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The Hero In You - Motivational Video with English subtitles  

it's not who you are underneath what do you do

there's only one thing that's impossible

and that's to be a man that doesn't give up

some people we will allow to unnerve you

and you wonder what's wrong with me I'm not crazy

that's why you got to learn to make a conscious delivered determine effort to

stand up inside yourself

working on yourself watching that in a dialogue that will determine the quality

of your life

realists are not afraid to look at the harsh circumstances of life they sharpen

their I by paying keen attention to details to people's intentions to the

dark realities hiding behind any glamorous surface and you've got to

learn how to tune out the critics outside and the critic inside you are

more alone than you imagine

this should not be a source of fear but a freedom when you prove to yourself

that you can get things on your own then you experience a sense of liberation

you are no longer waiting for people to do this or that for you

a frustrating and infuriating experience you have confidence that you can manage

any adverse situation on your own

think of it this way dependency is a habit that is so easy to acquire we live

in a culture that offers you all kinds of crutches

experts to turn to drugs to cure any psychological Andy's mild pleasures to

help pass or kill time jobs to keep you just above water

it is hard to resist but once you give in

it is like a prison you enter that you cannot ever leave you continually look

outward for help and this severely limits your options and maneuverability

when the time comes as it inevitably does when you must make an important

decision you have nothing inside of yourself to depend on


the most important thing is what's the purpose of your life

why are you here

you got to jump

you got to take that guilt is packed away on your back

you got to jump off that cliff and pull that cord you can play it safe and deal

without the cuts and contains you can stand on a cure for life wherever see if

you don't jump

I got another promise i can make your parachute will never ever go to take

that you need in life that you to get up but

gonna work life

is the proud of me

whatever i feel it is 24 hours will determine around tomorrow and the next

day and I think that's what people need to pull this off

like get off it is i want to make six figures i want to drive his car when

living this out

I think what people should be focusing all his i have 24 hours like over only

has 24 yeah real gates only asked for my woman barf it only has 24 hours and then

that 24-hour period

I can even break my life will make my life two wins two losses true life

I just realized that if you say it to yourself and you look yourself in the

eye look yourself in the mirror and truly truly believe and not a man alive

can beat you and that is the way it is and putting it out there for the world

to see

I mean going out and doing there's no better feeling in the world than that

and it's as easy as that

say what you're gonna do and don't do it

so listen to me there are those of you said I want to be a millionaire

I want to be the best is called me right but your value system says you believe

in sleep what are you believing ryan d your value system says you are a

consumer and not a producer that you're spending more money than you're making

why because you are concerned with your

you're reading all the books and you said everything the books of thing but

those books are not in alignment with your valued if you're going to go to the

next level

your values are going to have to change talent and good intentions are never

enough in this

you need to be fearless and strategic driven by your need to please others are

driven by your fear driven like that

maybe it's time to find yourself way to do is decide

I consciously

what you want your life to be


this your mind

I will not go gently into that good night I will

rage against the dying of

the light that will practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty

because minds are like parachutes and the only function when open and Timothy

Leary was right in order to use your head

got to go out of your mind

it all comes down to controlling and mediating our attention

so if you are a wonder junkie

if you believe as Carl Sagan did that understanding is a kind of ecstasy

if you are hungry for the sublime learn to control your attention

learn to control your mind your thoughts because you're creative and linguistic

choices the very words you used to map your reality feedback into your reality

you are the painting

you are the paintbrush you are in Canada you are a question

you are the answer to the question

you are also my friends the question who are everything we are everything we are

sentence we are consciousness the most of lime gradual asleep in the university

better be having a good time and authoring your fate

turn your life into a living breathing work of art because anything less would

be a tragic

- 93 lost 3-2


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