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Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world... and beloved consort of Janaki

Welcome to you, the glorious ruler!

Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world... and beloved consort of Janaki

Welcome to you, the glorious ruler!

Your arrival brings fortune protector of dharma

Our lives become enriched

Your rule will bring prosperity and provide wealth and happiness

Your kingdom will flourish with affection

Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world... and beloved consort of Janaki

Welcome to you, the Supreme ruler!

Doors of our kingdom welcome you as our ultimate king

Goddess of dharma guides you to rule the country

Four Vedas trumpet sounds with jubilation

Goddess of law blows conch then, showers of flowers rain down

The king's crown adorns him and pay its respects

The throne of Sun dynasty greets him with exaltation

When your touch the earth, there is a feeling of flying on air

Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world... and beloved consort of Janaki

Welcome to you, the glorious ruler!

Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world... and beloved consort of Janaki

Welcome to you, the glorious ruler!

Land proves that Rama's reign is like the celestial cow

Sea extols Rama's commands can't be opposed

Stone says that meeting Rama gives virtuousness

Rama's kingdom, shows his subjects the righteous path

Rama mantra is Tharakam it gives eternal strength

Rama's name is ambrosia Rama's chanting spells good fortune

The supreme power says he's the protector of world

Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world... and beloved consort of Janaki

Welcome to you, the glorious ruler!

Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world... and beloved consort of Janaki

Welcome to you, the glorious ruler!

Your arrival brings fortune be the protector of dharma

Our lives get enhanced

Your reign will blossom and shower wealth and happiness

Your kingdom will flourish with affection

Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world... and beloved consort of Janaki

Welcome to you, the Supreme ruler!

Ramachandra! Here is the creator of your family dynasty, Sun God

...Progenitor of Raghukula dynasty Pay your greetings to him

The one who rides the chariot with seven horses

Son of Kasyapa the one who gives lighting to the world

The one who has white lotus

I salute you, Sun God!

Gurudeva, Sage Vasishta!

We greet you! You taught us not to be unjust!

Long live

Today's coronation was decided by King Dasaratha 14 years ago

That auspicious time is today

Both, that day's decision and today's auspicious event are decided by God

But this is significant

Generally, kings who rule the country will ride the king's chariot...

...after their coronation

But today, Rama will be coronated as king...

...after having destroyed Ravana & his demons thus saving the honor of our kingdom

He is the only king to be officially coronated...

...after discharging his duty as a king!

Hail King Rama Victory to him

Rama, the heir of Inavamsam, Ikshvaku dynasty protector,

...great grandson of King Raghu, grandson of King Ajamahudu...

...and son of King Dasaratha,

He becomes the ruler of Ayodhya being blessed by all the Gods

I, Rama greets you all in front of Sita, Lakshmana, Bharatha, Shathrugna and Hanuma

Water and wind, hot and shadow, day and night

Those are equal to everyone

The equality as promise, and justice as God...

I swear that I'll rule this country with my full strength

Victory to King Ramachandra

Having faith in me you have made me king

It's not right to think that a King enjoys his life and rules by sitting on the throne

Ranjaithe ithi rajaha

It means whoever pleases his people and makes them happy, is their King

So it has been said by our ancestors

I believe that people are more important than my family and myself

I am accepting this post to be a judge to this kingdom's heritage

Ramarajyam means this country will be cared by Rama

Then only it will be ruled by Rama

I greet you all

Hail Rama Victory to you

Let good fortune shower on our benevolent king Rama

Let happiness rain on the husband of Janaki, the ruler

Let the fortune of victory prevail with him always

Be prosperous Kosavendrayarf who has great virtue

Be prosperous the son of the emperor, the mighty

Lord Ramachandra!

By the instructions of lord Brahma, by the inspiration of saint Naradha

I, Valmiki, started to write the epic, Sri Ramayana

And it has been completed today

Let all humans enjoy listening to this Rama Katha Sudha,

...which blesses us with virtues and forgives our sins

Ending!? Is the story completed?

It was very inspiring

If it continues, it will be even more interesting

Do you want more?

We cannot be satisfied Let us listen to Rama's story many times

But, stories are made with mixture of happiness and sorrow

Sita and Rama have faced many troubles for 14 years

At the last they are united

So the story is complete

Henceforth there are no troubles, only joy

If there are no troubles, can't tell stories?

If it is so, leave it

Let there not be troubles for Sita and Rama even as a mere tale

Nothing is in our hands It's all God's play

Only He knows how many twists and turns happen in this story

You belong to Sun dynasty but adorn Moon's dot

- Is it your kindness or else...? - Else...!

- Finding faults? - Got a doubt?

Seems like you are hiding something Look at the waistband

It seems like a new jewel

The affection of love is reddened by betel nut and leaves

It is time to make it come true

To make loverf when Moon appears...

Every night, Sita's heart becomes a bed

Silence also is sweet Time is utilized well

This is the love-world of Rama Let this bond forever bloom

It is a pure form of freedom with Sun and Moon as witnesses

This Divine bond can never be parted

Sri Rama Raghu Rama A mesmerizing chant

Has Sita's love tied the hands of Rama?

Sri Rama's affection, Sita's sudation

Does my mother know about this?

Love of Sri Rama's... will be quenched by Sita

This is a bond that can never be parted

We have to perform bangle ceremony for the girls

Our priests have fixed an auspicious time for the event

If you permit them, with your blessings...

...we'll take Sita, Urmila, Mandavi, and Sudha Keerthi with us to our home

Why do you ask like that, brother?

It is our custom to perform the bangle ceremony at the girl's residence

We can't oppose that

Even if we agree, your sons-in-law should also permit

What do you say Ramaiah?

Son-in-law, you are still standing

You may be our son-in-law, but you are the king of Ayodhya

Please be seated

Though I am the king of Ayodhya, I am a son to my mother

This is the correct place for me when mother is here

May you be prosperous!

May you be happy! Only Rama can guarantee this!

Come girls!

Father! Are you fine?

Your parents have come to take you home

- It is our duty to bless you - It is your duty to bear babies

Are you fine, dear?

Get ready to travel Okay?

Their faces brightened after hearing that they are leaving with their parents

- Maharaja - Son-in-law

It is common to address me formally in the court

But call me 'father-in-law' at home My daughter will feel happy

Father-in-law! I've got a message from the Royal court

- Shall I visit them once? - King's duty!? Certainly

First subjects, then we look into our personal issues

Fine, since king is not here, let's get the consent of queen Sita devi

Will any girl refuse to go to her parents' home?

It is not right People may mistake us

Just listen to me, father! I can't stay there leaving him alone here

My older daughter Sita is not agreeing to the bangle ceremony at her parents' home

She says that she can't come leaving her husband alone here

That is true, brother She is right

Though she was not needed, she didn't abandon her husband

She went with him to the forest and faced many troubles for 14 years


It is not correct to make them part with bangle ceremony as an excuse

No one has the power to reject her wish

I accept it whole heartedly

Though your parents felt sad you made your in-laws happy

I'm more happy than everyone else

Unexpected gift I liked it

Ask whatever boon you want

Boon!? l don't want any boon

Why are you shocked?

I am afraid of boons

Boons didn't suit my father-in-law

Because of those boons, I had to go to the forest and kill Ravana

...and achieve victory, world peace, prosperity to the kingdom

Fine, forget it

Ask me your wish in this happy moment

King! My wish may not come true

Don't have doubts

When did I ever reject any wish you asked from me?

Tell me

This wish is not for me It is for us

The fruit of my prayer, is to give birth to a healthy baby

And for his happiness

I want to get the blessings of hermits' wives

You wish to go to the forest

In your 3rd trimester if you wish to travel into the forest

King's mothers, elders of our clan won't accept

I know that

- My wish is not an easy one - Let's make it happen

It is your wish that it should happen before you deliver the baby

So, let's tell them we must do some offering and go there

- Then let's go tomorrow - Tomorrow!?

It is said when a deer wakes up it starts to run

What? Are you scared listening to the word deer?

I didn't mean that magic deer This is an innocent deer

- Have betel-nut - Justice bell is ringing

Is this the time for that bell to ring?

- Dangers don't come according to time - It is ringing continuously

But it is king's duty to attend to the matter immediately

Married life also is a duty

Not married life, service is the greatest dharma of all dharmas

Oh my dear! This Rama is faithful, diligent and slave to that dharma

My lord! I am Bhadrudu, the chief spy in this Ayodhya

They are spies roaming all over this kingdom get information about kingdom's security and people's welfare

My lord! I am from East from West

...from North from South

People are facing many troubles in your kingdom

Troubles like, there are no beggars even if the rich want to give alms

Only pleasures, no diseases

All the hospitals are shutdown and are being destroyed

No work for Yama (Death-lord)'s men They are chiding him

Heaps of gold, diamonds, rubies and gems are being sold like vegetables!

- Stop flattering me - No, my lord

People are living happily in our kingdom

Good, I am very happy

Though everything is safe, you have to be alert always

You know that troubles don't give a warning

Bhadra! What news have you brought now?

Is everyone fine?

I must convey what was told verbatim!

Everyone is happy and rich

Under your rule, there is no place for any word other than happiness

And it's impossible

- Guards! You go and do your duty - We obey you

- Bhadra! Tell me - There is nothing to tell, my lord

Everything is safe and everyone is happy

Bhadra! Look at me

Seeing your appearance and facial expression

I believe that there is no link between your inner thought and speech

- I sense fear in you - Nothing like that, my lord

I am very tired and no sleep That's all

Hiding the truth is worse than telling a lie

It's dangerous

Whatever the blame is...tell me

My lord!

Uncle! Sister is here

- Come - Enough, brother-in-law!

My wife is pregnant

It took 4 days for your wife to come here after completing her prayers

Don't mistake her

Stop right there

I'll kill you if you step inside

You went to your parents' home on Full moon day

...and returned home on New moon day

- What is the matter? - Nothing, dear

My sister is pregnant Don't you know that?

Because of my old mother's request, I stayed behind a few days

- Was that a mistake? - Mistake!?

Your sister conceived and you enjoyed with your brother-in-law

You think l didn't know that

Don't shout I'll kill you

Listen aunt! What he is saying?

Oh God! I swear on you I swear on my mother

I am not like that woman Not at all

I swear on my mother I swear on our family deity

What is this Thippa? Your wife is like a flame?

You'll go blind if you blame her

How could you accuse her, you damn idiot?

- Damn your mouth - You are committing a blunder

Leave me

This immoral Sivangi! I don't know if she was faithful

...or she was hand in glove with her lover

She went to her parents' home promising to be back the next day

Not 1 or 2 days, but 10 days

She stayed behind without returning home

I won't accept this immoral woman

Don't get angry

Don't spoil your life with your own hands

Let's go to King Rama's court He'll give the judgment fairly

Leave my hand

King Rama!? His judgment!?

Can an accused give me judgment?

If you blame him you'll be blinded

- You'll be reduced to ashes - Why should I turn into ashes?

Has he come from the sky? He is also a human like us

His wife was captured by a stranger for a year...

...but now he is living with her without any shame

- What did you say, you fool? - Oh mother!

Why are you hitting me, you old man?

Did I say anything wrong?

Now tell me

Shamelessly he brought his wife from a stranger's home

...where she was for a year and now he's living with her, isn't it?

Answer me

Tell me, isn't he living with her or not?

Why don't you speak up? Come on, tell me

Isn't he living with her or not?

Shamelessly he brought his wife, from a stranger's home

...where she was for a year and now he's living with her, isn't it?

My lord! It was a drunkard's words

Like stones from a beggar

Don't believe that Don't mind what he blabbered

I had to tell you about that incident because of your repeated questions

That's all

Get up

Bhadra! You heard it and saw with your own eyes, right?

- Who is there? - Your order, my lord

- Call Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrugna - l obey you, my lord

Bhadra! You can go

- My lord! - It's king's orders Don't tell anything

Go Go away

I don't want this kingdom or this crown

I don't want this kingdom Sita...Sita

I don't want this crown


I don't want this kingdom Sita...Sita

I don't want this crown Sita...Sita

- My lord! - Sita

I don't want

I don't want either this throne or this kingdom

I want my Sita

- Sita...Sita - Brother!

Sita is here She is with you safely

She can't be like that henceforth It is my fate

- Sita...Sita! - Brother! lt is some nightmare

It is your illusion it's confusing you, it's not an illusion

It is a game, played by fate

I won't surrender to it I won't lose my Sita

- Sita...Sita -

Dear brothers! Any one of you can take this throne

Release me from this jail I want my Sita

I can't abandon my Sita I can't bear that loneliness

Abandon...loneliness! Brother! What are you saying?

We don't understand you Stop playing the fool

I am not kidding It is pure truth

I'll perform your coronation tomorrow morning

I'll also go along with my Sita to the forests

Let the inauspicious words vanish

Brother! Don't be hasty Please relax

No relaxation

I must abandon either Sita or the throne

Abandon Sita!? Why this disastrous decision?

Yes, it's a disastrous decision I got blamed terribly

Eclipse has afflicted our Sun dynasty

Our dynasty's prestige is at stake!

- Brother! - Bharatha! What can I say?

In our kingdom a man blamed his wife's conduct and sent her away

When people around him demanded an explanation

He said that to live with this dishonest lady...

he was not like Rama who brought Sita from Ravana's custody

...after a year and started living with her

Who is that idiot, who said that?

I'll cut him into many pieces

Can you kill all the people who blame me?

- Brother! - Yes

It could be false or true People are believing this

When he asked them how they'd behave in such a situation one uttered a word or opposed it

They were all silent

She proved her chastity in the fire test

Fire test happened in the kingdom of Lanka

How would they know about it?

It is their belief and their judgment

A true king is a slave to his subjects

He has to respect their beliefs and judgment

No one opposed this judgment

If I want my kingdom I have to sacrifice my wife

Or if I want my wife I have to give up my kingdom

That's correct

Brothers! I don't want this kingdom I want my Sita

Sita is my life There is no Rama without Sita

And he can't exist

Though you are younger than me I plead to you

Any one of you can accept this crown

Share this burden

Show your kindness on your brother and sister-in-law

Don't inherit this sin of parting Sita and Rama

Release us Allow us to go to the forest


Not one of us has the strength to adorn your crown

...and no eligibility or capacity

If you order us we'll be ready to jump into fire

- But... - Brother

We are your slaves and servants That's all

Slaves and Servants!?

No, you are not my servants

You are servants to the God of death

By calling me your brother you are trying to destroy my life

Okay, my slaves, my servants I order you

Lakshmana! Take your sister-in-law and leave her in the forest tomorrow morning

This soil became virtuous after she was born

This dynasty got prosperous after she came here

And all the sins vanished when people chanted Sita's name

That honorable woman...that virtuous woman...

Stop your eulogy

- Bharatha! You go... - Brother!

You are very kind But now you are angry

You are not compassionate now

It is not my wish It is my duty

From Ikshavaku's to my father King Dasaratha, our elders got name and fame

...bearing many troubles and sacrificing many things

I have no right to tarnish that record

There is only 1 option

To preserve our dynasty's prestige, Sita and l...

...should live with the pain and pangs of separation

It's fate that has decided this life for us


Lakshmana! On that day, when Sita requested you to arrange the fire in Lanka did it

Today Rama orders you to leave Sita in the forest

Leave her near Sage Valmiki's hermitage

Keep this a secret

Chariot is ready

I am also ready

Why didn't you adorn the jewels?

I am going to seek the blessings of hermits' wives

No need ofjewels and cosmetics

They won't recognize me if I go like that

They'll greet me

They'll get scared if they know that I am a queen

...and they won't see and speak to me

Even if the king comes with me we'll go dressed in this manner

- Where is he? - He won't come

I mean he can't come now

I see, then l'll go and get his blessings

That's not possible He is taking rest

If we delay, the auspicious time for travel will go


Wind, Sky, Water, Earthrf and Fire...

None of you could oppose Rama's decision

Who committed the crime? Who got punished?

Who could stop this atrocity? Who is it?

Sages and hermits are not present

Where have the philosophers gone?

Is it fair to the journey which moves silently?

Hills, mounds, forest, waterfalls and Sarayu river

Ask, if it is fair to him?

Wind, Sky, Water, Earthrf and Fire...

None of you could oppose Rama's decision

Will you forsake the promise you gave?

Will you oppose the promise made by you in the middle of court hall?

Will you oppose the Truth?

Will you support the lie for sake of your happiness and your wife?

It's not good Rama, it's not good for you

Will you insult your ancestors, inhabitantsrf...

...and your father who abandoned you for his promise?

It is not justice

Will you betray the truth for your pleasures and married life?

It is not good for you, Rama

It's not good

Wind, Sky, Water, Earthrf and Fire...

None of you could oppose Rama's decision

Lakshmana! Where is the hermitage?

It is situated nearby

- Come, let's go there - I got orders to leave you here


What orders? Who gave? For whom? And why?

- To leave you in the forest - Lakshmana! Are you joking?

Did Rama order you to leave me in this dense forest?

Not Rama's orders, lt is the king's orders leave you near the hermitage

Did he order you to leave me here? So, he is...

He is not coming

Why Lakshmana? I don't understand

Don't forgive me Curse me

- Turn me into ashes - Lakshmana! What is this?

Don't hurt me and kill me with your words, tell me clearly

Ayodhya's king Rama abandoned you, queen Sita

You are exiled from the kingdom It's the king's orders

Similarly Rama's orders

Did my lord abandon me?

Hey Lord Siva and Parvathy! Oh, five elements...

Oh! Goddess of earth! Protect my sister-in-law!

Take care of her from all dangers

My lord! You are very kind to forgive your enemies

Why this fate?

Why did you give such a horrible punishment to your wife?

What is this unkindness? Why this punishment?

Tell me what crime and sin did l commit

Are you justified to punish me without telling me the reason?

Lakshmana! At least you tell me

Your crime was you were prisoner in Ravana's custody for a year

It was the complaint of the people

That's why, this punishment

You know I went through the chastity test, by fire

He said it was done in the kingdom of Lanka

People of Ayodhya refuse to accept that news

They said that a demon kidnapped you and this man accepted you as his queen

You are not eligible to be a queen

- Is the king believing this gossip? - No

Being a king, he had to do this without tarnishing the name of his dynasty

Lakshmana! I am his wife and a pregnant woman

Will your dynasty's fame increase if you leave me alone in this forest?

If he is the king, can't I be a queen?

Don't I have any responsibility?

Will I get a bad name for his dynasty?

Though I'm a sinner, if he had called me and ordered me

...after confiding this in me I'd have gladly jumped again into the fire

I can't bear these flames of insult which is hotter than the flames of fire!

I'd be better off dying by jumping into the water

Swear on me Swear on your future baby

Raghuvamsam flame which grows in your womb should flash

It should light hundreds of lamps

Won't this blame fostered on me affect my fetus?

How can I show my face to the people?

How can I answer them if they ask me why my husband abandoned me?

How can I live now?

You are the daughter of Earth which carries all the burden

You should prove the world that truth and justice will win someday

Like losing his heart,

Rama is in deep sorrow after parting from his wife

Can he live for a second without you?

You are right, l couldn't control my sorrow

I was harsh

It is the sin of my previous birth to be away and not serve him

I am born to suffer

I'm not destined to be happy

I can't bear this sight

...and I can't oppose my king's orders

Good bye

Sita! My dear child! Why are you suffering?

Your husband, was scared of being blamed and wished for fame

So he lost you He is an unlucky man

People of Ayodhya who blamed you are wretched

This earth can't bear such sinners

They'll suffer They'll suffer twice

Though Rama's brothers are praising Sita a pregnant lady, ready for fire test again fulfill his duty as a king, Rama who abandoned Sita

...and believed the wicked words of his people, so I'll curse them


Mother! Be calm

Mother! Don't curse my lord and my people

I can't endure it

Who is your lord? Is that cruel person your lord?

Is it Rama who ordered you to jump into the fire, taking the chastity test?

Is that wicked person who sent his pregnant wife to the forest your lord?

I can't keep quiet if you blame my husband, my lord

I don't care you if you deride him

Go away

You can't endure it if I blame your husband

I can't endure it if you feel sad

I give you my word I won't deride your husband

You come with me to my abode

If I come to my mother's home blamed by my in-laws won't be good for you

After l beget the Raghuvamsa heir I have to unite him with my lord

And l have to handover my child to him

Then only I can come to your abode

Then I'll hide in your lap as your little child

A mother who begets a girl child should learn to endure

No one can change your fate Suffer it...endure it

Jai Sri Ram!

Oh sage!

Did you hear about this wonder? Have you seen this frightful scene?

Rama is in Ayodhya Sita is in the forest

Their personal problem is now known to all


I felt very happy when my lord got coronated

I felt joyous that Sita reached the shore

I heard the news that Sita was blamed

What can I do to make Sita happy?

Then I crossed the sea and made them unite

What should I do for this act?

I can't oppose Sri Rama's orders

I can't find a way for this Advice me

Mother Sita's troubles have started again

So Sita and Rama's story is still going on

It'll be a happy ending Let good things happen

Have you come to serve your mother?

I don't have such luck

To console the mother, this is not kingdom of Lanka

To fight with him, he is not a demon

One side is Ramaiah And other side is Sitamma

With whom l can fight? And whom do I console?

I don't know what to do I need your advice

Rama's feet protect everyone

Be brave

With this tribal disguise, stay with mother in these hard times

Make her laugh and be happy with your songs and dance

That is your mission

If she feels happy the child will be healthy

Good luck! May you succeed

Greetings, mother!

Oh Goddess of the world! Tolerant Sita

I am Valmiki

By singing Sita-Rama's virtuous history, I wrote Sri Madramayana epic

I felt very happy that I wrote the entire Ramayana

But I've understood now that it's an incomplete epic...

...and God's decision is different

Sita! Mother of world! Come to our hermitage and make us happy

Oh Sage! I am a married woman and now I've been blamed

Though I'm married I am an orphan

If I step into your virtuous soil...

This earth will flourish touched by the soles of your feet

Will my name and family background be kept a secret without other's knowledge?

You have many names No need worry about your name

You are the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi

We'll call you Lakshmi Devi


He is your servant

Consider him as your older son

His name is Balaraju


Oh hunter child! Go to our hermitage in a second...

- Then - There...

- There! - He is a little fast

Son of the wind, makes things move fast

Listen dear! Go tell them that we must make a hut for Lakshmi Devi

Gurudeva is coming! Disciples! Come with me

Sages! Gurudeva is coming Come fast

Come ladies!

Come here for a minute!

You both come and clean the hut

You too join them

My lord! Mother is coming

Because of the good we have done she has come here as our companion

She is Lakshmi Devi

Her husband has gone far away on a divine mission

She'll stay in our hermitage until he returns

We must worship her as a Goddess, treat her as a friend

Auspicious events like bangle ceremony should happen happily

Welcome dear!

By this time, Mithila kingdom will be rejoicing with trumpets

Bangle ceremony of 3 daughters-in-laws will be conducted in pomp and splendor

But my eldest daughter-in-law was not fortunate

She wanted to stay in her husband's house But alas she was sent to the forest

Ayodhya has become dark with gloom

The bangle ceremony of Sita is happening in grandeur

Affection and happiness blossom... Earth and sky feel joyous

The kingdom of Kosala rejoices and plays melodious tunes

Full moon and spring together bring delight to everyone

Our Rama's beloved queen Sita is going to be a mother

The bangle ceremony of Sita is happening with pomp and splendor

Affection and happiness bloom... Earth and sky feel joyous

Women flock together and twirl the Morris-dance

...offering saris and gifts

He smiles, combs her hair tenderly ornates her fore-head with kumkum

He, her husband moves close to her

Women flock together and twirl the Morris-dance

...offering saris and gifts

He smiles, combs her hair tenderly ornates her fore-head with kumkum

He, her husband moves close to her

Kashmir sends baskets of saffron

And musk is sent from Karnataka

Despite Sita's refusal, three sister-in-law do not allow her to do any work

The bangle ceremony of Sita is happening in grandeur

Showering affection and happiness... Earth and sky feel joyous

Mother! Please come

With affection, your delivery will happen in your parent's home

Accept the turmeric and kumkum given by your husband's house

Chanting Rama's name echoes here Hearing it labour pain will vanish

With prayers of mother and mother-in-law mother and children will be safe

With blessings of married women all is well with you

Though you have kith and kin Now we are your relatives

Wherever you are, Rama protects yourf oh pretty lady!

Bangle ceremony of Devi brings high spirited joy

Shower of affection and happiness... fills the whole heart

Noble women offer camphor to this beautiful lady

While singing the Vedas, people in the hermitage bless her

Beget a son, as he getting all pleasures

Bangle ceremony of Devi brings immense cheer and bliss

Shower of affection and happiness... fills the whole heart

Greetings...greetings! I greet myself

Why are you greeting yourself?

What should I do, mother?

When l greet anyone they will bless me

They don't greet me

Are you laughing, mother?

Nice, If you laugh you are like my mother?

Shall I tell you a Gadha(mace) to make you laugh more?

It's Katha(Story), not Gadha(mace)

That's why I get angry

Before I tell a story you'll find faults

Okay, tell your story

After the coronation of king Rama, he got tired and went home

and everyone went home

...except Hanuman, he stayed behind

Although Rama went to the bed room, he went there and sat down

Everyone felt sleepy and yawned

But Hanuman didn't move away from there

Go to bed, Hanuman

Who will take care of the lord if I go from here?

I'll take care of him

The services what you and I do are different

He'll get up suddenly and complain of a headache...

...and ask me to get some herbs from Sanjeevini hill

Can you bring them?

I'll fly and bring them soon

- You can't do that - I see

My lord!

I can snap my fingers myself, Hanuman

Elders say it is a sin to snap for yourself when you yawn!

I should snap if you yawn

Then do one thing, Hanuman

Not in this room, go sit on that fort tower

You snap when your lord yawns everyone will listen

- You'll be blessed accordingly - Is it, mother?

Jai Sri Ram!

After sitting in the tower, Hanuman had a doubt

How will I know when Rama yawns?

He started to snap non-stop

There, Rama also got a doubt

Do you know what he did?

He too started to yawn without stopping

How do you know that he yawned there continuously?

I heard this story from Gurudeva

Move aside

Let us prepare ourselves by purifying from impure

by removing all the stresses

hindrance for learning through submitting one self to the divine

Mother! These twins are born in the most auspicious time, luck favors them

As they have been born in the hermitage I'll name them with equivalent names

I am separating this blade of grass into two

This part will be called Kusa(former), the other will be called Lava(latter)

They'll grow together as Kusa and Lava

My lord!

Hey, come on

You twins are like conch and wheel He protects you always

You are like flowers from Queen Sita's garden, she protects you always

If I tell Rama's story you'll love to listen

You'll sleep well listening to his deeds

They'll start crying If we stop telling his deeds

This is the King's elephant It's always trustworthy

This is the Queen Sita's elephant It'll obey you

Hail Rama...hail Lava Kusa

Hail Sita...hail Lava Kusa

Teacher is the form of Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Siva

...and Supreme God

We pay respects to that teacher

Victory to you

Dear children! Have you memorized Sri Madga Ramayana story

...that you heard from me?

- Have you understood it? - Yes Gurudeva

Is it a fictitious story or did it happen in real life?

Is there a great man like him in this world?

One day I asked the same question to Sage Narada

Who is in this world with great qualities?

Who in these days has good conduct?

One who speaks the truth always One who protects dharmas

One who is always grateful One who is brightest, like the Sun

One who looks after everyone with love One who is very kind

Who is it? Who is it?

Then Naradha answered me in this way

There is a person in this world as equal to the sound 'Omkaram'

There is a person praised by one and by all

Like a hunter, having great qualities

Like a friend, having good conduct

Like the Moon having a cheerful face

The truthful man on this earth... Dasaratha's son, the kind personrf Janaki's husband

Sri Rama

He is the hero in our Ramayana story

Ramayanam means Rama ayanam

...the path taken by Rama

It means...the virtuous laws on how conduct ourselves

...what should we do and what we shouldn't

If we do not surrender to the wishes which take us to the wrong path

If we do not behave like animals and demons...

If the people in this world want to be happy...

This virtuous story tells us the laws and the civilized rules, we must follow

Tell me what you have learnt from the characters in the Ramayanam

King Dasaratha stands for his promise

Because of the boon he gave to his wife Kaikeyi,

...he sent his beloved son to the forest

He lost his life unable to bear that pain

It means even if we lose our life we should keep up our promise

- His son Rama - He always spoke the truth

One arrow, one word, one wife

To save his father's dignity, he sacrificed his kingdom

...went to the forest and suffered many troubles

It means...we should respect our parents always

Next Sita devi

She was a virtuous woman

When her husband was sent in exile, she abandoned her royal comforts

...and followed him as a shadow to the forest and shared his suffering

Though the demon Ravana abducted and imprisoned her in Lanka

Though he offered her the queen's status and even threatened to kill her

...she didn't change her mind

She looked down at that demon as grass to be trampled

She believed in Rama

She fasted, meditating only his name trusting that he'd come and save her

She overcame all trials and troubles and united with her husband

What about Ravana?

He got destroyed for desiring another's wife

Not only him, but also his kith and kin and kingdom got destroyed

Rama's story, we should learn the affection

...between father and son, husband and wife

...the love and respect amongst brothers

Lakshmana went to the forest to serve his brother

Though he was offered the kingdom, he rejected it and was Rama's servant

Those brothers are great We all must follow their path

You should spread this virtuous story worldwide

Elders, youngsters and everyone should listen to this story

You should sing and make them sing

Everyone should follow the path shown by Lord Rama

People must build a temple in their heart

Rama and Sita should worshiped there

They should live in their hearts

Sing one more time

Listen to the story of Sita Ram, the epic

...blessed by Gods that happened in front of you

See his Divine antics

Listen to the story of Sita Ram, the eternal classic

...which was written for you, to grant you happiness

See his Divine antics

It brings bliss to every home

It fills the lights in every heart

It shows the right path to the people

Listen to the story of Sita Ram, the divine epic

... blessed by Gods and that happened in front of you

See his Divine antics

Dasratha was a king of Ayodhya His virtuous wives were three

The king performed sacrifices to get children

...along with queens Kousalyarf Sumitra, and Kaikeyi

They blessed him with sons

They were Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrugna

Raghu dynasty was started to flourish happily

Listen to the story of Sita Ram, the epic

...blessed by Gods and that happened in front of you

See his Divine antics

King Dasaratha forgot time pass by his dear child, Rama was the apple of his eye

Sage Kausika came to his palace

And asked him to send Rama with him to protect his sacrifice

He taught Rama to use weapons He killed demoness Thaataki

The sacrifice was successful and the Sage felt happy

After that, the victorious Rama visited Mithila kingdom

The bow of Siva was displayed and the new bride stood aside

The guardian and protector, Rama was there

Feast to the eyes Rama's handsome face

Good luck favored him to make him taste victory

The handsome man took the bow broke it without difficulty

The bride, with garland moved towards him

Proclaiming that Janaki would move like his shadow

...King Janaka gave her hand to Rama

Sweet melody filled the air

She filled Rama into her heart

Blessed were the couple never to be parted

She wedded that brave man

and felt very happy

Listen to the story of Sita Ram, the epic

...blessed by Gods and that happened in front of you

See his Divine antics

Little warriors! You've learnt to use weapons which is a part of archery

I've taught you how to protect the country and punish your enemy

Now I'll teach you the remaining part, all about using elements

- Is it more powerful than learning about weapons? - Is it different?

People who have strength, and eye power will fight with help of weapons

Like arrow, sword, mace and spear

But elements have magical powers

In the education of elements wind, fire, water, air

...are used as weapons with magical powers

I'll teach you how to use all the magical weapons

Learn it

The is the Fire weapon, it emits flames and makes into ashes

The is the Water weapon, it rises like billows and submerges

This is the Wind weapon it swirlsrf moves fast and blows vigorously

This is the Brahma's weapon which will arrest whoever hides in any direction

These are the divine weapons


Son! You are not taking care of the people

...for whom you abandoned your beloved wife Sita

There is no peace and happiness either at home or the kingdom

Your sacrifice will have meaning only if you can rule with a free mind

Mother! Sage Vasishta has come

He wants to meet the king

Get up, Rama! Go and do your duty

Get up!

May you be happy in your married life

May you live long!

You are Rama, the protector of dharmas

Even your enemy Maaricha praised you

Sage Viswamitra praised you that you are a sage beyond penance

Oh my lord! No one needs to advise you

You look like the Sun, swallowed by planet Rahu

Let your ill-fate perish

My brother should shine like the mid-day Sun

It is not affecting you alone but your whole kingdom

She is right

It is said that people follow the king's path

Your people are as much in gloom as you!

There's no peace, no pleasures and no happiness in the kingdom

People are suffering because of poverty

You are making the people suffer for whom you abandoned Sita

This path is not right for you

I've lost my beloved and virtuous wife

What else can I do?

If you get Lord Siva's blessings you'll overcome the troubles

Performing a sacrifice is the only way to regain peace and prosperity

Yes Rama, in the past, when your father and I did not have children...

our sage convinced us to perform a sacrificing to get children

Because of that sacrifice, we got Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrugna

And again today...

...they are wishing to perform 'Ashvamedha' for the happiness of our kingdom

Sage Vasishta consented

Sister! Because l've lost my wife, I'm not eligible to perform the sacrifice

- Don't you know that? - It's not a problem

If you consent...

...we can perform your 2nd marriage

Sister! I request you Never say that word again

Don't even say it in jest

This Rama will always be 'one woman one man'


Your sister had the welfare of the kingdom in mind

There is an option it doesn't trouble to your prayers

We can perform the sacrifice, with an idol of Sita made in gold

...and placing it in your wife's place

Yes Rama, it is approved by the laws

Listen to us! Go back

King is taking rest Stop here

Listen to us

My lord! King Rama!

My lord! Listen to our woes

Forgive our sins and faults

Forgive us, my lord

My dear people! There is nothing to forgive

Let it be good or bad, its my responsibility

If there is any fault it belongs to me

No, my lord! Not at all

We are to blame

All mistakes and blunders belong to us alone

Knowingly or unknowingly in ignorance

...we have sinned blaming our innocent queen!

- We are cursed - And suffering for our sins

We've lost happiness

Our lives have been destroyed after our mother, Sita left Ayodhya

We got punished for what we did

Forgive us and accept our repentance

Yes, my lord! Don't refuse, accept our apology

We heard that our mother queen Sita's image is being made as a doll

She'll visit our homes in this form

We heard that Sita's Gold doll is getting ready for the sacrifice

Don't take gold from your king's treasury

Take all our gold and craft her idol

Make it beautiful

Fulfill our wish

We'll even lose our life for her sake

She will protect us and take care of all of us by blessing us

We'll obey you always

May you have a happy married life!

My lord! Forgive us

Lava Kusa! You yourselves asked what l wanted you to do

I wished that you should sing Valmiki's Ramayan in front of lord Rama

Meanwhile you asked me

May you be victorious and prosperous

I bless you to regain your glory that you rightfully deserve

Sage Bharadvaj will accompany you and show you the way to Ayodhya

Gurudeva! Won't you come with us?

You go

You are very brave You don't need my protection

Go bravely and reach your destination

You will meet with success and happiness

Mother of our world! Mahalakshmi!

You agree, right?

It is ill-fate that the king's sons are meeting their father as singers

Stop being playful Unite the family which is separated

Meet King Rama and get his blessings

Look at him on my behalf too!

- Don't be mischievous - We won't

- Don't quarrel with anyone - We won't

- Don't accept any gifts - We won't

- Don't stop being mischievous - We won't

Hear Ramayana, story of Lord Rama

Hear this Divine classic story of Lord Rama

Filled with sacrifices justice so fair

Love and affection beyond comparision

Every character with virtues so rare

Listen to Ramayana, story of Lord Rama

Listen to this epic, story of Lord Rama

Coronation of Lord Rama

Coronation of God Rama

Dasaratha prepared for the coronation of his son

The entire kingdom rejoiced with frolic and fun

Boons given to Kaikeyi brought troubles and tears

She cruelly sent Rama to the forest for 14 years

And he was sent on exile

And he willingly went with a smile

He set foot into the forest leaving his palatial house

His queen left the comforts accompanied her spouse

Respecting the King's words, he left, son, for the sake of his father

Wife for the sake of her husband Lakshmana, followed his brother

People protested and wept

Rama wanted the promise to be kept Sita his shadow, faithful wife

Lakshman went to share their strife

And Ayodhya was engulfed in gloom and despair

And Ayodhya was filled with darkness everywhere

Hear Ramayana, story of Lord Rama

Listen to Ramayana, story of God Rama

Madam! Greetings to you

What is the matter?

Some artistes are singing our Rama's story near Sri Parameswari temple

Rama's story!?

- What is that? - Yes mother, it is our Rama's story

Two children, not even 10 years old

Wearing anklets, dancing nicely, playing Tambura

And singing his story

I cried when I listened to it It was so nice

- Is it? Then bring them here - Okay madam!

Saga of Sita Rama

Legend of Sita Rama

If we recite the sacred chants our lives become pure

If we listen to the holy chants our sins vanish for sure

Every word is set to rhyme and rhythm

Four Vedas that emerge from it Our world happiness-anthem

Written by Sage Valmiki the great Sacred fable of God Incarnate

Rama stayed in the forest with his wife

With his brother to protect day and night

Forest rejoiced the endearing sight

Ravana's sister Soorpanaka fell in love with the noble Lord

He advised her to leave She crossed her limits and her guard

Lakshmana stepped in and cut her nose and ears

That demoness left angrily to complain to her brother with tears

Ravana appeared disguised as a beggar

Maaricha became a magic deer

Rama went after the deer to satisfy the wish of his wife dear

Ravana waited for the right moment abducted Sita as a punishment

He imprisoned Sita in Lanka, in the middle of the sea

with she-demons to guard her permanently

Tears from Sita's eyes overflowed

Here Rama's anguish multiplied

Calling out to Sita...Sita

Calling Sita...Sita...a mere echo

As his voice reached the sky Sita's husband in sorrow

Hanuman, made Rama befriend the monkey-king Sugreeva

Crossed the sea, reached Lanka and met Sita

Showed Rama's ring as identity assured her of liberty

He burnt Lanka, got Sita's jewel to Rama as proof of his travel

From start to end he narrated all that he saw and how he retaliated!

Army of monkeys built tirelessly stone bridge to Lanka over the sea

Then war took place, Rama killed Ravana and his race

He reached Ashoka garden and set eyes on his wife

Rama, who faced many troubles to save Sita from all this strife soon as Sita reached his side to walk on fire he did decide

Why did He behave in this way? For whom was this fire-play?

What was the reason for his action? To satisfy whose question?

Chastity test for Rama's wife, the flawless!?

Fire test for this Ayodhya princess!?

Virtuous test for daughter-in-law of Dasaratha!?

Fidelity test for daughter of king Janaka!?

To the soul of Rama or to the body of Sita

To Sun lineage or the world at large

For whom is this test? Why this test!

Lord Rama

It's enough Stop it


Go ahead, sing

Sita jumped into the fire in quiet dignity though disgraced

after knowing the truth the world felt ashamed

while the directions vibrated The fire God proclaimed

Sita is a Virtuous woman The world praised and acclaimed

Rama proved to the world Sita's purity

And returned to Ayodhya with his chaste lady

Returned, Rama along with Sita

Sri Rama...Rama Chanting His name makes us pure

His name conveys kindness, affection, courage for sure

Rama, accept please greetings of your devotees

Sumitra's beloved off-spring

Heir of Sun dynasty Husband of Janaki

We salute Thee for everything!

Dear children! Where do you live?

Where did you learn this Ramayana story?

Who is your master?

King! Valmiki is our master

He taught us

He enlightened us and wrote this epic

We are staying in the hermitage near Tamasa river

I see!

You are very young!

You've been in the hermitage long enough

You children! Stay with us in Ayodhya

And make us happy singing story of Rama everyday

- What about our mother? - Our mother cannot live alone without us

We have just come to meet you and get your blessing, King Rama

Now we won't stay here for a moment longer

It is true, Rama

How can children live here leaving their mother alone?

Yes brother!

All pleasures are fruitless if the children are not with their mother

Your mother who begot sons like you is virtuous

Seeing you and listening to your sweet voice

A new feeling, plays in my heart

My heart is not willing to bid farewell to you

But you have to go

It's okay

At least accept our gifts and jewels

We live in the hermitage We don't need jewels

My master won't accept it

Our mother warned us not to accept gifts from anyone

- All we should do is meet Rama - Our lives will be blessed

Only one thing remains

Ask me without hesitation

We need our mother

We want to see mother Sita

Like Siva Parvathy, Sita and Rama are one

We got to see only one half

It is our wish to see Sita Rama together and get their blessings

- Our lives will be fulfilled - Our mother will be happy and rejoice

My lord!

Mother! He is walking away with a grim face

Is he angry with us?

Shouldn't we see 'mother Sita'? is it because, we are from forest?

Forests are not familiar to him

He was also exiled in the forest

Have we sinned?

When a sinner's brother sought his help he protected him

He is very kind, even if Ravana seeks his help he will forgive him

Why mother? Why did he get angry?

What sin did we commit?

It is not your sin It is our ill-fate

It is not possible for you to see Sita

- She is not here - Why?

Where would she go, without living with him?

- Somewhere, may be in the forest - Forest!?

Yes, in the forest

We sent our Sita out because someone blamed her

We abandoned a pregnant lady considering it as a king's duty

It is our fate We are unlucky


- Terrible... - Atrocious

Is Rama such a cruel man?

Did he send his wife who believed in him to the forest?

Our master wrote the Ramayana Is it for this cruel person?

He must have been aware of this too

Come, let's banish this king and his kingdom

Come, let's go

Mother! The brothers are returning

Why do you look like that?

Are you tired?

May be you roamed a lot?

Drink this water

Have you seen Rama?

Is he fine?

Of course, he is very happy

He is alone happy but rest of the family is sad

Why do you say that?

Don't ask me anything

He is a king for name sake

But his mind is like a demon

We went there with great joy prayed to him with devotion

We sang the story with love

At last we knew that he abandoned his wife for the sake of his kingdom

We knew that he was very cruel and sent his pregnant wife to the forest

How could he do that?

We got angry when we knew that

How could he do such an atrocity to his wife?

So pitiful! How much Sita was traumatized by his deed?!

Would she become a prey to any animal?

Don't say like that Don't blame him

His path is virtuous path

His heart is very kind

Mother! Without knowing the truth don't glorify him

We can't bear to hear you praise him

Hereafter we won't chant his name

We don't sing Ramayana story

By chanting his name don't bring dishonesty to this hermitage

Children! Stop it

Stop blabbering

Punish yourself

Whom, all Gods and sages praise as THE Supreme God...

...chanting His name makes sins disappear

Don't blame that Supreme God and reap more sins

You don't have any right to blame him or chant his name

Whatever you have learnt will turn to ashes

Go away

Don't show me your faces


Calling Rama...Rama

Calling Rama...Rama Everyone in the assembly is seeking Him

Child Rama walks silently

Calling Rama...Rama Everyone in the assembly is seeking Him

Child Rama walks silently

King's Assembly... Handsome child Rama

Delivers sweet talk... captivating all with his charm

Can't control his mischievous streak He makes everyone happy

And Sage Vasishta likes the naughty streak of child Rama

Calling Rama...Rama everyone in the assembly adore him

Child Rama walks silently

With his arrow he draws monkey images in the hall

Diamond ring he throws at the crow

He eats the fruit bitten by Sabari

And he feeds the dates to the squirrel

Behind the tree he hides and makes the bridge with stones

Their parents like his mischievousness

And cuddle him with affectionate kisses


Calling Rama...Rama

Calling Rama...Rama everyone in the king's hall seek him

Child Rama walks by quietly

He skips food and climbs up the stairs

And spills rosewater in the gold vessel on the earth

An adamant child he is, and asks for the Moon

He hides the moon in his pocket that is reflected in the mirror

Such a naughty kid was Rama in his childhood

He was very impish

You are our mother and father

We'll never cross our limits Forgive our mistakes


Calling Rama...Rama

Calling Rama...Rama everyone in the king's hall adore him

Child Rama walks silently

- Our greetings to Sage Valmiki - May God bless you

Who are you?

We are ambassadors of Ayodhya king Rama

King has decided to perform the Ashwamedha sacrifice...

...for welfare of his people and his kingdom


Has the king Rama decided to perform the sacrifice?

Yes, sage

Including Sage Vasishta, all the elders of the kingdom have consented

Is it? Let his wish get fulfilled

Convey my best wishes to him for the sacrifice

Not only your wishes, he needs your blessings too

It means he invited you and your disciples to the sacrificial venue

...and asked you to bless it


Everyone will obey the words of Sri Rama

Tell him that we'll come there after checking the auspicious time

We take leave, Sage

- Sage - What mother?

Can any king perform the sacrifice without his wife's company?

It is a sin, mother It is prohibited

No sacrifice should be done without the wife's presence

Oh Sun God, well versed in all vedas

- Greetings mother! - What dear?

What do you want? Do you want flowers?

The saviour of world...

- I have a divine doubt - Ask me, dear!

Has anyone done a sacrifice without his wife's presence?

No, it is impossible No law will accept it

If the 1st wife is dead, he can remarry

...and perform the sacrifice with his 2nd wife

There is no option beloved wife

As a king, I've saved my kingdom's honour but l've abandoned you

No punishment is enough for this sin

There is no repentance for this great sin

Though I've abandoned you, you are still with me

You are living in my heart

I remember you always

Your glowing smile... Your ethereal beauty...

And the scent from you...

This scent is only from of my Sita

Moon dot!

Someone has put the dot on this golden idol

Who could it be other than Sita?

Others can't adorn it

Has Sita come here? Is she here?

Is it my dream or reality? Or illusion?

Sita, where are you?

Why do you play with me?


What a pleasant touch!

What a great aroma!

This is my Sita It is her hand that's touching me

Sita, don't leave me Don't go away

You came just now and disappeared soon

Why do you play with me? Why this hide and seek?

Sita, I am stone-heart But you are very kind

Daughter of Goddess Mother earth

Forgiving others is your natural conduct

Bless me Forgive me

Mother! Have you seen the real character of one who speaks the truth

...and the saviour of dharma, Sri Rama?

One wife

- This is the Veda of Sri Rama - I've understood, Sage

I've seen the glorious image of my lord and I felt happy

I'll tell you a wonderful incident of Rama's natural character

After killing demon Ravana, Rama was resting on a stone

He noticed a shadow approaching him

He realised it was a shadow of a woman

To avoid touching that shadow, he lifted up his legs

Oh king Rama! I am Mandodhari, the wife of demon king Ravana

My husband, known for his penance, is blessed by lord Siva and born to win

I have come to see the brave man who could kill my husband

Not only I've seen you, but also l've understood your character

I know now, the one who didn't touch even the shadow of another's wife...

...only he can kill my husband who desired another's wife

Oh chivalrous Rama! I salute you

I too foolishly, and in anger suspected that he remarried someone

I distrusted him

I sinned I thought ill of him

I have sinned knowingly and completely

There is no forgiveness for me, sage

Advice me I can't bear this pain

Mother! Anger, error and suspicions are common for human beings

Should learn from our mistakes...

...and confess to God

That is real repentance

That is not enough

I want to be purified by fire

Don't be hasty

Fine, because you are obsessing

...I'll give you a solution

Fast to Sri Lalithambika, Goddess of the world!

Thank you, sage

Mother! I caution you

This fasting should be performed with utmost devotion

You should worship the Goddess with 100 sacred lotuses for 1 1 nights

It is an important rule and be on your guard

From the day you start the fasting and till you complete it... shouldn't stop mid way

Whatever trouble may befall you shouldn't stop fasting


I'll fast with total devotion with my husband's grace and your blessings

But you asked me to fast with 100 sacred lotuses...

How can I get those flowers in this forest?

I know where to find them, mother! I can get it for you

How can you!?

Mother! I know all the mountains, rivers, canals, and ponds around here

I know all flowers and trees, mother

I'll bring the fresh flowers I'll fly and bring them

Yes mother! Our Balaraj is strong

However far it may be, he can fly and bring them

- Mother! We'll also go with him - Children, Kusa Lava!

You have other responsibilities

It is the time for me to meditate

Until I return, you guard your mother, her pooja and the hermitage

We'll do as you say

The king of Ayodhya with golden doll of Sita

Sri Rama who performs Ashwamedha sacrifice is now starting with this horse

The horse that has a flag of Ishvaku dynasty with symbol of a tree...

...will roam around the sky and in all directions freely

Wherever the horse runs, the place becomes gifted land to Ayodhya

The gifted land's protection and welfare is Ayodhya king's responsibility

If anyone stops or ties this horse

Army of Ayodhya will wage a war and capture their city

Sri Rama's brother, Prince Lakshmana will command this journey

Hail Sri Rama Hail Sita

Victory to Rama

Victory to Lakshmana

Mother! What about us?

Keep that basket aside Those flowers also

Hey, look there!

Oh, it is a horse decorated with jewels and a crown

It seems like a horse of a royal nature

- It should be called a divine horse - No, it's some ordinary horse

It is neither divine nor ordinary horse It seems like a donkey

It is trampling on our fruits and flowers


Hey, stop

Brother! Try to tie it

It is an arrogant horse Let's tie it to a tree

It has spoilt our fruits and flowers

Let the owner come We'll reprimand him

Even if the owner is someone great how did he allowed this?

Brother! Look at this

Something is written on its face

- It seems like king's orders - Oh God! This is some king's horse

- It reads 'King of Ayodhya' - That means it is Rama's horse

Wherever this horse steps, the land will belong to Rama's kingdom

- Will we become slaves to him? - No, we won't

We know archery We are brave and courageous

Nothing to be afraid of

- What if they ask us to release it ... - We'll refuse to release it

We'll refuse to untie the horse

It is a great mistake to disobey Rama's words

Not just a mistake, it is a sin also

We have learnt in Ramayana that he is the protector of dharma

What we learnt is different from reality

When Ravana came as a beggar even Sita thought he was a good man

- But he was not like that - He abducted her

Like you, we also thought that Rama was a great person

After we went to Ayodhya, we realized that he was not noble

He has cruelly abandoned his wife

If we tie this horse, he'll come here himself

You can see his real character then

- What if he gets angry...? - We aren't scared of his anger

We are brave and courageous

There are no brave people like us in this world

There are no brave people like us...

- What if mother knows about it... - No, don't tell her

- She'll get angry - Okay

- Promise me - We swear

My lord!

This is the way Horse is over there

Then, go and bring the horse

I couldn't bring it Someone has tied it

You mean our sacred horse!? Who are those idiots?

Who are those arrogant men?

They are not warriors Some sage's children

Were you afraid of them?

- Chief commander! - Yes, my lord!

Go and warn the children and bring back the horse

Okay, my lord

Look, sacred horse is over there

Who dared to do this?

My lord!

My lord! Save us

You arrogant boys!

You coward!

If you have guts, come face to face

Oh! Was it you who tied up our sacred horse?

Yes, we did

Do you know whose horse this is?

The victorious Rama's horse

- I am his brother Lakshmana - Greetings to you

Do you know who he is?

He is the brave man who cut a girl's ears and nose in the forest

Not only that...

Though his sister-in-law was like a mother to him...

This brave man abandoned that pregnant lady alone in the forest

Younger brother and the elder brother

They make a perfect pair

In the past Rama left his throne and went to the forest obey his father's words

Now he abandoned his wife for the sake of kingdom

Good! Excellent!

Hey young boys!

Without knowing anything, don't talk as you wish

If you are angry, mock at me

If you blame Rama, I won't keep quiet

He married Sita, agreed solemnly but he betrayed her

We won't keep quiet for that

Stop talking rubbish

- Brother, he is sending fire flames - Let's pour water upon it

Our arrows of water will answer his arrow of fire

Brother, why should we fight with him?

Waste of time

- Let's make him faint - Yes, Rama will come here himself

Rama, are you going to punish those small boys?

Who else there other than me can punish those boys who made Lakshmana faint?

May be it's impossible, but you must believe it

Mother, bless me

Son, victory to you Let goodness prevail

Go carefully

Brother, look at the chariot He is coming

Sri Rama!

What a bright halo!

He resembles Lord Vishnu

First let us greet him

Later let's ask his explanation for all that he did

We don't care whether it is Rama or God

That arrow conveys our greeting

May God bless you a long life

This arrow conveys our refusal

What is that?

You have come to our place we paid our respect for that

But we won't leave the horse That's why this refusal

Dear children! Weren't you the ones who sung Rama's story in Ayodhya?

Affection surges within me when I see you

No! We don't need that We don't want your affection

Save us from the burden of your affection

Save us

Why do you say that?

The emperor, you made Sita go through a fire-test

...we are afraid of your affection

Though your wife was pregnant, you sent her to the forest cruelly

...We don't want your kindness - We don't want

Knowingly or unknowingly if you blame me...

...I won't be angry with you

You seem to be very brave, courageous and knowledgeable

You are not the sage's children

We haven't said we are

Dear children! Who are your parents?

Why do you need details when you've come to wage a war?

Why should you need our birth details?

Be calm

Don't try to bond with us

You are often calling us sons Are you our father?

When l rule the kingdom of Ayodhya, my subjects becomes my children

- This is not Ayodhya - This is a forest

You are neither our father nor our king

You are not ordinary children

Are you Brahma and Siva who have come to test my patience?

No need for Brahma and Siva to come for this horse

Ordinary children like us are enough

- Let go of the sacred horse - We won't untie it

You can try to get it back, if you can

Or if you have guts

- Don't ask or beg us - Fight and win

- Take the bow - Send the arrow

I don't fight against children and women

He fought against Thataki (she-demon) Did he forget that?

- Sita Rama! - Janaki Rama!

Jagadhabi Rama!

It seems some magic power

I have to win over it

You brave children! I've understood that you've been taught to use weapons

...including magical powers

It is the first lesson in the war-fare to know about the enemy's strength

The arrow which killed demons Ravana, Kumbakarna,...etc

...which has no opponent in 14 worlds

...which has more power than Brahmaastram

...the victorious arrow

Don't you know that is the arrow of Rama?

Don't you know that victory and defeats are not in the hands of human?

Don't you know that?

Oh mother Sita!


Hanuman! What is this? Where did you come from?

What has happened?

Mother, the inevitable disaster is about to happen

War between father and sons

Come fast

Mother! You shouldn't move from the altar ...and shouldn't stop worshiping

War between Rama and Lava Kusa

You have to come fast and stop that

Mother, stop! Don't go

Fasting should be stopped

It will be a sin to the Goddess

It is humiliation...bad omen...misfortune

What can be more of a bad omen and misfortune than this?

One side is husband and other side are sons

This side, arrow of Rama and that side Rama's beloved sons

Oh goddess Katyayani! Goddess of the world!

Please forgive my sins and protect me

Mother! Don't delay Danger is nearing us

Sri Rama! Saviour of world!

You should save your scions from this peril

Protect me and my sons

Not only for me and us...

Need peace for 3 celestial worlds and 14 worlds

Show your kindness Bless us

Sri Rama! Saviour of world! Save us

Do you realize what a big blunder you were about to commit now?

How can you shoot arrows at your own father?

Mother, is he our father?


My beloved wife!

Mother, are you mother Janaki and mother Sita?

Are you our mother, Mahalakshmi?

Father! Forgive us

The pleasure of caressing my children...

...warm embraces of my children...

You offered this to me only now

I am very happy

Father, bear what we did with stupidity and arrogance

Forgive us our sins what we did unknowingly

They are not your sins and faults

You are greater than your father

I feel very happy

Mother! Greetings!

After a long time I got a chance to meet you

Janaki devi, your prayers got fulfilled now

Oh my well-wisher! I came here full of sorrow

You performed my bangle ceremony and took care my delivery...

And looked after me and my sons

Oh Hermit! Father!

I am very thankful to you

Because of your kindness, my fasting and my duty in this world...

...have both come to end

Why are you saying so, Mother? There are many duties you must do

As wife of Sri Rama... As queen of Ayodhya...

- Under your rule... - No dear!

I don't have any wish for myself

This life that I lived is enough for me

I am born to the Goddess of earth...

and have entered in to your Raghu dynasty

Because of me, without bringing any dishonesty to my parents and in-laws life is now enriched after I handed your scions over to you

I take leave now

Oh Sri Rama!

No mother! No

Let Lava Kusa rule Rama's kingdom

Let Hanuma get Rama's devotion

Let the world be happy

Oh Goddess of earth!

I refused to come to you when you called me that day

Now I am coming happily

I, by body, mind and heart...

If I am an innocent wife only to my beloved Sri Rama...

Oh Goddess! Take me to your lap


Mother Janaki!


Rama, be calm

You are the Saviour of our world!

You shouldn't worry

Be calm

Let the world be filled with prosperity and plenty!

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