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The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 - Ep.103 (2015.11.15) with English subtitles  

Seoeon, look at your brother.


You're tickling me.

He's the Hulk.

The sisters...

Elsa and Seosun.

- It's $3. / - You won't sell this?

Clothes for sale!

(Minguk goes to the neighbor shop to buy jelly)

How much is this?

Two for $20.

One for 10 cents.

(One for 10 cents, two for $20, jelly is expensive...)

(Donggook's 5 minute workout)

(Feat. Beagle Sua)

(Donggook shows us how to use Daebak)

(1. Daebak is good for working the back)

(2. As well as the thigh muscles)

(It's okay to be tough when you handle him)

Where is she?

(Jion came to us in autumn last year)

Oh, who is that?

When the baby ate.

Daddy cried when he saw that.

The Return of Superman. Chapter 103.

"Wise and Gentle."

The twins are still sleeping.

They will have special guests today.

(Every nook and cranny)

(Super meticulous)

Who could he be cleaning up for?

The technical term we use is "Kica."

Kids' Cafe.

I happened to bump into Park Jiyoon's family.

Actually, I rarely saw anyone's daughter and

thought maybe I should have a third too.

But honestly, I saw Jiyoon's daughter

and fell in love.

So I wanted to invite her over someday.

That's how I felt.

(Ding dong!)

(In a hurry)

Hello. Hi, Dain.

Dain, greet him properly.

- Welcome. / - Greet him properly.

- Hello. / - Hello.

- How are you? / - How are you?

- Hi, Ian. / - Greet him properly, Ian.


Oh, a family picture. So cute.

You've never been here before, right?

- Are the kids sleeping? / - Yeah.

- Then we should be quiet. / - No, it's okay.

- I'll look around. / - He's huge. How old is he?

He's 19 months old.

How come you're so big?

- Seoeon, Seojun... / - My son. My son.

Yeah, he's this big.

You're so big.

(The dancing girl doesn't stop)

The shy girl has a perky, chirpy side.

6-year-old Dain has a twist to her charm.


And this boy may be small

but he can't hide his mischievous force.

He must be a little martial arts genius.

Ian, nice to meet you.


For the mom and dad... It's nothing much.

Wait up, Dain.

(Reaction of a cooking show host)

Sweet rice drink.

- Say thank you. / - Thank you.

Yogurt for Ian. Hold it in one hand.

- Say thank you. / - Oh. Thank you.

(Thank you)

Here. Ian, sit here and drink it.

Ian, sit here and drink it.

Dad! Dad!

Who is it, Dain?

- Your friend. / - Your friend.

So cute.

How should you greet them?

- Seoeon... / - Cute.

- Hello. / - You were surprised, right?

Excuse us for coming without permission.

Your friend. You saw him last time, right?

- Bow low and greet them properly. / - Hello.

Oh, he's happy! Oh, he's happy!

- Where are you going? / - Where are you going?

Ian, he's playing hide-and-go-seek.

- Go. / - Go find him.

Go and find him.


Seoeon, do you like him?


Bow low, bow low.

Seoeon, come here now.

Dad, I woke up but he's still sleeping.

- Sticker? / - He's still sleeping.

Come here. It's here.

Come here. Come here.

(Running over to dad cheerfully)

- Dain. / - Fish.

He's Seoeon, Seoeon.

- Lee Seoeon. / - Have you seen him before?

- Lee Seoeon? / - Seoeon.


When I look at daughters...

- Dad, I want... / - You want a girl, right?

Be quiet.

Dad. Dad.

- Let go. / - Your boy wants you.

- Geez. / - Dad. Dad.

I'm with Dain now.

- No. / - What? What?

- Because dad is with Dain? / - What? What?

- No. No. / - Should I go?

- What? What? What? / - No.

- What? What? Sticker? / - No.

Then what?


What is it you want?



Say, "Dain."

- Dad. / - No. Say, "Dain."

(Taking a glimpse)


Choi Dain will give a performance.

Look that way.


(Big smile)

- Dain, can you dance too? / - Dad is fat.

Mom is slim.

Do it.


(What were the lyrics?)

- I can't. / - You can. Louder.

What's going on suddenly?

Why has this become "Superstar K?"

(Dain sings calmly)

(Song by Dain)

(Featuring Seoeon)

Dad. Woah, woah!

He's a rocker. I'm sorry.

She doesn't care.

Seojun is sleeping through all this.

(Seojun is sleeping through the chaos)


(He thinks the girl is so cute)

(Dain's song is over)

I give you...

The full score.

Full score...

- Come to my company. / - Come to my company.

How about that singer?

- He's a manager. / - Oh, manager?

Ian, go inside. Wake him up now.

Go on in.

No? No?


(Don't wake my brother up)

- Seoeon won't let them go in? / - No.

- Oh, my... / - He won't let them go in.

- Dad. You wake him up. / - Okay.



Good job. Let's go.

Be careful.

Where should we put the grapes?

Should we put them here?

Please put them here.

Thank you. I'll give you this.

(Ian touches the vacuum cleaner desperately)

He wants to clean up again.

- Is she pretty or not? / - Vacuum.


His hobby is cleaning up.

- Who? / - Him.

- He takes after his dad. / - Geez.

- He learned it. / - No.

He learned it from his dad.

- In everyday life. / - He learned it from his mom.

Ian. Who cleans up at home?

- Mom or dad? / - Me.

- Me... / - You make them clean up? Geez.

That's not funny. Come on.

Seojun. Who cleans up at home? Mom or dad?

- Seojun. / - Seojun?

- It's not funny. / - You must've slaved him around.

Seojun, say hi. He's your friend, Ian.


Seojun does the cleaning.

Where is it?


Stop it now. Turn it off.

That's it.

- Seojun is good. You're the best. / - Give it to me.

(I'll have some grapes since I worked hard)

- He wants more. / - No.

(Why aren't you eating?)

(What's this?)

(Chubby cheeks)

(Dain curiously looks into the camera too)

(She tries to sneak into the tent!)


(Peeking out)

Excuse me. Excuse me.

- Hello. / - Hello.

Ma'am, come out. You shouldn't be there.



Dain! Dain! Dain! Dain!

I'll give you a swing ride. Come out.

- Dain! / - I'm leaving now.

I'll go now.


Dain is out now.


Here we go. Here we go. Here we go.

Here we go. Here we go.

- Oh, my... / - Oh, my...

- Me too. / - You want it too, Seoeon?

You want it too, Seoeon? Okay.

Seoeon, come here.

- Before... / - It must be heavy.

- When I was in there... / - It's okay.

- I went like this, this and this. / - You did?

Ian too.

- Me too. Me too. / - Ian too.

Oh, everyone's coming.

- Here we go. / - Here we go.

Here we go. Here we go.

(I'm happy to be a woman)

This is the last time.

Dain, I'll do something fun for you.

(Hwijae makes a round holding Dain)

- No, dad. / - It's an upside-down bird.

(Exploding with jealousy!)

Help me!

What? What's this?

Let go. Let go.


They'll fall over.

They'll fall over.

Act cute. Act cute.


- Act cute. / - Please.

Seojun too. Act cute.


(Adorable Seojun)

(Dain's dance time)

(I can't believe dad is having such a good time)

Seoeon is coming here.

That's it. Go, Seoeon. That's it. Go, Seoeon.

That's it.

He's break-dancing?

He's a b-boy. He's a b-boy.

(Dain and Hwijae dance together)

(They're like a father and daughter)

(He needs a daughter)

You dance like this with your daddy?

You go the other way when you're dizzy?

What is this?

- You tend to get jealous at that age. / - What's this?

Me too.

- What? / - Me too.

Me too.

- Come on. I'm dancing with her. / - Seojun, Seojun.

- No. / - Huh?

(He's my dad)

(What's with you guys today?)

(Slow-dancing with his son)

(Just hanging on)



(Strong defense)

The twins start to protect their dad.

What will the results be?

Meanwhile, it's time to wake up for the triplets.

(Everyone's still sleeping)

(Moving slowly)

(Manse is sleeping as if he fainted)

Daehan is the first to get up today.

(Sitting up)

(Get up, father)

(Making a sound)

Oh, you scared me.

Oh, you scared me.

Daehan, go pee.

That's it. Good boy.

(Small movements)

(At that time, Manse wakes up)


(Why am I so tired today?)

(Daehan is done with his business)


(What is Daehan doing by himself?)

Daehan, you're putting on your underwear?

- Wow, Daehan put it on by himself. / - Underwear.

That's it. Put on your pants too.

That's it.

- Father, I made a gun yesterday. / - A gun?

- What gun? / - A soldier's gun.

Made a soldier's gun yesterday? There was a gun?

At Daehan, Minguk, Manse's house.

I'm good at making it by myself.

- Daehan, Minguk, Manse, want to make it? / - Yes.

Minguk, what can you make?

I'm good at making cars.

- I... / - Minguk can make a firetruck.

I can make a huge rocket.

Daehan can make a rocket.

- What about Manse? / - I'll ride a huge rocket.

- You'll ride a huge rocket? / - Yes.

Then you'll be an astronaut later?

Yes, astronaut.

Wow, cool.

I'll go with Minguk, dad and Manse.

- You'll have us all ride the rocket? / - Yes.

Daehan, but I'm a bit scared of riding rockets.

- Minguk is scared. What'll you do? / - I'm brave.

- You're brave, so you'll protect us all? / - Yes.


Minguk and Daehan eat the apple peel, father.

- You want the peel too? / - Yes.


- We eat the apple peel, right? / - Yeah.

- You eat the apple peel? / - Yes.

(Macrobiotic menus, he gives them the peel)

(Daehan eats the apple right away)

- I eat the apple peel, right? / - Yes, you do.

I eat the peel too, right?

(The triplets have become more health-conscious)


I eat the peel too, dad.

When you eat apple peel, you become healthy.

Right. You're a genius, Daehan.

(Daehan is not called a genius for no reason)

Can you eat the stem too?

- What? / - Stem.

- Rabbit? / - No, stem.


- Elephant? / - No, stem.

(What on earth is he saying?)

- Apple stem. / - Apple stem?

No, no, you shouldn't eat that.

You shouldn't eat that.

Minguk, sing, "Brave Firetruck."


'The brave firetruck is on the run'

(Daehan is satisfied)

'It puts out fires'

- 'The brave car...' / - No. 'The brave police car...'

'The brave police car is on the run...' Go like that.

'The brave police car is on the run...'

(What's with Daehan?)

(Song Daehan the vocal trainer)

I'm a good singer, aren't I?

"The Red Scarf."

(Patented singing method of pressed notes)

'Man of the sky'


(Controlling the accents)

'Red scarf...'

(Veins popping out!)

'Flows with clouds and me...'

(Barely audible, maybe he can't hit low notes)

'Don't trust me'

'Youth will flash by like lightning'


"The Red Scarf" is better sung loudly like that.

- You need to sing it loudly? / - Yes.


Military songs should be sung loudly.

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and...

(Daehan is in a good mood today)

(He sings "The Number Song" while he's at it)

(With his no. 1 fan Ilkook's cheers!)

(He has something going for him?)

(Minguk can't help but get excited)

'5! I'll say it today'

'6! On earth with 6 billion people'

'I met you'

'7! I was lucky'

'I love you'

(Exploding staccato singing method)

(Minguk hums along with the rhythm)

(Manse is indifferent)

'I like you'

(I can't believe this is happening)

(With the triplets' vocals)

When the younger ones sang,

he sat quietly with them.

(When he would sing once in a while)

What is this sound?

When he got into the groove, the timing was bad.

(When he was happy to sing a song)


You seem to take after me as a bad singer.

I can sing well.

Daehan was like that.

(He gathered all his sorrow)

(Now he explodes today)


'I will never change'


(Daehan is the best vocalist among them all today)

(Good job, Daehan!)

Come on out, kids!



Come out now.

(Are you moving?)

(What's all this?)

Bring the shoes.

We'll take these and sell them today.

They're having an event nearby.

Daehan, Minguk, Manse, can you do a good job?

"This is for sale!"

- "This is for sale!" Can you say that? / - Yes.

- Huh? / - Dad, I can't sell them.

You can't? Why not?

Manse, you try it.

Ah, ah.

I can't hear the sound.

No, it's coming out.

- I hear the sound. / - You can hear it.

How much is this?

You use this when the red firetruck is on fire.

You use it when the red firetruck is on fire?

- Yes. / - Like this? Oh, there's a fire. Look.

A fire on the top of the head.

- This is $20. / - $20?



Minguk's head is on fire.

Oh, oh...

- Noisy. / - Noisy. Noisy.

Too noisy.

You guys used this.

It was for peeing.

(What was it?)

Did you pee?

I'll pee in the toilet, dad.

The triplets could stop using diapers thanks to

the kids' toilet.

They can use the bathroom by themselves now.

The triplets have grown so much.

It's time to say bye to the kids' toilet.

Remember this?

You guys wore it for camping

last winter.

If you wear that, you become a mouse.

If you wear it, you become a mouse? Let's see.

Come on. Let's see Daehan Mouse.

- Squeak, squeak. / - You're Daehan Mouse.

You're Daehan Mouse.

Should we sell the toy dinosaurs too?

Let's sell these too.

No, I want to play with the dinosaurs.

Let's sell them.

- Dinosaurs... / - You like them?

I like them.

- We can't sell them? / - No.

I got gifts for you guys. You'll love them.

Look here.

What's that? It's a dinosaur.

(Hwijae's well-prepared gifts)

(The triplets' reaction?)

I'm scared.


- Come here. / - Manse.

For Daehan, Minguk, Manse back then,

the dinosaur toys were a bit scary.

- Mine. / - You played a lot with it.

I want to play again.

The tyrannos want to go to a new house now.

Daehan, Minguk, Manse is so big, they're scared.

The tyrannos can be sent to a new house now.

- Okay? / - No.

Why not?

(The first painful farewell for a 4-year-old)

(Must we say bye like this?)

(I can't let you go yet)

"I'm not scared, I'm not scared, I'm not scared."

"I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared."

"I'm scared of Minguk, I'm scared of Minguk."

"I'm not scared, I'm not scared."


"I'm not scared of Daehan, Minguk, Manse..."

Manse's dinosaur is scared.

- Manse's dinosaur is scared. / - Minguk's...

Manse's dinosaur is scared so let's give him away.

We'll sell these and

Daehan, Minguk, Manse will start to save money.

The place to sell them is too far for us.

No, it's close by.

So we can go there.

'Will you buy it? Will you buy it?'

- Can we sell this too? / - Yes.

- Can we sell this? / - Yes.

- Can we sell the monkey book too? / - Yes.


The whale too?

We can sell this?

- We can't sell them, right? / - Dad.

Sell all the books.

- Sell all the books. / - Sell all the books?


Daehan, Minguk, Manse.

When we sell these, they go to other people.

- Is that okay? / - Yes.


(I'll share the learning experience)

(With the dinosaur in one hand)

- Will you sell a lot? / - Yes.

Sell all of these?

- Okay, let's do that. / - Manse's.


You'll sell this too?

Manse, carry it with dad.

Let's go out now. Let's wear our jackets and go out.

That's it.

- Here. / - Thanks.

Can I push it?

I'll... 1, 2... Go.

Heave-ho. Heave-ho.

(Feeling his dad out)

(Minguk seems to have an idea)

Let's go out.

We can't make it in one trip.

(The punishing rod of love)

Dad, sell the rod too.

Sell the rod too?

No. Not the rod.

I want to sell it too.

Why sell the rod?

You wish it were gone?

We don't need it.

- Father, I think we can sell the rod. / - Let's go out.

Daehan, carry this and come out.

Manse, carry this and come out.

Come on.

I want to sell the rod.

The triplets and Ilkook go where there are

various things to see and enjoy.

They can sell their goods too

at the village festival.

Daehan, be careful.

Daehan, if not, you'll fall in the water.

Father, is this the sea...

- Is this Hangang? / - This isn't Hangang.


This is the sea.

It's not Hangang.

Oh! What's that?

What's that? Look at it.

The bird is huge.

It's a bird kite.

- What is it? / - An eagle. An eagle.

An eagle. An eagle.

- Wow. / - It's an eagle kite.

Eagles are really scary.

- They're really scary. / - They are?

- Can we try flying it? / - Sure.

Let's follow the eagle.

Minguk, you hold it now.

That's it.

Me too. I want to try it.

That's it. That's it.


Hold on tight. Don't let go or it'll fly away.

- What's this? / - A kite.

- What kind of kite? / - A Korean flag kite.


You know what this is?

- The Korean flag. / - You are Daehan, Minguk...

Daehan, Minguk, Manse!


Daehan, Minguk, Manse!

It's high up in the sky.

It's a Daehan, Minguk, Manse kite.

It's a Daehan, Minguk, Manse kite. Right?

There are many Daehan, Minguk, Manse kites.

The Daehan, Minguk, Manse flag went up.

How many are there? So many.

It's endless.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

You can only count up to 10?

He only knows 10.

(Meanwhile, Manse...)

It's a cute flower.

Oh. It's a cute flower.

You grew well.

Manse. You grew well too.

You grew well.

The Korean flag kite is coming down. Look.

Tell the wind to blow.

Wind, blow!

Wind, blow!

Daehan said that and now it's blowing.

(So now he's jumping with excitement)

(I enjoyed it)

(See you next time)

(The festival is exciting just like the kite)

(Kids of the triplets' age participate too)

(Manse's favorite kids' song, "Cool Tomato")

(Oh, I need to take a shot)

(The triplets' favorite performance)

(Too bad it's over)

- Applause. / - Applause.

(Good job, girls)

(Next up is "Let It Go")

(The kids focus on the slow song)

That's a hard song.


(The participant sings the English lyrics)

That's a hard song.

It's hard, right?

(English songs are all hard songs)

'Let it go, let it go'

'Can't hold it back anymore'

(It really sounds like a hard song)

- Minguk, you can do well too, right? / - No.

- No? / - I like the Tyranno Song.

(But Daehan is absorbed in the hard song)

Wow, applause.

Daehan, Minguk, Manse, you want to try?

Should we have more children come up?

- A round of applause. / - You want to go up?

Raise your hand if you want to try. Come on up.

- I'm Tyrannosaurus... / - Let's go up.

Daehan, Minguk, Manse.

'Oh, my... Oh, my...'

The triplets' singing history began with babbling.

(Cartoon theme songs captivated auntie fans)

(They're good with bands and live performances)

(Minguk is the best)

(All genres)

(Recording like pros)

They succeeded at recording like top singers too.

Let's do "The Red Scarf"

You want to sing "The Red Scarf?"

I want "The Red Car, The Orange Car."

"The Red Scarf" song.

- Greet them properly, Manse. / - "The Red Car."

The Tyranno Song.

- A round of applause, please. / - The Tyranno...

- 1, 2, 3, 4. / - I...


- Introduce yourselves. / - Ready.

(Their dad is worried)

Dad, I...

(Minguk starts to sing)

"The Red Car" for Manse.

(Kids, please)

(Manse gets with the rhythm)


Will the triplets' first performance together succeed?

Meanwhile, this is the 5 siblings' place in Jeonju.

Seola, Sua.


I'll give you yogurt.

Sit down.

(At that time, Daebak...)

(Is busy babbling)


Oh... Dog!

Seola, Sua.

Wait, wear this first.

Daebak, just a minute.

(Raising his hand)



Come here.

That's it.

(Kissing my cute baby)

- Let's give Daebak some. / - Okay.

- Let's give Daebak some of this too. / - Okay.

- Eat a lot and grow well. / - Seola.

Eat up.

Eat up.

Eat up.

(Chairman Daebak watches them)

(His hand looks so relaxed)

He looks like a chairman.

(Have a bite, Mr. Chairman)

(How does it taste?)

Heh heh

(That's what yogurt tastes like)


Seola, where are your eyes?

Your nose?

Your mouth?



That's it.

Sua, where are your eyes?





That's it.

(But why did he ask those questions?)

I know exactly what he's doing.

It's a checkup test for babies and toddlers.

There's a small test.

Where is your ear?

My ear is here.


Then where is it?

- This is my ear? / - Yeah.

Oh, Daebak.

Ah. Don't eat that.


(Since he asks me as a favor, I'll do it)

(Heh heh)

(New taste)

(Seola and Sua's social skills test)

(Giving snacks to the twins)

What should you do?

- I gave it to you. What'll you do? / - None for me.

So now, what should you do?

- Give me snacks. / - You should say thank you.

- Thank you. / - Sua said thank you.

So Sua gets a 3.

I gave it to you. What'll you do, Seola?

What should you do?

No. What should you do?

- You should say thank you. / - You.

- Thank you. / - You.

No. Thank you.

(Bowing low instead of talking)

With both hands.

Ah. Thank you.

Whose is this?


- Sua's? / - Sua's.

Whose is this?

- Seola's? / - Seola's.

- Whose is this? / - Daebak's.


You kids clearly know what belongs to whom.

Look at Daebak.

Daebak, wait.

A small snack...

Daebak, here.


That's it for today. That's it for today.

That's it for today.

Fist bump.

Fist bump.

Fist bump.

Fist bump.

Fist bump.

Fist bump.

Daebak, bye-bye.

Bye-bye. That's it.

Bye-bye. You did it.

- He did bye-bye. / - Yes. He did bye-bye.

You kids can eat while

I'll give Daebak a few tests.

Hold the furniture and walk sideways...


(Should I show them what I'm made of?)

Heave-ho. Heave-ho. Good boy.



Stand for over 5 seconds.

Daebak, go. 1, 2...

Go, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Hey, Seola, Sua. Sit down.

Sit down.

Sit down, please. Sit.

- Sit down, please. Sit down, please. / - Yes.

Daebak, not you.

(Oh, my body aches)

What's this?

I'm testing Daebak.

Get up by himself with one hand without help...


- Daebak, come. / - Daebak, Daebak.

Come here.

Try getting up. Get up.

- Get up. / - Get up.

Get up.

(Daebak, this is how you do it)

Daebak, don't go. No.



(I don't want to do it)

Daebak, you shouldn't go that way.

You shouldn't go that way.

Get up. Sua, get up.

Shaking your head?

Shaking your head?

Shake it, shake it...

(I can do this all day)

- Daebak, heave-ho. / - Heave-ho.


- Heave-ho. / - That's it.

Heave-ho. Heave-ho.




Superman. How do you do it?

Oh, Superman. Superman.

Superman. How do you do it?

Oh, Superman. Superman.

Hello. How do you do it?

Hello... You're standing up by yourself.

You're standing up by yourself.

Stand up.

Stand up. Stand up.



(Seola stops him this time)

(Daebak, it's tough, right?)

Does it hurt?

(What's this?)

Tell him it's okay.

Give him a hug.

(The big sisters love Daebak)

(Sua goes away)

(I'm free, he has a big smile)

Jump up and down.

How does a rabbit go?

That's it. Nice. Sua too.

Good job.

What's this?

- Dog. / - Dog.

What does a dog sound like?

- Bow wow. / - Bow wow.


What's this?

- Tiger! / - You girls surely know tigers.

What's this?

- Tiger! / - You girls surely know tigers.

What's this?

- Cat. / - Cat.

Yeah, cat.

What's this?

- Elephant. / - What's this?

- This. / - Elephant.

You hold your nose like that?

(At that time, Daebak...)

(On the ground)

(Goodness, great weather)

(Crawling slowly)

(Lying down)

(Chairman Daebak starts to take a break)

(I don't want to do anything)

Let's go to your hospital now.

Let's go to your hospital.

Should we go see Jion's family in Opo now?

(Taewoong is preparing breakfast)

What are you doing, daddy?

I'm cooking for you, Jion.

- Side dishes? / - Side dishes.

- Let's eat yummy sausage fried rice. / - Okay.

- You want udon too? / - Yeah.


(He can make breakfast quickly now)

It's ready.

Breakfast is ready.

(Jion goes up by herself)

Daddy, baby by herself...

The baby is going up by herself?

(I came up like this)

Jion, the baby will eat by herself there?


Oh, I can't believe it.

Oh, I can't believe it.

(I can do it by myself now)


Don't keep spinning it. Eat it.

It's slippery.

It's running away.

Fork it and spin it like this.

- Like this. Like this. / - Like this.

Then you can get it, right?

That's it. You almost had it, right?

Too bad.

Fork it.

(Determined for another try)

(The result?)


Oh, my...

Jion, you did it by yourself.

You're good.

- All pre-schoolers eat by themselves. / - Yes.


Mommy is practicing ballet

and I'll start working.

Jion will be lonely. You want to go to pre-school?

- It was fun with Hwijae and Sarang, right? / - Yes.


What did Hwijae do for you, Jion?

He gave me a sticker.

- He gave you a sticker? / - Yeah.

- We rode kickboards. / - Yeah.

Look at me.

She met her neighbor at the playground a week ago.

- I have something to give you. / - Bye-bye.

This is a token of your friendship?

Jion was used to playing by herself.

Hwijae approached her with affection

and befriended her.


(They're going to Hwijae's pre-school)



So cute.

When you go there, they'll say you're cute.

- Cute. / - They will, right?

Then you can casually say, "Hi, nice to meet you."

Hi, nice to meet you.

(They arrive at the pre-school with high hopes)

Apparently, Hwijae goes here.

Wow. It's here. A playground...

It's so cute.


Uhm Jion?

Uhm Jion?

- Long time no see. / - Yes.

- Hwijae. / - Hello.

- Nice to see you. / - You're doing well?

- Yes. / - Okay.

- Oh, Sarang, how are you? / - Greet him properly.

- Where is Haeun? / - Where's Jion?

She's there?

Uhm Jion.

- Jion. / - Let's go, Jion.



- She seems to be running away. / - You go first.


She's here to have fun.

- She's shy. / - Jion, are you running away?


You don't remember?

It's Hwijae. What did he give you?

A sticker was given.


- Befriend her like last time. / - Sure.

Go like this.

(He straightens out her bookbag strap)


Jion, come here.

That's it. That's it.

That's it.

- How old are you? / - 5.

Give it to me.

Me too. Me too. Me too.

Jion, blow it.

- Hoo... / - There.

- Blow it. / - It's hard.

I heard it's hard to be accepted here.

There is a waiting list.

There's a score for the order too.

Working parents, many children...

- Working parents have a higher score? / - Yes.

In our case, my wife is practicing ballet

and I'll start working soon.

We have many dogs...

- Fill out the registration for now. / - Okay.

It's fun.


(Taking pictures of the kids)

She learned of a new kind of fun, she ran around.

I saw that Jion wasn't checking where I was.

I realized she'll find a new world of her own.

That's how I felt.

(It's time to say bye now)

You should read it for her.

Tell her to read it at home.

(Cute kid)

- You're giving it to Jion, Hwijae? / - Yes.

Jion might not know Korean.

So you drew it?

What did you draw?

The beach. Jion and I will swim at the beach.

I'll jump off from here.

- You've set a tent with Jion at the beach? / - Yes.

- Thanks. / - Wait.

Let's take a picture together.

Sit here.

Go next to Sarang.

(Jion is looking down as if she doesn't want to leave)

Here we go.

Jion, look here.

If you don't look, the goblin will come.



What's this? Mommy must be here.


(Let's cheer on Jion's new beginning)

- Ian, Dain. / - The twins have guests over.

- What is it? / - Dain's gift.

(It's Elsa's dress from "Frozen")

This is pretty.

- Want to try it on, Dain? / - Sure.


- You'll try it on? / - Yeah.

She'll wear it first.

What about mine?

Seojun, pick. Lightning Man, Princess, or the Hulk?

- The Hulk. / - The Hulk?

Then come here.

- Pretty? / - So pretty.

I'm here.

Wow, you're pretty.

Wow, you're pretty.

Hey, Elsa.

Come here.

Long one.

Hands. Here.

Go to Seoeon.

Seoeon, look at him.

(I look scary, right?)

(Get away!)

He's the Hulk.

Seoeon, you want to change into this?

You had this at home?

You're tickling me.

- Tickling... / - He's tickling him.

- Seoeon, put this on. / - He's tickling you?

(I don't want to be the Hulk!)

That. That. That.

(Eventually, he chooses a different princess dress)

Let's just pretend Seojun is a daughter.


They seem like the sisters of the East and West.

Elsa and Seosun?

I won't wear this.

This is prettier?

He's ambitious.

Dad, where is this?

You want to wear that?

That's impossible.

Look at her.

Is she pretty or not?

I think he's jealous of her.

Right? Since I adored Dain.

It was so funny.

I wonder how it'll look on TV.

I think

since I dressed Dain, he wanted to wear it too.

Wow, nice.

The 2 families came to a camping site together.

- Look. / - In the tents...

(Inside the tents)

- Wow, nice. / - Can we go in the tents?


(Seoeon is excited about the outing)

(Seojun is too)


- Dad! Dad! Dad! / - I'm here.

- Dad! / - What?

What's this?

Then should we cook?

Oh, you'll cook?

Can I take a break?

Sure. We'll cook and...

You're not going to leave all them to me, are you?

No, I...

- Okay. Come here. / - When the rice is done...

Your husband will cook the meat.


- Dad! / - What? What?

Just like them...

Okay. This is tougher.

I'll cook.

No. No. No.

Dad, come now!

(What should I do?)

Seoeon, Seojun, you want tangerines?

- Tangerines. / - Tangerines.


- You want tangerines? / - Yes.

Come here. Let's have tangerines.

- Exciting. Let's have tangerines. / - Tangerines.

- Let's have tangerines. / - Exciting.

(I want dad more than tangerines)


(Starting to barbecue the meat with Ian on his back)

This is Hwijae's ambitious challenge.

Today's dinner will be omelet rice.

Wow, he must've practiced a lot.

You must've practiced a lot.

No, no, not really.

Just wait.

(He came to his dad again after eating tangerines)

They're real babysitting and cooking Supermen.

(But Chef Lee has a fatal weakness)

(He's been slicing carrots for 20 minutes, so slow)

He's cutting each piece.

The kids look hungry.

- Should I take over? / - No, no, no.

Dain. Dain.

Dain. Dain.


- Wear it? / - No, it's Dain's.

- She'll wear it. / - Okay.

(I'll wear this then)

What's that?

(I want to try on her clothes)

Move. Move. Move.

- Hold you? / - Piggyback.

I'm giving you a piggyback ride.

Hold me.

Hold you?

- Hold me. / - Hwijae, your son has Dain's shoes on.

(Should I run with my new shoes on?)


(Going on the trampoline with big exclamations)


(At that time, Hwijae...)

(It took 90 minutes for him to prepare it)

- We'll get to eat within today? / - Of course.

(Time to season it with salt)


(He's seen professional chefs)

Try that.

You want to try that?

We should cook it first.

You'll eat it. We should cook it first.

It's yummy.

It's yummy?

Is it yummy?

How is it? Is it yummy?

- Hwijae. / - Huh?

Why'd you choose omelet rice?

It looked easy.

It's not as easy as you think.


Dad, your son is pooping!

- Who's pooping? / - Your son.

- Did you poop? / - Yes.


A lot.

Have this before you go.

(Have it on the way to the restroom)


(Going to the restroom with sausage in his mouth)

(Jiyoon and Dongseok are trying the omelet rice)

It's good.

Is it?

Hwijae, they're eating it now.

The kids are enjoying it.

Is it good?

(Big laughter)

Is it really good?


(Ian eats sitting down)

(Taking a bite)

- Is it good? / - Yeah.


It's warm and yummy.

It's warm and yummy?


Hwijae will have to go again when he returns.


Give me sausage.


(He comes back without knowing that)

We couldn't wait for you. They're eating already.

- You'll have to go again. / - How is it?

It's delicious.

But Seojun will have to go to the restroom.

- Seojun... / - Yes.

- He pooped? / -Yes.

Go on.

You're kidding, right?

- Really. Smell him. / - Really...

It's thick here.

Come on.

- Did you poop? / - Yeah.

Come hold me.

(Let's go take care of it)

Did you poop?

It's strangely addictive.

(He got a great compliment for the first time)

(But he didn't get to hear it)

Let's see how much you pooped.

Ian, Dain...

All the kids who came camping today...

- Come sit here. / - I'll show you magic. Come.

That's it.

- Put it all in your mouth. / - For today...

Hwijae prepared a special magic show.

- The first show is for endless toilet paper. / - What?

Oh, they'll love it.

They'll love it.

- There's nothing. / - There's nothing on it.

The pictures are there.

The second one is for a picturebook.

It will be colored.


Will the kids like it?

You do what I do.

Eat the tissue.


- You know it? / - Yes.

(So disappointed)

- Kids, act like you don't know. / - No.

- Okay. / - That's not it.

You'll be shocked.

Eat it...

(Hwijae just starts for now)

(Huh? Oh!)

(The toilet paper comes out bit by bit)

(What's going on?)

(Endless toilet paper)


(Seojun copies him too)

(Fortunately, it goes smoothly)

(So interesting)

(Anyway the first trick is a success)

Good job.

- You know this? / - Yes!

(What's going on?)

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

(Hwijae is determined)

(He shows the empty notebook)

- No pictures, right? / - Pictures will appear.

Let's add some magic.

- Ta-da! / - There will be pictures.

- It's okay. It's okay. / - There are pictures, right?

Next, there will be colors.

Next, there will be colors too.

(He tries to edit it himself)

(His magic went smoothly)

(But he wants to hide)


Encore. Encore. Encore.

Encore. Encore.

Encore. Encore. Encore.

(You've worked hard)

(Fortunately, the kids enjoy it)



Wow, this is magic.


That's it.

(Welcomed back with applause)

- I love you. / - I love you.

I love you.

Let's see other often.

Thanks to you...

- We had fun. / - We got out for a change.





Me too.

Me too. High-five.

We'll visit again.

The twins should visit our house too.

- Yeah, come. / - Okay. Okay.


We'll visit.

I have to clean the house.

- We'll visit. Bye-bye. / - At our house...

- We have many dolls. / - We'll visit you.

Bye. Bye-bye.

- Bye. / - Bye-bye.

I wish Dain would come over every week.

I can look after her every week.

My wife wants a girl too.

But if only...

There's a guarantee she'd be like Dain...

We'd have to leave it to the heavens.

Donggook and the triplets came to the hospital.

Here. Here.

I hope you don't remember this place.


Seola and Sua's vaccination and...

When is Seola's birthday?


No. July... No.

July 14th.

- Not the 18th? / - 18th.


July 18th. They...

- You don't remember this place, right? / - Right.

You do? I hope you don't remember.

Come here.

Come weigh yourself.


(Checking their height and weight)

- Seola. / - 91.9.


(Sua's height: 91.9cm, weight: 13.5kg)

(Seola's height: 90.3cm, weight: 12.8kg)


Where? Here?



He's not much lighter than you girls.

(Oh, Daebak has grown so much)

(He is calm even when his height is measured)


(I've grown a lot, right?)

Daebak, you can beat your sisters now.

(The results?)


Did he win?

(Sua's head girth: 47.5cm) (Seola's: 48.4cm)

Too bad. Daebak, let's work harder.

Let's win this.

(I'll do my best)





(I smell a down-to-earth scent)


Did you poop?


Seola, poop?

You didn't, right?

Sua, poop?

You didn't, right?


I didn't.

- You did? / - I didn't.

- You didn't? / - No.



Sua, did you poop or not?

I pooped.

You pooped?

You... Poop Sua.

Let's see.

Oh, my God!

(He discovers the big load)

(I ate a lot for breakfast)


Sua, you...

- Did she poop? / - Yeah.


Let's go.

Look. Smell it.


Smell it.


It's your poop smell.

What? What?

- Seola, Sua, come in. / - Come on. It's our turn.

- Let's go. / - Let's go.

(A nurse looks after Daebak)

- Where? / - Hello.

Long time no see.


- Bow low. / - Hello.


You've grown a lot.

I don't think they remember.

Sua. You should do rock, paper, scissors.

- Who will go first? / - Sua.

- Sua? / - Seola.

Okay, let's go.

You said Sua.

You said Sua.

- Does your belly hurt, Seola? / - Yeah.

- It hurts? / - Yeah.

- It doesn't hurt. / - Yeah.

You want to say ah?

Say ah.

It doesn't hurt.

That's it.

Good girl.

That's it.

The roles have reversed.

The doctor has never heard your voices.

- You cried ever since you came in. / - Yeah.

He heard you only on TV.

It's my first time hearing it today.



She poops a lot.

- It's okay? / - She eats a lot, right?

(Sua is treated without crying)

(The basic checkup is over)

You did a test with me, right?

The babies' and toddlers' test.

The doctor will explain. Okay?

I'll explain Seola first.

Her height is within the top 30%.

She's tall.

- She's tall? / - She's tall.

I'll explain Sua now.

Sua is a bit taller.

Sua's height...

Her height and weight are in the top 20%.

Her growth and development are fine.

What's especially good is that

since they were born as twins...

When they were born, they were underweight.

The twins were born a bit small.

But Seola and Sua are growing well now.

- Sian... / - In Sian's case...

His height is within the top 10%.

- Sian? / - Yes.

- He's tall? / - Yes.

Daebak has been healthy since he was born.

When you compare it to his previous records,

he's going along his growth curve.

I'll give them vaccinations.


- Who will go first? / - Sua.

Sua will go first now, right?

Come on.

Sua will go first now, right?

You don't know where you're going and you're here.

'Where are you going?'

(They finally appear)

The scary syringes finally appear.

Oh, what's this?

It stings a bit.

- It doesn't hurt much. / - Sua is still relaxed.

Will she be able to hang in there?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Let's see if Seola is a good girl or not, Sua.


Seola, Seola...

(She cries out of pain)


Stop crying.

I'll give you this if you stop crying.

Stop crying.

(This is yummy)

It's like after you give blood.

(Tears falling)

(Now it is Seola's turn)

- Sua... Seola... / - Like this.

Seola, you want yogurt too?

(The vaccination starts as scheduled)

(I've already been there, so I don't care)

Don't rub it.

Take it off 30 minutes later.

- It hurts? / - It hurts?

(Are you kidding me?)

Stop crying. Stop crying.

Stop crying.

I think it's a good method.

When they think of the hospital later,

they'll think of that. Then it's a bit...

When I was a kid,

when I got shots and things like that,

I vaguely remember my mother giving it to me.

The kids stopped crying.

And the doctor said

it was a good method too, so when I heard that,

I felt proud.

Let's go. Oh, great weather.

Daebak, it feels good to be out, right?


(Seola and Sua have the couple look)

(Where are you going hand in hand?)

Hold on tight.


Sit. Hold on tight.

(Sua rides on the swing)



(Pushing with one hand)

Seola, you ride this too.


- Huh? / - Horse.

You want to ride the horse? Ride it.

Don't sit down. Walk.

Let's walk. Go.

That's it. Run.

Run. Run.

Run. Run.


(Daebak rides on the swing this time)

Hold it. That's it.

Push me.


(Donggook pushes her with his foot)


- You don't like it? / - No.

But I'm pushing you.

Oh, Daebak, you're doing well.

Daebak, you're doing well.

Seola, you push her.

Seola, push Sua.

Just once.

You do it.

She'll push you once.

I'll push her once.

That's it.

Stand to the side.

That's it.

Push her.

That's it.

Daddy, daddy, look at this.

- Daddy, look at this. / - Okay.

Daddy, look at this.

Wow, you're going around. Again?

Keep going.


Keep going.

Go around. Go around. Nice.

Go around. Go around.

Keep going.

That's it. Go around. Go around.

Go around.

You're dizzy, right?

You're dizzy, right?

Oh, oh. You're dizzy, right?

Oh, oh.



Let's go ride the bikes.

Come on.

Get on. Sit.


That's it. Hold it.

Sit down.

- Sit. / - Sit down. Sit down.

Look back. Sit. Sit.

Sit down.

Sit down. That's it.


(Seola is getting stable balance)


If you want to go to the left...

You can turn this like this.

To the left.

(It's not easy...)

You two aren't close.

Stop going together like best friends.

(Daebak and Donggook's workout time)


(Donggookland is open)

Good job.







2, 3, 4.

5, 6, 7.

2, 3.

(Let's work out!)

Yeah, run!


Back workout.

When a dad is babysitting, this always happens.

It's the same as my family.

(1, 2, 1, 2)

(Using Daebak in a freestyle way)

(Even doing situps!)

The 5 siblings' father works out in any environment.

Thanks to him, Daebak can enjoy theme park rides.

Oh, you're fast.

Honk, honk.

Let's go to Daebak.

(The 3 siblings' workout is finally over!)


Move over.

You girls rode the bikes. Why am I tired?

Let's go. Sua, Seola, you should push it.

Let's go home now.

We're going home now.

The triplets are having their first singing talent show.

(Ready, go!)

'The red scarf is...'

(They remember the air force experience's song)

'The man of the sky is...'

(Vocalist Daehan is in good condition again today)

(Lip-syncing Manse)

(Indeed, Minguk is a fine singer)

(You're doing well)

(Singing hard)

'Youth will flash by like lightning'

(The triplets succeed in finishing!)


(The citizens applaud loudly)

(I'm excited, I'll sing another one while I'm at it!)


(Manse is the wild dancer)

(Oh, boys)

'Yo, yo, yo, yo'

'Go round and round'

Daehan, Minguk, Manse, thank you.

Applause. These are gifts.

You can share the cars.

Wow, cars.

Thank you. Good job.

- Come here. / - Thank you.

Come here.

- Go look at it. Go down. / - Share it.

- I... / - Thank you.

I was so shocked.

I didn't expect them to sing so well.

They're good at following along.

They didn't cause a commotion. They stood still.

Manse even danced within the boundaries.

They were so perfect.

I was so shocked.

I really didn't expect it.

(Time for the flea market to open!)

The triplets enjoyed the festival.

They're getting ready to do business now.

(Manse the businessman gets the safe ready)

Get one of these.

Get one of these.

How much are the clothes?

$3, $4, $5.

- $4, $5? / - $4, $5.

- Around $4, $5. / - Dad.

Get one of them. They're nearly new.

- If I start selling them... / - Later.

The items are full of memories.

They are neatly placed.

(Sales will begin!)

Finally, the Song triplets' market is open.

Buy some clothes!

Buy some of Daehan, Minguk, Manse's clothes!

Buy some clothes!

Buy some books! Buy some books!

How old should you be for these tricycles?

They rode them until recently.

My baby just turned 1.

Can I buy this?

How much is it?

- Minguk. / - We rode them after they turned 2.

How much should I ask for this?

- How much should I ask for this? / - $20 to $30?

- $20 to $30? / - Yes.

- So one would be $20? / - How about this?

Yes, one would be $20.

Buy it. Buy it.

Thank you.

- Yes, yes, yes. / - How much?

Let's go.

No, this...

Let's go.

No, this...

Daehan, we need to give this to get a better bike.

I paid him.

We got the money. Daehan, you got it.

- I paid him. / - Daehan, you got it.

Daehan, keep it.

(The goods are nice)

That's $2 for one.

That's $3.

That's $6. It's $6.

(Daehan the expert is studying amidst all this)

Father, what's this?

- This is a shrimp. / - Shrimp.

- We ate shrimp yesterday. / - Right, we did.

- What's this? / - Sea squirt.

- Father. / - $7.

- Father. / - Father, what's this?


- What about this? / - Sea urchin.

Aren't you going to work?

Hey, we should hurry up and work.

- Aren't you going to work? / - Items for sale.

Items for sale. Say that.

(Will we be able to sell them all today?)

Thank you.

This is $3.

This is $3.


Buy some clothes. Buy some clothes.

Buy these clothes.

(Customers spend money like they're possessed)

- How much is this? / - $5.


No. $5.

These are long johns.

This is 5 years old.

You won't sell this?

You won't sell the tricycle?

We're selling it.

(A younger kid buys it)

(A younger boy is buying it)


Put your shoes on there.

Put your shoes on there. And press forward.

I said press forward.

He learned how to ride it last summer.

Minguk is the best rider.

A neighbor kindly helped him

take his first ride.

(I've been in his shoes)

Daehan, you take it.

Daehan, you take it. Oh...

The money...

Hey. Step on this.

Step on this.


Like this.

I'll push you.

(Coach Minguk's tricycle class)

You shouldn't go like that.

Step on this.

Go. Go forward.

Go back. Then go forward.

(You go like this)

(Go back)

(Then go forward)

He's even teaching key techniques.

He's a perfect instructor.

(Minguk is the best)

- How much is this? / - $3.

With both hands. Say thank you.

Thank you.

(He packages the goods very well)

Thank you.


I'll give this to the next person.

- Okay, okay. / - Yeah.

Sell it to the next person.

Manse, you sell it.

This is for sale.

- What's that? / - Both hands.

- This... / - Yes.

- It's $3. / - $3?


- It's your clothes, Manse? / - Yes.

- You wore them, Manse? / - Yes.

Then take this.

Take it?



Manse earned money.

Thanks to the triplets,

the items are selling very quickly.

They're about to end their sale.

- Do you have a baby? / - No.

A cousin.

- Boy or girl? / - Boy.

This is good for boys.

This is nice.

He didn't wear it much.

So for these and these, how much...

That... $3.


- All of this? / - Total?

Yes, $3.

- Really? / - We're selling them off.

Hey. Hey. Hey.

Give this to them.

With both hands.

Manse, be polite. With both hands.

With both hands.

No, no.

Give them all of it.

(Give me allowance)

Give it to me.

- Thank you. / - Thank you.

That's it. That's it.

Thank you.

(The last customer is gone now)

Daehan, Minguk, Manse, sit down now.

I... Look here.

Daehan's piggy bank.

Manse's piggy bank.

Minguk's piggy bank.

You put the money in here?

Yeah, you put it in there.


We sold a lot today.

Daehan, put $5 into yours.


You kids are saving for the first time.

Minguk bargained too.

I was surprised.

The tricycles they used to ride...

They couldn't ride them until some time ago.

So they learned to ride them from older boys.

Now they're teaching younger kids.

Time flew by so fast.

I think they really grew a lot.

They shared memories with the precious items.

Some of the memories were a bit tough.

But the kids grew up with those items.

They were valuable friends

that helped them take a step forward in life.

Buy some clothes. Buy some clothes.

They've given the triplets memories and wisdom.

You kids are saving for the first time.

Meanwhile, Jion got a special gift too.

What is it?

So you go like this and make whipped cream.

It's scary.

It's interesting.

Sunghoon is good with his hands.

He's excellent.

Honestly, I thought he was showing off his muscles.

He's really good.

(Sunghoon makes whipped cream with his hands)

(This is basic for a real man)

Daddy is making cake for Saebom.

She's lucky.

Jion, Jion, daddy is...

I thought it'd be a few days later.

I was giving her a walk.

She suddenly felt contractions, so I was flustered.

The new babies were born earlier than expected.

Good job, Saebom.

Saebom had 3 puppies

that look just like her.

The babies look for breast milk with eyes closed.

Congratulations on becoming a mom, Saebom.

(Mommy's milk is the best)

(Jion has a cute friends now)

Good job, Saebom.

Saebom is hurt too.

- She's hurt? / - Yeah.

Saebom too.

Yeah, she's hurt.


You're a mother now.

We had her since she was a puppy.

It's the first time she had puppies.

They're all healthy and she is...

Taking good care of them.

I'm so proud of her.


You want to make cake with me?

You want me to make cake for you?

We're making a congratulatory cake for Saebom.

How did you know how to make cakes?


The bread is sold like this.

You just need to make whipped cream.

So you could make it when Jion was born too.

I didn't know then.


- I didn't know then. / - Yeah, right.

- I didn't know at that time. / - Yeah, right.

We had Saebom since she was a puppy.

I didn't have you since you were a baby.

(That's absurd)

Jion, you try it.

Here. Here.


Now she understands and does what I ask of her.

(Aren't I good?)

- It's fun. / - Done?

It's fun.

- Here... / - There.

It's done.

Dear, right here.

It's done. Let's take it to Saebom.

Jion, you hold here.

You try it.

Let's tie it here.

- After they had me... / - Nice.

My father hung golden ropes.

Since they had a son.

He hung golden ropes.

Hey! I had a son too!

There are two boys.


The candles...

- The candles? / - The candles...

- The candles? / - Dogs don't need candles...

- Liar. / - Liar.

He makes things up, right?

(I want candles too)

Congratulations, Saebom.

What's this?

She had puppies.

- Liquor? / - It's to celebrate.

- It's that liquor? / - Yeah, that liquor.

It's usually for men's...


It's good for energizing you.

They say you can have 5 sons.

(That liquor)

(He drinks it for Saebom?)


(The taste is enough to create sons)

(Then Jion will have a baby brother?)


- 'Happy...' / - 'Happy birthday...'

For the baby.

- 'To you' / - 'To you'

'Happy birthday to you'

- 'Happy birthday, dear Saebom's babies' / - 'Babies'

- 'Happy birthday to you' / - 'To you'

(Just pretending to blow them)

(I'll taste the cake)



Be careful. Be careful.


Saebom, have more.

(Jion, it's yummy)

Good job.

It was tough, wasn't it?

It's tough, isn't it?

- You said that? / - It was tough, wasn't it?

How do you know if it was tough?

(I know best how Saebom feels)

We need to name the puppies.

The first one was named, Garak.


She couldn't come out, so I used my fingers.

I named her that so she'd make something of herself.

What should I name the two boys?

They were born in Opo.



- Odol and Podol? / - Odol and Podol.


Odol and Podol.

- I named them. / - Okay.

Odol and Podol.

She's Garak.

He's Odol.

How can you tell them apart?

By their umbilical cords.


- He... / - He was drinking the milk.

The one with the cord like that is Podol.


Suck on it again.

When you first had Jion,

you remember what breastfeeding was like?

I totally remember so well.

No, no, no.

She just went and sucked on it?

- The hospital was surprised. / - Why?

- She was the first baby they saw... / - Surprised.

Come straight to the breast.

They usually practice sucking on it.

But with her, from the very beginning...

She was so good.

So cute. Look at their tongues. Just like babies.

Jion's tongue was like that too.

Our Jion...

She'll have babies too.


It'll be ages later.

(Jion was so tiny)

(She grew this much)

So cute.

Oh, who is that?

Wow, she was a real baby.

I was young too.

You washed her hair like that.

She must've been shocked.


- You said mommy? / - Mommy.


- He's crying. / - Oh.

- I cried, right? / - Daddy is crying.

Why did you cry?

Daddy didn't know.

Daddy didn't know.

- Daddy didn't know. / - I didn't know.

When the baby ate.

Daddy cried when the baby ate too.

(He was touched by every moment)


You got it. Hold it up.

You got it. You got it.

You got it. You got it yourself.

Right, you swam with daddy.

Jion, it was your first time, right?

Geez, I was touched by everything.

- It was the first time for everything. / - Yes.

They did everything together in daily life.

He was an awkward beginner dad.

He made Jion laugh a lot

and cry a lot too.


- But he only focused on Jion. / - No.

And tried to get to know her better.


I didn't know much.

Jion, it must've been tough.


Will it go to daddy's mouth or Jion's?

Jion, what are you drawing?

A duck.

He wanted to be his girl's best friend.

We're like an African chief and daughter.

(Since she has her daddy)

Thanks to his effort,

Jion could smile the prettiest smile in the world.

(I love daddy)

- Jion, why did you cry? / - She's sad.

- Why did you cry? / - Why did you cry?

Why did you cry then? Tell us.

- Jion, why did you cry? / - Can't you tell us now?

Why'd you cry over daddy?

- You thought he was hurt? / - Yes.

- Really? / - Yes.

(Watching daddy asleep on TV)

Why? Why? Why?

Why? Why? Why?

I slept for minute.

I slept.

I was sleepy, so I slept.

I won't sleep.

I won't sleep now.

- Get down. / - Jion.

(Good daughter, Jion stopped him with her body)

(Don't torment my daddy)

Okay, okay.

Jion, where are you going?

I'm following you.

- You're following me? / - Yes.

Dad, quit drinking.

Okay. I'll just have one beer.

Eat up, daddy.

Eat up, daddy.

(Jion touched daddy with unexpected words)


Okay. I'll eat up.

(Parents are grateful and happy about kids' growth)

She had to be apart from me.

I was so worried.

Thankfully, Jion went along with it.

When she grows up,

she'll be so grateful for her dad

for making these memories.

It was a long time.

The camera might not have caught them all.

We spent numerous 3 day recording sessions.

I had memories made in each moment and...

They're all precious.


Oh. Come here.

It was tough for you.

No, it was good.

I was nervous at first. Then it got okay, right?

I can leave you with her now.

It was unimaginable.

You've grown in 10 months.

I think you grew too.

No, I didn't grow. I got old.

You became prettier.


Should we show this to Jion much later?

- In 10 years. / - 10 years?

- In 10 years, she'll be... / - 13.

13? Oh, 13?

(What kind of dad do you want to be for Jion?)


I don't know. So...

I always wanted a dad...

But what kind of dad...

I never thought about that.

I want... To be a reliable dad at all times.

And a friend as well.

No matter what, I want to be a good dad.

Stay healthy.

- Thank you. / - Thank you.

- See you next time. / - See you next time.

Let's go!

- That's it. / - Grow wise and gentle like your name.

Jion, we love you.


- I'm first. / - The triplets go to a tomato farm.

I'll pick a lot.

Dad will like that.

- Who'll pick the most? / - The tomatoes are good.

Sarang's exciting encounter with film characters.

(About to cry)

What happened to Sarang?

Seola, flip your hair over.

The girls have hairstyles Donggook can't take.

The girls' dads have a special challenge.

Why am I focusing on this?

Can you do well, dad?

Hwijae goes to visit the boys' hero.

But he's the biggest hero for the kids.

Lightning power!


The Return of Superman. Chapter 104.

"Little Big Hero." Don't miss out.

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