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The North Wind and the Sun with English subtitles  

A long time ago, the Sun and the North Wind would argue over who was the greatest power

in the universe.

Each one thought that they were the strongest and most powerful person in the world. The

Sun would say: "I am the most powerful because I can warm the whole world!" But the North

wind argued, "I am the most powerful because I can blow mighty ships at sea!"

"I say we settle this once and for all," said the Sun.

And so the Sun shined with all its might and the North Wind blew as hard as it could but

neither could tell who was stronger because it was too bright and windy for either one

to see.

Together they agreed they would have to settle it with a test.

Quickly they looked around for something to test their strength on. Below them was a man

traveling along the road through the mountains. He was wearing a heavy coat, which he'd buttoned

up tightly.

The Sun and the North Wind decided the winner would be the first one who could get the traveling

man to take his coat off.

The North Wind tried his power first, blowing with all his might down the road. But the

stronger he blew his cold and bellowing winds, the tighter the shivering man held his coat

around his body.

At last, exhausted, the North Wind gave up. "Ok, I may have not been able to make him

take off that coat," said the North Wind, "but what makes you think you can do any better?

If I couldn't do it, no one can!"

"We'll see about that!" said the Sun. The Sun beamed a friendly smile down at the traveling

man, shining on him with his light and warmth.

The traveling man immediately took off his coat and basked in the warm sunlight. The

traveler looked up at the sun and smiled at the beautiful weather the sun had provided.

And so the Sun taught the North Wind an important lesson: "Always be kind and warm to others."

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