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Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot To Kill - Gameplay! with English subtitles  



hello guys exotic gaming here back with another video for you guys today for

YouTube and this is a game called sniper assassin shoot to kill

this is available on iOS devices i'm not entirely sure if it is available on

Android if it is that's great but what I've so so far not really ever played

this at all i've seen some pictures of it and what I've seen so far it looks

like it is a sniper shooter like but better graphics and better everything

it's not two day this is 3d because it's called sniper 3d assassin

so I guess we're going to go inside this mansion it's not really a master just

going to see exactly what we need to do so we gotta kill the betrayer

we have just discovered that mr. Kasich got sip has been acting as a double


oh so we gotta tilt same i got this and do i am how do i do I owe drag up to


oh shoot this is a little difficult how do I do that

ok so it's like I can't

oh you're dead now buddy oh look at that bullet traveling in slow motion

mission accomplished good job you did great in your first skill with my rifle

complete two more missions and you'll be able to buy her own weapon

ok i will buy my own weapon mr. whatever-your-name-is leader sir

Lieutenant Commander whatever the heck your name is the meeting we found out

this red jacket guy was responsible for a pizzeria massacre last year we decided

to make sure he won't ever do that again

good good good ok so the heck am I trying to shoot

Oh God zoom in

it's this guy

oh you're dead now body haha

I hope that's the guy

just when right past the lady she she was so close but hey i got a gem cool

and energy or energy refill whatever that is awesome awesome awesome

this game is actually pretty cool i'm not gonna lie I like this better than

sniper shooter catch the thief a taurus had his backpack Rob's and write in next


don't let the criminal escape with all his money and documents there is by body

bye-bye didn't think so

uh-huh are no aren't you just so set impressive you got potential to earn

enough money to buyer first rifle go to Arsenal and by what you can afford

oh I'm getting my gun back ok let's go to the next one

let's go okay hunting rifle tier one look at many tears we can get it with


let's buy it confirm oh yeah i got myself get myself a hunting rifle

here's a city map for you can choose your next missions primary missions our

operations with negative or well wait what am I trying to say

progressive complexity and rewards let's start with them

okay so we're gonna start the mission

I should probably have read with that said nah oh well doesn't really matter

hopefully you guys are liking this i really like this game we've just

confirmed the position of a sniper has randomly shooting at innocence eliminate

him before he hurts another there's another victim

sorry buddy oh I missed I missed I missed


headshot headsets are shoot i missed again

I really felt let me restart this dance

got dang it ok i got this is intense guys this game

it's much more realistic than sniper shooter i can tell you that much more


oh my god how did I miss how the heck did I miss that

now you're screwed

now you're screwed my hunting rifle vs. your back

I don't think so oh and i get coins for headshots cool cool cool cool so you

know we're gonna do we're going to continue on the mission

the tanker base police department has a large list of wanted criminals hunt them

if you need more money

ok i will do that let us start this mission

oh yeah let's do this I'm ready to kill everybody

how this game is kind of difficult to do on a phone i just to say that that's the

guy allen kannada birthdates September seconds or actually it's probably say is

it's februari nice

ok februari 1995 one for terrorism cyber terrorism murder Holy Mother of that way

well we'll go back down

recalibrate aim and I recalibrate aim

there we go now you're screwed buddy

Oh headshots for days no target isn't running away what are you talking about

I got him I got him guys you're dead now

oh and he didn't even run away level up I'm level 3 now

oh yes killing it i love this game guys

I'm not going to do multiple videos on this game but i will i will probably

continue on this game after I i gotta upgrade I can upgrade the weapon

ok upgrade to level to confirm and we don't want to upgrade it to level three

but anyways back and start the mission I'm gonna probably do this

this game after I stop the video i want to continue on and see how far i can get

into it

mr. jumpy's weapons storage is closer than we thought but it is heavily

protected by his thugs

kill all of them without being spotted okay well one there's one and two

Oh little purple shirt man

I didn't think so and three

oh yes slo-mo bullets right into the stomach

oh I'm so sorry for you buddy well you know what

it's his fault he was trying to work for a bad man

we don't we don't accept people who work for bad men right

the weapons store offers a nice starter pack and other interesting packages that

may help you don't forget to check it

what is this I'll screw this i don't want that I don't want to pay real money

on something that I don't even know

save the hostage miss Anita is being held outside

you know what let's try it without upgrading the weapon

let's try that because why not

yellow is the word of choice

she's being held outside woman company and a cop seem too scared to take the


oh oh look at this slow mo bullets right head shot

haha you are bleeding a lot

you are standing up for a long amount of time buddy

k then give it no I don't want to give it five stars yet okay you know what i

am doing quite well right now I think I hope I i'm pretty sure

breaking news journalist bribed the cop oh he needs to make you need to make him


okay I got this guy's don't worry don't worry exotic getting to the rescue

so where's mr. briefcase man

hello where are you I found you are you screwed now wait

all I killed an innocent till the only guy who gets the briefcase

oh I got it I got it I got it guys don't worry i probably don't got it

but you know what it doesn't really matter right yes probably

it does ok so i think what we have to do is we have to watch the police officer

and look at who he's giving it to

so here's a police officer and let's see who is going to give the briefcase - who

is it who we will give it to who will be my next victim

oh it's this guy I don't think so buddy

I'm gonna shoot you before you even get the briefcase

that's how cool I am mission accomplished

I look at you mister policeman you were just like what who shot him

I saved your life mr. police in one-time special offer

I don't have that this is a unique opportunity if you leave will not be

able to get you such a deal again i'm going to leave just because you said

that new but ok so let's continue on with the missions rescue on fire

the weed dealers gangsters are trying to rescue somebody huh

you know we're going to do we we are going to kill the wii dealer

let's see we need to kill

we need to kill both of them all shoot they're shooting noob

headshot oh yeah how does that make you feel

man this thing takes forever to reload I had shot again to your face buddy

haha head shots again

that's right weed dealers you are we bit pathetic

he survived the shot no no move all around

I'm screwed are you serious

oh wow ok well we're going to retry that one more time let's kill the weed

dealers because they are bad group of human beings i love this game guys

i love this game a lot more than sniper shooter to be completely honest let's

kill the first victim

he survived shot and I died

i freakin to hide or sometimes your weapon is just not good enough well you

know what I'm probably going to kill anybody anyways with a non good enough


how does that make you feel mr. failure life leader of my clan group man

oh right no red dot sight o head shot to your head but got dang it ok let's get

the next guy

head shots huh the cross hairs were already aligned

this is the guy that killed me the first time you noob

oh how does that make you feel

and then we're going to get the last guy headshots for days

I love them headshots that's like a bronze bullet huh

that was like a next shot he's leaning on top of the rail

okay well you know what the weed dealers data know is coming

we know what guys actually think that is probably good for this

this game sniper assassin shoot to kill hopefully you guys enjoyed this video I

know I did because I actually really like this game so yeah guys if you did

be sure to leave a like comment favorite subscribe

do whatever you would like to do i'm good with everything and yeah i'll see

you guys in the next video thank you very much for watching

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