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Samsung Galaxy J7 - How to Setup with English subtitles  

hello this is ric KY the android guy

hey guys today i'm going to be showing you how to set up your Galaxy j7 first

going to start off by selecting your language and I want to do it start

if you mess it up a name . and actually took accessibility could cause some

issues so just be careful when you're setting this up now you're going to go

ahead and start and then you're going to want to be in a Wi-Fi location or a

place that you have really strong internet

why because if you're not what happens is is that you actually will not be able

to restore your phone

the way you want to be and set it up properly so make sure you're in a good

Wi-Fi area or you have really good strong connection on your LTE

so right now we're going to connect to our Wi-Fi right here

and then once we're connected we're going to go next

and agree now it's testing out my connection

obviously I have a good one so don't have anything to worry about

but it's going to see if you want to copy everything from another device if

you would you use what's called tap and go so i'll just show you what this looks

like you put the two devices back to back and then tap them to set it up

very simple and easy we are going to skip this process because we do not have

another phone so we're gonna start this one fresh what that will do though is

going to transfer all your google account and everything you have on your

old phone to this one so it's really good if you do have your old phone

but since we don't we're going to create a gmail account if you have not created

a gmail account you are going to want to create one because you cannot download

apps unless you have that all right so that's what we're going to do now

and then you're going to enter your password

and then once you do that you're going to go next

and then you will set your time zone which mine is specifics just set it to

whatever yours is

and you can set up another email account if you do need it for us we do not

we're not going to be setting up a outlook account or anything like that or

even if you are coming from an iphone you can set up your iCloud account

we will not protect this one although that is recommended for anyone else

and then find a little ask us if it wants us to restore based on our

previous phones we are going to decline that so we're going to hit this and set

up as a new device but as you can see i have set up a lot of devices and that's

how you can set up yours as well

and then you can create a Samsung Account we are going to skip this

portion but i definitely recommend you set up a Samsung Account simply because

if you ever lose your phone

this can allow you to find it so it gives you all as you can see find your

mobile is the main reason to get it

you however you also do get exclusive apps that you can't get anywhere else on

galaxy or it gives you free versions of apps see like Microsoft Office Word

PowerPoint Excel you can get free from the galaxy app store and then if you

want to you can set up

easy mode easy mode is a mode i definitely recommend if you're a

first-time smartphone user if you are not then you should be fine with the

regular version that comes with all right we're going to tap finish this

will look different depending on which carrier you are on tmobile and metro

will have different things and so will AT&T or any other carrier that side to

carry this in the end all right guys and that is how you set up your Galaxy j7 if

you're wondering on other things you can do with the phone please make sure to

check out my other videos on how to speed up the phone and how to save

battery life

thank you as always for watching this has been our I CKY the android guy

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