.

Sir, I want to talk to you personally. - Okay.


Hey what's this?- Sorry sir.

You girls do all nasty things and then blame men in public.

I'm not for girls. I'm for business.

Because I'm a businessman to the core.

You're not a businessman to the core, but a fool.

I hugged you just to flick CD from your pocket.

Here is the CD you asked for. What are you going to do with it?

I was No 1 business man for the past6 years.

He pushed me down to 2nd place within 6 months.

Hereafter, I'm going to get all his future business deals from you.

Hey Surya, if you're a businessman to the core,

I'm your death.

Okay, I'll call you later.

Sir, what is the objective of this function? - You fool!

Felicitations for the most frequent VIP Air traveller. They're honouring me.

My area people are honoring me too. - Why?

Honoring me for most number of days A husband has stayed away from home.

It's a good news.

I went home recently and knocked the door at midnight,

My wife opened the door and told me, ''My husband is out of station, come tomorrow. ''

You could've returned in daytime.

I don't know whether you're talking knowingly or unknowingly...

A queen of lies is coming.

Do you know what she has in her hand? - Eye brow pencil.

A blade of grass is also weapon for a brave man, pencil is also weapon for a woman.

If she pierces it into your neck, you will die instantly.

Sir, cover your nose... - Why.

Do you know what she sprayed on her hand kerchief?

No, it's a Chloroform.

If she places it under your nose, you will faint.

Why are you always finding faults?

Hi... - Hi, everybody!

My hearty wishes for you to reach top.

Have you noticed her punch dialogue?

Sir, look at her waist. - No, it's wrong to see waist.

Are you saying it is wrong? See below the waist..

No, it's not a tall right. - You have to see it now.

She has tied a bomb on her waist.


Cell phone!

Listening his words, I mistook it as bomb...

Excuse me...

Okay, cool down. Who are you?

I'm a MBA student. I'm doing a project on you.

I was finding it difficult to meet you.

That's why I lied about Sumathra Island. I'm not a freak out girl as you think.

Okay. What do you want now?

I want to interview you for an hour.

1 hour? - Yes.

Do you know the value of my one second? - I don't know.

Somehow, I'll try to make it out. What did I say?

I'll try.. -Okay.

Take your mobile.

Sorry. Take your saree.

Cute girl!

You've come like a robber and rocked me...

I have forgotten myself and fallen on your lap.

I will get excited with your kiss...

Won't you join into the flower?

I will float on melodious music... Won't you join as lyric

Lips speak about your calling...

Heart asked me come out of the veil...

Don't babble too much nonsense! I don't have time to spend with you!

I can't tell you anything beyond this...

That's it! That's it! That's it!

I'll be waiting for you like a flower... Blossoming each moment...

My hot tender age wished for you... It doesn't listen to if asked to leave!

You come and reach me...

No time to fall in love... No time to cuddle you...

No time for a union... No way!

If l became a statue, I would become your image If I became a word, I would express love to you...

Lf I became a lower, I would worship you If I were given a chance, I would stay in your heart...

You leave all the desires you have grown...

You leave taking me away from your heart...

I bow with both the hands... leave me and go!

I have the nectar in my lips! You come rob it...

I give everything which was hidden in my heart with measurements!

You don't float on unwanted dreams...

You don't cross your limits...

I don't have time to make your youth enjoy...

I don't have! I don't have! I don't have...

I live within you though you deny... I sing many melodious songs!

I meditate your name forever... I'll be waiting for you across the life...

My ambitions don't go cheap... Your behaviour doesn't suit that!

I don't change though you ask me for one lakh times!

That's it! That's it! That's it!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I feel proud of myself for being here as a 4th richest man of India.

One should never give up hard work.

There may be many reasons For one's failure.

But there can be only One reason for success.

Hard work is a key to success.

They say if you see a beggar, don't give him fish.

Instead, teach him to catch fish.

Because if you give him fish to eat, he'll eat, and start begging again.

But if you teach him to fish,

He'll eat and start business with excess fish.

Last but not the least...

It's not wrong to be born as poor.

But He is responsible for dying as poor.

Thank you.

Sir, I'm Suryaprakash. - Hello.

Sir, you're my role model. - So nice.

I want to talk with you personally.

I'm little busy now. I'll see you later.

Oh! Thank you please.

This is called as video camera. - I know.

Where did you steal it?

Stealing? You fool!

This was my gift to my wife and children.

I brought it here without their knowledge.

This is known as stealing.

I want to start a soap company competing with my brother-in-law.

I want to make an ad film, give me an idea if you've any.

There is only one idea for this. - What's it?

Call a popular actress and ask her to take bath in waterfalls...

Let's watch it stealthily.

It will be fantastic if we stealthily picturize a bathing girl live.

Ad will be a hit, our sales will zoom, and we'll get awards.

It's all nice to hear it. But where can we find a bathing girl?

Why should we go outside for a girl?

Let's shoot our sister while taking bath.

Sister taking bath?

Will your sister agree to this?

I didn't mean my sister. - I meant your wife, who is our sister.

My wife? - Yes.

How long you've been with this desire?

Is my ticket ready?

Yes. But flight is delayed by an hour. - One hour? What is this?

Sir, why are you taking it seriously? After all... 1 hour! -Wait!

I want to interview you for an hour.

Yes. I got the idea. - Don't know who is the jack ass!

Call that Subhadra Devi, who got 700 crores... Ask her to come as she asked for 1 hour!

Alas! I don't know where I kept her phone number.

In case you can't catch her... - Shall I call her mother?

Sir, why are you changing plans? It's here.

Sir, I think her father is a Politician.

He has given his party Emblem on the paper.

I think theirs is a Mental family!

You're mental. - Tell me what it is!

Savi... - What's this?

3.Join both... - Key 3.

Say it in English. - Key three.

You know Tamil, don't you? Say one word in Tamil.

Key 3.

Answer to my question.

What is it in Tamil? - 'Savi'.

What is it in English? - 3.

Now join both.

Oh it's Savithri. - Yeah. Now tell me the number.

98840 loose... - Read properly...

98840 loose...

Turn back and read. - Oh do you mean it that way?

98840 loose... - Hey turn the paper and read...

Sir, it's blank. - First read it like this...

Then like this... - Oh! 9884035007.

Sir, why are you staring at me?

I've learnt all these dishes from my grandma.

I know all our traditional dishes which no hotel can serve you.

Sir, please taste a little.. - Oh sure.

Idly is small. - It'll taste good. Have it.

It's really tasty.

Savithri, I haven't tasted such great food in my life.

Can you do me one favour? - Go ahead.

I'm opening anew office next week in Bombay.

I've invited many VIPs for it.

Can you please cook all you know for that occasion?

All guests must get stunned with your cooking.

Mosquito bite...

What? - Mosquito...

No need to strain yourself.

Mosquitoes vanish, If you burn Surya Mosquito coil.

Surya mosquito coil is Tsunami to mosquitoes.

What's all this, man?

I asked you to kill the mosquitoes, but you're hitting them.

Hit hard, man.

Sir, if you don't mind, show us how to hit...

Just once...

Mosquito bite...

He pointed me that I'm hitting slowly But He is slower than me.

He is the Producer. He can hit as he likes.

Don't move!


Mosquito! Mosquito! Naughty Mosquito! Lt bites me frequently...

Mosquito! Mosquito! Naughty Mosquito! Lt bites me frequently...

It might have got excited seeing you and bitten you!

Come quickly, my dear... Hit the mosquitoes quickly...

Show me signals, I'm hereto help you...

Who has won the Cupid's ploys?

Mosquito! Mosquito! Naughty Mosquito! Lt bites me frequently...

It might have got excited seeing you and bitten you!

The matter is that... - What is the matter?

When I was sleeping early morning... - When you were sleeping...

My entire body shook up suddenly...

Why? Did brother-in-law disturb you?

You fool! It wasn't him. - Then?

It was a mosquito. - Mosquito?

Dear, are you a smart or stupid husband? If you're good, win over me fully...

I'll defeat you with an arrow of love...

If you're energetic, it's a lifetime offer...

You've made me fall for you...

I'm getting excited the moment I see you... You're a mischievous husband...

I don't know how I am going to tackle you...

Crush me to take out juice. - Oh sure!

Mosquito! Mosquito! Naughty Mosquito! Lt bites me frequently...

It might have got excited seeing me and bitten!

Wait, dear.


Go away, hubby. - Okay.

Come on, dear. - Okay.

Chase out the mosquitoes... - Okay.

You can start cajoling me Inside the mosquito net...

You will fry me like a cutlet...

You will be eager to taste the fruit of pleasures...

Your beauty is pulling me towards you like Tsunami...

Mosquito! Mosquito! Naughty Mosquito! Lt bites me frequently...

It might have got excited seeing you and bitten you!

A lady is taking bath inside.

Good chance. Take a snap.

Hey, don't push me into it. Listen to me.

Take it... - Hey, listen to me. Don't force me.

Excuse me, how long will he shoot your back?

Show your face. - Oh my God!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5... next... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.. - Go, next...

He isn't giving mea space.. - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... enough man, go.

I'll punch him 2 more times. Don't stop me.

5 punches only per person.

If you hit more and what if he dies? Won't the others get disappointed?

Every person in our constituency wants to beat him. Get lost!

400 people are waiting to beat him. - 400?!

Why are you shouting man? - What else can I do then?

Why are you beating me standing in a queue?

Lf a person commits a mistake here,

we give him a public bashing using indelible ink for identity.

You should follow justice for anything... - Stop it!

Move... move... Ink the finger... - Dead body has also been brought...-Get down!

Beat him. - What's this man?

Getting beaten up by old women too? When will it end?

50 persons each day... how many days will it taker400 people?

It will take 8 days.

You have postal quotas too. - Postal quotas too?


Savithri, you know very well that I'm one of the top rich men in India.

I'm frankly asking you...

That is...

That is...

That is...

I'm going start new restaurants in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

I want you be my Chief cook.

Are you shocked? Your life is about to takeoff.

Weekly once fly to abroad.

You have to just supervise cooks and teach them your culinary skills.

You have just test the taste and quality of their preparation.

Do you know your salary and perks? Monthly Rs 25000 Per month!

Agreement is ready. Sign it. Come on... sign it.

What? Shocked? You will be.

You've got a jackpot... No, it's a life for you...

Lt will be hard to believe it. Okay, come and sign it.

Hey, what are you thinking? Not satisfied with your salary?

Okay. I'll pay you monthly Rs 50000. Satisfied now? Come on...

Hello, it's Rs 50000!

Have you ever seen Rs 50 thousand in cash?

Come and sign the agreement.

That's why we should always keep distance with women.

Lf you get a chance, you'll show airs.

Okay... this is your final salary, Rs 75000. No. I'll pay you Rs. 1 lakh.

I'll pay you Rs. 1 lakh a month. Is it okay for you? Come..

She is expecting Rs 1 lakh. She deserves it.

Because He is an expert cook.

Come on... are you mad?

Do you know the value of Rs 1 lakh?

Didn't you lie me that you own billions property in Sumathra island?

You won't be knowing the value of Rs 1 lakh.

You're fit for begging only. Go... Will you agree or not?

Don't reveal it to anyone. I'll give you a share in my profits.

Yes. I'll make you as My business partner.

Come on.. sign it...

I don't want to become your business partner.- Then?

I want to become your life partner. - What?

If you want me to sign agreement, you have to marry me.

I'm a businessman to the core.

But are you trying to get smart with me? Hello, do you know my status?

Billionaires are queuing up to give their daughters in marriage to me.

But are you trying to trap me with mediocrity?

Look, if you insist on marrying you, I'll back out from this deal also.

I was close with her for her 70 billions property she claimed she has.

By starting restaurants worldwide, I can make 70 billions with her cooking skills.

Even in my marriage, I'll get only 20-30 billions.

But if I marry her, I can make 70 billions!

Lf I calculate interest rate for 5 years...

Wow! I'll get monthly interest of Rs 105 millions.

63 billions, principle 20 and 63 interest, Total 133 billions.


Write down...

What happened? - As you were very careful of girls.

What have you seen in this girl and got trapped, sir?

By seeing Idly. - Idly?

Why? Haven't you tasted it?

It's been years since I've seen an Idly.

When I see Idly cloth drying outside, I'll give a stare & reach office.

It's anew experience for me too.

It was very soft like flower. - Leave it, sir.

Some may have it soft... madam has come.

What's this?

As per our agreement, you married me.

I should also follow the suit, shouldn't I?

You agreed to marry me for my cooking skills.

Here's my cooking tips file. Everything is written clearly.

If you have any doubt, feel free to call me at anytime.

I'm ready to explain to your chief cooks. Okay?

Savithri, you are great! Excellent!

What shampoo you are using? - No shampoo...

Hair oil? - No...

Coconut oil? - Yes.

In that... - In that?

I mix all types of herbs... - What? - Herbs...

Oh! Can you please leave my hand? - No...


Lf I leave your hand, you won't remain silent.

What for we have hands then? Just a minute...

Repeat what you said now...

By mixing all types of herbs with the coconut oil...

Hello, Surya here.

I'm going to start my 363rd business.

Do you know what it is? Surya hair oil.

I tell you the formula regarding that... write it down!

I surrendered myself to you...

What sorrows can hurt me, if you go after gold and fame...

Hello, I'm Savithri here.

I surrendered myself to you... - Hasn't he come?

Sir left for London in the evening flight! Lt takes him 1 week to return!

I'm Gayathri speaking. Where are you?

Why don't you answer me, Savitri?

Gayatri! I am in Imax!

Watching a film with my husband. I'll call you later.

I surrendered myself to you...

I'm afraid to move closely with Surya. - Don't worry.

Even Cleopatra can't seduce him. He will put a label and sell her.

When are you going to marry me? - I arranged everything.

Tomorrow we are marrying in registrar's office. Sign here.

Why did you sign it in a hurry? Did you go through it?

Since my love affair with Suryaprakash is exposed,

I'm committing suicide.

Suryaprakash is responsible for my death. Two birds in one shot.

I'm going to destroy Suryaprakash. - Leave me...

You came for a Mosquito Ad,

I suspected her when she made frequent phone calls

I got alerted, when I learnt she was calling you.

For problems, I'm a goon.

I'll accept any punishment. - Punishment?

You know the worst punishment in this world? Forgiveness.

I've forgiven you.

Yeah guys... we have to finalize The material of the plates.

I want you to come out with good ideas.

Yeah what? - Lunch?

Is it urgent now? I'm in an important meeting.

Wife... - Did she call on phone?

Tell her I'm not coming home. - No, she has come here.


She has brought your lunch.

Who asked her to come... excuse me. Giveme5 minutes, I'll come.


Where have you dared to come? Why did you come here?

Who are you? - I'm your wife.

In home only, this is office.

No scope for any relationship in my office.

This office as important to me as temple is for you.

Nobody should come here, why did you come here?

I brought your lunch.

You shouldn't bring lunch here, restrict it to home only.

You're not coming home. - Serve lunch when I come home.

Serve lunch only at home, you're torturing me.

My mood is off.

How can I talk business in this mood?

Lf I do so, my business will get spoiled.

You're disturbing me. You're ruining my business.

I'll respect as God even a beggar if he helps me in business,

but I'll kill anyone who spoils it, I don't mind if it's wife.

You're very angry.

Have food, everything will be alright. - How can I eat this junk food?

The other day you praised this food as excellent.

It was then, it was a businessman who said it,

He can and he will say anything.

The food everyone else relishes, shouldn't I wish my husband too enjoys it?

You mustn't. Now you'll bring lunch,

tomorrow you'll ask me to come home for lunch,

next you'll ask me to take you out for dinner,

you'll ask me to sleep with you and have a child,

and ask me to buy a chilly bajji for you.

There are millions to do it. But I'm not like that.

I'm not an ordinary man, I'm Suryaprakash.

Whether I'm awake or asleep, I see only one man,

Bill Gates!

I'll not rest till I earn a rupee more than him.

After that I'll come home, I'll obey all your orders,

I'll have poison too if you insist. Now get out!

Okay, eat when you come home.

I brought your favourite chicken soup, at least have this.

I said get out!

Hello... is it Mr. Subramaniam?

Sorry sir, please cancel My meeting after lunch.

In a fit of anger I threw the lunch brought by my wife.

Then I came to know that the china plate was made by our company.

It broke on falling from 3 feet, it means it's not strong.

What we discussed today morning is right? Increase the iron content.

Surya plates mustn't break even when it falls from 50 feet.

Only then we'll be the number one in the world, okay?

Yeah... I'll talk to you later.

I sought refuge in you, my dear Kannamma.

Is this what they call as school?

Wow! I missed all this in my life.

You're the catcher, close your eyes tight.- Run... run...

Who are you searching?

We are playing hide-and-seek game.

I've to find all the boys. I don't know where they are hiding.

I'll tell you but you won't betray me, will you?

No I won't.

Give me Rs. 10. - Rs. 10?

I've only 50 paise. - Okay give, I can buy an ice cream.

A boy is hiding behind the tank. - Here?

Won't you believe me?

I'm a responsible man telling you, but you're suspecting me.

I swear on my mother, he's there only, go & check.

One!- Two!

Where? - Behind the bush.

Three! - Oh my God!



They have surrounded me. - Who are you?

Who am I?

Whosoever I maybe, why should I tell you?

When I ask, you've to tell.

Okay, I'll tell, I'm Veerabhadram. - Why did you come here?

My 3 children are studying here,

my wife has sent me here to deliver their lunch. That's why I came.

When you come to deliver lunch, do it and leave,

but you're behaving silly here. - What did I do?

Didn't you do anything?

Idiot! I saw you taking 50 paise to betray 5 students.

You mustn't call me idiot, I'm much older than you.

You didn't behave like one boy! - You want me to call you as sir?

Do you know who I'm? - Who are you?

Have you heard the name 'Goon' Rangan. - Yes.

I'm his illegal child.

My father is eluding police dragnet for30 years to live in hiding.

But you've betrayed his son in 3 minutes.

I can't bear it. - Don't get emotional.

Get me the knife.

This is emotional decision, it's not good for your age.

Listen to me.

I got caught with children playing a childish prank. Please forgive me for my mistake!

Hello... is overheating in the Conference ready?- One minute.


I'm Savithri here, mother-in-law is not well,

You come home immediately. - Okay. I'll come immediately.

Please hold the conference for 1 hour, my mother is not well.

Mother... mother... mother...

Please come.

Where is my mother?

It's nothing... - Where is my mother?

It's nothing... - Where is my mother?

My father and few relatives have come from my place to meet you.

You'll not come if I tell you.

That's why I lied about your mother falling sick.

Sir. - Yeah, I'm Surya here.

Continue the meeting, I'm on the way.

They have left already, saying they will intimate the next meeting.

They have gone? - Yes sir.

They have gone? - Yes sir.

Are you happy now? Why are you torturing me like this?

Rs. 1 billion! He's gone! Don't know if he'll come back or not.

Why are you getting angry on her now?

You married her and her father wants to talk to his son-in-law.

What's wrong in it? - Is this the time to talk?

Is he Bill Gates or Anil Ambani? I can meet him at anytime.

Your marriage didn't have my approval.

Infact my marriage happened against my wish.

Though marriage happened under different circumstances,

there are customs to be followed.

So we have come to invite you to our house.

Your house?

Will you buy another House giving it to me?

No son-in-law, we'll arrange a grand feast for you at home...

Grand feast?

Should I travel 600 kms for a simple chicken?

Do you've brain?

I think he loves brain. Let's buy two goat heads too.

Why are you barking at everyone?

You eloped with our girl and married her.

Forgetting all that, we have to see if you're keeping her happily.

Now I got it.

He hasn't consummated the marriage,

he hasn't had any sexual relationship with me,

you told all this on phone to your people and called them here. Isn't it?

No.-You can do it.

You knocked-me out with four Idlies, right?

All you wish I must touch you and consummate our marriage. Isn't it?

My flight is scheduled at 12.45 pm.

Travelling time from here is 45 minutes,

5 minutes extra for additional traffic,

15 minutes to check in.

I must be there by an hour earlier. So I must start at 11. 45 am

Now the time is 11.35 am.

I've 10 minutes, I'll do whatever you wish in these 10 minutes.

You'll not call a family meeting again for it, right?

Come, I'll do as you wish... come... you asked for this.

Come... come I say. - Leave her.

Are you a human to torture my daughter in my presence?

How dare you shout at me?

Come. - Why are you behaving brutally?

I'll kick you.

Has she survived?

No problem, right? I'm getting late to my meeting.

Don't let such silly things reach me here after. Bye.-Stop.

I managed to save her. But now saving you is more difficult.

We were all at home to take her to the hospital to save her life.

What's the guarantee that she'll not do this again when she's alone at home?

If she leaves a letter citing her husband Suryaprakash is responsible for her death,

Then you may have to spend rest of your life around courts.

You can't get away from courts saying like this.

Have you decided it after giving a good thought?

You're filing a case on her.

What would you do if she files a case against you?

Case? Against me? - Why?

You're running all your businesses with her idea.

If she files a case seeking royalty, it will go in her favour only.

A poor man divorcing his wife is not a big deal.

But a rich man's divorce will become talking point.

It will be debated from media dais to hamlets.

Your image will fade overnight and your soul will lead you to death.

So, no other way, you've to look after business and family.

Daddy bye, we are going to school. - Okay.

What are you looking at? My twin sons. He's Arun and he's Tharun.

No daddy, you've changed the names. I'm Tharun and he's Arun.

Okay, you go. -Bye daddy.

This confusion is normal in my home.

One commits the mistake and blames it on another.

The same boy will take the second chocolate too.

Teacher too gets confused often.

Good morning sir. - Yeah!

You didn't attend last evening's prayer in our office.

Take the offering.

Did you send the agreement to Sivakasi Safire Lithos yesterday?

I sent it sir.

What is this then?

Sir, this is original. I've sent the photocopy of this.


Dr Stephen Raj, who created sensation with human cloning few years back,

is being freed from jail today.

He has successfully produced clones of sheep and horse.

He proved human clone is also possible.

Do you think human clone is wrong? - No.

In this busy world, pair of hands and legs aren't enough for a man.

24 hours isn't enough.

Those who want to achieve in life have to work hard day and night.

They don't have time to look after their family too.

In this situation, a clone could solve many problems,

I've heard of producing a baby clone from a human cell.

Now I understood it's possible to produce a fully grown matured man.

I want business as well as family.

If another Surya is produced from my cell,

He'll take care of my family. And I can take care of business.



I'm a businessman to the core. Repeat it...

I'm core man to business... - It's not like that.

I'm a businessman to the core. Say it.

Say just like I tell...

Look, when you meet them ask, ''How are you? Had your food''?

And say, ''I've reformed and won't get angry anymore''.

You should talk to them gently, okay?

Are you fine? Had your food?

I've reformed and won't get angry anymore.

Please pardon my mistakes. What can I do for you now?

Are you fine? Had your food?

I've reformed and won't get angry anymore.

Please pardon my mistakes. What can I do for you now?

Are you fine? Had your food?

I've reformed and won't get angry anymore.

Please pardon my mistakes. What can I do for you now?

Are you fine? Had your food?

I've reformed and won't get angry anymore.

What can I do for you now?

Sir, I don't want anything.

My husband wants a TVS 50 for a long time.

Sir, you buy it, sir!

You can deduct it from my salary.

Are you fine? Had your food?

I've reformed & won't get angry anymore. - What happened sir?

Oh no! Madam, something is wrong with sir.

Greetings. - Greetings.

I'm Dr. Stephen Raj.

Your son came to me for treatment a week earlier.

There is a huge difference between old Surya and present Surya.

He blabbers a lot...

He repeats... same words... - Yes, keeps repeating same words.

Voice modulation, body language, and speech will be different.

A strict businessman Suryaprakash.

But there's family loving, childish Suryaprakash inside him.

Till now it dormant. It's active now.

There's bound to be confusion when a rider rides two horses at a time.

All of you understand his problem and co-operate with him.

You lose your temper for trivial things.

Today, you seem to be in a happy mood! - Got freedom at last.

Our country got freedom in 1947.

You are the only man to celebrate it now. - Do you know how happy I am now?

My heart as cool as frozen ice. Where are you now?

Inside the car.

I'm here in the car as well as at home.

You mean you're physically here but mentally at home.

I mean I'm here and I'm at home too.

He confused me earlier with nothing but now with here.

Do you know what my house owner told me?

Since you often go on business tours,

he told me to take my own time, finish all business deals

and promised to take care of my family. - It's good.

When we are not at home,

and if someone else takes care of our family, it's a good thing.

When someone else does our job, we can be free, right?

This is not a daily wage job for anyone to do it.

It is a family.

You rascal!

Have you got no sense? Dashing against her intentionally!

You must be punished. - Come on.

Have I got worn out for his gesture?

Have I lost my chastity? - Actually...

There are 100s of girls walking on this road.

But when he chose to dash against me I must be special in some way, right?

Careful sir...

Namitha! - Wow!

Thank God you applied brakes on time.

If you had hit her,

Blue Cross would've arrested you. - Why?

Hitting horses will bring Blue Cross out. - Shut up.

I'm Suryaprakash.

I'm looking out for a beautiful model to act in my advts.

Don't mistake me for making this offer on a road.

Are you interested? - Am I so beautiful?

What question is that!

Grape like eyes. Cherry like lips. Sexy hips.

My judgement won't go wrong. Shall I tell you something?

If you take up modelling, you will be No. 1.

Instead if we make Malayalam movies, we can make a lot of money. -Shut up.

Are you interested? - Sorry sir.

I never thought about it till now.

If I ever plan to act in ad films, I will act in your ads only.

Give her our visiting card. - Take it.

Shall I tell you something?

People carry a kerchief in their hands.

But you are the first lady to make a skirt of it.

I like it, madam.

As I sleep in deep valley of heart...

You made me speak lovable and affectionate words!

If it's boon or curse... You are seen like God among humans!

Though you are not related in anyway... You changed our house as heaven!

Have to ask who you are! You have built temple in all our hearts!

You have reached the mother's laptop... I sacrifice my life for you!

Hello... - Yeah! I'm Suryaprakash here.

I am also Suryaprakash here. Where are you now?

I am in Thailand.

Leaving your mother here, what are you doing in Thailand?

Good! You appear to very sentimental.

What did you tell me before sending here?

You said that family members area hurdle to your business.

I believed you.

But after coming here I met a Goddess like mother.

Your wife who is living for you. Affectionate sister.

Younger sister yearning for your love.

Children who love you as their uncle.

After meeting them, I know you lied to me.

You created me to handle business & family.

For some days I will handle your business.

You take care of the family.

I sent him to act like me. But He is advising me.

The signal is weak. I will call you later.

It is you who is weak, not the signal.

Now my job is to unite you with your family.

I didn't spill intentionally. It spilled automatically on seeing her.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

on seeing Namita's beauty, I invited her to act in my ad films.

She shouldn't mistake me for not selecting her as the Beauty queen.

When a girl feels proud of her beauty, her womanliness vanishes.

Her face & her walk might look beautiful. But her inner beauty is lost forever.

If she discards her pride, she might even win the next title.

He said that I am not beautiful. But I will make him go mad about me.

Mother-in-law wants a baby girl or a baby boy, to crawl in this house.

It is not a big problem.

If we tell this to our doctor,

he will take a cell from your body... - Cell...?

He will tell us a way to get children.

We never consummated our marriage till now.

No first night?

So, he has never touched his wife since marriage.

I pity her.

What are you thinking about?

I had a dream last night. We had 13 children. 7 girls. 6 boys.

All girls are like me. Boys are business minded like you.

The younger one carries a briefcase instead of a school bag.

I felt very happy.

Your dream will come true very soon.

At the same time, Surya's dream should also come true.

What dream is that?

To earn a rupee more than Bill Gates.

I am very happy to see you at home and spending time with me.

That's more than enough for now.

I will wait for you till your dream comes true.

Good night.

Yeah! What are you doing here?

I had a small problem at home. I am drinking to forget my problems.

Can we forget our worries with drinks? - Yes sir.

Give me.- Sir... - Give it I say.

Where do I stay every night? - In the hotel Taj Banjara.

Let's go there.

Now, it's midnight. Why did you come here to see me?

Look buddy... - Buddy...?

Yes Master... - Master...?

Why are talking like a slum dweller? Who taught you to talk like this?

Driver taught me all this while coming in the car.

You idiot! You stupid!

Had drinks with a driver? Are you not ashamed?

Who should feel ashamed?

You make your wife sleep at home alone and spend nights at a hotel.

It is you who should be ashamed. You have no shame.

Look, if you talk too much, I will kill you.

I heard that cloning is a crime bylaw.

And if I let this secret out, you will go to the jail.

This wasn't told by driver. Doctor told me this.

If you shout, I will jump from here.

Tomorrow's paper will carry the news ''Suryaprakash commits Suicide''.

If you tell the public that you are the real Suryaprakash,

police will put you in jail. - Are you threatening me?

I am an elephant. You are an ant.

I can crush you under my legs. - You're right. I agree.

An elephant can crush an ant.

But if the ant climbs up the elephants legs

and enter its ear & starts biting, the elephant is finished.

It won't take much time to hit you back.

Since I am made from your cell, you are my mother now.

You might be not so affectionate towards your mother. But I do.

Look Mr. Suryaprakash..

Your objective is to earn a rupee more than Bill Gates.

Do you know what is my objective?

To make you understand what love & affection is.

to make you a complete man, a perfect husband.

That is my objective.

You are a businessman to the core.

I am a family man to the core.

Your beauty tips the other day were very useful.

I thought you were after your business

But now only I realized that you are after girls.

You are the first man to touch me in my life.

Sorry. I shouldn't have behaved with you like that.

We should have done that in private. - No sir.

What you did there was right.

I couldn't resist your beauty.

That's why I lost sense and crossed the limits.

Crossed limits?

When you have a beautiful wife at home,

why you are after another girl?

Bye. Take care.

Sir..! What's happening? You went that side just now.

How could you come from here? And you changed your clothes too.

That's not a great thing, when you were talking with me,

one of my enemy was looking at us. That's why I didn't talk loud.

So, I went, changed my clothes and came back.

If you want to contact me... Call me over my number!

Hey brother-in-law! you come to meet her? Now I will meet your wife to tell this.

Savithri, I was going home to meet you. Thank God! You are here.

Your husband built a big house for you. And he is going to build a small house.

The work has just started.

I will catch him red handed before he starts mason work. Follow me.

Finish that finance deal.

You changed clothes in just 5 minutes. Good magic.

What's wrong with you? When did I change my clothes?

Why are you disturbing me? Please leave me alone.

My husband doesn't have time to talk to me. How can he talk to other girl?

If you blabber again, I will pluck out your eyes.

When I saw him, he was wearing a T-shirt and talking with her.

But when I came with her, he was wearing a suit & was very angry.

I am confused.

Are you making fun of me?

Just now you shouted at me wearing a suit. I was shell shocked.

And now you changed your clothes and offering me ice cream.

So, he has come back again. - I am very confused.

Namita, today's work load was too heavy. So, I teased you to have fun. Believe me.

Is it true? - Yes.

Have ice cream. Eat.

Want to say something? Go ahead. - I want to piss.

Shall I?

We can have a tie-up with L&T.

Earlier you changed your clothes in 5 minutes. And now you have changed clothes in 2 minutes.

So cute.

Looks like you have some other plans. I am not that kind of a guy.

I am already married. I have a beautiful wife. Got it?

Do you have any sense? The scene is just being repeated.

Why are you showing me the replay of the same scene?

My husband loves me very much. How dare you try to separate us?

Look, if you talk bad about my husband, I will bite your tongue.

Bite my tongue?

Nobody has ever said that before. She is responsible for everything.

Let's get our doubts cleared from her. Stop. Stop I say.

What's happening here?

I too don't know what's happening here.

He often changes his clothes and the way he talks.

Tell me why is he doing it? - I don't know.

You are his brother-in-law, right? You must clear my doubts. I trust you.

I will fulfill your wish. I swear this on my wife. You don't worry. Don't cry.

She's feeling very bad. I must fulfill her wish.

When did you come, my dear? Why are you so furious? Are you running fever?

What did you say!

You said that ''I will fulfill your wish. I swear this on my wife. ''

I am ashamed to call you my husband.

Neither you'll get money nor food from me. Go to your mom's place.

If he didn't like me, he must have left the shopping complex.

Why should he change clothes and talk to me again?

You Namita! I am here to break the relationship between you & Suryaprakash.

What do you think of yourself? Who are you?

Hi Surya!

What do you think of yourself? Who are you?

Will you do me a favour? - What favour?

I measure my body everyday.

Would you note down my measurements today?

Just like a tailor. - Yes.

What should I measure first? - My back.

What happened? -Butted!

Head? - No.

Okay. Stand behind me. - Back

The tape isn't long enough.

It must double, make it single. - Single?


36. - Very good.

Go down.

Not there... little above.

Come! Come! Come! Namitha... Verse takes birth after seeing you!

Hello! Hello! Surya... Every part of the body likes you!

Your tender age and cushion like body tempt me...

The age won't be controlled without produce temptation!

In the valley of romantic waist... And I am hereto fathom your depth...

As you learnt swimming... No worry about depth is needed!

Come! Come! Come! Namitha... Verse takes birth after seeing you!

Hello! Hello! Surya... Every part of the body likes you!

Like an Arabian horse... You jump over so?

Without getting delayed... Get the work done soon!

As your body is like soup... I can't with stand closing my eyes...

Come my angel! My heart gives anything you ask for...

Won't you fulfill my wish?

I am so hot for you... Get everything done when the time favours!

Come on... I am waiting for you! Will I go back as you come?

In the edges of your lips... Nectar bowl is hidden!

Everything here is for you... You once come onto my lap!

Come! Come! Come! Namitha... Verse takes birth after seeing you!

Hello! Hello! Surya... Every part of the body likes you!

I keep 5 cuboids off lowers... and take you along with me!

Kissing on my cheeks... Hold me to get refreshed!

As you tempt me in that way... Will I becalm without doing anything?

Won't I conduct a hip worship for you?

If I give you my hip... you ask me for my lap!

Will you leave me with that? You ask me for some other thing!

I like you very much... You have pinched my heart!

Get ready for the battle then...

I am a big businessman... Don't play business with me!

However big the beetle may be...

However big the beetle may be... It has to rest on the flower!

Come! Come! Come! Namitha... Verse takes birth after seeing you!

Hello! Hello! Surya... Every part of the body likes you!

Is this his office?

Sir good morning. - Greetings.

Hello! Hi! Are you fine?

Is everyone fine at home? Are you children fine?

Work properly.

But don't wish to earn a rupee more than Bill Gates. Sit down.

Don't mistake me, sir. My child is not feeling well.

There is no one at home to look after him.

Please permit him to be here for one day.

Not just one day.

Come to office with your baby. Only then you will get your salary.

Sir, you always come to office in a suit.

Why are you wearing a T-shirt today?

This is my office. I will wear T-shirt or Banian.

Who are you to question me? - Sir! Don't joke, sir.

The day I became your PA, I forgot my wife.

Sir, today is my wedding anniversary.

If you grant me leave for a day, I'll spend time with my wife.

Earlier you beat me for asking leave. Now, you're patting my head?

What else you want me to do then?

Instead of celebrating your wedding anniversary with your wife,

why did you came to the office? - Sir!

Sir, greetings. - Sir, my warm greetings to you...

Sir, your breakfast is ready. All are waiting for you in the meeting.

All our staff are married, aren't they? - Yes, sir.

Then why should they have their breakfast from a hotel?

Ask their wives to come here immediately with breakfast.

Who are they? Are they owners of this building?

Sir, what question is this!

These men are your role models, aren't they?

You fool! Instead of hanging strangers' photos,

can't you hang my mother's photo who is my living Goddess?

Hubby, have some gravy. - Enough.

Have little more. - Serve me more, dear.

Sir, you've completely changed and your working style has also changed.

A wife can tame any man.

Very nice. Only now, it is called an office.

Who hung it? - You only.

What? - You asked me to hang it.

Oh! Is it his job? - Hot meal is ready.

Before it gets cold, please go to dinning room.

Wife? - Your wife.

Oh! Is this also his trick? - Your way is that side...

Why did you come here? This is office.

No family sentiments in office.

This office is as important to me as a temple is for you.

I'm Suryaprakash!

The great businessman, Suryaprakash!

So you said earlier.

Now suddenly you summoned me to office with lunch.

And wished to eat as I serve you.

Who changed you like this? - A mad man!

Wait, first remove your coat and glass. I'm scared to see you like this.

Hereafter wear casuals and come to the office.

Let's see to it later. First serve me food.

Plantain leaf? No plate? - No way!

You're normal now, if I get plate to serve you lunch,

If you get into business mood on seeing it and push it and go on rampage.

Punch dialogue!

Why is everyone delivering punch dialogues today?

Are you fine, my friend?

Never again enter my office. Stop acting smart.

Just now I've started my ploys. I've brought your wife to your office.

Hereafter you should spend time with your family.

You should take them out.

You must kiss your wife. She must get pregnant.

Our mother should become grandmother.

You must be come father and I must become uncle.

Day dreams. It will never come true.

I'm flying abroad tomorrow. - First piss correctly.

Looks like you're struggling hard for along time.

When that's not obeying you, how can I obey you?

- Hey... - Don't shout.

Tomorrow you're not going to abroad.

You're going out with your family. Challenge?

Hey, all of you listen carefully.

I faced insults, hardship and sorrows because of my brother-in-law.

Still haven't reformed, boss?

Who did you say that? - Boss, a general comment.

I'll repeat it. Listen carefully. - Again?

I'll go and have my tea... - Hey, this is different.

Okay then... go ahead.

If I want to upstage my brother-in-law, I've to work hard.

But I wasn't fortunate to do like that.

Else, I have to print counterfeit notes. Government won't permit to do so.

So, I've decided to kidnap one of my family member for ransom.

Good idea! Better you kidnap sister.

You mean my wife? - Yes.

Hey, how dare you say like this!

Why are you always after my wife? What's the matter?

I don't know, boss. Only she is visible.

Can you see only my wife?

Let's take him home & ask my wife to pluck out his eyes. - Okay.

I asked you to give me an idea... but are you eying my wife?

Boss, what if we kidnap your servant maid and keep her for 3 months?

You will make her pregnant. You're planning for that, aren't you?

Aren't you ashamed? Always giving me dirty ideas!

Dirty fellow! Why do you have such cheap ideas?

Boss, your brother-in-law travels worldwide for business.

You're the only man in that family.

So, we will kidnap you and get ransom from him.

He won't give a penny to you.

Already they are planning to bump me off...

Your idea will make their job more easier.

You mean to say that you're a wastrel?

Your death is from my hand. - Leave it, boss.

Shall we kidnap your 3 children? - How can I kidnap my children?

Anyway, they are going to stay with us only, right?

Boss, you always spend your time with children at home.

For a change, let your children spend their time with you.

Suryaprakash, how long you're going to play dual roles?

Hello, who is on the line? - That isn't important.

To solve your personal problems, you've produced your clone.

Don't you know that it's a crime?

Who are you? How do you know about it?

Want to know how I came to know it?

I'm the only man in this world who knows this. I can't hide the truth anymore.

How much you want to stop revealing it?

This evening at 4pm, come to MGM with Rs. 10 crores.

Hubby... - Why are you here?

Why are you asking like this?

Few minutes back, didn't you phoneme and ask us to assemble in MGM?

Oh! These are that clone's tricks. He has fooled me on phone.

Rascal! I'll teach him a lesson.

Who is it?

Oh! Is it you? - What? Feeling giddy?

Are you tired? Have this Badam milk first...

Are you irritated for the child wetting on your face?

It's sprinkling of rosewater to welcome you back into the family.

I had bought 100 acres of land near Pollachi. I was confused on what to do with it.

But when I saw people enjoying here shelling out money.

I've decided to start a Theme Park and mint money.

Now I'll have your soup, man.

When my clone is so clever, how smart can I be?

You're just 3 months old, I'm 30 years old.

Why are you laughing now?

Look there...

They are coming here only...

Now if I don't hide my face, your chapter is closed.

Are you threatening me?

What will happen if they see you? - Nothing will happen.

Your wife will attempt suicide again... Police will arrest you.

Okay. What do you want me to do? - That's like a good boy.

You're staying with Savithri tonight. - What?

Do what I say.

Go man...just now, you had beef tail soup, not mutton soup.

Tonight you will know the magic of beef tail soup.

Watch now the original Surya at his best!

Hubby, not getting sleep? - Shut up and sleep.

What happened to me?

Something deep inside has toughened and making me restless.

Mr. Ambani has adviced not to deviate your attention in such situations.

Today even this doll is amazing.

What's this? Why did you suddenly comedown?

Just to give equal status to my wife, I came down.

What happened to you?

I'll sleep on the cot. You sleep on floor.

No, that is wrong. - No, that is right.

Oh no! Savithri... - Leave me...

Come on... - Please leave me...

Savithri, come on... - Please leave me...

Leave me... - Savithri, come on...

Why? Please.. - Tell me there a son...

Why? You started hotel business for my cooking. I was happy

You started shampoo business with the fragrance of my hair.

I was proud for your business acumen.

You started facials business after seeing me using turmeric facials.

I was silent then too.

Now if I sleep with you...

What's the guarantee that you'll not start a pornography business with this?

Is it you? - Boss, any role suits you perfectly.

Particularly you're great in this costume. Spiderman was a saviour till now.

You're the first Spiderman to kidnap for ransom.

You look nice in this getup.

But you've worn your underwear over by mistake.

Is it important now?

It's been longtime since my children were kidnapped.

Stop wasting time.

Phone my brother-in-law and demand Rs. 30 millions for each child.

Why are you looking down? - Who is answer able if you fall down?

Spiderman is hereto save us, isn't it?

Only I know the difficulty of wearing this dress. Sit quietly.

Boss... - What happened?

Our plan failed. - What happened?

There was a small mistake. - Wait a minute. Go that side and play..

What happened?

I phoned your brother-in-law and asked, Are you brother-in-law of Veerabhadram?

Do you know what he replied for that..?

He said, Yes' and asked me, ''How did you get my cell''?

From which cell you dialed his number?

From this cell, boss.

You sinner! This is his phone. How did you get it?

You only asked us to keep it while changing your dress.

Oh my God! By mistake I gave his cell to you.

Hey, it's ringing... pick up the call..

Boss, He is only calling. - Oh no! What am I to do now?

Shall I switch on the speaker?

You may hear his shouting at me. - Let's all hear it and enjoy.

Is it Suryan FM to listen and enjoy?

Boss, lets hear it. Keep quiet. He is here only. Talk to him.

Hello brother-in-law... - Yes...

How are you? - Okay.

I heard that you've taken children out in Spiderman costume.

Yes, for a change, I came with them for an outing.

Use a different costume every week and take children out, okay?

You stupid fellows! I planned for a kidnap. But you've made me a tourist guide.

Sir, are you ready to talk with the Minister? Let's have a rehearsal.

Minister, are you fine? Had food? I've reformed now.

Hereafter I'll be good.

Tell me, what can I do for you? - Sir, stop it.

It was like a student talking to his teacher.

You're going to meet Minister of Dairy development.

Dairy Development means?

To develop dairy and it's products.

Milk means? - Milk...

What it means? - Don't you know what is milk?

It is white moon. - Moon means?

Don't you know moon? Sir, this isn't fair on your part.

If Minister sanctions our project, we can start a dairy farm & settle in America.

Minister may go out. Come fast..

Surya doesn't come home when he's in India.

If he goes to America...

Then, Savithri's life will become a question mark.

Let me put a full stop to his dairy business.

Why Minister hasn't come yet?

Maybe getting ready... - Let's go and see...

Sir, Minister is a lady.

So what? Let's go... - Sir, why are you in a hurry?

She is the Minister for Dairy Development.

She will have copious dairy products and walk in majestically.

Greetings to Cow Goddess. - Greetings. Sit...

Madam, everybody calls you as Baby Kamadenu'

What's the reason for that?

I crawled on four up to age8, so I was called as Baby.

I still feel you're crawling on all four.

You've grown up now, haven't you? Why don't you cut Baby' from your name?

Since I became Minister for Dairy Development. Baby is linked with the milk.

So, I didn't cut Baby' from my name. You please have your milk.

What's this madam? Is it for drinking or to purify Deity?

Don't you have a small glass? - No...

Our custom is to offer jar full of milk to guests.

Jar is broken so, this glass.

Please have it. - Have it, sir.

Thank you.

Was your growth by birth or in recent years?

No... I belong to a politicians' family.

I didn't mean that. I heard that you've a good voice.

Yes. I used to sing well in my childhood days.

In fact singer Chitra once said I have big future.

Her words became true.

Why are you talking about unnecessary things?

Talk about our project. Sir, please be serious.

About project? - Yes...

Seriously? - Yes...

Watch now..

Why are you whistling now?

Madam, you're a Minister for Dairy Development, aren't you?

So He is greeting you with whistles.

Sir, you respected even a beggar while fixing a business deal.

Why are you misbehaving with a lady Minister?

Please behave decently.

Really? - Yes.

Oh my God! Madam, don't get angry.

He starts winking on seeing something very huge, it's his weakness.

That's his hobby, Madam, what is your hobby?

Watching movies.

Come on, let's go to night show then.

Let's watch a Shakila film. - Sir, please...

Have you come herewith a goal?

If I leave, you may pinch her waist. - Good idea!

Sir... - I'm going to pinch her.

Leave me... -Ouch...

If you say Ouch, I'll say Ah Aah'.

Cloning! Cloning! He executed his plan...

His action turned a beast into a human...

Brother! Brother! Rich brother... Play all your games by now!

Every business man is a family man...

Don't forget and leave the blood relation and other relations...

Brother! Brother! Rich brother... Play all your games by now!

Sir, tell me the reason for your all new business ventures falling flat?

I love my family more than my business now.

I'm going to wind up my businesses and stay happily with my family.

Don't you want to become number one?

I'm not interested in numbers game. Don't reveal this secret to anyone...

I've a hell lot of black money.

If Income Tax dept. conducts raids and takes away all my money,

It will give me peace.

Why are you publicly claiming about black money?

What's wrong with you? - Recently I've gone mad.

I don't know what I'm talking. I'll face my destiny.

Any message to the people?

I want to tell you all one thing...

If you go after money forgetting your family...

I won't spare you.

Hey, it's for you only. Got it?


A clone produced from my cell,

has identical complexion, weight and height.

But he differs in character.

My aim is to make money.

But he longs for affection. Why is it so?

You spent your childhood days away from your family

But as soon as he was born, he was sent to your house.

A child imbibes what it sees around.

Likewise, he was packed with your family sentiments and emotions.

We should completely destroy that emotional feeling from him.

That's why I called you here.

That is impossible. I'm just a doctor.

He seems to be a bigger problem than him.

Look sir, I called you hereto discuss about an important matter.

Don't worry about cost.

Take a cell from my body and produce another clone Surya.

Another one...? Then what about him?

No other go.

You kill him. - No...

It's result of30 years. He was the result of my 30 year penance.

A child born naturally to man and woman is common.

But a child born scientifically is God's own child.

Do you want me to kill him?

He threatened you to send you to jail, if you trouble him..

I'll do what he said.

If you spend time with us at home without going to office,

won't you incur losses? - So be it.

You will lose all money, won't you? - So be it.

What will you do for living? - Let's work & earn.

What did you say!

You stopped going to office now. Why are you asking others to find a job?

It means you must find a job. - Me?

It's not an easy job to stay idle all day. It must be in one's blood.

Only then it is possible to stay idle.

Better to die rather than being idle. - Yes.

Why should I die when I've a earning brother-in-law, and a beautiful wife like you?

You always flatter me with your sweet talk.

That's good news! - What was that?

4th one...?

My horoscope says I'll have 7 children.

I swear on my grandparents I will have all 7 children.

How dare you! Lakshmi...

Your Guru Kasi Viswanathan whom you were eager to meet

is passing through Chengalpattu to attend a temple function.

You can meet him if you go immediately.

Wearing T-shirt again? I know.

You'll say it is your wish. - No.

Then? - I will come naked to office. Shut up.

Who is Kasi Viswanathan? Why am I eager to meet him?

Whenever you wear a T-shirt, you forget everything.

And I have remind you everything. Kasi Viswanathan is your role model.

You have his photo hereto become like him. Have you forgotten it?

I didn't forget anything. I checked whether you still remember it or not.

How would you convey this message if I am not here?

I would've called your phone. - Then call my phone.

Why should I when you are here? - I am here but I don't have my phone.

You are right. I am an idiot.

Is it?

There your uncle is... that side!

You go and prepare lunch... Hey... boys! Come on... What dear?

I'm Suryaprakash. Do you remember? That day...

You are Mr. Surya! How come you are here?

You wanted to talk for 5 minutes then... You can talk for 30 minutes today!

Hey boy... Open the dicky! - Sir, please don't mistake me.

You area big shot. How could you find time to spend with your family?

I live only for these few days. Take this. Do you know something?

My entire clan makes it to this function every year. Take this.

We are one big family. We sing, dance & enjoy.

We play cards all night. Come here.

Take this. Cut onions for Biryani.

When you are so involved with your family,

How could you achieve success in your business?

You are confusing family with business.

I've never visited office in the last6 years. I see all files at home.

In fact, I get great business ideas while playing with my grand children.

Bhuvana... - Yes, father-in-law...

Get me green chilies. - Is it for Raitha?

Yes. Get fast. Only then it will soak well.

4 years ago you were No. 1. Why couldn't you recapture the place?

I don't believe in No. 1, No. 2,wealth, posts. I hate competition!

My path is unique. I was called No. 2 in 2000,

.. No. 6 in 2004, ... Now I am again called No. 1 in 2007!

This keeps changing every year.

Because the numbers are given by them.

But I remain husband to my wife,

...father to my children, and grand father to my grand children.

This will never change. Because I have attained this. This is forever.

I started doing business when I was 9. Now I am 52.

I neither drink nor smoke. But I've one bad habit. Love.

I'm slave to love. Biggest intoxication in world is love.

It is a pleasure. Let me enjoy it. Let's go.

Why do you waste time to prick ears and tonsure the head?

Central Government has passed a G.O very recently.

To provide a free computer to every class in schools & colleges.

It has invited tenders from private companies to manufacture millions of computers.

If we could get this contract, we can reach the world.

If we could reach the world, my dream will come true.

This is the list of companies and their quote for the tenders.

There is one Mr. Suryaprakash. He must have seen this list long back.

Now our only job is to pull one of his men to our side.

None of his employees will betray him.

Jesus Christ was betrayed by his own disciple for 30 silver coins.

Find the black sheep in his company.

This tender will be given to the company that quotes lowest.

Ramachandra group of companies. Cost of one computer is Rs. 13,500.

Hari Software, Rs. 12,500.

Surya group of companies, Rs. 10,000.

Sanjay group of companies, Rs. 9,999.

Sir, one minute... We have to open the sealed cover!

Aditya Software Pvt. Ltd., Rs. 9,998. This company's proprietor is...

...Mr. Suryaprakash.

What runs is your body is blood. What runs in my body is business.

I'm 100%... - Businessman.

Are you shocked?

If I didn't accept your money,

Not only that, I acted as a traitor to know your quote.

I'm a dog not a black sheep. A faithful dog.

Excuse me, sir. I'm a close relative of your wife Savithri.

The last date for filing the tender was 16th, i. e. Saturday.

But we got your tender on 18th, i. e. Monday.

The only reason for you to get this tender is not me.

It was your father-in-law.

Please forgive me.

I wanted you to be No. 1. So, I fell at his feet to get this tender for you.

Kick me as you like. I don't mind it.

But I've one wish.

I want to play with my grandchild before I die. That's enough.

Only way to become a businessman, is to kill your brother-in-law Suryaprakash.

Make sure you don't leak my name.

He enjoying it.

Lifting his hand too! - Yes!


You idiots! You have bought a body spray instead of chloroform.

Why are you waiting for chance when it is here?

Who is waiting for a chance? Where is it?

It is a proverb. - No proverbs. Tell me the plan.

Shall we suffocate him with a pillow? - Do that.

God, help me in my efforts! - Oh!

Why did you hit me?

Put that on his face & not on his chest. You pig!

You do the job. You are very lucky. That's an excuse for you guys.

My hand is locked. Help me. Help me, boys.

Catch his legs. Don't lift my legs. Put me down.

Give me that body spray. Why did you lift my legs?

Everything was done for you.

Now the time is 11:40. - So what?

Bad time starts at 2.00 O'clock. - What does it have to do with this?

If we kill him at that time, we can blame it on God of Death.

And escape. - Is that so?

What should we do till then? - Let's watch TV.

Let's play cards. - Let's booze in the bar near by.

Are we here to kill someone or on a holiday? Idiots!

Go & sit there. I will call you at 12:05. Come & finish the job. Okay?

Stop playing like kids. Eat.

Here you take...

How are you? - Fine.

Sorry. I couldn't attend his funeral. - It's alright.

Many people attended his funeral. Our only son was in abroad on business.

He couldn't get visa in the last moment.

So, he didn't come to perform his father's last rites.

Every parent wants his son to perform his last rites.

What's use of earning millions? He wasn't lucky enough.

I wonder whether I will be lucky enough. Bye.

It's been so long. Where did he go?

My flight is at 11:30 tomorrow morning... To India? Me?

Why should I comeback to India? I will settle down in America.

No more coming back to India. Only abroad.

What? My family?

I never had any attachment towards my family.

I just act as if I am attached to it.

I have many faces. But my objective is one.

To achieve my objective, I will wear any of those faces.

Because I am a 100% businessman!

Look here... I advise you as your family doctor!

In your current health condition... Even a single pill is dangerous to you.

Our only son went abroad on business. He couldn't get visa in the last moment.

So, he didn't come to perform his father's last rites.

No more coming back to India. Only abroad.

Ding dong bell. Pussy is in the well.

Who put her in?

Ding dong bell. Pussy is in the well.

I'm coming.

What is it? Tell me mother.

You will leave me tomorrow morning. But before that, perform my last rites.

What are you talking? Where am I going? I am going to stay here.

Do not lie. I heard you talking on phone.

So, he too came to the hotel.

She heard him speaking on phone & got confused.

I lied for someone else. - Don't lie to me.

Money is more important to you than your mother.

What are you saying? Money can buy anything.

But not a mother.

It can't buy a mother's love & affection. It can't buy this smile.

We can buy anything with money... But not a mother's love...

We can buy anything with money... But not a mother's love...

There can be 1000s of relations... But none is equal to a mother...

There can be 1000s of relations... But none is equal to a mother...

Who brought us to this world? It's Mother who is none other than god...

Who brought us to this world? It's Mother who is none other than god...

We can buy anything with money... But not a mother's love...

Even if she starves... she gives milk to her child...

She gets excited on seeing the child's face...

She feels happy seeing her child playing...

And she pours her love and affection on us...

She helps us walk & reach for the moon...

She bites her child's nails... And eats her child's remains...

She helps her child's teeth to grow...

Who brought us to this world?

It's Mother who is none other than god...

We can buy anything with money... But not a mother's love...

When a plant comes out of the earth... it's like giving birth to it...

If you're in pain, it's earthquake to a mother's heart...

Earth revolves around the sun...

Mother's love revolves around her child...

She enjoys the pleasures of caressing her child...

She will be the root cause of every child's growth...

What else do we need! A mother's lap is a heaven...

What else do we need! A mother's lap is a heaven...



Mother... Savithri... Mother...

I'm very happy today. Do you know why?

I was born in a remote village in India.

Today I've opened a very big computer manufacturing company in Delhi, India's capital!

My struggle to reach this place has succeeded.

Everyone has come. They are calling you.

You go. I will come.

He is irritating me.

Surya is coming to Madras from Delhi. We must kill him.

A funeral procession in the middle of the road.

This system must be changed. Only then our country will develop.

I'm friend of Suryaprakash speaking. What happened to his mother?

The body was taken to cremate just now.

Look, I am on an important matter. Please don't disturb me.

Look, my mother is dead.

I am going to see her for the last time. We can talk later. Please leave me now.

What if your mother died? I will send you too along with your mother!

My mother...?

My mother...?

There was bus accident today. Many bodies were cremated.

How will you find your mother's body?

Mother... Mother...

I ignored you whenever you wanted to see me.

You have ignored me when I wanted to see you.

I wanted to see you. Where are you, mother?

I've transferred all my wealth to my Mother's Trust.

Use the money for good social work.

Where will you go?

You have won. You finally made a stone melt.

You've turned a beast into human. Your job is over.

Yes, doctor.

The moment he realised that love & affection is more important than money,

my job is over then.

So... - So..?

Only you know about Suryaprakash of 2 numbers.

No one should ever know about that.

So... - So..?

Kill me, doctor. - You idiot!

Stop talking like a mad man.

Only if you go that house, people will know about 2 Suryaprakashs.

Don't go to that house. - How is that possible?

Who am I? Why did you create me?

Why did you send me to that house?

Why did they pour their love & affection on me?

I never acted. I lived.

They also believe that Surya has changed.

If they know that I am not Surya, they can't bear it.

And I can't live without them.

So, kill me, doctor. - Stop it. You have no affection.

If you were a human, you must have had affection. You are a machine.

Curse me. But don't ever say that I've no affection.

You said you can't live without them.

But never said that you can't live without me.

You have no affection.

Darling... Darling - Have you come?

Here it is! Keep it in my tresses. - Flowers!

No! No! I will keep... I will keep!

Darling... - Let's go!

You are more beautiful than before!

Girl on the lap... flowers in tresses! ... worn saree!

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