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Senator Roberts Presses USTR Lighthizer on Importance of Agriculture Trade with English subtitles  

I'm an ambassador welcome back to the

Finance Committee you've been extremely

busy since your confirmation I want to

point out the work you've done in the

past few months has made it clear you

are the administration's leader on

international trade and I thank you for

that and for spreading the message and

educating your colleagues and the

international counterparts about the

important role that trade plays in the

USA economy I know what I said

agriculture economy thanks also for your

selection of Greg Dowd to be your lead

negotiator he's a good man and mr.

chairman I would hope that we could

expedite his consideration with regards

to his confirmation I had the privilege

last week to speak at the Agriculture

symposium behead by the elbe the Federal

Reserve Bank of Kansas City that's right

in the heart of farm country we

discussed the severity of the current

state of the AG economy it is clear we

are in middle of a very rough patch and

I hope it is not prolonged that that

seems to be the case the outlook will

not improve unless we have a determined

effort on trade we talked about that

thank you for your support for that and

I'll just say it wasn't too long ago

people have noted the comments my made

by the president when he was campaigning

and for that matter the the the

candidate that he opposed Secretary

Clinton and both opposed TPP and both

had some pretty strong statements about

NAFTA I don't think NAFTA should be a

target I think it should be an

opportunity I note that the verbs have

changed it isn't kill or terminate it

has gone to modernization strengthen

improve my word is fixed and I think you

have been key to that as a matter of

fact in talking to producers that I have

talked to in Kansas Michigan Montana and

soon-to-be Alabama and everywhere we go

they are extremely pleased that you are

leading the effort on trade you are

called the green light guy

and we hope we can turn the green light

on with regards to specific products I

think that's probably enough to say

about NAFTA I was pleased to hear the US

beef has now headed to China I know we

have problems with China and you just

outlined those but thanks to the

progress made in the hundred day action

plan of the US the China comprehensive

economic dialogue shipment of beef from

Nebraska should have been Kansas but at

any rate from Nebraska went to China

another important component of the

hundred day action plan was a commitment

from China to try to work towards a

stable science-based system for

approvals of Agriculture biotech last

week it was announced that two events

received approval in China six more

events remain to be or remain sitting in

the in the queue we're nearing the end

of the hundred day action plan window

where are we on that and with regards to

any progress and the senator as you say

there was an early harvest that was that

was beneficial to to several sectors but

but the one you note is American beef

and the first shipments have already

gone off we have I think another few

days in the in the in the hundred day

period there are a variety of other

items on which there are negotiations

there's a hope that we'll get another

harvest of some level before the hundred

days is often then the question before

the administration and before the

Chinese government is what is the next

step do we what kind of an ex tranche do

we have there have been an exchange of a

variety of priorities the United States

has as well as a variety of priorities

that the Chinese have so we're still in

the position right now trying to decide

exactly what the procedure will be going

forward but there clearly is pressure as

you suggest even on the early harvest we

haven't seen we haven't seen all eight

of our application be approved yet

that's something that we have to

keep leaning on we expect that that'll

happen but I mean the pressure is still

on the trade depths it hasn't gone down

any and the president feels just as

strongly as he did before the hundred

day starts so we'll find out whether or

not that's a good way to organize our

talks with China but because we have an

awful lot of talks on awful lot of

matters a lot of agricultural matters

that you're aware of as well as a huge

number of other ones but but at least we

have had some progress and I think

that's important and I think the

President and Secretary Rice and

secretary Purdue get a lot of credit for


and they have followed through to make

sure that what the Chinese did they were

going to do they have done well that's

indicative of your team effort that you

have led at the at the White House which

I really appreciate I appreciate you are

the 16th update and the fact that you're

going to have June hearings and that you

have heard so from just an awful lot of

folks involved in this that should

answer part of the transparency issue

that the distinguished minority member

brought up and I know that you'll

continue on that keep up the good work

you are a hero up in farm country right

now and i truly appreciate that thanks

senator thanks

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