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Ton Ruk Rim Rua - Episode 2 Full - [Eng Sub] with English subtitles  

Nalin is the the idea owner.

What is that?

As I said... You are not the idea owner.

You are just the presenter.

The idea owner is...

Sorry, I'm late.

Sawatdee ka, P'Nuka


Hello, Bau

Let me introduce.

This is Khun Yoshita.

She is the new creative team leader at Pathara Advertising.

And the idea owner for this project.

That is... Stealing work.

And the theif.

Doesn't they fell ashamed?

That's right. I really want to see her face.


Let me introduce new creative team leader.

Khun Yoshita.


How did she come here?

I have a gift for you.

That's Khun Bau's lost wallet.

Why is it with Khun Arnuka?

Not the time to ask.

It was dropped in my husband's car.

Khun Arnuka, you misunderstood.

Bau & Khun Pran don't


I heard enough from Pran.

I can't believe it.

A woman with brain, like you.

Will try to get a man drunk.

To blackmail him.

And want shortcut to promotion.

Someone like me, trying to get Khun Pran drunk?

I understand.

That you didn't get any promotion for a long time.

You may have lost some senses.

I don't want to tell Khun Arnuka.

But your thought is inappropriate.

You are a big lier.

Bau, don't.

Calm down. Don't

This is too much.

Let me tell you.

I really like your work.

Too bad... You won't be the team leader.

Let's go Pran. I have meeting in Singapore.

Here is your purse.

Having a talented person like you, working for Pathara Advertising.

We rank 3rd now.

Next, we will become...

The 1st ranking company.


That Nong Tang-Kwa return quickly. Before I give the title to Nalin.

Thank you P'Nuka for letting me be the creative team leader.


Tank-Kwa took Bau's position.

Wow! So what?

Hmm... Goodness.

Let's go.

Khun Arnuka.

Khun Arnuka.

They already went down.

Push it. Quick. Here it come.

Push down. Close it.

Excuse me.

Go... go.

Excuse me.

Khun Arnuka.

Khun Arnuka.

Move away. Before I call security to throw you out, like Manunya.

Khun Arnuka, listen to me first.

It's impossible for me to mess with Khun Pran.

Why not?

Because I already have a boyfriend.

What are you saying?

I already a boyfriend. And we will get married soon.

Do you think I'm stupid, Nalin?

If you have a boyfriend...

And getting married. Do you think, I will believe you?

But I'm telling the true.

We are planning for our wedding.

Do you dare to prove it?

I do.

Good. Bring your Groom-to-be with wedding invitation on Monday.

If you get married for real, I will return your position as a wedding gift.

But if I find out...

That you lie...

Get ready to say good bye to Advertising Industry.

I have to apologize, Bau.

That your work & your position.

It's mine now.

Tang-Kwa, what did I do to you? Why do you keep messing with my life.

You know why.

Can we catch them?



Where is your boss? I will clear thing up with her.


Is it because of you again?


Bau! Bau!


- Move - Bau!



You sound so mean. You must be real mad.

Do you think if you do this, I will marry you?

It's not about marriage.

It's satisfying.

As for our wedding.

If you are still stubborn.

Then, you can wait and see. What will happen?


Bro, Making another person lost her job. She called it satisfying.

She is scary.

I feel pity for P'Bau. How is she now?

- Mom. - Nong Jung.

Sawatdee krub.

Are you obedient today, son?

Sawatdee ja.

Let's get inside. I have snack ready.

- Yes. Let's go. - Jung, are you hungry?


Let's get into the house.

Don't worry.

Everything has a way out.

Way out?

What is this?

- Earpiece - Snack is here.

Food is almost ready. Eat some snack first.

Thank you. Cool orange juice.

Bau, orange juice.

I don't want it.

Another cup?

Why are you so stressed? Can't come up with work idea?

It's nothing. You should go back to the kitchen.


Nong Bau.

I heard you have a friend, opening an architect company.

Can you introdue me?

Rin made me stay home with our son for 3 years.

I want to work now.

Khun Pope. Why are you asking now?

Eh? Can't I ask?

No. Bau is having argument with that friend.

- Go. - I will go back to kitchen now.

Nong Bau, after you reconcile...

Don't forget to introduce me.

Khun Pope!

Excuse me.

You don't want to eat anything?

Bad timing.

Bau, I can't stand it. If you don't have the courage, we will never understand.

Tell me. Who is Tang-Kwa?

Why is she so mad at you to treat you like this?

And Khun Kob, how is he involved?

The true is... Tang-Kwa & I. We don't have anything against each other.

But everything is like this. It's because...

Why so many?

Love letters for your fanclub.

And this. From Nong Tubtim

This? Which man play with doll?

Give it to you. Take it as birthday gift.

Goodness. You don't invest in anything.

- Ouch! - Kob

Kob, where are you?

Goodness. When grandma & aunty is not here, you bring girls into your house?

What girl? None.

- Are you sure there is none? - I'm sure.

Bau... Bau. Don't go in.

Oh... You said there is no girl.

What is this?

This. She is not a girl. She is Tang-Kwa.

What is happening, Kob?

Who is she?

And what are those letters?

Oh, letter?

Love letter from Kob's fanclub.

What fanclub?

Since you delivered it.

Take it back. Because Kob doesn't want it.

How do you know? Maybe Kob want to read.

Kob. If you read, I will be mad.

See? Kob doesn't want to read them.

Then, tell Kob to return them.

Bau! Bau!



Tang-Kwa. Stop! Stop! Stop!


Apologize to Bau now.

You think she's better than me?

I tell you to apologize.

I won't apologize.

I'm warning you.

You cannot see anybody better than me.

Or you will be in trouble.


I never mess with Kob.

He keep messing with my life.

In the end, I'm in trouble.

All my bad luck starts with Kob.

We found P'Bau.

Nong Bau

Let me give you bribe you with Fried Garlic Frog (Kob).

Khun Pope. Why talk about Kob (Frog) now?


You don't like Kob?

Right. Kob is no good. Always give me bad luck.

Nong Bau, calm down.

Let's arrange the dinner table. Let's go. We are hungry.

We will be there. Such headache.

Bau, calm down.

This is all Tang-Kwa's fault.

She is crazy & jealous.

When Kob ignores her, she throws temper at you.

We can't give in this time.

I won't give up.

That's why I told Khun arnuka. I will get married.

So we pair up again in next life.

Keep those words for Tang-Kwa.


Are you sneaking at someone showering?

No. I'm not sneaking. I'm here to...


Oh, really?


Oh, Bau


Tell us.

Why are you waiting for Bau?

What can it be? A man waiting for a girl.

Sneaking to meet. Meeting with love.

At this time...

Bau doesn't want to see with me with love. She only want to see me in accident.


This mean... You caused some trouble for Bau?

Eh! Does it has anything to do with Tang-Kwa.

Hmm... Mom.

It's tiny. I just need to lure her with food. She will be fine, as usual.

Kasidith confirm.

Can we believe you?

Too many mosquitoes. I will take shower & sleep.

Bau! Bau!


Where did you go, sister?

Bau! Today, my mom made fried fish. Your favourite.

Do you want to eat together?


I also have sweet palm. I peeled it with my own hands. So refreshing.


You are not talking? You need the secret weapon.

Still no? No?


Stop playing like a kid.

Hey... You are talking now.

Kob, I'm getting fired. You don't feel any guilt?

Hey Bau, We also have Sour Soup. I made the curry paste myself. Grandma recipe.

Let's eat.

Kob. You are always like this.


Let go.

What do you want to do next?

I will do everything to get my position back.

You need my help?

No need.


Let's talk first.

Let go.

- The door. - Why are you still upset?

- Let's talk first - Let me go.


Closing? Bau!



Mom, Dad.

Hmm... Lure her with snack. And she will forgive you.?

Tell me the true. What happen?

My super boy.


What's it, Kob?




Kob! Open it now.



I told you.

Clear it up with Tang-Kwa.

See? Bau is in trouble.

I'm sorry.


Tomorrow, it's Grandma 3 years anniversary. Bau's family will be there.

How can you look at her face?

You must apologize to Bau.

And help her get back her job.


Parents bullying Kob, Ahh!!!

Bau, do you remember? Today, 3 years ago, it was your wedding day with Kob.

Wedding what? It's divorced day.


Bau, Go see if uncle Puth and aunt Komara are here. They might need helping hands, carrying things.

- Mom - I will do this myself. Go have a look.

The stair are steep.


Help me hold it. So heavy.

Sawatdee ka, uncle/aunt.

- Bau!

Goodness. Kob.

I dropped it.

Open your mouth.

I told you to open your mouth.


Hold it. So you don't drop it again.

Deserved it.

Khun Nun, Khun Charuth, Sawatdee ka.

Sawatdee ka/krub.

You are here.

Here we come.

Some snack.

Yes. Let's arrange it outside.

Making merit for own mother. Still late.

Early morning.

Hey... Flawing her son like this. Be careful. Grandma will be break you neck.



Khun Puth!

Are you serious?

Serious what?

I only yelled a little.

Look at him.

- Why did you scare me. - Don't

- Just fooling around. Why so scare? - Enough. This is temple

Go... go.


I'm scared.

Eh! You found a boyfriend for me?

Who is he?


Okay. See you in the evening.

I know. See you.

What are you doing?

Get yourself out of trouble first. Before minding other people business.

- Red eyes. - Let's open the big one.

Put in shrimp?


I got it first.

I got it first.

You saw it. I grab it first.

I saw. But I grab it first.

- What? Me first. - Look at him.

- Khun Puth. Let go. - Enough. Lightly.

That's ok.

- Give it back to me. -Goodness, Khun Puth.


Enough. Calm down.

- Being so childlish - It's used. Dirty now.

Take that.

- Goodness. Look! - Calm down.

- How do we do it now? - Keep cool.

Today, we are making merit for Grandma. Be joyful.

I believe Grandma will be very happy to see all of us here.

And Grandma will be happy if we love each other.

Especially, Kob & Bau.


Do you need any help?

Good. Come.

Chop that.

Bau! Bau! Bau!

What's up?

Just tell him if you have anything.

There is nothing.

Put the knife away.

It's dangerous.

- Fine. I thought there is something.

Come here.

Arrange the fruit.

Here we come.

Kob, I will help you fufil your wish with Bau.

Why not give to another monk?

I want to give with you. In our next life, we can be born together again.

Keep those words for Tang-Kwa.

Is that Grandma Yorsang's grandchildren who got married 3 years ago?


How is it? How many children do you have?

I want a dozen. But Bau won't let me.


They got divorced.

Oh, if grandma is still here. She will be sad.

When she came to invite me.

I'm so happy. I'd been waiting for them to get married for a long time.

Though, they don't love each other yet.

One day, they will know. If something happen,

They will think of each other first.

Because they cannot be without each other.

Grandma may have made a mistake.

I don't know if she made a mistake or not.

Nobody know... Except the two of you.



Is it okay to do this?

Bau, if we don't do this, who will you show to khun Arnuka?

You don't have a lot of time, she's coming back in two days.

I'm just not happy about it...

I haven't met p'Anat for a long time. And to ask him to be my boyfriend all of a sudden...

we won't look close.

Bau, if you want someone who's close to you, I have someone to recommand for the role.


Khun Kob.

I mean it. Don't forget that your fake boyfriend act can't last more than 3 months.

Everything must end before khun Tin's return.

That man must not have a big mouth or think of blackmailing you afterward.

Khun Kob is the most suitable. He's trustworthy, close and he wants you good.

I'm telling you here, p'Rin

I will never choose Kob.

I'm confident that p'Anat will do.

He's here!

- P'Anat! This way-- - Stop!

Don't butt in my couple business.

Hey! Anat!

You're avoiding me because of that girl?!

Take it easy...

Take it easy? The hell! How can I take it easy when that girl is snatching my man?!

- Let's go outside...- Let's just talk here!

Seriously, can't you get yourself a man? Remember my face! He's mine!

Bau, I think Anat...

won't do.

He seems okay.

Make the appointment for tomorrow. Right now, I just need one urgently.

Because there's no time left.

Thank you.

I wish this man will be okay!

Looking for more just in case...

You think I don't know what you're up to?

You underestimate me!

You're looking for a man?


Bau! Here! Hurry up.

Today, I brought 4 guys for you to choose.

You'll get a husban-- boyfriend for sure.

Let's go inside.

No need to rush.


Where are you going?

Tang-kwa! How come you're here?

Handsome, good looks, with education.

He seems trustworthy. I think he'll do.

Tang-kwa. Tang-kwa!

Please excuse me, I have to--

Kob. Dad wants to meet you today.

You have to meet him.

Apologize to him for me... I really have something important...

What can be more important than talking about my daughter's wedding?

Is that him?



What are you doing here?

What the hell you're doing here?!

I... I came to buy coffee...

Buy coffee? You're sure?

Who are you meeting?

I happen to meet some friends...

Tell me the truth! Who are you meeting?

I met some friends from school...

Which friends? Why I don't know them? Tell me the truth!

- I'll go buy coffee...- Come out!

Let's clear things!

He said he wasn't married yet when we talked...

Not married doesn't mean he doesn't have someone.

I'm naive, I don't know...

So, when are you going to marry Tang-kwa?

As soon as possible.

When will your parents come to propose?

The parents aren't important.

We'll marry as soon as we're ready.

Tang-kwa, I think you should let him answer.

Dad. Whether I answer or him, it's the same.

I've never thought about getting married.


You know well that my father isn't just anyone.

Before speaking,

think of your future.

- We'll get married next mont-- - Good bye.

Kob! Kob!


Really, Kob! Refusing the daughter of a Mafia... will I get crushed?

That was your nice guy? He was molesting the waitress! If Bau chose him, he'd be done for sure!

What are we gonna do now? Khun Arnuka is coming back tomorrow!

I have no invitation, and no boyfriend!

Have you found a man to trick your boss yet?


It's not your business!

Poor me! My wife is unfaithful!

Kob! You're at it again!


Please look at her, the one in jeans with the blue shirt!

She's unfaithful and is seeing another guy!

Stop it Kob!

Because of whom am I in this state?!

Go back to Tang-kwa and leave me alone!

Stop there, Bau!

You have to promise me you won't meet your fling again!

Stop meeting your fling!

No! Tonight, I have to find myself a man!

I won't let you!

I will do it! What are you gonna do?




Are you hurt?

Look, Bau. You underestimate this college soccer player.

Just a bike, I can avoid it~

Good! I'll go look for a guy then!

Bua! Stop!


I thought you'd be busy making your wedding card.

I always get unlucky when I'm near you!

Hurry and bring your wedding card

to exchange with your job. I really want to give it back to you.

You even need a wedding card?

Go ahead! Tell her what I'm up to! Then my career will be destroyed for good.

Let's go, Tang-kwa.

Don't play with me if you don't wanna get another surprise.


You're so desperate that you're taking a nobody to be your boyfriend?


That picture looks familiar.

off course, it's familiar. When Bau is mad, he's always waiting like this.

Same question. Why are you here, son?

- Kob - Same answer

I'm exercising.

Wrong. I'm not exercising.

I come... To look at the moon.

Today is waning moon. There is no moon.



I give up.

I'm waitng for Bau.

Goodness. He confessed.

Did you do anything to make Bau mad again?

It's okay. He will bring snack for Bau.

And Bau will forgive him, as usual.

Kasidith confirmed.

This time. Even with whole bucket of snack, she will ignore.

There is Tang-Kwa. And find a man to fool her boss.

All this. It's my fault.

This time. In addition to ignoring me...

Bau might even chop my head with a knife.

Kob Ja!

Sound so sweet.

Does that mean Bau forgive Kob?

Or she got so mad, she went crazy?


Uncle/Aunt. Can I get permission to take Kob to my office?

- Let's go, Kob. Sawatdee ka. - Ja

Let's go. Go drive.

To the office.

In the car. Hurry or we will get traffic jam.

Did she go crazy for real?



Honestly asking you. Why are we going to my office?

You want to know?

I want to know.



Not telling. Keep driving.

It's your chance. Keep bullying me?

Who get you as girlfriend, he's so unlucky.

Eh? Where is daddy?

Don't you have a meeting in Singapore?

Why do you not fly over tonight?

Stop getting involved with that guy.

Tang-Kwa. I withstand this guy for too long.

Who am I?

Why do I have to withstand a nobody? Talking back at me.

For him to reject my daughter.

Stop getting involved with him.


I won't stop involving with Kob.


Don't you see?

He never want to marry you.

Have some pride.

Daddy. Love has nothing to do with pride.

Daddy, Love has nothing to do with pride.

I love Kob.

Daddy, don't understand.

Just take it as...

My wedding with Kob will happen.

If Kob doesn't want to do anything, fine.

I will handle everything myself.

Thank you daddy.

For your precious time.

Talking about this topic.


Listen to me.

Khun Arnuka.

I have an urgent matter to talk to you.


Here. This is my office.

Can you tell me now? What are you doing here?

Your office is so big.

But you just finished school. Opening an office like this. Will you have customer?

Look down on a professional like me?

Let me tell you. When I was in school, I help the senior, working.

When I come back, they send me their job.

So I have connection.

With connection, I can find more customer.

That's all.

Sound like... You almost have some usefulness in you.

How about the computer & printer? Is it working yet?


What are you doing? You didn't tell me yet.

Making card.



You mean the wedding invitation for your boss?


Does that mean you found a groom?


Where did you find him?

By roadside.


You have no way out. You find some homeless guy to be your boyfriend?


And he's rude, bad-mount, stubborn. Look awful. Nothing good at all.

Who is he?

You want to know? Make the card quick.

When we put down the groom's name, I will tell you.

Who is he?


Yes Mom, it's urgent work. I have to finish it.

Tell dad. No need to wait for me. You can go to bed.

What is the groom's name?

Kob! Why are you so loud?

I'm asking for the groom name. So I can put it down.

Why are you in a hurry?

Didn't even pick the card style yet.

Come to choose it yourself.

Keep playing with your phone.

Which style you like? Just take that one.

I don't like any of it.

Wedding Invitation only have Thai painting, flower.

With sweet color.

Too much. I want to vomit.

Hey. Why are you so upset?

I only ask you to make a card.

I'm in trouble because of you.

Therefore, be humble.



Do you think this will end everything?

What if your boss want to come to the wedding.

Are you going to marry that homeless guy for real?

Then, I will tell her. I have small wedding.

Only inviting family members. She won't get involved.

Hey. Stop asking.

Go finish the card. It's already pass 10pm.

10pm. So what?

P'Tong? I want to consult about planning a wedding.

Pick that bright pink, okay?



Who is your fake groom?

I'm here. Why don't you pick me?

♫ Always thought it wasn't you. ♫

♫ But today, looking at you ♫

♫ You keep interrupting my heart ♫

♫ Where did love come from? My heart has closed door to everything. ♫

♫ Maybe by the window. No time to escape. ♫

♫ I'm trembling. Why? Is it because of you? When did it start? No idea ♫

♫ ♫

♫ Love is blooming in my heart ♫

♫ I'm trembling. Why? ♫

♫ Because of you? When did it start? No idea. ♫

♫ ♫

Kob, what time is it now?

Almost midnight.

Eh! Midnight? Are you done with the card?

This is it. Only the groom's name.

What is his name?

My groom name is...


Light off!

I know.

Hey! How did light went out?

What is my field of study? Architect.

Not electrical. Not electrician.

How should I know? It's in my eyes. Let me have a look.


Careful of the stair.

Don't tell me the door is lock.

- I don't believe you. - Try it.

- The door is locked! - Right

Why are you locking the door? Someone is inside.

Hey. Why is the light out now?

Good thing. I already locked every doors.

Why are they fixing the electrical system now?


Hey. Before you lock the door, did you check to see if anybody is still inside?

Hey. I didn't check.

Hey. We must go check now.

- Right. We have to check. - Go look.

Can we go together? I'm afraid of ghost.


Hey. What's that? Your own shadow. Crazy guy.

I know. Call the security.

- Luckily, I still have battery. - Too smart

Don't tell me.


Out of battery.




How come there's no battery?

Look. You forgot to plug it in.

How can we contact anybody now?

And say some romantic words. Please marry me.

I know

Where my bad luck come from.

From what?


What is it?

Kob! Why are you taking off your shirt?

Why take off your shirt?

A man and a woman alone in the dark... what do you think they'll do?

Damn you! Kob!

Try me! I'm gonna smash your head in two!

Hey. I won't do anything to you.

Good that you still know what's right or wrong.


Did you hear something?

I'm going with you!


It's so cold and quiet...

There's probably nothing scary...


Or... is what the old tenant told me the truth?

About what?

He said there's a ghost guard on this floor.


Are you crazy?

He said we can hear someone walking around midnight.

Did you hear something?

I did...

I'd better leave...

We're here on duty, we can't get scared!

Better not... let's leave!

I'm with you, no need to be scared.

There, there.

It's not just the sound of someone walking,

you can also hear something clinging like keys.

Looks like some people... maybe they're locked in the office...

Ghosts! If they were people, they would be yelling for help.

But listen... there's some eerie noise...

It's so scary...

Where? I don't see anything.

Be gentle, Bau, gentle!

They're really not people! I'm leaving!

It must've been the guards.

They're gone.

Huh?! Don't go yet! Come back! Come back!

Here! It's all because of you joking around...

The guards have left now.

We're stuck in here for the whole night for sure! I haven't even done the card!

I'll do the card for you when the light's back.

So, what's the name of your groom?

I'll tell you when the light's back.

♫ Do you know how difficult it is ♫

♫ to stop myself from loving you ? ♫

What are you looking at?

♫ Whatever I do, I can't get your heart ♫ ♫ you don't love me, I understand ♫

♫ Love matter cannot be forced ♫

♫ I know it well inside ♫

♫ I can't make up my mind to stop loving you ♫

Hello, p'Nuka.

No, I'm not busy.

Is there something?

I wanted to ask how the work is there. Everything's okay, right?

If there's no problem, I want you to return earlier.

What did you say?

You want me to return earlier? Is there some urgent business?

Kob! Wear your shirt now. The AC's back.

You're shy?~

It's more coz I don't want to hurt my eyes.

Hurry and wear your shirt. People will misunderstand if they see us.

No wonder you're a creative.

Your imagination is so active.

Can I wear the shirt later? It smells of sweat. Snif it if you don't believe me.

It stinks.

It's almost done.

Only the name of your roadside groom is left. What is it?

Get ready to type it.

The name of my groom is...

is... what should it be?~

Tell me when you know. I'm gonna sleep.

I know! Kob! I know!

What is it?

The name of my groom is... Kasidith Kietyotha!


Bua... what name did you say?

Kob. Be my groom, okay?


You want me to be your groom?

Why didn't you tell me since the beginning?

It wouldn't be fun if I did.

Kob. Be my groom, okay? Please?




I'm in this situation because of you, you have to take responsibility!

Let me think about it first.

No need to think!

We're faking the marriage, just like the first time.

When khun Arnuka let me return to work, it will end, okay?

Should I agree and damage my reputation?

Kob! It's not the time to play hard to get! It's almost 7 a.m., khun Arnuka will be here soon!

- Hurry and finish the card! - Hold on!

Is that how you propose? This easily?

What are you pulling now?

I remember that you dream of having a man

Kneel down

Hold your hand

And say those touching words "please marry me".

I want that too!



Okay! I'm going home.

Kob! Kob! Wait!

Can I... not kneel down and propose?

- You can't. - Kob! Wait!

What if... I hold your hand and propose?




Hurry up!

I'm waiting to hear your proposal.


Hurry up. Still not at it?


- I'm leaving. - Wait! Alright.


Kob. Marry me, okay?

Okay! That's all there is! Just this and I'd agree to you.

Hurry and go finish the card!

Hurry up!

It's already 7 a.m.!

Before I do the card, I have one more question, just one.

What now?

Your boss has never heard of you having a boyfriend, right?


All of a sudden, you give her this card.

Do you think she will believe you?

But if I learn that

you're lying to me, then...

get prepared to leave the advertisement career!

You really believe that the two of them are getting married?

Anyone would believe it after hearing the rumor.

If khun Bau shows up with her groom and share wedding card,

will you believe that they're a real couple?

Do you think that someone like me will believe her?

Whoever believes it is stupid.

Like this?

Yes, like this.

You know what? You're the best!

Print it out!

Why are you laughing?

No nothing...

I'll wipe it out.

Wipe what?

You're face is dirty, I'll wipe it.

Dirty with what?

See for yourself.


When did you prank me?

- Well? - Last night.

Kob! Why are you always like this?!

Come, I'll wipe it out for you.

No need! Let go!

Can you see where on your face?


No! Ne need!

Hey, stay still.

I told you to stop!



I... I'll go do my work outside...

Auntie! It's not convenient now, let's leave.

No, it's not...


I'll come clean later.

I'm going to gossip about this first.

Gossip?! It's not like that!

- See? I told you to wear your shirt! - I'm wearing it now!

Don't you see that it's too late?!

Okay I saw I saw!

Can you stop fussing?

Let's keep working, the troubles are coming.

Done yet?

Take it easy.


It's time for the surprise.

Come out.

Now you look better, quite suitable to be my groom.

Thank you for lending us the outfits, p'Rin.

You're welcome. Thankfully my husband and khun Kob wear the same size.

Alright. Outfits, ready. Wedding card, ready. The groom?


What about the bride?


I wish you that khun Arnuka--

that she believes you're getting married for real

and give back your job.

Thank you so much, p'Rin!

- Let's go, Kob. - Hold on!

Well, since we're getting married... how about we act like lovers who are overwhelmed with bliss?~

Go give out your card.

Let's go.

P'Rin! Wait!

Bau! Has she arrived yet?

She went ahead. Who asked you to be late?

I wonder if khun Arnuka will believe that the two of them are a real couple.

If she hears that rumor, she'll believe it!

What rumor?

This is khun Arnuka.


- And he is-- - Khun Pran.

I remember him.

You two know each other?

No. Khun Bau must've told him about me,

right, khun Bau?

Khun Arnuka, this is my boyfriend.

His name is Kob, or Kasidith.


If Tang-kwa wasn't infatuated with that Kasidith guy...

I would have already sent her to Korea!

Actually, you didn't have to bring the wedding card. I believe that you two are a real couple.


That means...

You can come back to work.

It's quite a shock, I've never heard about you having a boyfriend before.

To suddenly getting married... isn't it too much a coincidence?


If I were you, I would stay put.

Is there something between you two?

There's nothing.


Do you really believe that they'll get married?

Anyone would belive it if they heard that rumor.

Rumor? What rumor?

This morning, when I went up for cleaning...

the man was all over her, with no cloths on!

Really? In this building?

Yes! In here!

Hey! I'll tell you about last night!

What we heard... it wasn't a ghost!

You heard them last night?

It was two people enjoying themselves~

Why it wasn't me? Why was it that disgraceful guy?!

Jeez! I'm going crazy.

Even those who know about Bau and Kob are in this state...

Think about it... what would happen if Tang-kwa knows?

Where's Bua?


I asked where she is!

In khun Arnuka's office...

Khun Arnuka... about that--


You shameful! To steal away my man!

Tang-kwa, what is this about?

You haven't heard about Bau's scandal yet?


A woman with such a behavior shouldn't come back to work with us anymore!

Tang-kwa, you're right about her behavior.

But I'm a modern person, I don't mind it.

You don't mind... her sleeping with someone else's man?!

Someone else's? Whose?

Khun Kob is Nalin's groom.

It's not true!

I don't believe it!

Kob! You're lying to help Bau get her job back, aren't you?!

Aren't you?! I'm asking you!

Tang-kwa... calm down.

I understand how you feel.


You should prove that you're not lying to me.

This card says your wedding is next month, right?


It's too long.

Moreover, you have bad rumors.

I think you should move up the wedding date...

to next week.

- Next week?! - Correct.

Next week. And I'll be organizing the wedding for you.


Let's go.

You believe the rumor and think that khun Bau is getting married?

The rumor isn't the reason why I believe her.

It's because...

When is khun Tin coming back?

In three months.

If Tang-kwa wasn't infatuated with that Kasidith guy,

Tang-kwa has a boyfriend?

Don't call him her boyfriend! I will never accept him!

That guy is not suited for Tang-kwa at all!

I want him to get married soon, so Tang-kwa can leave him alone.

Please relax.

If I can do something for you, please tell me.

You've helped my company a lot, I don't know hot to repay you.

I want Tang-kwa and khun Tin to meet very soon.

I took care of Kasidith.


Let's go. We have an appointment.

Kasidith! You just wait.

Just wait and see! This wedding will never happen!

This thing is going too far, Kob!

What are we gonna do?

Two solutions.

Accept the truth and quit your job.

Otherwise... let's get married.

Sit down.

(Blessing Script)...

Get out of my friend body now.

Rin, I'm not possessed.

If you are not possessed,

How come a person who love work as 1st priority in your life, cannot make a decision.

That's right. The real Bau will marry Kob, to get her job back. Is that right?


I wanted to but...

If Khun Tin know, what should I do.

It doesn't matter... Even if Khun Tin know,

He is not interested in you anyway.

If if he doesn't have any interest in me...

But I'm happy to have to keep day-dreaming about the man of my dream.

But if I marry Kob, my hopeful life will be ruined.

After getting married to Kob, you can continue with your hope.

Khun Tin is in Korea for 3 months.

You marry Kob. After you get your job back, get a divorce.

Plenty of time before he come back. Believe me.

Isn't that right?

After Khin Tin come back, he will find out that I got married while he was away.

Bau, maybe you should wait until he start having any interest in you before worrying about this issue.

Mint is right. What you have to do now is to solve the current issue.

Don't let your future... Destroy you present.

♫You are the person I'm search for long time.♫

♫And the one I'm been dreaming in my heart. ♫

Hey... Go away.

What happen?

Making loud noise so suddenly. Got bitten by mad dog?

I'd never been bitten by mad dog.

If I got crazy...

I will go crazy and stomp you in this room.

Calm down

Didn't you hear?

My wife-to-be told me to wait for her in this room.

If I don't wait here, my wife-to-be will be mad.

My wife?

Aren't you leaving?

Not leaving.

Not leaving?

Not leaving.


I will... Go away then.

Why does it has to be me? Khun Bau, your friend hurt me.


I didn't do anything.

I did... Did a lot of thing.

Tell us... What did he do?

He harmed my heart. He stole lover from my heart.

Stop being non-sense.

Bau has an important thing to tell.

I made a decision.

I will marry Kob.

That's impossible. You will marry Kob. I can't take this.

Wake up. This is just a dream.

I hate you.

P'Nuka want me to go back, next week?

Right, I talked to the manager over there. He said your work is in order.

You can come back first.


That's all for now, Tin.

Stop playing. I can't concentrate, talking with Tin.

I want Tin to meet Nong Tang-Kwa badly.

Hmmm... When I'm close to you, I cannot control myself.

Stop talking.

I haven't handle you about Nalin issue.

Goodness. I told you it's not my fault.

Khun Bau was messing with me.

Think about it. Why would any good woman has a gossip on spending the night with man at the office.

I know.

I just said... Even if Nalin get married, I'm still mistrust.

If she doesn't have any benefit with work.

And pulling Kob away from Tang-Kwa. I won't keep her.

Do you think Khun Tang-Kwa will let Kob & Bau get married.

I don't know if it's was my own imagination.

Since Kob came back, Grandma's flower has been blooming beautifully.

Maybe Grandma wants to tell that happiness will come to our families.


Maybe I guess wrong.

This time, it's not happiness. But a big storm.

Sawatdee ka.

Kob is not back yet.

I'm here to see Kob. I come to see Bau's parents.

What kind of business do you have?

Is Bau's father home yet?


- Kob - Eh?

Don't you feel anything... Having a fake marriage with me for the 2nd time.

No. It's good. So Tang-Kwa can stop getting involved with me.

No wonder. You are willing to marry me easily.

You have some hidden benefit.

Hey... This is call... Boat depends on water, Tiger depends on wood (Mutual benefit).


Then, help me think. How should I tell dad?

If I tell dad, I got married for work. He won't let me.

Don't tell him, you got married for work.

What should I tell him, then?

Tell him, you got married out of love.

Yeah, he will believe.

Hmm... There will be ways to make him believe.

I don't believe this.

Bau won't get involved with Kob.

If you don't believe, go ask people at the office.

Everybody know... Last night, Kob & Bau spent the night together at the office.

Not true. Bau called. She was working for the whole night.

Who will tell their parents that she didn't come home because she's spending a night with man.

Enough. Why would you talk about this?

Because I want fairness.

Everybody knows about my relationship with Kob. Now, Bau is doing this.

Can't she find any other man?

Talking like this. Isn't it too much?

Isn't it true?

Last time, they got married because Grandma got sick.

What is it this time?

Maybe pregnancy?


Please leave my house.

I don't want to hear anything... Leave!

I hope you won't take your daughter 's side

And let her steal other people's man.

Sawatdee ka.

Hey... Why are you here?

You will find out.

Kob, Tomorrow, we have an appointment with a wedding planner. Don't forget.

- Bau, hurry. - Hey, Kob. What are you doing?

Turning obstacle into opportunity.

♫ I don't know when ♫

I will marry Bau.

We love each other.

Uncle, I...

How dare you? Doing this to my daughter.

- Let him go. Keep calm. - Calm down... Goodness

If my daughter got accused of stealing other people's man.

Can you keep calm?

You can't do this.

Kob, tell me what happen last night.

- Look at him - Calm down first.

Last night, I can explain.

Last night

Bau, no need to explain. Everybody already know about this.

Just accept it.

You shut up.

I want to talk to my daughter.


Tell dad. You didn't with Kob last night. Right?

Hmmm... Last night.


I... was with Kob.

But .. I can explain.

How did you do this?

You know he has a girlfriend. Why mess with him?

Your reputation is ruined.

- Uncle. - You. Don't get involved with my family matter.

I cannot stay out of this.

I destroyed Bau's reputation.

I will take responsibility.

I will marry Bau.

We love each other.

I don't believe you.


Bau told your boss that you are getting married?

Kob & Bau were making wedding invitation all night.

So people at the office misunderstand.

That Kob & Bau slept together at the office.


So I used it as excuse... To ask for Bau's hand from uncle Charuth.


But I didn't do anything wrong. I just want to help Bau. Just helping Bau.


Who said Kob is wrong?

But we say...

Good job!!!

In the end, they get married again, mom.

Nobody will scold at me?

That I get married with Kob because of work.

I will scold you... If you marry somebody else.

But you will get married to Kob.

No matter what is the reason. I won't object.

That's right.

Kun... Tomorrow, we will go ask P'Kumron to come help ask for Bau's hand?

Because the wedding is happening next week anyway.

Good idea. Tonight, I will pick the food, the hotel and the flower.

And the list of guest. So excited.

That's right. Bau, you have to get the wedding dress.

And the ring.

Calm down first. Maybe Kob & Bau won't get married.

If Dad doesn't give permission.

About your dad, I will handle it.

Then, excuse me. Sawatdee ka.


What's it?

Bye Bye... My wife.

Kob. That's embarrassing.

Rehearsing. After we get married, I will say it fluently.

Did I make a mistake to marry you again?


Let's go.

Joob Joob (Kiss.. Kiss)

Kob. Keep teasing Nong.



I just want to tell you that.

I'm sorry.


Go get some rest.

Mom will talk to dad.

Khun ka.

I know you are mad.

But you have to accept.

It already happened.

Even if you object their marriage.

This is the only way to save our daughter 's reputation.

Think about it.

Between your feeling...

And saving our daughter's reputation.

Which one should you choose?

♫ Do you understand how difficult it is ♫

♫ To keep myself... To not loving you. ♫

♫ How hard I tried... Never get your heart ♫

♫ No love ♫

♫ I understand ♫

♫ About love, how to force it ♫

♫ I know it from my heart. ♫

♫ How to control my heart. Cannot stop loving ♫

♫ Tried to control... By my heart won't listen ♫

♫ Want to let you know... This person was born to love you ♫ ♫ That's all ♫

The weather is nice here.

The office is beautiful.

If you work here.

You will probably be happy.

♫ When you doesn't love... How can you be blamed ♫

♫ Never thought of changing your heart ♫

Kob will like this suit.

♫ I beg you... Just allow me to keep loving you ♫

♫ Tried to stop... But my heart won't listen ♫

♫ Want to let you know... This person was born to love you♫

Where are you taking me uncle?

I want to bring you to death.


Where is dad?

I don't know. The car is missing.


Bau, your dress is pretty today.

I already talk to senior. He will come to ask for your hand.


Sorry... What was that?

Did you see dad?

Not at all. What happen?

Khun Puth, did you see Kob? He disappeared since this morning.

Where did dad take Kob?

I don't know.


Where are you taking me?

If I can, I want to take you to your death.

Uncle, this is...

Come down.

Mom, Kob is not picking up.

Dad is not picking up too. Where did they go?

Goodness. Dad must be too stressful about me?

Kob is in trouble now.

It's all my fault.

It's fate.

I already told you...

Fate will play game.

Please... This way.

Sawatdee ka, Khun Da.

This is general Kumron. He's my relative.

He will be the senior, asking for Bau's hand.

Please... Please.

Please sit down.

Sawatdee ka.

The senior is here. Where is Kob and his father in law?

Khun Puth & Khun Komara, please sit down first.

We will get some water.

Let's go, mom

I believe one thing. Aunt Yorsang is the same with me.

We love Bau the most.

Want Bau to have the best life, the most happy.

Meet the man, who can take best care of her.

But I don't understand.

Why Aunty think that person is you.

I don't know too.

If I call Grandma out to ask... Uncle might be afraid of ghost.

Nai Kob!!!

Because you are like this... Bad mouth, playboy, non-sense, irresistible

So I don't want Bau to be involved with you.


Bau is both my life and my heart.

The day Bau got married to you... You also took my heart.

And when Bau got divorced with you... You stomped on my heart.


To be honest... In my heart.

I'm mad and vengeful toward you.

But today... I have to forget my feeling. To save Bau's reputation.

Can you make me believe?

That I'm not making a mistake.

I promise with Grandma.

That I will take care, protect and do everything for Bau.

Just like Grandme always tell me.

I will never leave Bau... I promise.

Komara, when do we start asking for hand?

I have to go to meeting.

Can we wait a little longer? They will be here.


Should we postpone this?

If we insist but her father disagrees, it will be difficult for both sides.

I think...

I agree.

- They are here. - Kob, where did you go?

How can you let the senior wait?

Let's talk about it later.

Come, son.

Sawatdee krub.

We are all here. Both father in law and son in law.

Let's start.

Nong Tang-Kwa insist that Nalin's father won't let them get married.


But I think...

Nalin and Kasidith will get married.

Even if they get married.

Are you confident that their wedding will survive?

Thank you very much. Sawatdee ka/krub.

Is that it?


Where did you go with dad?

Hey... Call you husband-to-be nicely.

Call P'Kob ja.

Won't call. Where did you go?

Talk politely. Call darling first. And I will tell you.

Uncle, look at him.

Kob, where did you go?

Look, dad.

Just starting, mom & wife already team up to bully me.

Nai Kob!!!

Okay. I will tell.

Bau's dad took me to the temple.

Eh? Temple!?!




I want to thank you dad.

Remember this, dear.

Everything that happen today.

It's your own choice.

No matter how much dad want to stop you...

It's your own life.

In the future...

If anything happen.

You have to be ready.

To accept the consequence.

Come on. At least, uncle Charuth allows us to get married.

Everything ends.

Did you forget another person?

No need to tell. You can already guess.

If she found out that we get married, what will happen.

Don't tell her.

Yeah... That's so possible.


What? Daddy got hit by a car in Korea!

Where are all the guard? Why didn't they take care of daddy?

So Tang-Kwa, come to see daddy in Korea today, Okay?

I will send someone to pick you up at the airport.

Sawatdee dear.

You should get going.

I already called Tin to book a room for you.

Tang-Kwa will go to Korea with me.

Now, Khun Tang-Kwa won't know about Kob & Bau's wedding.

And she will meet Khun Tin.

You are so smart. Just like the advertisement queen title.

What? Khun Arnuka and Tang-Kwa are going oversea for a week?

Right. They just left, before you came this afternoon.

They seem to be in a hurry.

If Khun Arnuka is not here. Nobody will host Khun Bau's wedding anymore.

No need for a wedding.

Cancelled... Yey!

No need to be happy. Why are you cheering?

Khun Arnuka is not here but she told Khun Pran to handle it anyway.

Goodness. Khun Bau will be in hell.


Sorry. I spilled.

Spill? Spill or Split?


What is it?

Somebody is here to see you.

Khun Pran

Sawatdee krub

Khun Bau, I love you.

Bau was the one, kneeling to propose me.

Not true. I don't believe you.

Like you. Take this.

Awful. Why do Kob do this to me?

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