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Rev Phil Valentine All Religions have Destroyed the Black Race with English subtitles  

I wanted to call and talk about the

theological war on our revolutionary

consciousness because our consciousness

quote-unquote evolves all things ascend

from one state to the next if there's

anything that's consistent is change and

the problem is we as a people have not

been allowed to change in accordance

with cosmic dictates as the cosmic moves

forward as we move to different areas of

our solar system as we moved to a

different area of our galax galaxy as we

move into a whole new neighborhood in

our own universe we are still locked

down in one formalized protracted former

thinking and we are not in step with the

universe at all and that has caused us

our problem so I want to start off by

saying something that was written over

the temple thresholds of our great

committed sanctuaries of learning and

this words were written cas cox-2 nehru

which means know thyself for man and you

know the heavens and the gods so first I

would wish to thank the creative spirit

for blessing me with the breath of life

precious thanks to the ancestors of my

beloved family both immediate and

extended precious thanks to my queen

queen alani and all the conscious

warriors who supported me throughout the

30-odd years of my own personal quest to

enlightenment for those of you not

familiar all acquainted with me i work

in the community i am a doctor of

hygienic sciences i am a doctor of

naturopathic medicine a clinical

hypnotherapist and a doctor of arcane

sciences and metaphysics the last 30

years I could consider myself to be a

metaphysical health activist presently

in this incarnation of cycle i am an

agent working for the Department of

eternal knowledge and the Bureau of

higher wisdom and intellect it's but let

me see

about 25 years in working towards this

particular place that I am and it's

because of the ancestors great works

throughout my adult life that I have

sought to emulate much of the brothers

and sisters that were talked about here

to follow in their ways to say two

things that they said a little

differently and in the times i have

sought to open up possibilities for

exploring more scientifically practical

applications for our ancestors spiritual

and metaphysical teachings to conduct an

in-depth analysis of the arcane

treasuries forged by the architects of

our collective African consciousness

what i have come to define as our Dark

Matter consciousness and this is the

focus of my contribution to the happily

natural world family today to illuminate

our real african history and to clarify

our real african present and future and

for those of you who don't know me real

is all I do and what we're about to do

and what we are about to present is

going to be as real as it gets

what we will explore today we'll focus

on the ongoing protracted feet or

logical wore that for over a thousand

years has been and still is being waged

against African spiritual evolution the

resulting degenerative states of the

collective African mind and it's

perverse expressions through the world's

three dominant religions today i have

chosen to approach the subject of

African spirituality from the timeframe

of its demise and its decline and not

from the timeframe of its zenith let me

say that again i am going to approach

African spirituality from the time of it

falling head first into hell

I'm not going to speak about it like we

normally speak about it when we were

building pyramids and creating religious

artifacts and bringing spirituality to

the world because we already know that

we don't have an idea of how we have

pummeled completely we are completely in

the mud

we have little vestiges

of what it looks like but we don't know

who we are because we don't know what we

have been and where we are at this

present time and i'm going to do some

things I'm hope there's a whole lot of

Christians in here

I hope there's a whole lot of brothers

who are Muslim in here and sisters as

well as Hebrew Israelites because these

are not you

it's like this work I thought the day

would be better served and have a

greater impact the focus were placed on

how African spirituality and all that

entails was systematically dismantled as

the world's primary conceptual

constructive reality how it was attacked

the methodologies and strategies how the

surviving reference will come convoluted

into the dogma of today's three major

religions mutilated and suppressed and

the psychological consequences

its destruction has had on African

peoples in fact all other indigenous

peoples of the world today beloved for

the sake of clarity i would like to be

known and liked it to be known that i am

speaking about African spirituality in a

purely abstract context the qualifying

word African simply being used as a

marker to define an instance in the flow

of human evolutionary consciousness

I'm speaking of African spirituality as

a globally recognized exercise of the

higher perceptual faculties in humanity

even before the continent we now call

Africa became known as Africa out cool

on Abyssinia so my account of the attack

and erosion of African spirituality on

this planet begins approximately 2264

years ago circle 264 bc in accordance

with the European Gregorian time frame

with a man called Ptolemy philadelphus a

Greek who ascended the kinetic throne

after its fall to Alexander of Macedonia

will try to make restitution for the

carnage and destruction of his

predecessors by rebuilding the kinetic

libraries and schools the reward he

offered was great

anywhere between ten thousand and thirty

thousand dollars at that time per set of

Scrolls the price depending on the

in-depth less and thoroughness of the

study submitted those who did not commit

or their philosophies or give their

philosophies to the scrolls or to the

manuscripts were allowed to dictate

their stories describes who matter

Gillislee wrote them down and logged

them into the library many duplicates of

each scrolls and manuscripts were also

made for distribution to other libraries

and schools that Ptolemy plan to build

which unfortunately never happened

all-in-all Ptolemy secured before his

reign or during his reign some 282

350,000 scrolls and manuscripts

constituting at that time what has to be

and what was the most valuable

collection of scientific and spiritual

data in the known world

Tommy himself was said to have been a

scholar of sorts or at least he's a

wannabe but he had the same greco-roman

delusions of grandeur where he wanted to

be declared of God so he read many of

the translated works in his library and

he discovered to his amazement that all

virtually all of the many and diverse

systems related to philosophy religious

practice and the sacred sciences were

literally based on one and the same

conceptual principal the evidence in the

library showed without a doubt that all

of the ancient sciences religions and

philosophical writings were based on but

one grand and for our purposes here

African cosmological unity which in

itself had a legacy that pointed to a

time even before most ancient more

African more MORE

let me just say there is no place in the

past that you could dig in that you will

find your origin because you don't have

an origin you always was always will be

and the problem is that every time we

dig up and find Lucy we're only finding

a point in the reference of evolutionary

consciousness and that's where I'm going

today when we trace the evolutionary

history of African spirituality to the

time of his origins we find

documentation that reveals there was

never a time that man was not let me say

that again

there was never a time when man was not

that long before there was an Africa and

alchy blonde in a time when the

continental masses of Earth were once

joined into one great land mass called

in several ancient texts bangerra and

move ancient stone tablet scrolls and

manuscripts hidden within the

underground vaults of the Vatican and in

the vaults of major European and Arab

control museum say that the earth was

once inhabited but by one people us from

one source serious move whose remnants

can be found in the flaws of the

atlantic ocean under the ice of the

Antarctic and the north pole in the

waters off Cuba in the waters off the

Gulf of Mexico and in central China as

well as off the coasts of Japan all of

the above being remnants of a great

global catastrophe and that the

survivors of this Cataclysm were the

indigenous peoples who today call

themselves the tweet the band to the

Yanomamo the aboriginals of the

so-called America's a maximum offer the

Fiji Islands Papua New Guinea and the

Australian continent the libraries of

Alexander showed that all the ancient

religious philosophies were based

entirely on the Astra soffit principles

of the grand cosmic cycles of unity that

also called races and nations of the

earth from the original blue black

purple black to the brown black and yes

even the green black marinated people's

worship cosmic deity under 10 grand

harmonious simple system and here's a


Akhenaten was not the first two possible

ties to the notion of oneness of the

Creator he simply resurrected an ancient

concept older than commit itself Ptolemy

unknowingly gathered together this

evidence of the one original system of

cosmic unity into one of the greatest

centralized repository of religious

spiritual scientific and metaphysical

information known at that time all the

evidence showed that this grand unity of

spiritual theological science and


prevailed in principle throughout

ancient earth that is until the fourth

century AD beloved brothers and sisters

mark this time very carefully and pay

the closest attention because it was in

this century that what we now refer to

as African spirituality came under the

most relentless brutal and debilitating

attack the war against the arcane

sciences of our ancient african american

masters or better yet the war against

revolutionary consciousness began under

the organized leadership of a man named

Constantine the so-called great

Constantine the founder and first pope

Caesar of what became known as the

Romans state Church of Christ and

Christianity many historians claim that

the first Pope's of Catholicism were

black and rightly so but these men will

royal appointees rewarded for their part

in making Constantine Caesar like Pope

Sylvester who at that time was nothing

more than a bishop of the crystal sites

in Rome now believe it or not beloved

black people today in the main haven't

the vaguest clue

not one single clue in their present

state of socialized consciousness just

what this Roman State church and his

religion of bloodletting as done to the

arcane archetypal essence of African

spirituality worldwide know what its

sustained influence has done and is

still doing the African peoples over the

last 500 years on this continent and

throughout the world wide diaspora see

beloved to study African spirituality in

his proper context here in the

contemporary world you must first learn

to recognize what it is not

first step to inner so over an

understanding what African spirituality

is is to recognize what it is not and we

must see and study what it has become

through its diverse mutations through

its theological derivations as Judaism

Islamism new ageism and christianism

since all of these representative

mutations came about as a result a

direct result of conquest and a brutally

traumatic conversion process that

specifically targeted the African

spiritual mindset warping and contorting

its cosmic focus away from our original

scientific teachings of the abstract

unitary astra soffit principles of

cosmic law as a result of this

theological mutations and that and their

influence taking precedence the

quintessence of African spirituality now

lies comatose buried within the

ecclesiastical dogma of a Theo psychotic

thought complex and how has this

pathological thought complex propagated

across the globe

well as I've always said like a disease

it happened in degrees with the creation

of this new state Church the confounded

fathers of this new religion went all

out to assure success of their new

enterprise and what did they do

they set us pissed about suppressing and

destroying all other existing

competition and so off to Alexandria

they went where they skillfully

interpolated what they wanted from the

Treasuries of that library and what did

they do they copied the scrolls of

Hess's from the Druids they copied the

story of Krishna from the dravidian

manuscript general massive found

hundreds of similarities between Jesus

and Krishna they copied the story of

obvious from the Etruscans the story of

me trust from the Persians who we call

Chris to copy the story of Bel mine

orphanage audience they copied the story

of El out from the ancient you people

from which the northern Caucasoid race

called the kazars plagiarize and renamed



when their King converted in the seventh

century they copy the mythos of Jason

and the Argonauts from the Greeks they

copy jest the Redeemer from the

Phoenicians Tammuz Bacchus Dionysus

Hercules but just as important as their

pressurization of Krishna they outright

stole the entire story of her roof from

the Canaanites through the Redeemer

general messy again found 137

similarities between Jesus and Horace

each and every one of the above

characters and more from different ages

and time periods all were known as the

crease of the Christ or the anointed one

with the creation of this new state

church they also copied the story of bar

of hercules which was set when 7 horas

came together

Horace rose and set in the West

yes my beloved christian brothers and

sisters I'm talking to you now they

copied interpolated twisted and outright

distorted all of the ancient spiritual

stories on record to use as the

foundational premise of a special book

they were preparing their in-house

manual a book that was to become known

in the Greek as the Helios biblio the

book of the Sun more commonly known for

his Protestant translator and editor

once served Francis Bacon aka william

shakespeare Edward de Vere as the King

version king james version of your daily

bible or your Holy Bible or your holy

battle now to make

to make the distortions of the African

spiritual science is less conspicuous

and less recognizable to the more

diligent inquiry minds they made the

Bible into an ingeniously well-crafted

work of listen carefully fables factual

eyes allegories literalized symbols

personalized drama his store size and

cosmic forces and from office eyes let

me say that again this is all your Bible

is fables actualités allegories

literalized symbols personalized drama

is storing sized and cosmic forces of

anthropomorphic sized with skillful

hands the Roman scribes perpetuated

monumental changes for the purpose of

destroying any connection of the origins

of their works and the origins of their

saviors to the myths allegories fables

and symbols of our ancestors spiritual

sciences listen carefully

some of the most conspicuous changes

made to the ancient tenants of African

spirituality through the principles of

unitary law were the CSUN of the

universe became the only begotten sson

of God

jonn3 and 16 the 12 celestial gates or

metaphysically speaking the cosmic grid

of Earth's third density space time

consciousness zone called the 12 signs

of the zodiac became the 12 apostles of

their gospel Jesus

nobody free drink away your submission

something sometimes the truth cuts you

know but it takes a little time to

believe you may go home and all of a

sudden you started to bleed and what

what happened three the african-american

dravidian principles of the redemption

of man through the reincarnation of

cycles were ordered removed from the

spiritual literature of the Bible no

longer what redemption through cycles of

physical rebirth where the soul

undertook its own personal deliberate

bio spiritual effort to transcend where

the human mind would use its focus

intent and attention to alchemically

transmute the cellular molecular

genetics of the atomic temple through

the discipline retention of the man's

sperm seed and the discipline retention

or stopping of the monthly loss of vital

blood esses and eggs by the woman no

longer with this eternal science of the

ancient masters constitute the higher

paths to personal Redemption no no

longer instead redemption

according to the Roman state Church

became a vicarious and literal blood

sacrifice of blood bathing blood

drinking blood washing process where any


hehe murderer child molester lawyer or

political death spot could be cleansed

of all the evil and sin and achieve

unilateral forgiveness and absolution

the one condition for this ticket to

paradise being that they only have to be

washed in the blood accept and believe

in a personal Savior who was brutally

murdered and then physically resurrected

to save all I asses

Oh your behalf

mark 6 and 16 revelation 15 not forgive

me four intersecting at this point my

beloved brother sisters but if you want

to look carefully and examine the

underlying logic listen carefully

the subtextual mindset behind a belief

in doctrine you just have to ask

yourself logically is it any wonder why

black afro-americans Negroes niggers the

majority of which are Christians in fact

all black descendants of the captivity

haven't yet yet received one red cent

and reparation it simple let's connect

the dots to see why my black people

Negroes accepting a doctrine of

vicarious atonement vicarious atonement

means somebody else save your house just

worshiping believe and you will see the

kingdom because God Jesus got your back

by accepting the adoption of vicarious

atonement and accepting this belief

structure as your own you have not only

denied the very existence of your

ancient ancestors and your true our

story his story you have an effect for

giving your oppressor of his debt to you

for by his acceptance of this personal

Savior the oppressors sins against you

are forgiven and since now you believe

as he does you and Jesus has forgiven

him and therefore he don't know you are


now I want you to check the science

Jesus done forgiven the white boy you'll

be in a Christian you forgave his ass

now you go ask him look I forgave you

but look at you know he said no you

don't get your reward afterward

now remember since Jesus the crisis of

fable and your government is one nation

under that table there God your

acceptance of his existence puts you

into the fable of the speculation as

well unless you have no history no

ancestors no nation but the one you have

now believe you got this one thing you

have the one you now have the one he

gave to you through your acceptance of

the fable Lord Jesus Christ once you say

I am washed in the blood that's the

bloody our ancestors this is what the

metaphysical underground cause being

caught up in the matrix you see

indigenous Mellie people do not see that

the European has structured his present

paradigm after the shift our law of the

imposter jus this government is a quasi

theocracy where your belief in the

system makes it real and it's called the

government is a fable of fiction

it is a direct reflection of the Roman

state Church fable if you buy into one

you have automatically bought into the

other now let's take a short look at the

forming of the early church Christian

Bible says by their fruits shall you

know them

let the church say all right now

all forms of Christianity practice

around the world stem from but one route

let me say that again all forms of

Christianity today practice around the

world stem from but one route and

regardless of what you may think by

those you professing you could be

Anglican you could be Baptist you could

be all of it they all all Christianity

is guilty by association because all

forms of Christianity is Roman its root

the root of Christendom is in the

Vatican Rome and believe it or not

beloved brothers and sisters when the

Moors fell over here it was the Pope

that gave permission for Islam to be

practice on the soil

let me repeat that again because a lot

of my brother's being more myself I was

a little hard for me to swallow when I

heard that Muslim religion quote-unquote

Islam the Pope gave permission for it

just like the Pope had to give

permission for nam-myoho-renge-kyo to be

practice here as well because the Pope

is a ruler of the planet period he

overrules all law period

read the history of the Roman State

church from its beginning and you will

have the most profound understanding of

the entire world's affairs today you

need to see a movie called kingdom of

heaven incredible movie and that's how

I've been going back and forth two

factions of some to bastard

duh aborted fetuses of ancient kinetic

law fighting back and forth for one

another saying that they got the true

God killing one another so now let's

examine some of the evidence given by

those who lived around the time of

Christianity's beginning in Europe

let's go back to the that the scrolls

and see what the people who were there

at that time had to say about the

origins of Christianity member lovin all

persecution by the Church of Rome

written on the pages of ecclesiastical

history began with Constantine and

extends to the present day in fact the

Christian Emperor was the first to

forbid free thought and Christian

priests were the first Christian priest

for the first let me say again Christian

priests were the first to burn books in

a group of writings called the Hibbert

lectures and you can go back i'm going

to give you the proof the Hibbert

lectures a man named Rina na re na n

translates the following he says quote

we searched in vain through the

collection of Roman laws before

Constantine for any an accident aimed

against freethought or in the entire

history of the Emperor's for the

persecution of abstract doctrine not a

single savant was disturbed men whom the

middle ages would have burned such as

Galen Lucien patinas all lived in peace

protected by Roman law in other words

before Constantine came free thought

which was one of the thinking processes

handed down all the way to think and it

down from your ancient African ancestors

was the order of the day

twn you need to get his book called

Bible myths

this is page 434 quote

it was a common practice listen

Christians it was a common practice

among the early Christian fathers and

saints to lie and deceive if their lies

and deceit help the cause of their

church and cool like tension is the

eminent Christian offer of his time

wrote and I quote among those who seek

power and gain from their religion there

will never be wanting the inclination to

forge and live from it by the church

from convo knee ruin of empire dr.

Johnny clock talked about that book page

177 it says we see an account now check

it out this guy's name in in in count

von these ruins of empire a man named

Nancy and Zeus and I azi take that one


anz us riding in the scholar Rome he

says quote a little jargon is all that

is necessary to impose on the people

listen carefully a little jog on is all

that is necessary to impose on the


well that's they comprehend the more

they admire let me say that again

the less they comprehend 50 sit the more

they admire our forefathers and doctors

have often said not what they thought

but what circumstances and necessity

dictated end quote in Gibbons Rome vol 2

pages 79-80 gabon rights of eusebius

bishop of Caesarea one of the architects

of the 90 and fraud that became

Christianity quote the gravest of the

ecclesiastical historians Eusebius

himself and directly confesses that he

has related only what might be redounded

to the glory of the church and that he

was suppressed all that would tend to

disgrace that religion the recipients he

spoke of his character less tinctured

with credulity and more practiced in the

art of court than that of almost any of

his kin

temporary what he was saying was this

sucker knew how to lie

he knew how to cheat and make it sound

truthful your hand laurens van wish I am

in his book church history church

history your hand Lauren's von mosh i am

in his book church history volume 1 page

198 said well it was held by the church

that it was not only lawful but

praiseworthy to deceive and even to use

the experience of a lie in order to

advance the cause of truth and piety

historian but the sobre in his history

this is French history is stored energy

he says we see in the history of

christianity of which i have related a

sort of hypocrisy that has been perhaps

to comment at this time that church men

listen not only do not say what they

think but do say the direct opposite of

what they think

philosophers in their cabinets out of

them they are content with fables though

they know well they are fables they even

more they deliver honest men to the

executioner for having uttered what they

themselves know to be the truth

how many pagans and atheists have

tortured and burned holy men under the

pretext of ever see everyday do

hypocrites consecrate and make people

adore the whole store communion though

they are well aware and convinced as I

am that ain't nothing more than a piece

of bread in quote the theologian Reeves

any apologies to the father in a book

called the Stig matter or the the sink

the same tag mia says quote it was a

Catholic opinion among the Philosopher's

that pious frauds he said it again pious

fraud were good things and that the

people ought to be imposed upon in

matters of religion

and from the syntax mia quote he

purposely wrote these in Latin that it

might serve for the instruction of the

clergy only and not come to the

knowledge of the laity all the people

because too much light is hurtful for

weak eyes twn again they can be no doubt

listen carefully from the evidence found

that had the objections of porphyry he

requests Celsus and other opponents of

the Christian faith been permitted to

come down to us the plagiarism of the

Christian scriptures from previously

existing pagan documents is the specific

charge they would have resented or

presented by us or to us these works

were ordered burned by the Christian

Emperor's haha oh and now beloved in the

final stages of my contribution to the

steam i would like to offer the

following and I'm a little reticent

about having to use the following

example as a qualifier for what I have

presented but in this case necessity

overrules prudence in his book origin of

species Charles Darwin spoke about a man

who took care of a large flock of birds

namely pigeons

listen carefully once you listen very

carefully i want you just put aside for

you can't help that because if you're

really listening to me you're not

thinking you know that you know how you

can stop your thinking

by learning

learning stops thinking

you say that again if i want to go in

all kind of meditations you don't need

to going home and all that nonsense just

start learning because right now you

ain't thinking about that now you know

how he got you because you problem is

that you don't understand is African

peoples million people's that the

greatest wealth that you painted this

devil is your attention because that's

what they ask you to do what the


that's right so now you pay attention

they getting wealthy is when you stop

paying attention to kill a few York

black boy gets shot by police 27 times

how they got your attention now you're

off the spiritual path and you're

thinking along there now if you want to

sit down and cry about it then you did

go ahead and kill the man who killed

that boy and all right there again but

don't don't don't sit back and you know

oh my god oh my god do something about

and then go back to thinking

in his book origin of species listen

carefully now Charles Darwin spoke about

a man who took care of a large flock of

birds that were pigeons these pigeons

were distinguishable by what appeared to

be an infinite variety of ornamental

designs they were all types every shade

of subtle blues subtle greens blacks and

Gray's all were adorned with a wide

variety of marks that elegantly

characterized their individuality and

this bird handler gathered up his

colorful variety of pigeons and took

them out to a deserted island we far

from his home and release them into the

wild where these birds settled in and

began to establish a colony after 10

years or so the bird handler return to

the island and to his surprise he finds

that something amazing has taken place

the blacks the Browns the Grays the

iridescent greens iridescent lose the

stripes to spotted the ring to the

striated feathers varieties and

beautiful beautiful ornamentations of

birds he released into the wild had all

but disappeared all of their children

had metamorphosize into this slate dark

blue generational type each of them with

a monotonous black ring that repeated

itself on every one of their wings all

of the beauty of variety of iridescent

colors patterns and designs in their

feathers and characteristics completely

disappeared now in staying consistent

with this theme Darwin also made mention

of the characteristics of the culture

rolls and a cultivated strawberry how

when left unattended they shrank back

into generated and reverted back to an

appealing shrubs and vines weeds this

devolution airy process he called the

principle of reversion to type now

beloved let's touch upon that theme

these examples may be construed in many

ways but for our purposes there can be

only one interpretation the feather

characteristics of the nurtured

cultivated cultural birds are symbolic

of the code

eccentric expressions of African

spirituality that were perfected within

the confines of a self-actualized self

cultivated self-contained self enriching

self-evolving self-correcting

self-healing self-perpetuating suffer

preserving self-regulating

self-supporting self-sufficient

self-sustaining paradigm dynamic of

consciousness where the vast variety of

feathers for my at represented the vast

variety of creative achievements

attained by African civilizations as

with other indigenous peoples around the

globe here we use the markings and

colors of the birds as the symmetric

equivalent symbolic of the expressions

of African spirituality the blacks were

spiritual sciences the yoga the

meditation the mathematics the mystery

system the Browns were the agriculture

the botany the Grays where the sculpture

into art the iridescent blues and greens

was the alchemy the metallurgy the

medicine the stripes was the

architecture geology de spotted was the

Astronomy the astrology to psychology

the striated was the art of war all

representative of our highly advanced

sophisticated self-evolving spiritual

civilization then it came to pass that

these diverse Africans and they're

individually unique expressions of

spirituality began to experience a

series of sustained brutal attacks for

over the next several hundred years this

ongoing strategy or tragedy tragedy

eventually cause them to become

traumatized captives they were rounded

up displaced and taken to hostile

foreign environments where their

self-evolving mechanisms of cosmic

consciousness the African spirituality

were systematically and savagely brought

to a screeching halt

but once constituted an internal

dynamics of self evolved energy that was

used by the African mind for the

development of higher awareness became a

pathological fight-or-flight survival

response to hostile environments within

us as captives the higher African

spiritual mindset began to atrophy began

to generate for a lack of a sustained

attention utilization and focus

diasporic Africans unbeknownst to the

majority of us big

and to devolve spiritually over the

subsequent 22-25 generations we began to

revert back to a type that is a type of

Africa never before witnessed or

experienced by ourselves a new type of

African was created a religious African

we began to psychologically

metamorphosize in the hostile atmosphere

of our Willie Lynch environment which

caused us to revert or should I say

convert me see that again the other hear

that Africans didn't revert we converted

to a pathological artificial cultivated

phenotype made in the image and likeness

of external slave master who rewired us

to self-perpetuating anti spiritual

non-critical non-logical behavior isms

beloved brothers and sisters over

subsequent generations are pathogenic

conditioning began to bear fruit that

under the psychological and genetic

pruning tools of Willie Lynch we became

spiritually stultified robbed of our

archetypal memory banks robbed of our

genetic reflects to the creative spirit

within us like the careful cultivation

of the Japanese bonsai tree African and

indigenous peoples were spiritually

genetically and creatively pruned for

generations so that our very Souls

ancient association and connection to

the triple black cosmic mother would

systematically and continuously be

diminished mighty oaks redwoods and bail

Babs reduced to the size of shrubs

thistles and weeds anybody know what the

Japanese bonsai tree is you can turn oak

this size

all you gotta do is just keep proving it

and that's we are well prune bond sighs

and to seal the bargain to shut the door

forever a slave master pruna taught and

condition to traumatize African mind to

supplant his natural abstract

metaphysically reflexive inquiring mind

with that of the non-critical non

questioning non analytical function is

among the religiously indoctrinated mind

with reference to the examples given to

above about the Rose the strawberry and

the birds African spiritual scientists

were actually an acutely aware of this

fact called the principle of reversion

to type they considered it in every real

in every real work that they have ever

done they always knew that man would

revert back to type if he did not keep

his culture this they described in the

depictions of the tenuous polarity of

equilibrium between set and Haru between

70 Cyrus aww you see these were cosmic

forces that represented a form of

gravitation felt between the higher and

lower nature's of man who rule set all

of these were not people just like no

man no woman no nothing ever existed in

the Bible or in the Quran oh man tell a

Christian he didn't have a history tell

a Muslim that nothing like that have

existed tell Jude none of these

patriarchs that they're talking about in

God's and forces it never existed and my

own brother will kill me

our ancestors saw this tendency to what

chaos atrophy disequilibrium and

generation as a deeply-rooted active

principle that they had to resist

because an overindulgence in their lower

nature's kept them trapped within

continuous cycles of regeneration and

reincarnation all that said when looking

at ourselves today how do we describe

what we see how do we described and

defined as new paradigm mutation of the

archetypal African spirit who is this

pathogenic devolution of African

spirituality who is this doppelganger

this schizophrenic twin now identified

as a Negro an ex-slave a nigga black and

african-american and afro-american a

minority underprivileged undereducated

underclass Muslim Hebrew Israelite a

Christian all of the derogatory

terminologies that we in our state of

spiritual amnesia have come to claim as

our own identities terminologies

substituted for our rightful

classifications as the Dark Matter

father and mother of civilization the

cradle of civilization astronomer

astrologer scientist dr. alchemist hmm

what's your Christian now you're no

longer Mason a sculptor describe a

botanist an agriculturist a geologist an

architect a psychologist a warrior can i

push I shanty dravidian all make my and

more tweet bound to Zulu yama cryo mossy

Creek Seminole Sumerian Atlantean

lemorian see beloved brothers sisters

today religious might Africans and

indigenous peoples both here and on the

continent have a genuine deep-seated

paranoid schizophrenia of actually being

associated with the above description of

my ancestors know y'all want to say that

you Africa know you want to say that you

from there

can I your Egyptian know the egyptians

held us

it held the Jews and slavery got black

people in the Hebrew Israelites really

believed the Egyptians today but if they

look at the books the Jews have always

been in bondage because Jews

quote-unquote in the Bible never existed

the Jew is simply

gotta let me say that again

the Jew simply means matter that which

is bound up in matter that was bound up

on the third density soju is always

going to be in captivity because Jews

represent the spirit bound matter

that's it no big to-do no great big

story to go

don't worry about part in the waves and

all that bullshit the Red Sea is your

blood the Israelites are your genetics

most religious mind black people have

developed this associative mentalities

and get rapidly indignant if you dare to

say that they are Africans 500 years

removed Negroes like Stanley Crouch who

know for a crown critical fact that they

are Americans always were and always

have been but this this associated

mindset is the result of the genetically

implanted trauma-based hypnotic

suggestions forced into our recently

shot and injured psyches by the doctrine

of will in Chisholm hypnotic suggestions

that more the religious mind conditions

you to see this type of disassociative

metalia as normal when I say that I am

African or IM indigenous if I am this

that is somehow insanity Africans who

worship or at least recognize their

ancestors in current africa i said to be

a covenant with demons

any thought that entertains the fact

that you are an often of African

spirituality and consciousness is met

with a discernible disturbance a kind of

queasiness deepen your chest and your

bowels don't question and then that how

you feel Christian you feel kind of

queasiness when I say your Africa can

start getting upset because the Jesus

demon starts working you

this is the artificially created

fragmented psyche kicking in the altered

state artificially created by trauma and

a combination of hypnotic suggestion so

when I say to your religious mind that

alter fragment of your traumatize

African psyche that no such person as

the god-man Jesus ever existed apostles

know Moses nope all know John the

Baptist no Adam no Eve no no no Mary no

Joseph know Isaiah know John the

Revelator ever walk the months you are

true historical ancestors in the flesh

immediately you learned not conduce

defense mechanisms kick it and forces a

complete shutdown of all critical for

and thinking causing a complete complete

theocratic brainwork who is my beloved

brothers and sisters in closing I'd like

to bring to points1 African peoples in

fact all indigenous peoples who was

guided by a cosmic spirituality

cultivated from an external relationship

with later mother and an internal

relationship with father spirit we mind

and cultivated from within ourselves the

most beautiful wondrous and exquisite

treasures from the realms of dark matter

consciousness that still stand as

eternal Testaments unmatched on the

soils of North America and South America

Africa China Europe in the depths of the

Atlantic and the Pacific under the ice

caps of Antarctica and the North Pole

and yes even in the semi desolate plains

of the planet Mars and onto the moons of

Europa in tight and these monuments

carvings and pepper i persist as eternal

declarations of the quintessential

creative African spirit but brothers and

sisters what in creators name have you

arrested since

what have we created what testament to

cosmic intelligence and our spirituality

that we recently etched in stone or

ascribed onto papyrus what last names

have returned when last have we turn

lead into gold or communicate with our

ancestors name with our progenitors on

Sirius and Orion now that we have

reverted or rather have been converted

to a type now that we all got religion

brothers and sisters language as the

brother said is the rudimentary

instrument or system for encoding the

perceptual measurements of time space

and dimension

this is precisely why our ancestors were

so meticulous in the use of expressions

of the letters and words and language

this was especially true of the Dogon

people in the Dogon mystery system of a

call science knowledge understanding and

their natural evolution into wisdom

arrived at through synthesis of four

psycho-spiritual principles of attention

and discernment these for psychosis

spiritual principles were called the

giddy so the Bene so the bonus Oh

undersold IE the giddy so was the front

bird of any sort of the side word the

bottle so was the backward and the sol

de was the clear word and what's

happening today is you only know how to

learn the way the white man taught you

with the front word that's why our

brothers and sisters started saying you


because your people used to say listen

to what they said

see the front word and then look at it

from the side and then look at it from

the back and say you're full of shit

because all of what you have said don't

job 8360 that's why they took your

tongue like the brother set because it

was not the clear word after the three

sides were seen then it was clarity and

there's no clarity in this language

that's why I have to use all kinds of

weird different kinds of interpolated

patch together words to get you to enter

overstand what it is i'm talking about

who is this crazy

yeah talking this nonsense if you go

back on the tape and listen to the tape

is like what the hell did he say again

rewind it

these for vibrations or variations in

the operative use of focus attention and

over standing constitute the most

precise and complete use of the

cognitive powers of the brain for the

comprehending of the true meaning of a

given or express reality it is

processing reality in three dimensions

no word letter or gesture is taken for

granted or simply at its face value

because observing a phenomenon from the

front side and back allows the brain

cognitive instruments to geometrically

triangulate the essence of the subject

and you think and geometric terms

so you get a depth of word beyond the

observed and into the intuitive and you

know what they say you got to get into

it if you want to know what it really

means well your ancient people spoke

into it language and now because you're

religious and you got to stand up there

and listen to a man who is talking for

you so you can get into heaven and

that's some deep shit you got it you're

right you have to have a small amount of

insanity and you have to really be

thinking about giving up everything to

really pass over and sit there and

really listen to a man spell words about

a man you ain't never met first and

foremost that is white and blue eyed and

sitting up there in front of you him

saying to you that this double is going

to take you in there you know what I'm

gonna tell you something

may I i'm gonna try to slip past year

and I'll say something that scared the

hell out of a few people when i said

that the last time your first ridhima if

you want to stay within that pantheon

was Lucifer

I told you Lucifer was your first

ridhima now I told brothers and sisters

that as soon as a cracker tells you to

run from something run to it

why do they hate this man so much this

entity so much why do they hate Lucifer

I wanted to know that's why I got kicked

out of I was a Catholic I've got kicked

out of you know get out of the Bible

study class Lucifer was supposedly this

beautiful creation from them from the

hand of God God took the time to mold

this bad boy and now we supposed to run

from him his name loosen for light

that's why they named lucy lucy has

shined a light into a past that the

cracker never had never knew and the

first name was not Lucy Lu cyl UCI that

was the first spelling before they

changed it

Lucifer hey i am talking to devil so I

know you know you're gonna tell me I'm

damned to hell

Lucifer was your first Redeemer how was

your first Redeemer he was your first

Redeemer because he came into the God

and got y'all out got us out you mean he

took us out of the god the beautiful

garden but everything was perfect where

everything was going on i had my woman I

had my food had my apples have my trees

at the animals at bay and all that and

he came and got me out of that why would

I want to get out of that because you

died in it food

Adam was in perfection

if everything is perfect it's dead it's

in stasis

there is no movement so Adam had to be

kicked out cause Adam would have died in

the Garden of Eden Adam was kicked out

of perfection and kicked into perfecting

which is the true perfection so when he

went out of the kingdom he went out into

the kingdom of Nod atom or that which

was the spark of the Creator which was

the a tomb left out of the unity which

was the light for the creator and into

the darkness of the knowledge of itself

in fact the creative being all knowledge

couldn't know itself if you are all of

something you don't know what you are

because there are no boundaries to you

so to create a new that it had to create

boundaries to know itself and in so

doing it created a sphere a unitary self

one element called the hydrogen atom

there is no other element but that you

are nothing more than variations on a

hijack a hydrogen theme and that's who

you are the hydrogen was Eve Adam and

the garden so out of that Lucifer comes

in and who is Lucifer coming as a snake

a separate is what the symbol of what

the quantity fertilization life

electricity because sitting in the

garden being perfect perfect

what do i do a nun to do when you're

perfectly is boring as hell upper limit

so perfection was death perfection

equals death when cancer perfects itself

you die it dies so perfection equals

death there is no perfection in anything

even in the Creator that's why we exist

well that just takes it all apart now

whole help was having look like if there

is no perfection and the Creator see

heaven is what we projected as the

creators still learning the Creator

keeps coming back as a child because it

has the mind of a child

let me say that again you must be as

little children see the metaphysics of

the Bible is never talked about it's

never touched on because once that

happens the threshold of the ceilings of

religion die and therefore your priest

died and when every priest dies but

every when the last stone of the last

church for the last day of priests

humanity will rise so until we

understand that perfection equals death

and that we as African peoples fell to

this plane in order to perfect God now

you know you got a job before you

thought you was unemployed

but you got a job j.o.b job job is one

of the most powerful books in the Bible

why because it talks about the air sign

the s sine is joel's see that the Bible

is broken down into four different

elements fire water earth and you could

tell which one of the scribes when

living in which age by what he called

God see the Bible is sick because it's a

composite of over 350,000 years of

information and you thinking that it's

just some cracker or some big kid and a

white man writing down some for the Jews

the Bible was written in stages over

thousands upon thousands of years and

when you see in the age of of of of of

Moses that's the the age of earth the

earth age or earth earth earth age

moving into a narrator or fire age

because that's when he killed off the

cow the cow is what tourists the cows

duh what he calls so he crashed the

golden calf which means that's the end

of the torrian age and we're moving into

the age of Ares and some of the old

Bibles Moses came down off the mountain

with horns

it's all a strategy and and anybody

telling me different both in Muslim

which is muslim ism is nothing more than

Islam is laaaame myself Lord master

which was science not know god damn

religion our brothers and sisters are

lost religion with mines is gone because

that's a cancer religious what is it was

the willie lynch cancer seated into your

genetics and until you don't close that

book and we have a big bond fire burning


burnin quran burning taurus we gotta get

our people out of the religious minority

else if we keep them in religious minds

the crack of all run it from the Vatican

and let me tell you something about this

war going on overseas the problem that

you didn't understand so you're not

looking at it from outside the box

this is not a war between governments

this is a war orchestrated by the

clerics of the planet

let me say this again this is a war

orchestrated by the high priesthood of

the planet and improve one time to you

how that is back in 1996 or 90 80 696

the Vatican held a summit meeting of all

the heads of all the religions on the

planet and the United Nations and they

said that humanity is lost

why is humanity lost because we don't

have them anymore why because humanity

is becoming independent why because they

are becoming smart they got their own

computers they thinking for themselves

they're breaking off there is no more

fear of God therefore no more fear of us

what must we do well we must create

situations that bring that fear back to


911 911 cave amongst other mitigating

circumstances where 911 hit more people

ran back to the churches the mosques and

synagogues at that time than any other

time within the last 10 years

matter of fact so many people were

dropping out of religion that they had

to go do something when Iraq they

finally car good of what is it Baghdad

who did they put in as the head of the

first provisional governor any mom

now if you're telling me that radical

Islam is running the war on terror

behind the hell you gonna conquer

Baghdad and put an imam in as the head

not unless the war is a clerical war

orchestrated from the Vatican from the

high mosques from the high synagogues

that's where your war is more people

have been killed based on the main

religion than any other warfare on this


all of it orchestrated from the black

Pope these last sixty to a hundred years

250 years the black Pope in Rome not the

white pussy then a black man as the Pope

i'm talking about the black Pope the

head generous the general of the Jesuits

his name is hunts peter von karman back

a German Jew who just put into your pool

as the count count Nosferatu

what's-his-name another day I'm nazi jew

mm you're watching song which was a

nigga they don't change the god of the

so-called Constitution and you're gonna

be easy guilin without your boy you

watch you're watching the notification

of the planet but being orchestrated by

the clerics religion has kept you

hypnotized making you believe God is

outside of yourself that's the secret to

this asian let me just drop something

else on you

the age of aquarius everybody happy to

age of aquarius is here

oh that's interesting nobody is

interested in the Age of Aquarius huh

anybody know what the age of aquarius is

yeah running to me

ah anything that's hidden will be known

that sounds very nice

but the age of aquarius in the first

stages is the age of magnetism

oh you already know that digit 0 you see

y'all thinking all this is the dawning

of here

everybody wants the age of aquarius to

come down not understanding / standing

understanding what it is the story of

the age of aquarius goes like this that

was to be a young boy in the fields of

Greece listen carefully

already I know you don't like what's

going but it got to go to a young boy of

15 14 years of age tending his father's


his father was a Trojan warrior a

general the goats

listen to me since the Almighty God from

Olympus looks down upon this boy and

sees that he is fair goes down and

snatches this boy his name is Ganymede

snatches the boy Ganymede and takes him

and rapes him continuously you are fair

isle of your behind give me your behind

give me your mind give me your behind so

he says all you've been so good to me

you've been so good to my members i'm

gonna pass you amongst the other guides

so he passed him amongst the other guys

and they took him and raped him and make

sure he was there's this young boy named

Ganymede now for his reward he was given

a cup he became the official cup bearer

of the gods of Olympus now the

Illuminati are known as the gods of


flash forward to suit dog and what do

you see them carrying around the chalice

and the pimp Cup faggots all for the man

if they ain't taking it in the booty

they taken into the ear

and you heard about the down low so the

age of aquarius is the age of faggotry

this is why the brothers in Jamaica buju

banton and the rest of them were

attacked for coming out on the bottom on

because the big body hole will be your

God and don't believe anybody was just

saying I'm bicurious brother you're not

bi curious your faggot you a faggot you

are religiously hypnotized and even

Jesus looked like a faggot you got to

understand understand understand that

because of hypnotic suggestion

constantly over and over

see this brother has some sneakers on

this really deep may I take more for him

bc take a look at zoom in on the tongue

no no backward stars the star Lucifer

it's the goat is the go-to mendis

similar to go to mendis right there

horns with the ears I want you to check

out also i want you to check out you

gotta dodge ram truck yeah check out

your dodge ram symbol they tell you it's

actually a ram but there was sick

because the shadow in the Rams pot is a


it's the they keep on partying you

telling you who's real and who's not the

ones controlling you and got all the

power worship Lucifer you dead broke

poor and got shit in your pocket and you

worship man who Jesus something wrong we

worship in the wrong person and we pay

for it if you go worrying somebody

watching somebody don't get you

something that you want but once you've

been Jesus is a waste of time

Jesus brought you over here

best buy the bishops so if you're going

to do anything to it the other way and

then give some of that money back to

those worshipping Jesus go get it from

Lucifer bring it back to your people

I'm not saying I said all God hell no C

now everybody can start sacrificing

goats and chickens and shit i'm not

talking about that I'm talking about the

fact that what we have here if I may

what we have is a problem dealing with

deprogramming listen carefully you have

been codified you know that the

government right now is attempting to

barcode every every animal on the planet

they already have half of them done our

organic mines have been slowly

acclimated to live and breathe only in

virtual environments life is a tangible

cosmic principal and it has been

digitally codified you have been

codified even as we speak your

consciousness is a breath away from the

very digitally colonized making it

completely a paradigm I call synthetic

synchronicity has been weaved around

your awareness like a perverse web of

manipulated energies this perverse

consciousness where vibrates with an

electromagnetic yang polarity and

manifest as twin dynamics in the inn of

synchrony of synthetic synchronicity it

represents itself as a newly evolved

species of consciousness we call virtual

reality virtual reality has spawned its

own subspecies called oddly enough the

web the internet satellite cable TV DVD

Palm Pilot ether net the yang principle

of synthetic synchronicity represents

itself as a very new species called

virtual entities or virtual beings

virtual beings in turn has spawned

subspecies called clones genetic

engineering artificial intelligence

robots with the appearance of these two

dynamics the lines between the real and

surreal have become extinct they are

disappearing regularly and rapidly at

present our minds are being systemic


likely disabled unable to tell the

difference between technology and what

has become deity technology has become

your experience or technology now feels

and processes the world for you it

experiences for you

it sees for you it tastes for you it

calculates for you it listens for you

its senses for you advises you comforts

you teaches you

it even masturbates you it thanks for

you our entire planet is being converted

into one homologous virtual program the

more of the virtual program that you

accept as real the more your organic

senses are dumb down the more

desensitized they become the more

dependent on the drug of the virtual

they become food no longer taste the

same as your elders for proof of this

fact even if you try to prepare it the

same way grandma and grandma

great-grandma did it just does not taste

the same why is that simply from chronic

overstimulation fruits and vegetables no

longer have the same taste as before and

you wouldn't notice it because but for

the elders who tell you that they

remember when a mango tasted like a

mango banana like a banana orange like

orange the children today can't tell the

difference their senses are perverted

degenerated all that counts now is the

code but without access to the spirit or

the archetypal signatures within the

so-called code the human senses do not

register the essence of the things that

touch them the human body itself has

been digitalized disassembled and

genetically deprogrammed down into

numerical gigabytes we have been

diminished in wonder this marvel that we

are this mystery this molecular temple

to the highest manifestation of cosmic

intelligence has been trivialized into a

sailor schematic of dots dashes and nano

glyphs we have become the symbol of what

was once real the body has become an

icon of his own self human mind and its

senses in the brain are slowly losing

its ability to experience process or

recognize the organic world we no longer

process experience or recognize the real

we no longer save

the scent of real air recognize the

taste of real water religious or relish

in the taste and the texture of real

earth experience real clouds experience

the residence of real words harmonize

with the melody of real voices interface

with real touch real feelings as

everybody went around the movie The

Matrix you remember when Morpheus took

me into the construct and Morpheus

responded to your question

this isn't real Morpheus quickly replied

what is real

how do you find real if you're talking

about what you can feel what you can

smell what you can taste and see then

real is simply electrical signals

interpreted by your brain now keep these

words in mind beloved because it is

through the electrical components of

your brain that your consciousness is

being accessed neo as prior to this last

question right now we're inside a

computer program Morpheus said is that

really so hard to believe your clothes

are different the plugs in your arms and

hands are gone

your hair has changed your parents is

what we call a residual self-image is

this the mental projection it is the

mental projection of your digital self

the world that we think we see and

mentally process is actually a residual

projection of intercepted light we all

of us live and exist in a virtual

continuum I call synthetic synchronicity

synthetic synchronicity is a virtual

projection of reality that has been

interface but the organic light code

impulses that is the cosmic code of

Ascension that hold the archetypal

hologram image of the evolving human and

its cost to enlightenment

now here's what's happening now beloved

brothers and sisters all that we see

today all that we are hearing today all

that we think we process is real all you

think is the sound of 50 cent and the

the Greek the game and all that and a

real any real it's a virtual reality

program and you are plugging into it by

your acceptance and participation in it

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