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Teaching Kids How to Sweep the Floor with English subtitles  

come from my floor I have in my squirrel

with my heat here and I'm going to show

you how to teach a little boy or girl

how to sweep the floor properly it's a

fun game actually if you can set aside

in our everyday to do fun little

cleaning up projects and you actually

get to have fun making the mess because

like in my house is that usually very

messy so we have to make artificial

messes so that we can have fun learning

how to do jobs properly in our room we

like to teach the kids to do a job

perfectly and properly so that if you

dump things on the floor like this like

the pesky pencil sharpener in the

schoolroom people are always dumping

these shavings all over the floor so we

have we like to teach our kids to sweep

up every little thing we call them

critters there are little critters that

we have to sweep up on the floor and

then um if they want to be together

they're very lonely if they're not all

together in one pile and into the

garbage together we don't want to leave

anybody out so really they had things to

leave leave somebody out and those

little critters don't want to get left

out ray mighty know so can you show show

everybody how good you can sweep up the

floor Wow look at that here we go this

can even work with the two-year-old you

just have to dump you can even dump

little um dried beans on the floor or

noodles and then have them take a broom

and get all the little critters all into

one little family pile so they can go

into either a container for noodles or

into the garbage with pencil shavings of

course Mike you're doing a fabulous job

we need to get a dustpan now you're the

best pan but job

oh my go Mike he's very careful on how

he sweeps he makes sure there's every

little he eat up look at what we might

be wonder what what do we have here when

we sweep there's always a little line of

critters right then we have to get that

little line of critters all swept up to

because we don't want to forget about

anybody do we do you like to sweep

Michaels yes you're a very good helper

thank you I've been working with Michael

since he's been two years old sweeping

my floors so now we have got like a

perfect wanky sweeper now so have fun

with your kids if you have two of your

role neatnik like I am make a mess on

the floor so the kids can help clean it

up and you can have fun teaching them

how to do it the right way oh here's a

little critter up a little critters Oh

perfect thank you Michael good job

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