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The Temperature - English Vocabulary with English subtitles  


the temperature is how hot or cold

something is we use as a monitor to

measure the temperature of something

temperature is usually measured in

degrees the small circle symbol after a

number means degrees we can see that the

temperature is 30 degrees there are two

main systems used for measuring

temperature degrees Fahrenheit used in

the United States and degrees Celsius

used in the rest of the world let's look

at some examples of temperatures water

freezes at zero degrees Celsius or 32

degrees Fahrenheit water boils at 100

degrees Celsius or 212 degrees

Fahrenheit the normal body temperature

is 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees


if we want to know the temperature how

can we ask we say what the temperature

or what is the temperature to respond

someone can say it's 20 degrees it is

not common to say the Celsius or

Fahrenheit part and spoken English and

if the temperature is below zero what do

we say we use - it is minus ten or it's

minus ten degrees

when we talk about the temperature

instead of giving numbers we sometimes

use adjectives such as hot warm cold

chilly cold and freezing if you look at

the thermometer I have colored the

approximate temperature range for each

adjective for example hot is around 28

degrees or more warm is often between 15

and 28 degrees whom is between 10 and 15

when it is around 5 to 10 degrees it is

chilly from 0 to 5 degrees it is cold

there are degrees or less is considered

freezing now the temperatures given are

only an approximation to give you a

general idea of when to use them

remember what is hot in one country may

only be considered warm in another what

may be chilly in one country may be

freezing in another and how can we use

these words in a sentence we can use it

plus a form of to be plus and adjective

for example it is warm today

it was cold yesterday it will be hot


temperature where you are right now let

us know in the comment section and have

an awesome day

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