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Simha Putrudu Full Movie Dhanush Tamanna Hari Telugu Action Movies Telugu Filmnagar with English subtitles  

Greeting sir! - Greetings!

You shameless fellow! Stupid!

Do you need a moustache?

Hey, beat him with all your slippers! - We left them outside, brother.

Bring them and beat, man!

Beat him!

Instead of being a slave MLA I could as well do some petty job

Why are you throwing slippers at my photo? - It was you who told us to throw slippers.

I told in anger. Will you slipper my photo?

Will you hack me, if I tell in anger?

I have been an MLA for 2 years, but I could not earn anything

That man asks the account for everything

I have to spend for everything from my kitty

The MLA of the nearby area

Bought Audi car in 6 months of his rule!

We shall buy it in the next month.


We shall buy it in the next month.

You do not know the difference between Audi car and another month...

I wonder how to manage with you guys!

Dear! Are you going to setup a Railway Station in Bukkarayasatram?

If you build a station in Uravakonda...

It would be easy for me to visit my sister.

What I wanted is not happening...

and you are bothered about your choices.

Go inside!

Brother! We got 1 million rupees from the mill owner...

telling we are building railway station

Leave him

No railway station should come anywhere other than Bukkarayasatram!

What should be done?

Plant a bomb between Vempalli and Pulivendula railway track.

Write a letter to the Railway minister, saying that...

If Uravakonda has a new Railway station we will plant a bomb in the train!

They will close the file at that

Shiva! There is a bomb blast in the tracks.

When does the train arrive?

Passenger might have started, buddy!

Clear that crowd - Okay Shiva!

You tie this at a distance

Okay buddy! It is time for the train. - Hold it!

Stop it soon! - Stop the train!

Yes sir! Someone is running to us with red cloth!

Stop the train, please!

Stop the train

Come fast and round up the place. They must be of this place

Do not leave anyone!

Police has caught 10 people of us and enquiring them

They will not utter a word

Tell me - We do not know anything

It was you or your man who did it

When he talked in the collector office meeting

that day, he should have been censured

None will reach their homes alive...

If you do not tell who is the master mind behind this

We are not bold enough to execute

All buses from Pulivendula to Bukkarayasatram, Vuravakonda...

Kalyanadurgam to be frisked. - Ok boss!

Check bus stations at Vemana, Vempalli, Nandimandalam...

for the guys coming from Pulivendula - Ok sir!

Dad is doing it in the old fashion!

To escape after doing a wrong is old style

Now they hide near you and study the situation

They will get mixed with others in a short time

It is the west side of the Railway track where they went

That means grove where they hid!

Police is searching the entire place!

Police is bothered only about quantity of gun powder in the bomb...

The length of the wick...

How loud was the blast...

Is it a country bomb or land mine?

Is it a time bomb or a mobile bomb?

Did they throw it from a distance or lit it from a short distance?

It will be evening before we get the answers

We have to find them before they get mixed with others

Cover the bike with leaves

Keep the mobile in vibration mode. - Okay, Shiva!

Ring up if you happen to see anyone. Do not talk

If they spot you come my side Do not go opposite side

Go off! - Okay.

Who is it?

Catch him. Do not leave him

He is running

Come on! Round up him!

Show the power oh human kind live like a human

Crouch like the fearless..

Fight it out like the leopard...

It is getting beaten up at times

The flesh shivers of the enemy!

To hit like thunder is my style

Courage is my asset

Hit the enemy on his chest with guts

Hit the traitor on his back

You think about the atrocities you did

Hit the one who does the savageries

Ganganna! Singanna!

You can only protect your life and wife only if you hit your enemy!

Veeranni! Venkanna!

Only hits and beats can save us not our blood relations!

It is getting beaten up at times

We will come to your place and strip your clothes!

Come dear!

Eat fast! - You son had come, sir.

Oh gosh, Dad! - Where is he?

I do not know

Leap and attack the enemies

Weapons are your ten fingers

Like the thunder hit him at the second

Cut his tongue away to avoid his filthy talk

When we go alone dab oil on the body and go

Carry stones when you confront a fencer

Avoid petty tussles Do not compromise neither

Fight with pace like the leopard

Akkanna! Madhanna!

Let your face guise as innocent always

Grind stone should fly like cotton when you hit

Women are wearing roll

I will teach fight to them

If one smell the flower like a fly

He will be tackled in time

Even a hair pin can be used as a weapon

and even break glass bangles to attack

You have to carry some chilly powder in your sari!

Use it as a weapon when required

Kamakshi! Meenakshi! Even the kitchen knife

can be a weapon to attack anyone

Only hits and beats can save us not even the husband

It is getting beaten up at times

The flesh shivers of the enemy!

No air in it - Inflate the tire

The tire is punctured

Paste it

Bend in the hand bar should be mended

Hand bar bend? I will take it

He himself goes to bend it

This is a disease

He will go with legs apart...

Bend also gets repaired and he gets to scratch the itching parts

Brother! Move...

He has hit our boss

Dear! You broke my eggs

You are crying for 2 broken eggs!

Here! Only he knows who is affected

Come buddy

I want 10 cycles for rent

For what?

I am going to remove the neighbouring village guy's pants

Why do not you go in the bike?

If so, the bike would stop without petrol or get repaired

It is difficult to bring them back

If it is a cycle we can as well carry it and bring here

Good idea buddy!

Take all my cycles No need of rent!

Go fast!

Buddy! They are playing cards

Are you playing cards?

I will see to you

How dare you hit our guys?

Turn him upside down and remove

Other people are removing clothes of our people

All come running. - All escape from here

Do not leave my cycles and go

Let me carry it on my head

Try to form a round in the place

Nobody is to go out!

Are you taking me for a round?

I feel thirsty for a cool drink

They will come to take the cycles

Will you all sit? - All can sit

Your dad gave me a cycle shop

You are destroying it

You have to get your cycles back, is that all?

Tell me buddy. Ok buddy

Watch out what is going to happen now

The heap of hay is on fire

It could spread to other places too Flee, every one!

It is a superb idea! Come, let us take our cycles fast

You had gone to one temple..

and what made you wait at a another temple?

Were you planning to attack someone there?

No one of your place should come to the fete

The travels bhai of the travels is sitting inside

Have coffee! - Are those well in your house?

All are keeping well, madam!

Hi bhai! - Greetings sir

Call your brother, dear!

I will call him! - Mom...

Shiva! Dad has gone out...

Come and have your food.

You mom! You have shown me up!

Do you want to get a good name from your husband?

How long will you hide like this?

Dear! Give 3 photos and signature of yours!

Are you buying any property in my name, dad?

We are going to take passport for you

We want to send you abroad for job

Why do you want to send him abroad?

Brother! Dad is setting a trap for you

Do not get caught in it!

You could go to Singapore or Malaysia or Muscat or Dubai

He should not be in this place

He should work hard abroad to change his attitude

Why this dog barks at me?

You are trying to send Shiva abroad

He does not like it. - Why do you send him abroad?

He want to create fuss for little things!

He will create a big problem in our place

Your men could not catch those guys

who set bomb in the tracks!

It was him who caught them

He did a big mistake by that

I send my men West ward to search...

even when they were going North side

I wanted to see those going North ward...

would turn towards East or West ward...

and find out who has sent them

But you have caught them in a hurry.

Now, we do not know who sent them.

You should be patient

Speed alone would not work out

You should get experience

I will go, but not foreign, dad!

I will go my uncle Madhava Rao in Tirupati

and learn work in his real estate business!

You will come here whenever you want!

No dad. I would not, unless you call me

Then passport? - Prepare it.

It will be useful some day

What buddy?

Dad is telling the truth

He had a hidden agenda to let loose those guys

I went in and made a mess of it

I need to go abroad and work hard to come good

Avoid any conflict with others

Ok mom! Do not get tensed, mom. - Eat well

Lakshmi! Take good care of mom. - Ok brother

See you mom. - Ok

Come and get into the car, brother!

I will go in the bike!

People have filled up diesel in the cars and are waiting for you

Am I going in procession to Tirupati?

I am not going to show my prestige

and build up my influence and wealth

I will go in my bike - Will you go till Tirupati in bike?

Bike will be on top of the bus I will get into the bus

buddy! Who told you to go from here?

I will ask sir about it. - No man

Leave me. - Listen to me. No man

Leave me

Why did you beat me?

You lured me to hit you! That is why

Sathi! He is going at his father's word!

Why do you jump like this? - What?

The entire signals are cut in this area!

Are you angry with me for sending your son?

All we have is only one son!

Why do we have to keep him alone?

Look! I receive 10 complaints every day

4 guys in them have to get beats from me

1 or 2 out of them obey me...

The other 2 will be furious over me

They should not take revenge on my son instead of me!

I wanted my son to be safe, that is why I have sent him

We will not be able to stand it, if anything happens to our son

Worship the feet of Sriranga Ranganathan

This fish costs Rs.200. - Ok! buy it

Chant the name of Goddess Sridevi Ranganayagi

Bathe in the ecstatic southern rivers

Sport turmeric and saffron

Lizard should not catch it...

Thank God!

See you, uncle! - Take care

Drop these to their school on your way

Did she settle in NSS camp? - Let her be here

You go in first

Bring it down carefully! Indicator will break!

Sorry for the late, buddy! - Buddy! How are you?

How our people are doing? - All are fine and waiting for you to come!

Ok, get the bike down, I will come. - Okay!

Hello! Are not you Radhika?

I am Shiva!

We were studying in Ashoka vidyalaya school when we were young!

I do not know what you are saying!

What are you...saying?

Are you the white girl Radhika?

Seems like saying something wrong!

Buddy! You got into the bus without telling me

I saw a girl in the bus!

She is like Radhika my old classmate in the school!

I went to her. She says that she does not know me

Ok! Come, let us go Madhava rao will search for me!

Is not he your uncle?

Here it is like that Come and start the vehicle

This shop is looks the same as before

Hi buddy! How are you? - I am fine!

How are you guys? - We are fine!

Uncle! How are you?

Come in! - What happened uncle?

Come in, I will tell you! - What happened uncle?

Do not call me uncle anymore. - Why?

Call me brother! - Uncle! What happened to you?

You are calling me uncle in singular!

Now, you are calling me with respectively

You will call me uncle with wrong meaning later

Here I am the boss and you are the worker

So, you call me boss or brother!

Shall I call your wife as sister-in-law?

Do not create any problem in the family!

Call me as uncle before her

Here is the main document of Edukondalu!

You are shameless by calling uncle as brother!

You will call your maternal uncle as brother!

You are a real fool!

Whatever it is...

I was creating more respect here!

Go and learn the work! Go - Come buddy!

When I was in the native, I used to drink liquor with young boys!

I realise now what a fool I am!

Careful! Moustache! - Brother...

Veerabadram wanted to bring the account book to build the school!

He wants you to come fast. - Can I stop this in the middle? Bull!

This tender is ok now for 3.2 million rupees!

It is too much, brother!

Our Subbaiah has build a house! What was the cost of that?

1100 Sq.feet... It was about 1.8 million rupees!

So for 2000 sq.ft it would cost approximately about 3.0 millions!

In a house, it will be beautified!

It has to be stopped if it is constructed!

It was a big company which took the contract

What does a big company mean?

Will it be silver door and golden lock?

Tear that contract away

We will build-up kept with another contractor.

What if he make any trouble like court...?

Will he run a family in the court?

He has to come out anyway, right?

He will be sacked right away!

Ask the contractor to come - Ok brother

He looks like an innocent! Is he acting or what?

Keep an eye on him

Should I need a dhoti?

I am showing account even from the school to the milk

He has just waved and gone when 50000 men voted for him to victory!

It was me who gave speech to those by shouting loud!

and went to their homes and asked for vote!

I had to drink the dried out rice and spoilt pudding he gave me

I had to come home and vomit everything

It looks something would happen today!

How about hacking him?

Can you do that? I will give you 5 lakhs!

My car, standing out side, worth is one million

I will give you that too - Me?

You are scared, right? bull!

There are no killers but only supporters for him here

I am fed up after doing the work of a dog!

I have to be like a jackal, now on!

When we are talking with the contractor, Veerabadram...

He will use words like chopping, hacking etc.,

Using Alphonse we will hack the contractor!

We will blame Veerabadram for that

Alphonse is not going for the work of that kind - Why?

His life has become pathetic after his son's death

Will one be ineffective if his son dies?

Yes! It is the son's death which is the most tragic!

Veerabadram would have wept when his dad died 15 years ago.

After that there was no other death there, is not it?

That is why he looks vigorous!

He will be ineffective if his son is killed

His son is not in his place

I heard that he is working in Tirupati

It will be an easy job for us!

Call Obulasu in Tirupati

MLA is calling! - How are you Obulesu?

Why all of a sudden, brother? What is the matter?

Keep the phone down I will take care of it

Ask Peter to come!

Shiva is his name. He works in RK Real Estate.

Create a problem between you and him and finish him.

So in the records, it should come as you have killed him

This is a planned murder and nobody should know it.

There is no time limit.

You can do it very patiently and clear - Ok!

This is not done for money, only for name sake!

Do not make any mistake! - Did not you take any money?

Who is that, sir? - MLA Rajashekaram!

He won with maximum votes difference in Andhra

He will become the minister any time. - Okay, brother!

Vasu! Take Shiva with you and show the Renigunta layouts to him! - Ok!

Kumar! 4 flats come near airport.

A Malaysian buyer is coming to see it.

Do not show to the people near by. They will make a mess of it.

Flat near the airport?

I read that the government has acquired the flats near by

to widen up the airport

That will not work out man

We real estate parties together have applied for stay order.

You told about a girl in the bus that day!

I think she is studying in that college

She told that she does not know you!

She gives out alms in the same old style

Those who beg can be of the different manners!

But people give out alms in the same manner!

She has a unique style in giving out alms! Hold it

Hi buddy! - Have you come here at last?

After you came here, I did not get any sleep...

I could not eat properly

I want to stay with you and bath in the river!

There is a bell company here

I want to buy 10 bells for my cycle shop!

Do you have so much affection for me? - Sure

Has Sathi of the cycle shop come there? - Yes!

Did he say that he cannot be without seeing you? - Yes

Dad has sent him down there to have an eye on you - What?

It was dad who sent him to you to see your activities!

Ok! I will see to it

Is Madhava Rao brother running a Retal estate?

What Estate? - Retal estate!

It is real! - Retal!

You can forgive the one who cheats

but you should not forgive the betrayer!

Can pardon a cheater, but not a betrayer

It is ok that you have come to me after hearing my dad

You should have surrendered to me with your real purpose of visit!

What do you know about bell company?

You are telling me that they sell cycle bells

Will you buy a TV if you go to computer show room?

Do not dare you call my dad - Who are you man?

Are you fine? - You too have come!

I have to look after the wastrels who come here?

Get additional dog food from tomorrow for him - Ok! brother!

Why do you call him as brother? He is your uncle!

Here all are going in the wrong way

Uncle is to be called as brother in law!

Uncle is to be called as brother

Aunt is to be called as sister in law!

Grandpa is...

Do not tell that word, the family will get abused.

Brother in law told you to watch the office, is not it?

What are you doing here?

I am watching the office! - Do you think I am a fool?

How can you do that from here?

Could we see the entire office sitting in the office? - No

If you see from here, you can see the full office!

Do you want it? Do you?

Where is Vimala? - Let me text her

Do not look at him! He is standing opposite to us!

The guy who came yesterday is here

Why did you lie to him? - He hit master when he was young!

A rowdy guy! If I say I am Radhika, he will follow and harass me.

Hi, Radhika! - What is it? I told you before!

You are Radhika!

If I tell you with a smile in this road. People will think otherwise

You can talk to me without smiling

Do not tell your jokes here! What do you want now?

Your own place is Pattiseema in Godavari district, right?

Why do you say Patti? Patti means dog, right?

I do not know but I know you are Radhika!

My name is Gopika and place is Palakkad.

What is it?

You say indirectly as I am the heroine of Autograph!

If we want to avoid someone...

we mention as Mammootty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi.

You too mention as Gopika Menon as if you are the heroine

You have the same kind of bindhi before

and you adore the same kind even now

Only 2 designs are there in the bindhi

One is tower and the other is round!

We keep either one of it

It is like telling the one without shirt in the temple as my husband

You speak Telugu of my place well now

That is...

Radhika! Come fast bus will start now

Like the hidden moon at the dawn

You girl, you hide away when seeing me!

Like the hidden moon at the dawn

You girl, you hide away when seeing me!

Like the lotus flower during the evening!

You feel shy after seeing me, you girl

I saw you, admired you and wavered

I followed you, looked at you, and I felt love for you

You are the door for my life!

Like the hidden moon at the dawn

You girl, you hide away when seeing me!

When you curve your lip and smile

My heart is beating hard!

When you finish a word

you tend to puzzle me up

You look like a beautiful doll!

You walk like a jasmine flora!

You bite your nails often

You are in my mind and mesmerizing me

You are the rainbow I used to see at night!

Like the hidden moon at the dawn

You girl, you hide away when seeing me!

When you want to forget the past you could not act!

Am not a kid to fall to your histrionics

Why do you avoid me?

Why do you rage at seeing me?

You cheat yourself trying to avoid me

You are blazing my soul

Like the hidden moon at the dawn

You girl, you hide away when seeing me!

Like the lotus flower during the evening!

You feel shy after seeing me, you girl

Hand bar is bent - I will make it alright

He did not leave this habit yet!

Oh gosh! Hey Sathi...

You are like a dog after seen a pole!

Why do you have such a bad habit?

Lakshmi clinic!

She is a famous doctor

Come - Why have you brought me to a lady doctor?

What is your problem?

He has been hit - Where did you get hurt?

Usually I will hit against a cycle tire. The tire only will get punctured

Now a car drove without control and hit me

The tire has come out

You should have gone to a puncture shop!

You should not hide anything to a doctor and the lawyer

You should be very open! - Open?

You will not be able to stand it doctor

You could have got hurt in the hand or the leg

Whatever it is... you go and wait inside

I will come and see - She is taking a risk

Let me check

I forewarned her but she did not listen

Come sir! What do you want, sir?

Who are you? - I am working here

Are you a worker?

Peter! When did you come? Come!

He is my relation Do you want tea?

Yes - Mani!

Ask him to buy it - Another one is there for that

Hey... - Are not you the servant here? Go

He is from my place! - Brother! I will go and buy it

He is asking me questions when I enter the office!

He is a new comer He does not know about you...

Be careful. Ask him to be polite

Here it is! - You took so much time to bring a tea!

Is it called tea? It tastes horrible

Cannot you buy even a tea? - Yes

The tea is neither hot nor chesty

What? - I said the tea is neither hot nor tasty

Learn how to bring good tea. Take the car!

What happened to you?

Why did you let them to go?

Leave it! If washed the face with tea the face would become red

I did not get the chance for that. - Tell me

I will stab him in the stomach and bury him up

We have not come here to show our power

I want to be polite and learn the work and prosper!

but you seem to put me in trouble

From where did you get the patience?

Have we ever kept off trouble?

Put a call to our native. - Okay!

God! Why did you beat me like this?

You were yelling to put That is why I beat you

Who is going into the college? Who is it?

Man of Obul reddy. He is running a canteen in the college!

He is an old student of this college

I asked you for cool drinks

How could I drink it when it is not cold?

What is the noise there? - They are yelling that the cool drinks is not cool

If the cool drinks is not cool, will you shout like this?

Cool drinks will not be cool! Coffee will not be hot!

Salt will be more in the side dish!

Scoundrels! I will dismiss you

Come, let us go - Get lost

Venkateshwara college Get down!

Hello Radhika! How are you? It is 2 days now after seeing you.

I am Radhika! But I am not the one...

studied at Ramagiri in Rayalaseema...

Ashoka Vidyalaya in 4th class.

Oops! You are telling as if you had it by heart!

From Palakkad to study... - Try to remember that.

When you were studying in school, you were sharpening the pencil

Your hand slipped and cut your thigh! You were crying then

I rubbed the part with saliva in a hurry.

You came after a week and showed your thigh...

saying the wound has cured

There was a mark!

If you are in doubt there will be a mark

What is it? You are telling to look, standing in the road!

Sorry! Go to your house and see it That will be the right thing.

Hey Shiva! How come you are here?

Jayanthi! How are you? I did not see you for sometime!

Fine! Hey, Radhika! Are you still a friend to Shiva?

How do you keep touch with him by mobile or letter?

I do not know who he is!

Do not you know him? Our school SPL

He rubbed your thigh one day Did you forget it?

I was telling it, all the time!

but she is telling that her place is Palakkad

and telling the names of her dad and brother

and talking in Malayalam!

I had been to NSS camp for 10 days and you became a Malayali in that time!

Manju is a Malayali!

When we get bored up we used to talk in Malayalam!

Stop your biography! Come - What is your phone number?

Radhika's? - Only one digit is different

Why did you give my number? Oh! - Sorry!

Erase her number - This number is not to be erased!

What are you doing here, buddy?

I was counting the buses going to Ananthapur!

No need of it. Let her be a Malayali!

We will be Telugu people!

It is enough the tussle for their union

We cannot go back home with half body

If the matter leaks out to sir, blood will leak out in my nose!

We can wipe it if it leaks out, come!

You will make my life difficult

Buddy! You bought us brandy and you drink beer alone!

That is right! - You are all drinking for intoxication!

I drink for the diet

Why do you need it as diet? - Tell us!

There are people eating food as a diet to become slim

There are people who drink beer to become fleshy!

Why do you play with the phone while talking?

I want to send love message to Radhika

It is only 2 days since you saw her...

and you have fallen in love her!

This is the love which is 10 years old...

It is puppy love, chicken love, calf love

Coffee love? What is that?

You will develop various thoughts if you love a girl in younger age!

but you would not know that clearly!

Your body language will change but you will not understand it

Phone call from our sir - Go that side

What are you doing there? - We are here...having drinks!

I did not understand you

There is draught (drought) in Tirupati.

I am having a drink with the water taken from the river.

I said, I am drinking.

You have to boil the water well.

Yes, a few drink hot water which is heated up

Some keep it in the fridge and drink chilled

Is my son well after drinking?

He drinks it patiently! He wants to maintain health by drinking water

Why is he in diet?

He wants to maintain health with various medicines

Send 10 packets of the medicines We shall give it to her mom

This does not come in the packets, but it comes in bottles only

They will finish it off if it is sent in packets.

When I come, I will bring 4 bottles - Give the phone to son

Here is the phone!

Come on, talk! It will not stink while you talk in the phone

Dad! - Your passport has come

Come to the post office and collect it when you are free - Ok dad

I sent a picture message at night, right?

Did you send it to Shiva? - Yes

Why have you sent it?

He has sent it to me saying that ''I like you''

He said that there is a mark in the thigh

Did you see that? - I did!

Why did you see? - It is my thigh and mark!

That is true! How many times have you seen it before?

I will see it sometime - Did not you feel like seeing it when he said?

You would have seen it many times in the mirror

You might not have seen it then!

If someone says you are beautiful...

He will enjoy when we beautify ourselves

You will fall for him getting crazy You would fall for him and want to tell him

There will be problems in that

That will lead to tension and feel like committing suicide

Dear! Do not curse me - College stop, get down

How are you?

What do you want? - Why do you ask suddenly?

Jayanthi, shall I tell her?

You gave wrong message in the last night

What made you to do that?

Who gave you permission to use my number?

Who will give the permission?

Is it your HOD, professor, your mom, or your dad?

Where is your dad... in Tirupati or Vempalli?

Give me the number of your father, dear!

Why did you mention about her dad?

Did I insult her dad?

Her dad is not alive now

He died when she was very young

To avoid her father's memory...

she is been staying in her uncle's house and studying

I will tell sorry to her

Try to convince her with my love matter

You both are my friends

You will ask to convince your love...

and she will ask to convince there is no love between you!

I cannot do anything. You can talk to her yourself

I will talk to her... I need a help from you

I will wait in the Gitanjali restaurant in the evening

Ask her to come for just 10 minutes

I will not meet her hereafter! - Okay!

Buddy! Can I tell this matter to sir or not?

You have come as a spy here, I will chop you

If the dad is soft the son will be rough and vice versa

but here both of you are rough

I am suffering between you both

Do one thing. Climb the hill fort...

Pray the Lord Venkateshwara

Jump from there and all will be okay!

You will rather push me down

Why should I go there unnecessarily?

He is after you as he loves you!

You have to go after him to tell him, you are not willing

Tell me so that I can understand!

Tell him clearly about your problem He would understand!

He is known to us since we are young!

Why are you scared? Go boldly

Talk clearly

Come sir, sit in family room Come madam - Come!

Why do you get tense? Be normal!

I am sorry to talk bad about your dad

Why do you want me here?

What do you want to talk to me?

I developed love for you, since we were in 8th class

but I did not know how to tell it

MD will tell us We have our own problems

You did not come to school one day

I went to your class but nobody knew where you were

Then it was time for the exam After 2 months when the exam is over

I totally forgot about you

When I saw you in the bus I recollected everything back

What I wanted to say...

You cannot expect what you want to have

They toil hard in my house to educate me

I had to be faithful for them!

To roam with your boyfriend as lovers, going film...

To sit in the park and spending time...

I am not such a girl

We will meet next week. - Okay!

I hope you could understand me

If not you try to understand

Hello! Do not you have sense?

Why do you open and watching? - Uncle!

Uncle? - That is...I... Uncle!

Do not be so silent! Talk to me uncle

I did not do any wrong thing, uncle

Why did you go to the hotel then?

I do not have any connection with him

You can be as you like as long you are here

but you do not talk with me any more

After the exam, I wanted to go to my native and be with mom for 10 days.

Do not you have any sympathy?

Why do you bother me at times?

My uncle has taken me as a lowly!

My aunt was like my mom so far!

Now she is not willing to talk to me

What else should... - I did not come to bother you

I came to tell you, I will not torture you any more

When I saw you in the bus I asked your name

You said that you are Radhika and if you have asked if I am Shiva...

I would tell bye to you and went off

I heard it as 'yes' when you said 'no'

You said as 'no need' and I heard as 'I need'!

That is why I behaved a bit too much!

Going in bike, going for film

Spending time in park...

I too do not know such activities

I wanted to marry you. That is it!

6 months from now I would come and meet you for 2 minutes

If you say yes, I will marry you

If you say no, I will take it as my fate and leave you!

If there is a problem for a male, he only suffer

If it is a problem for a girl, the entire family has to suffer.

I too have a sister

I can understand about a girl's sufferings!

It was my mistake to call you to the restaurant

Pardon me!

Someone has captured my mind

Why is my mind aching?

I am walking all alone

You have become silent

I will wait for only a word from you for long

I will wait for a look all the time

I will live with you even a second

I will give you my soul and die

Only a word make my heart aching!

Only a look make my heart heaving!

Who has captured my mind?

Why is my mind aching?

Radhika! - Mom!

It is 10 years from now since your dad died!

It elapsed as 10 minutes!

Do not cry You should not cry

Why do you cry?

that my son has died?

You are not my grand daughter!

You are like my grandson!

You should have courage in the heart!

You should have strength in the mind!

Keep it fast

If I leave it... there is 1:30 bus only

It is a caste problem for allowing one from a different caste!

What is it? - I feel that sir is watching me!

That is why no one gives you their girl, got it?

Give it, I will bring out. You come!

Try to come to a conclusion after your discussion

If you cannot we will see what next

Hey Ganga! What is going on here?

There are cat, dog, myself and you!

All are right! Subbarao walks to and fro with a pot of fish

What about that? - Fish curry?

I know you can cook fish very nice! I heard the sound of pot

It is for our Shiva!

When ever I cook fish, I will send to him in the bus

He likes to have the head!

Do not you have sense?

He will ride the bus keeping the fish curry aside

What if someone put some poison in it?

God! Is there so much complication in it?

Have it buddy...

You have brought it in this heat waiting for the bus

You have to eat it first

Even if you are arrogant towards me at times...

you are very kind to provide food for me

You have enough affection with me!

I am always a slave to your faith

Sathi! Is the food tasty?

His mom has cooked it It will be tasty!

Do not you feel dizzy? - No buddy

Feel giddy? - No, why?

The food is coming from a far place

What if some enemies have put poison in the food?

It will be a problem! So we wanted to have a test on you!

Damn you! I had the food as if you...

have offered me with love

You get food from 100 miles away I wonder when you will prosper!

Would you like to have the tail or head?

Lion does not eat pizza even when hungry

What about French fries?

I invested the entire money in this place

Our life depended on 7 lakhs!

After seeing this notice, I feel as if everything has ended up

Why do you talk like this?

No! We cannot come back to our earlier life

Why have you come here without coming to class?

There is some problem in my family

Some time ago, uncle bought 2 grounds of land near the airport.

There was a notice saying the airport has to be extended

His place has been acquired by the government

We are totally upset.

From whom did he buy the land?

Shiva! - Tell me Jayanthi!

Radhika does not know that I am talking to you

You keep it down! I will see to it

Are you over hearing me? - Mom!

Why did you close the door?

You... uncle! - Why do you talk arrogantly?

I told you not to show the land near the airport to anyone.

You have sold it to Ramanatham 2 years ago.

After seeing the air port acquisition notice...

he went to buy rope to commit suicide with family

It is not only him, I have sold it to 160 people totally

I am not worried about them

What about this man?

The airport authority broke down the stay order we bought

It will be alright if we get permanent stay order from high court

It will not work out if we go on talking with you

Hey Sathi! Call up JCP Satyamurthy. - Okay!

Uncle! You built a house last year

How much you spent for that? - 2 millions. Why did you ask?

I will break up the house spending Rs.4000.

What? - Rs.3000 rent for 6 hours

Conveyance Rs.500 diesel Rs.500

If I say ok, they will demolish the house

What are you saying? - Is it JCP Satyamurthy?

We need JCP for rent for 6 hours. Wait for a while.

If you do not co-operate JCP will go inside the house

A house has to be demolished

Be ready with the diesel! It is a new house

But the 'Vaastu' is not good - What should I do now?

Ramanatham who is crying should laugh.

If not... - JCP is ready...

Cut the phone, man

Look! You bought the house for 7 lakhs 2 years ago!

Now the price of it is one million!

I could give only Rs.8 Lakhs

Give the original document You have to sign in this agreement

Give it to him! - Thank you, sir.

I would not have worried if you have gone to the minister for recommendation!

You went to after all these boys... They have JCP in the cellphone

Tell me! - The land problem is over

Really? - The owner himself has settled the cash

Someone has recommended to them!

I feel very happy now

There is a deity in the temple of the Lord Shiva!

Go there and offer a coconut - Done!

MLA is in the wrong route as you have imagined

He is running the river quarry contract in proxy name of Muddu krishna.

Only 250 load are to be taken per day

They take 450 load instead

The entire sand travels to Vizag and exporting to foreign from port

We have checked all the check posts

We have our Tahsildar with us - Let them in

Tell me sir - Greetings sir!

What is all this?

We are helpless before the politicians!

Can a government official talk like this?

Anantapuram district is lack of water supply...

Saying that fields are not suitable for cultivation...

The entire agriculture has been spoilt

The little agriculture of here depends on the little water here.

If the sand is taken from deep level how will the water come here?

Robbing sand from the mother earth...

is equivalent to robbing the womb from the mother

Where is Rajashekaram?

If we ask him now he would deny all this.

Because everything is done in a proxy name!

If we are a little patient we could catch him red-handed

A message has come here about you - What is it?

P for Poramboku (Hooligan) E for Eddhu(bull)

T for Thief E for Enemy

R for Rowdy - Who sent it?

Ashok 2nd year

Where is that Ashok? - He is coming running!

Are you Ashok? What message did you send about me?

Vasanth sent me that - Who is Vasanth here?

All come here! Do not you like me running a canteen here?

Are you Vasanth? What message have you sent?

Somebody has forwarded it to you - Who has sent it to you?

It is me who have sent it - Grab and check his mobile

Yesterday Peter made fun of Manju!

I got angry and sent the message to her. She forwarded to someone.

If any one has no SMS in his cell...

I will strip away his whole dress and make him stand in the road

Tell me Jayanthi

Tell me! - Forward the message to me right away

I will send it to Radhika

Ask her to show to him without erasing it

Whose number is that? - I do not know

Do not you know?

Who has sent you this?

Shiva sent me the message. - Do not delete it.

Did you send the message?

It is Uma - Who is that Uma?

Check her mobile first

Manju sent the message

Who sent it to you? - Radhika

Are you sending message? - I forwarded the message, I do not know.

Whose number it is? - I do not know

Who is it? - boss! It is me boss

I only created the message

All can disperse now All can go to their classes

Come. - Wait, you go!

I will tell the truth, leave me

If you tell the truth he will strip your clothes, is it okay? Come!

No Peter! Do not do Do you know him? - Uncle!

Do not talk!

The mistake is on me - Mistake?

I told you not to do like this! Take him away

Come buddy, come

Will not you hit back if he beats you?

Were you watching it?

We could as well go to our native place...

Instead of suffering like this here

Keep quiet! - What do you want me to do?

It is him who gave the message without any reason

He will give it. You have to deal with it

Leaving that... - Leave it

Do not you have common sense? - Leave it!

Leave it! - I will beat you.

Not only you even I know how to deal it

I will call sir and tell you

If you take my mobile I will call from a pay phone

I will send a telegram or use pigeon to send the message

If the matter has comes out she will be in danger

Hence I have not disclosed the matter You are making a mess of it

I will kill you! - Kill me...

Before I go back I will make her seek pardon

What is this, sir?

The professor has complained to the commissioner

I will kill that professor. - Do not do, You will get arrested!

Only then the case file will move from this table to that shelf

You can come out on bail in a week!

Or else, the commissioner will mark a dot in your case file

Arrest me, sir.

I feel very much worried

I have not slept for a week

When he gets the beats for the mistake I did...

I feel very painful.

I sent message saying ''Sorry'' 4 times

He did not send a reply

I want to see him in person and say sorry fast

When you say sorry, say 'thanks' too - Thanks?

You told somebody has recommended for your land problem

It is none other than Shiva!

He told the owner to pay the money right away


Oh Lord Shiva!

You look moody! - I am in good mood only!

Are you going to tell sorry to Shiva?

No! I am going to tell him yes! - Hey!

Yes, I want to convey my love.

Love? - Yes

His approach did not impress me...

but his character has impressed me

I want to tell him right away

He told that he would come only after 6 months

I went through the calendar one day

That was April 1st, Fools day

I thought Shiva will be fooled

I did not expect you to change your mind

Peter is coming out of the jail today

You do not have to be here Start now

Cowards! - He would not come to me!

He will go to the professor only

Why did he complain to the commissioner?

At least one have been very bold enough!

Go and see what is going on in the college. - Okay!

Are you trying to maintain the mood

Or else you just acting?

You professor! Where are you?

Come out, will you?

He is coming, brother

How dare you complain about me?

Will I leave this place, if you give complain about me?

Even this college principal would not talk against me!

You are only a Telugu professor and giving complaint about me!

Oh God! Do not harm him

If you are his wife you just watch what is going on

Are you a big spy? Are you a pimp for the police?

Pimp! Tell me 'I am a pimp'!

No Peter! Leave it

He has put me in the jail. You can go.

Tell me 'I am a pimp'!

No my dear! - Do one thing

Write on the board 'I am a pimp' before all

Go, man...move! - I will ask you to pardon on behalf of him

Do not write, dear!

Listen to me, dear

You have humiliated us Our prestige is gone!

'You are a scoundrel'

Do not harm him! Please. Leave him!

Shall we give information the police?

We could not do anything to him...

Do you want to stop him from hitting?

Do you know whom you have hit?

In half an hour we will finish you!

You go from here

They will not leave you when they return

It is him brother - Whack him!

Is not he Veerabadram? Hey stop!


Dad? Is he the son of Veerabadram?

Greetings sir! There was a mistake

A mistake has happened! - Why are you involved?

This crazy guy has created problem with your son

He has got me involved in this

You go and ask Pardon.

If you are fighting with someone you should watch your opponent very well

If you create any problem any more to my son...

you will be chopped and thrown in the river

I will ask pardon on behalf of him. Go from here, man!

No one will come near your son any more. I am responsible for that.

You can go, I will see to it

Why have you done like this?

You told he is from a rich family...

but he is the son of Veerabadram!

If we have had taken a little far both of our heads would have chopped off

You will be prosperous!

Do not bring such kind of problem again. Please leave me!

This is 57th mobile

Whatever I expect does not happen

He is such a rogue He is fighting very brutally

I did not know that his family is like this - Do not get tense

I took the wrong move

Do not talk like a stupid

I am going to bury everything in my mind and forget

I will not tell anything

Everything has become like a dream

Brother! You are in a hurry it seems

Rajashekaram is about to buy a property for 7 crore rupees

Today is the registration

The agreement writer Dandapadi told me

It is a 120 acres land on Tirupati-Kalahasti road

Which register office?

Tell me brother

I am going to register a land in Tirupati, Come to the register office! - Okay!

How come you are here? - What are you doing here?

I came to register a place. - Okay!

Where did you get the money?

I made you an MLA so that you could do good to the people...

but you are robbing money from river sand and amass for your house!

You are telling words like rob!

How much money do you pay?

7 millions, brother

Is it only 7 millions? - Yes

Stop the vehicle! - Hey, stop!

Do not do anything to us because of your problem!

Total amount is 73 millions

My family is a large family

Only this money can save all our problems

We will not touch your money

Do not go anywhere till this problem is solved

Apply EC for this. - Where did you get 73 millions?

Is it from the timber shop or manure shop?

No, sir! I sold ornaments of my wife.

I got some money from agriculture.

Did your wife bring you 40 kilos ornaments?

You talk little too much when allowed

Are you the MLA or me for Ananthapuram?

I had to answer many people

Are they getting money from home to maintain their party?

50 thousand people voted for you believing my words and made you an MLA

How can I answer them? - It has been registered in the record

Nothing could be done anymore

Dad! I was overhearing you!

A small idea. - Tell me

The property he acquired in his name in a wrong way...

He can be made to donate it to the Municipality.

Can we do it immediately? - Sure! The stamp duty is less for that.

We can make ready the document in 10 minutes. - Okay do it!

Take a 100 Rupees stamp paper and type what I say

Ananthapuram Dt., Pulivendula village...

Rajashekaram, son Sunadaramurthi aged 46 belonging to venkaiah street...

hereby donates the property to...

Veerabadram is here...

Move from here! Come on!

It is ready, dad! - Go in and sign it

Or else, you will be sent to jail. Go!

Rajashekaram! The moment you looted the money of people...

you have disqualified to be an MLA

Resign your post in 15 days.

Ananthapuram should face a by-election.

If you do not resign, by-election will come if you are killed. Go!

What is this brother? We are here for 4 days.

Your wife is calling me over phone from her home.

How will I go?

Whole district would have come to know that he has hit me.

My prestige, respect and the money I kept with me have lost.

That idea of boy has cost my entire wealth.

My wife will not care me if I go back without killing him.

Ask Obulesu to come.

I am going to party meeting in Hyderabad.

Son of Veerabadram should die tomorrow.

Do not do it again brother. - I did not ask you to do it.

I will bring men from Bejawada.

You watch what is going on with your men

Do not make a mess of it by getting into it. - Okay, brother!

He will surely fix me up with Veerabadram.

We have to escape from Tirupati tomorrow morning.

Brother! That Obulesu guy came to Tirupati Registration office.

He hid himself when he saw me.

His men has problems with my son.

Why should he come for Rajashekaram registration?

I suspect something.

Tell me sir!

What is happened between my son and Peter? - Sir! That is...

Tell me the truth.

You have hidden everything, right?

He has caused trouble wantonly I wonder what is going on

His hand should have been severed the moment he threw tea on his face.

We only asked him not to go for any problems

Yes! I am a fool.

My son has been patient giving respect to my words.

Let us go and see Obuleusu once.

Why are we going a trip all of a sudden?

If the son is harmed, father would get angry...

That is why there should not be any record that we were here

See! He has come to line right away

Tell me brother - Where are you now?

We are in Vizag. What can I do for you?

I will cut the phone You talk to me from the land line there

What for? - I have to know that you are in Vizag.

We have just crossed Renigunta!

Why did you lie to me then?

He found out! I have no connection with this

That Rajashekaram has asked for men from Bejawada

and Bandar to kill your son - What are you saying?

Do not you know this matter?

If anything happens to my son I will see that all the rowdies in Tirupati suffer

Return back to Tirupati!

Where you going now? - I am going to Uraiyur register office

Is any police station nearby? - Thilak Nagar police station, dad!

You go there and connect me to the inspector - What for, dad?

Grab him!

Do not let him go

Madhava Rao! Where are you? - What is the matter?

When enquired in the station they said your son has not come here

Ask your men to search all places in Thilak Nagar

What is it? - Ask you men to search all places in Tirupati.

Brother! - Peter...

Come on, move!

Ask our men to search everywhere in Tirupati!

If anything happens to him we will get killed

I will climb the hill fort and see. If you get any information, contact me

Okay, I will tell him

Brother! Your son has come after slashing

You should worry only if he has failed

Even if my son wants avoid trouble it comes searching him

Look! Public has taken pictures of the assault

The news will surely be flashed in the evening paper

He should be taken to custody, no other way!

When the case is filed I will write that there is no motive in it...

and he used the sickle for defending himself

Most importantly the suspect has surrendered himself...

Highlight it. Only then he can come out in bail

I tried my level best, he has to be jailed for 15 days...

The inspector told so

4 of my are in jail. They will take care of him

You have kept me in the dark, have not you?

We depend on the politicians to survive our life.

What can we do? Forgive me! - Go

Where is Rajashekaram now?

He has gone to Hyderabad to attend the party meeting

Let us go to Hyderabad!

He should be whacked as soon as he comes out

Dad! Do not panic.

If you panic it will become their victory which is part of their plan

You go home We will decide what to do

Sir! The time is up He has to be taken to the court

Has not my son come? Have they put him in jail?

Did you send him to Tirupati for this?

My God! How atrocious! - Moo, do not cry.

I am totally at fault to send him there

He has laid his hands on him He should not be alive anymore

I will go with men and stab him!

He did not do it for the place He did it for me

I should whack him up

He will become a corpse as soon as he lands here

He has found out that we only arranged men to kill son of Veerabadram!

He would not spare us, if we go to our place. - Yes, brother!

Minister Varadaraju problem seems to be big issue.

You vacate the hotel room and go to MLA hostel

Accompany him! - Okay, brother!

I am drunk

If I drive the vehicle, police will catch me for drunk and drive

I will push it along

Stop there... - Hey, stop!


Blow it properly - I will do it

You kidding? Tell me if you are drunk!

I have drunk. They have opened wine shops everywhere...

they call us to drink and make our pockets empty!

We cannot leave our vehicles here...

We have to take them home!

Do one thing

Tell them to ply a bus only for the drunkards after 7 P.M

We will drink fully, go home and sleep

Do not talk too much - I will talk like that

There is law saying, it is punishable to drink and drive vehicle!

Is there any law saying not to push and take the vehicle?

It is not wrong to push the vehicles

It is very much wrong to take others vehicles

You tried to steal bike of our Head Constable.

Leave me - Bash him nicely!

Call mother! Shiva has come

Sit facing the east. - Sit my son!

Why are you all looking sad? Did not you like me coming back?

Mom is very happy that you have come back

Are you so affectionate with me, mom?

Why have you asked that?

You have poured so much water on me...

But you are yet to give a towel to wipe

Look at him! Wait, I will wipe your head.

You go in, register your presence, give the gift and come

Will not you come with me?

What would I do in your friend's function?

If dad comes to know that I went in alone...

you will be done with Come brother!

When are you going to Tirupati?

My semester exam will start in 2 days.

I will stay with mom today and leave in the morning.

Please come and sit. - Come and sit here!

Brother! How is that yellow sari?

It looks nasty What is the matter?

How about that blue sari?

Have you gone mad?

The girls here belong to our caste

If you like any one of them I will tell it to mom

Mom will blow it into dad's ear

After that the pipe instrument will be blown for your marriage

Why do you bother about me?

If you marry at the age of 25 it is a suicide.

If you marry at the age of 28 it is an attempted murder

If you marry at the age of 30 it is a murder!

If it is at the age of 24? - It is like jumping into the tank

23? - To drink poison

22? - To hang on a rope

What about marriage after loving? - It is heaven!

House arrest... Life term

Look at the girl in the TV!

She looks very beautiful - Keep quite!

Look at her once!

Why are you stunned? Do you like this girl?

Does she look beautiful?

Shall I ask about her and make you commit suicide?

Be patient till coming April 1, I will tell you the next day

What brother? Are you loving her?

I am waiting for a girl's answer...

I do not know what will be her answer

The boy is in love with you...

Do not try to hurt him unsought

He is waiting eagerly for you

Do not hurt him...

Oh...Do not hurt him...

What will you say...?

When will you say your love?

What will you say...?

When will you say your love?

I am waiting for your result

I have lost my sleep waiting for you

Something happening between us...

I feel agonized and my mind wanders for your love

What will you say...?

And when will you say your love?

The boy is in love with you...

Do not try to hurt him unsought

He is waiting eagerly for you

Do not hurt him...

It is a puppy love... But a long one

I fell in love with you during childhood days

There is no caste and matching for the love

But the love has developed well itself

I really...cried within for your consent

What will you say...?

And when will you say your love?

The boy is in love with you...

Do not try to hurt him unsought

Do not try to hurt him who is waiting eagerly for you

Do not hurt him...

I was roaming with knife around the village like a wastrel...

But your love taught me the shyness

I was roaming myself...

But your love made me trail you

I have changed a lot and I am being good...

because of your amorous look

What will you say...?

And when will you say your love?

The boy is in love with you...

Do not try to hurt him unsought

He is waiting eagerly for you

Do not hurt him...

Tahsildar and police have come!

Put H mark in the middle of the ground!

All of you leave the place

I do not know why!

All move away

- Public dept., Minister Rajashekaram - Long live!

Are you stunned?

Do you wonder how your slave has become a minister?

When minister Varadarajulu was deprived of his post

CM decided to appoint a guy of the same caste in that post

He made me the minister as I have won with maximum votes in Andhra.

After swearing ceremony got over in Governor's place...

I did not go to CM for his blessings

I came here by flight to Renigunta...

there, I took the helicopter and alighted in your door step

You know why?

You hit me then without caring me as an MLA

I wanted to wipe off that filthy incident from history

It is cashew nut which is superior in nuts

It is the minister post that is superior in portfolios!

I will show what I can do with that post

You got very annoyed when I bought 120 acres

I will buy 1200 acres in Andhra in 6 months

What will you do then?

When I was MLA for a single seat...

you told that I will be deprived of the seat in 15 days

Now I am the minister for the entire seats in Andhra.

What can you dare to do?

I will slap you before everyone to avenge for your past deed

Finally I will chop your head off

Minister Rajashekaram... - Long live!

Sir, son of Veerabadram has come to meet you

With how many people?

Alone! - Allow him in

I want to talk to you alone

Nothing for us to talk Tell what is the matter

I have come alone without any fear

Why are you scared?

Am I scared? Leave me alone with him

Speak out

Cashew is superior in nuts...

and Minister post is superior in portfolios

Well said

You know something

When we go to the grocer we buy other supplies in kilos...

but cashew nuts only in grams

They do not use plenty of cashews in the pudding...

but a few only

Very costly! If used in excess it will harm the health

Like wise minister portfolio is not permanent

If we press symbol of someone else you will lose your portfolio...

and stand in the court

No one has dared to challenge my dad

I saw you challenging him...

and heard that you will chop off his head

It was a bit painful

I will give you a month's time

If you do as you challenged, my family and I would fall at your feet

Or if I do not cut off your head, my dad will fall at your feet


If you sever my dad's head, my family and I would fall at your feet

If I do not cut off your head, my dad will fall at your feet

That is... I will surely chop off your head

I am a minister now

but your dad is still the same man

Are you ready for the challenge?

I will chop his head off within 30 days

Let us see who will kill whom

As my dad said, by-election will come soon in Anantapuram.

See you

Why is he smiling at God's statue?

Oh God!

Hey careful!

I was acting April fool


I am going out for an important work but you are fooling me

If you get fooled once on April 1st...

you will not get fooled again the whole day

Your work will be successful

Brother, all the best!

I am going to meet my lover

Pray to God that my love should be successful

Do not stare! You will get married.

Where do you get bride for this?

You will not get bride anywhere

but it has lot of girl friends in Pulivendula

What do you mean?

It used to go out with the female dogs often

One day you will get caught red-handed

The day I will beat you to pulp

It can understand well

Come buddy, why have you come here?

I have come to talk to Radhika

The examinations are over and summer vacation is on from last week

Tell me Shiva! - Where are you, Jayanthi?

I am at home. - Radhika?

Yes, Jayanthi

Shiva called me from Tirupati

He is on the way to meet you

Do you think you are clever?

Will the problem get solved, if you escape like this?

Will you please come silently? - Okay, I will.

Jayanthi and Radhika are on the way to Tirupati in 10:30 bus

Send me the conductor number

Who is it? - I am Shiva

Did two girls board the bus at Vempalli? - Yes, sir.

I will wait near high way. Ask the girls to get down there. - Okay, sir!

He is waiting for you so long Please get down

Bus will move only if you get down

Sorry, I compelled you to come here

You left me and gone to Tirupati I realised that you are in confusion

Tell whatever in your mind, Radhika

I am ready to wait even 6 months for you

Unnecessarily you were beaten up to pulp for me

That guilty conscience made me lean towards you

Finally it made me fall in love

You hit them black and blue because of the fuss at college

That caused an impact in my mind

I got shocked when your father came with a group of guys with sickles

When I read the news that you slashed four people...

and got arrested, really shocked me.

I could neither accept nor ignore you

I concealed my love feeling and living

You have silly reasons

My dad sent me to Tirupati to lead a decent life

But I could not endure when they disgraced the professor

It is horrible if one gets humiliated before his wife.

That is why I thrashed them

If I had not slashed those four, they would have killed me

Even a small cat fights back to save its life

Should not I do what required to save my life?

I cannot explain these things to mom

What can I do for that?

You are nice.

But the place where you stay is not proper

I cannot get you

I will accept if you come leaving everything - Everything means?

You want me to leave my family, parents, sister...

relations, friends, and everything?

Whom do you want me to leave?

I mean your dad... - Hey!

If you talk anything about my dad...

What do you know about him?

People cause violence after getting drunk

They would kill others, police will come and enquire

The killer will get jailed. Their family will be on the streets...

but my dad will enquire the culprits, advises them...

Unite the families that are affected and give them a happy life!

If those carry weapons are cruel then...

There are good people too who use weapons like some Gods

Are they cruel personalities too?

It is wrong if cruel use the weapons. Not in the case of good men.

We could sacrifice anything for love

You are the only girl asked me to leave my parents for love

We should live as a joint family.

There is no meaning for 2 lovers living alone.

Your mom is important for you, like wise my dad is important for me.

I spare you because of the love I had on you

If anybody say this, I would have slashed him and throw it in the river

I would have considered you if you had told any other reason to avoid me

but you used my father as a reason to avoid me

I am forgetting you right now

I am caught up with...

a suffering mind...

My mind is injured...

which is in agony!

Love is crying like an infant

Heart is in a dilemma for Love

Hi friend!

Welcome friend, I am waiting for you

Why did you transfer me to Ananthapuram suddenly?

What is the matter? - A small problem

What do you want me to do now?

You arrest Veerabadram and put him in the lock up for one day

I will send my guys and kill him

Before that, bring him to my house on the way to jail

I want to slap him - For what?

He slapped me like this. You bulls!

He is one of the big shots in the area We cannot arrest him without any plan.

Let us plan like this...

Our guy goes to change the fake notes at Bejawada temple street...

I will arrest him

But he will point another guy at Ananthapuram.

He will have hundreds of fake notes

I will take charge of that case

I will beat him to pulp

He will give the statement...

Veerabadram in Anathapuram is the whole sale dealer for those fake notes

I will seize 4 lakhs of fake notes from his house

Damn your idea! You bloody!

How is it possible to seize 4 lakhs of fake notes from his house?

You can do that

Cannot you do this with these supporters?

You are awesome, buddy!

Who has cut down the branches? - Do not know!

Throw it away

Tell me, sir. - A team from DSP office...

is coming to your house with search warrant

I do not know the reason

I am sure it is Rajashekaram plan

He wants to avenge us using his power

It seems not cut down It is been broken up. - Yes, buddy!

Shiva! Look over there.

Somebody has entered into our house

He did not steal anything from our house

So he must have left something

It will take half an hour to search

The police will reach before that

Lock the house, go to rice mill and come back after 30 minutes. - Okay!

Why the door is been locked?

Madam has gone to temple and Sir has gone to rice mill

I will call them

Do you search the pillow?

Yes, I did! - Did you search inside? - No!

Why have you come as a team?

Search the green pillow - See carefully!


Fake notes in my home. Who gave you information?

No need to explain to you

I have a search warrant

Seems money has come here in wrong way

Search well!

Come on! - You go upstairs

Open the locker

Search it now

Why do you stare the pillow as instructed?

Green color pillow - Nothing is here!

How did some many people come here?

What is up? - I have searched everywhere

I did not get anything - Arrest him at least

How can I arrest him without any reason?

Arrest him for any silly reasons I am waiting eagerly to slap him

Sir, come to the station - Why?

Give me a written statement nothing have seized from your house

Good morning, sir!

Why do you ask him to come to the station?

Why should he come?

As per the rules you must give the statement...

you did not seize anything from here and seek pardon for the disturbance

I will not vacate the place without arresting him

You are wrong, sir!

You cannot leave the place, if you arrest him


Stop it! I will arrest you all

Why are you so eager to arrest?

Has anyone instructed you to arrest him?

Everyone is capturing the video

Switch off your mobiles

Not only them Look there

Everything has recorded in this mobile that you came, talked, went into the home...

compelled and said to arrest my dad...everything

If I forward this video to Chief Minister's mobile...

You will get the message... you have been dismissed

What is your opinion?

I think your mobile is ringing

Did you finish the job? - Villagers are gathered here...

And they have recorded the happenings here

I am helpless

Careful sir!

He may hug you with the sickle because of too much affection

He is fear of us and lying like this

Leave him - He is an expert in robbery

Idiot! Why do you praise a robber? Change your profession!

Veerabadram son is coming with garland

Stop it! What do you want?

I want to garland the minister

No, he is busy! You cannot meet him

Look there - Greetings to you!

You got a promotion as Minister now...

That is why we came here to garland you

You used to come and meet while canvassing for election.

But you make us to stand in the road after you win the election

Send him upstairs

Do you have gun? - Yes, I have

He may blabber something I will capture that in the video

Go ahead! - Come on boys...

Greet you!

Give him applause

Why do you look dull, sir?

There is some tension that your plan has spoiled

Minister always have tension because they have to save the country and people.

Why are they applauding? - Stop it

They have applauded, I will take leave.

Camera is running in your mobile. Please switch off.

Else battery will get discharged See you!

Idiot! A old lady captured video directly you could not find that.

You hid and took the video but he found that clearly.

You have joined on recommendation That is why you are so stupid.

Sir, call for you

Do you wonder why I have called you through one of the mobile of your men?

I want to discuss something important to you

If I call to your mobile, that will be a witness against me

Even my dad does not come inside with the slipper.

But the police man has entered into the prayer room with boots.

So what?

Lakhs of fake notes which you kept in my home...

is now in your home safely.

Did not you ask why they applaud?

That is the signal that they hid money in your home

You sent the police department to my house. That is state board

but I called the Anti corruption and CBI department

They are from central board

They ask tough questions

You are talking too much. - What are you talking?

Both departments have started from Bejawada half an hour ago

If you can, search and take it away

Fakes notes are in home. Go and search!

Do not leave any place

What happened, dear? - Search there!

Stop them! - Search in the upstairs

Oh God, upstairs? My saris...

I will lose my power Come on, search

Call for you

Is your home looking untidy?

A small correction I did not keep it inside the house

I kept it in your white color car

It is inside the car Come on guys

Search inside the car

Look down! - I cannot see well

Get in and search - No, I cannot go

Throw it upside down

Yes, he is on the line

Tell me, where is the money? - Shall I tell you?

Do not the big shots like you have another set up without wife's knowledge?

The money is in that.

What do we have without the wife's knowledge?

Cigarette... - Liquor bottles...

Floozy! - Yes, he meant the stepney

Search inside the stepney

Vehicle is coming

Clear it fast

Run fast!

Greetings, sir! We are from corporation office

We got a complaint there are mosquitoes in Minister's house

That is why officer has sent us

Where do we spray the pesticide?

Thousands of mosquitoes has turned my vehicle upside down...

Escaped through that way

Spray over there - Do not play with me

I will tear off you Get lost

Minister sir, I did not call the CBI and Anti corruption

I called the Municipality

Do not spray the pesticide over the innocent insects...

Better you drink that and commit suicide

It is the 64th mobile

Silly guy! He made me crazy in an hour

There will be something if a girl wants to talk to you without being invited

Talk smoothly

Why did you ask me to come? What is the matter?

Will you marry me immediately?

In this minute... Tie the sacred thread before the God

What are you saying?

Do not ask anything to me I have gone mad

I spoke wrongly in confusion and fear

When you told that you will forget me I started to think more about you

I felt I cannot live without you

I do not worry about any problems I like you

I want you

I do not like the girl selected by my parents

I do not like to marry even if I like her

I do not like to make love to her even I get married

I do not like to lead a life with her after the enjoyment

I like you and your eyes much

I do not like the mustache of guys...

I do not like to chat with them even I like their mustache

I think to chat with them but hate to have acquaintance with them

I hate to make love even I have acquaintance with them

I like you and your eyes much

A handsome guy roamed behind me But I did not like him

A homely girl has blinked her eyes at me But I did not like her

I hate to wear sari and make up everything

I hate to wear dhoti and shirt...

and not interested to wear modern jeans too

I do not like to eat and cannot sleep peacefully too

I hate myself sometimes

I like you and your eyes much

I like you and your eyes much...

I have a few bad habits...

But now I hate those habits

All praised me as a good girl

But now I hate to maintain that good name

I do not like to wander around the village

I hate to play and enjoy the victory

I do not like to decorate home, and hate to dance too

I hate the beach and hill stations too...

Oh darling, I like you much, and I like to ogle at you

Oh honey, I like you much, and my heart starts to beat for you

We decided to bring a film artiste for our fete in our village

You tell me whom we are going to invite?

We will invite Actor Surya


Shall I bring Kamal Hassan?

You have to spend Rs.20,000 - Why you need that much money?

We have to come in the flight to Tirupati from Hyderabad.

I have to give some drinks to him

Take Rs.10,000 as advance

Do you want 'Kshtriya putrudu' Kamal Hassan?

or 'Dasavadharam' Kamal Hassan?

Tell me which Kamal Hassan you want?

If he comes here, it is pride for us We will be happy however he come


He is inside...come brother!

Oh Universal Hero!

All continents would amaze at you

Even the time would have a pause for you.

Oh Universal Hero!

Kamal Hassan is going to sing whom you expect


You are the mother and father

The almighty whom we worship... - Oh great singer!

You told to bring Kamal Hassan, but you have brought a small boy

He is childhood Kamal Hassan - Greetings!

You will get hurt

That day I have asked you...

who do you want 'Khsatriya putrudu' or'Dasavatharam' Kamal Hassan?

You said it will be ok whoever it is Now you are saying different!

We all are beating now and you will be change to GUNA Kamal Hassan

I will not leave you...Stop - Oh my God...escape!

Oh God! My father's vehicle - Car is following us

Do not show your face

It seems he has seen my face

Get down

If he comes near you fall on his feet

My sister

Are you scared that your father is coming? - What is this?

Is it that April fool?

Why are you roaming in the bike with her? As if you are being driven out

Today only I brought her out for first time

You are blabbering before your love affair worked out

You did not tell me after your love became a success

I have to find out everything

I got scared

If you are so sweet definitely your parents will be sweet

Tomorrow I will come to meet your parents

I will come to surprise everyone!

Who are you? - I want to see the sir

Wait here I will ask and come

Brother! - What do you want?


You keep coming inside

Oh God! I wonder what will happen!

bless me, sir! - Tell me what is the matter?

I am coming from Kadapa.

I heard that you can solve any problem - That is it

You can solve the problem of a girl.

Tell me about your problem

Brother, what is this? - Detergent soap!

Who is she going to wash?

They fixed me as sales agent for this area for soap

If you buy this soap, your villagers also will buy this soap

They vote for the person whom you tell. Will not they buy the soap?

Oh God! She is poor! - Subbarao, buy the soap.

Ask our guys to buy the soap. - Okay, brother!

Hey, buy 10 soaps


Did you call me? - What is going on here?

They are... - I will beat you

What? - Do you know who she is?

I do not know

Subbarao, bring her inside!

Lakshmi! I saw you and your brother talking with her in car mirror.

Who is she? - Come in!

Sit down - Okay!

Who are your parents?

Name of my father is Madhusudhan Rao, mom is Padmavathi.

Your father has passed away, is not it? - You know well.

Does your mother know that you are coming here? - Yes

If I did not agree for this love What will you do?

I will kill! - Oh God!

I said that I will commit suicide

Ganga! Take your daughter-in-law-to-be

She is my daughter-in-law-to-be who is ready to give her life for my son

Sister-in-law-to-be, you have done a good job - God, you should save us

Our family should live happily. Long live!

My mother in law gave this bangle to me

Henceforth you should wear this. Show me your hand!

Rice mill owners are conducting a conference in Bejawada

Veerabadram is chief guest for that

Brother, you go out!

Why do you allow new driver inside? - He is come himself

I could not harm him locally

I must kill him in out of station

Enquire how he goes... by bus or train

Even rice rate is Rs.30 per kg...

but per sack rate does not increase more than Rs.200.

Farmer suffer for production

He cannot decide the rate which he produces

That is why we conduct this conference

You come and take a good decision

Take the elephant with the bishop

Buddy! What is the name of this game?

Chess, man!

Foreigner has named this game with an intention

Take the hen

He has let it go... Catch it!

Oh God! Whoever catches this hen, will get a big gift

Come - I will catch

Hey, chick Are you chasing a country hen?

Catch it

What is he doing?

Catch that hen

Why do you hug me?

I will catch the hen I like

Buddy, sir is upstairs... Catch the hen carefully

It is very near but we could not catch it

Take it Tell her, you have caught it


Look! My daughter-in-law-to-be has caught the hen

I will fry the liver for you

That is the gift which I told you Go and cut the hen

What happened?

Why are you crying? - Tell her to leave that hen. Please!

Are you crying for this? - I caught it with my hand

I feel very bad

Leave that hen - Sir, that...

Lakshmi, tell your mom to prepare the veg-curry

It will be tasty only - Okay dad

I am waiting for you inside Why are you watching here and there?

You are coming from Bombay after 2 years

That is why my brothers, uncle are coming here

Sister, take your cycle

My cycle? - Your husband asked me to service and give

Husband? When did I say to repair it?

Not you! Her husband...

Who are you? Are you her brother?

Why are you blabbering?

This is house no.6, is not it? - Yes!

This is Kalyanadurgham, is not it? - Yes

Then this is your cycle

Your husband has left the cycle in my shop

Are you doing prostitute job?

Are you acting? - Oh God! He is beating me...

I did not ask the street name

This is Vinayaka temple street, is not it?

This is Kuamraswamy street

Oh God! I left the cycle in a wrong place

How dare you? I will kill you! - No, leave me!

Uncle, how dare you beat my sister?

We will not leave him, beat him!

In law guys are beating our agnate

They are beating our guys Come all of our guys here immediately

Oh god! Our village people have come.

Outsiders are beating our guys Come all of you.

I do not know what is going to happen

All of them died

There is no problem of your family, is not it?

You have killed the whole village for dropping the wrong cycle

Why are you beating me? - This is just a small hit

If I hit you strong, it is like 11 tonnes weight!

Oh God! She is biting my ear

We should not finish him here. Arrange a lorry near Kadapa

Ask him to hit the car when it nears you.

Which group is doing? - Venkta Rao group from Nandyal.

If he does the work properly, I will give one area

Ask him to earn - Okay brother

Tell me - I do not know the matter, but everyone is here very exciting

I think he knows that, sir is going to the conference

Definitely does he want to go? Why do not we cancel it?

They have printed in the invitation that sir is the chief guest

He must go there - What is the matter, brother?

I heard that guys of minister are planning something

You do not go by car It is better to go by train

To Bejawada in train...Okay

Is this Minister's home? - Yes

Veerabadram is going in the train instead of the car.

Who are you?

You do not start tonight after finishing the meeting.

You can start in the morning.

I spoke to Ayyappa rice mill owner

You can stay in his home - Okay

Veerabadram is going by train

Then ask our guys to board the train from Vemula.

Ask them to kill him by poisoned knife when he gets down in Kadapa.


I am feeling bad We will also go

He should be killed cruelly

It should be a cruel murder in Andhra.

I am also going to Bejawada with my dad I will come tomorrow

I called you to tell this matter

Tell me - Veerabadram did not go by train He is going by car

I had lied - Who are you? Where are you calling from?

They are Rajashekaram guys? - Hey, get in!

Go and see in which compartment they are getting in

How they know that dad will go by train?

You go to the before compartment from the last one

If anyone tries to cross this compartment, inform me immediately

Go and search in which compartment he is. - Okay!

You just follow him

What have you planned? Tell me

They have planned in Kadapa station.

Both of you go to dad's coach.

Ask him to get down in Rajyampeta station

I will call Muddukrishna brother and arrange the vehicle

Ask him to go in that vehicle.

What happened the guy who left now? Call him

Tell me

You have to do one thing. - What should I do?

Send guys in two vehicles

After reaching Kadapa railway station, in the crowd...

except his soul, his body should be shattered when beat them with sickle

Other things must be crushed


You come by this vehicle. We will follow you

In which vehicle is he going? - Maroon color Qualis

Hit that car as per our old plan - Okay brother.

He does not pick up the call - Okay, come

He has got down in middle. What are you doing?

Get down in next station and come back.

Are you ready? - Yes, I am ready

Vehicle is nearing Smash it! - Okay!

Oh gosh! He did not stop the vehicle

Call the ambulance Call the police

Shiva! Call from minister.

Can you only come in others phone?

Your father has been smashed near Kadapa.

He has been broken into pieces. Collect it!

Come with your family and fall on my feet after the funeral.

Come on!

Pick up the call, dad!

bring the first aid box from the car

13 kms distance from tollgate.

Police is coming? - Go fast!

Go that side and hold!


Dear, truck has smashed the vehicle who came from north India.

Seems driver has been boozed.

He did not mind the accident and gone away.

It was not an accident, it is a planned one.

Shameful! I have challenged him to apologize with his family.

He will ask me to seek pardon with my wife.

You said maroon Qualis That is why there was a little confusion

Idiot! If he meets a dark skinned girl, will he take her as his wife?

The girl who called us is his enemy or has he planned to confuse us?

We have to kill him soon - You are right!

He has come by car from Hyderabad.

He will go back by the car

He should go via Kurnool.

For his bad time opposite party members are living in those places

We have to place a take diversion board in Nandyala bridge...

and divert him to old bridge

We have to plant the bomb in bridge and smash the vehicle

If he gets missed there...

We have to hit him with the truck before he crosses the Jatcharla

and push the car into the lake

Good idea! - What if he travels by the flight?

There is one way between Bakarapeta and Nandaluru

We have to cut down the palm tree and block the way at the river.

When he tries to escape into the mango grove...

Our guys should slash and bury him.

If he chooses the train... I will take care all alone.


Hundreds of his supporters hail him when he boards the train in Ananthapuram.

Ten of his supporters offer food in Vemana.

Few supporters put garland on him in Kadapa.

When they reach Tirupati his supporters will go to sleep.

He will be alone

I will kill him without any evidences and jump into the river with corpse...

And I will escape from there.

Next day his corpse will float in river.

I have to stop him whatever route he takes

Here is the coffee.

Subbarao! - Sir, what happened?

Seems coffee has been poisoned.

I have sipped it! Do not be hasty

Take the car. - Sir, shall I tell madam?

Do not tell her. - Get in carefully, sir.

Careful! Inform others not to have anything.

I feel giddy...

Take off all the food! Fast...

Give this coffee to doctor and ask him what is mixed in it.

Doctor! Save my boss...

Dear, I do not know what is happening

Do not be scared! I am alright.

Nobody should know about this incident.

Who has entered new into the house?

Nobody has entered as new

Morning, laundry man Madaiah and fish seller came.

Hey tell me! - I do not know anything

I came to clean the fish, but you are suspecting me.

Wherever you go...

You used to think for a while before taking a sip of water

If I think and drink the water in our home, will not it be wrong?

Shiva, please come in I want to talk to you.

I told you who all came to our house in the morning

Radhika also came I did not inform that to you

She came to the kitchen when I was preparing coffee.

What do you mean?

Where is aunty?

She is giving water to calf at the back

How long have you been working in this house?

Only when you asked me this question, I remember that I am a servant here.

I will go and meet aunty

She went backside

She did not meet your mom and went away from there

Do not talk ill about her

She left her slippers in the main entrance

Go and look at it!

A small information...

They are discussing about a girl who gave information about sir.

Why did you leave your slippers and return in a hurry?

Did you go into the kitchen to hurt the old servant...

or to mix the poison in coffee? Speak out!

I will answer you

She entered your house only to kill your father.

I only sent her there.

She is lying, is not it? She is wrong, is not it?

Speak out!

You are furious, because she has poisoned your dad...

But your dad slashed and killed my son in the road.

Stop! Catch him. - Who are you?

I was urging to kill him from then on

I could not near him because of his status and power

One day I saw you talking to my daughter

I decided to use my daughter to kill him

I sent her with poison as she was a girl

If I had a boy, I would have sent him with a sickle

I am living alone for 10 years...

Because my daughter should not remember her father.

I do not know whether my father did the murder or not.

You could have told any reason and entered into my house to avenge him.

But you misused my love.

You have buried me alive.

I was listening to you.

I am not responsible for your hubby's death.

He did not take part in election willingly.

You got 1 million from the ruling party to split votes of our caste peoples.

Do not you feel ashamed? - Who told you I got money?

Do not yell to hide the truth

Withdraw the nomination

Else, you will lose your head.

Kill Manikyam. - He is our guy?

Veerabadram will be charged for that Votes will be split

Everyone believed I was not responsible for the murder.

Why did not you believe me?

I thought to inform you that my boy has fallen in love with your daughter.

She said she has informed you and came to my home.

So I thought, you know about all the truth.

You have believed someone and poisoned her heart.

Made her to stand insulted like this.

She has to lead a life with someone...

That is why I am annoyed much.

You did not betray me alone...

You have betrayed my whole family

Even a prostitute will not act like a lover.

Look, what he is saying?

Keeping a thorn in why have you laughed?

You squeezed my neck in the name of love

Is this the penalty for thinking we are one?

Is this the trial for the God who created me?

I have enquired the telephone booth owner.

There is a ladies college nearby So he could not identify clearly.

A girl is working as a spy.

Opposite party members are mocking at me in the assembly.

If I stay calm he will move forward.

Bring 50 guys from Bejawada

Inform them to attack Veerabadram and his son in an unexpected moment

If the villagers interfere, slash them too

Brother, if we do it straight our name will be spoiIed

Ask our guys to stay out and watch.

Inform the electricity board office to cut the power in Pulivendula at exact 10:30 pm

Nobody should pick the call in the surrounding police stations

Why is that new driver sweating? Is he affectionate with Veerabadram?

Enquire who sent him here and find out what way he is connected with Veerabadram

Please talk with her - Do not want

You respect our father right? Will he behave like this?

He will give respect for the enemy too. Go brother!

I have not come here to seek pardon

There is no apology for my mistake

We are vacating the place

It is true that I have poisoned your father

Like wise my love is true

Please do not insult my love

I want to talk with you

She believed her mom's words and betrayed you

Human should pardon mistake of others

My home is like a temple for me and my parents are God for me

She tried to kill my father and how can I accept her?

I can understand your feeling

She did not come to propose to you... She asked permission to marry you

Will anyone ask like this, if she has any motive to kill?

Promise me she is not in your heart - Yes, she is in my heart.

But she is not my Radhika who I loved sincerely

Dear, just a minute. Will you listen to me?

Go and bring the girl.

You said you would not leave the guy alive who came to kill me

She too is affectionate with his father

Everyone has the guts who are born in this land

You should be like a good friend, and a warrior

You should be enemy for your enemy, but you should not be a traitor.

When I say I am going to cut down hen... She could not endure that and cried

That is her real character

I was little angry with her

When a family is vacating their own land, they are wounded more

We should not hurt them anymore. Go and bring the girl

Did you use my love?

A prostitute would not act as lover

Come, let us go home

Dad asked me to bring you back. Come, let us go.

I will not come! - Why? Always taking wrong decisions.

Why do you kill me?

I cannot live without you

I want to talk to you in person. Come soon.

Where are you going? - Manikyam wanted me to come

Take somebody with you

He is scared and said to come alone

Let me go alone

No, Subbarao! Go with brother. - Okay, sir!

Take 2 sickles with you.

Hide and sit

I have enquired in Bejawada.

Murali Travels Govindaraju only sent him

He has many links with Veerabadram

Idiot! Where is the driver? - He went to fill the fuel tank

He would tell about our plan to them. Go and kill him.

Catch them!

You get salary from our boss and working for Veerabadram! Kill them!

Sir, they killed Satyamurthi... - What are you saying?

They killed Satyamurthi brother.

I might have killed two of them

If anything happens to me, nobody will give you information

That is why I did not do anything - They will cut the current?

Police will not take action, even if we call.

He is using his power. All of you go.

Go back to your homes and take care of your families.

Why do you ask us to go back home?

Do you want to face them alone?

How can we take rest at home leaving you alone?

We will not stay calm when you suffer alone

Still we are alive, nobody will be dare to touch you

Police has come to Satyamurthi brother home for enquiry.

Whoever it is we will not leave them alive

Come, let us see

I have two sickles with me I will slash whoever it is

Not only in your home, I will not allow anyone to enter your street

Bejawada guys will reach our place at exact 10:30 pm and call us

If we say ok, they will enter into action

If Veerabadram die, Pulivendula people will search for us

Let me stay in government guest house

You guys stay in wedding hall, finish the work and come

Let us go to Hyderabad together. - Okay, sir!

All of you leave. - Okay, sir...

They are very furious because they are affectionate with you

They will slash everyone whoever it is...

but our guys too will be wounded in the fight

Their wives too will not cry for them who kill others for money

Who will take responsible for Madaiah and Shivaprasad family?

What has to be done now?

Government and law both are in their favour.

No other way instead of fighting against them.

There is one way, dad.

We have to kill only 3 persons to stop those 50

I cannot get you. - Rajashekaram and his 2 helpers

If we kill them, everything will be smooth

We have 4 guys... That 4 guys enough for them

We are youths...

Even if we die, nobody will suffer because of us.

But I am sure we will kill them before dying.

No, this will not work out.

Do not worry dad! Nothing will happen to me

1 hour ago my friend has booked a room in hotel at Tirupati.

Before 10 pm I will kill Rajashekar and go to Renigunta airport.

He too will vacate the room and reach airport.

I will board on the Malaysia flight from Hyderabad.

I will come back here after 6 months or 1 year.

My name will not come in the police record.

You have arranged passport for my future plan.

I did not use that till now.

But now it is going to save me from all the troubles.

Why do you cry mom? For what?

He had sickle for 25 years, but you did not cry for him.

Why do you cry now? Affection makes you to cry, is not it?

Pray God to get back your son.

Do not cry unnecessary, and make me a coward.

Oh God! - Do not cry, mom!

If you shed tears, I would not endure that.

If anything happens to you, will not we bother?

We are not a stone to keep silent.

She has believed you and come here

What will I answer her?

Answer me...

What should I to do now?

I was thinking there is only blood behind each sickle.

Now I have realized there is a struggle behind that.

I will wait for you.

I will pray to God and wait for your arrival.

You used to say we should not use sickle for our anger.

If we use for our safety that is not wrong.

I am not going with anger I am going to save our lives.

DSP has ordered me to give security till you start.

When the power is off, call fire station and inform the whole village is in fire.

Set fire on haystack before the fire engines arrive.

Police will not come for help, even we call.

Whoever call the fire service they will come for help.

Inform the ladies and children not to stay in the huts.

I will accompany you!

I am also unmarried and I feel often that I am not yet married.

Now I have realized there is eligibility to get married.

I will bite his throat and suck the blood who killed Satyamurthi brother.

Shiva is not at home. They are all staying in the marriage hall.

We should be careful!

We have to plan to separate them as two groups...

and take them out of the village.

Time is almost 10:30... Still we did not get any information.

Who is it? - You go that side...

We are ready

He is not attending the call.

Let us go inside the village. Come!

They are in the nearby grove.

Come on, lit the flame beau...

It seems they have finished the work themselves.

No... - Do not shout!

I did not slash you fully. Just I tore your outer skin.

If you do what I say

On the way I will admit you in the government hospital...

You will be safe then.

Else, you will be dead and I will fill sand here.

What do you say?

I will do what I say

I have caught Veerabadram near lake beside the temple.

What do you say? - Come soon

Where are you going?

I want to kill him with this hand

If you go there, police will be the eye witness for you

Follow me with another vehicle

Let us vacate the place

Here is the key!


Come on...come

Will you cut down my father's head?

Will you kill my entire family?

You will misuse your power and do anything for money.

If anybody questions you, they will be enemy for you.

Why is God there, if the bad people can destroy the good ones?

And no need of a temple!

My family and my village are important for me.

My father is important for me...

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