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Quan zhi fa shi ep 9 全职法师 9 The full time Mage episode 9 ENG SUB with English subtitles  

Fansubbed by Mizurex33 Aka Mizu Find me in my Youtube channel or my blog @

Mo Fan, what have you been up to these days? Haven't seen you much lately.

Protecting the peace of our city.

Hey, did you realize?

Zhou Min's been paying lots of attention on you recently!

Hey look! She's here to look for you!

Maybe she's trying to date you!

Mo Fan, are you free tonight?

Is she being grateful to me for saving her life previously in the practical training,

and that feeling gradually developed into love?!

Sigh. My dear Zhou Min, I know you're a good girl...

But for our age, we should be focusing on our studies!

Those feelings can wait until we get more matured you know!

I'm free.

Great! I'll meet you at the school's back gate tonight.

Usually others would meet up in some sort of small hotels or something for their first date,

I totally didn't expect that Zhou Min's interest was in this type of places..?!

Hmm. That's exciting.

That's the area of the quake.

I've found out that apparently the construction company had long ceased the job due to financial issues,

so it's definitely not caused by construction work.

Huh? What quake?

My grandmother lives near this area.

Every time during the midnight, there would be strange quake sounds coming over from that construction site.

Some people said they saw ghosts,

I wanted to have my grandmother move out,

but she says that she has been living there for years, and didn't wish to move.

But I'm worried for her safety.

So I wanted you to accompany me here to find out what's going on.

S-So that was why you asked me out?

Yes, because you're our school's strongest Mage.

Alright, I'll go take a look.

Ghosts? Could Monsters be the culprit again?

But well~ Zhou Min, you have approached the right person for this.

For I'm a member of the City Hunters Team now!

I've caught like 100 Monsters so far..? Or not. Welp maybe 7-8 of them at the very least hehe.

What time does the quake usually happen?

Monsters-searching powder?

Where'd you get that powder from? Do people actually sell it?

How'd you know how to use it? I heard only Hunter-Mages know how to utilize it.


My god..! Don't tell me there really are Monsters in there?

I-In our city?

It's not unusual to find Monsters in the city,

that's what the CHT is for.

W-What should we do? Should we inform the CHT immediately?

Is there still a need to inform?

These foot prints don't seem like they're from the Giant eye rats.

It should be hiding right there.

Mo Fan.. I think we should get out of here now..! We're merely students after all..!

I-It's a One-eyed wolf!

W-What is it doing..?!

It's having its supper.

Bunch of homeless refugees have been staying here.

And the Police doesn't even consider them as part of the country's population

This One-eyed wolf sure is cunning.

Free food and shelter for him without getting any attention from the authorities.

God knows how many more people he's gonna eat if we didn't discover him.

Zhou Min, did you realize this One-eyed wolf seems kinda different from the picture our teacher showed us?

Its size is almost double of its kind. It sure doesn't look like a normal One-eyed wolf.

Mo Fan, we should run now..! The Spirit wolf from last time was already terrifying enough..

Now that this is a real Monster.. We'll definitely become its dessert if we don't run now..!

It's okay. Seems like it hadn't noticed us yet.

Go find your Grandmother first, then evacuate the crowd in that area.

Get to somewhere far away from here, then call the police for a blockade of this area.

Huh? Why do I have to go somewhere far to call?

I've already called the police.

Yo sis! Didn't your teacher teach you that Monsters are damn sensitive to all types of communication devices?!?

What you've done just now was as good as sending that guy our GPS location!

Ignite: Incinerate!

This One-eyed wolf's so damned perverted!!

This way!

Zhou Min, quickly go get your Grandmother to evacuate the people in the street area!

I'll hold off this guy!

H-How're you gonna hold that thing off..!?

I have my plans. Hurry up and go!

Dog-damnit!! It's so strong!

Good thing I got this Shield armor magic eq from Boss Zhan Kong!

-What's going on? - What happened?

Girl, what's wrong?

T-There's a monster!

M-My classmate Mo Fan's still inside!

Which location is it?

I-It's in that deserted street right in front!

Isn't that the place Fan Mo sent me..?

Good thing I'm nearby.

Come at me! I'll show you how strong I am!

Ice Smear: Coagulate!

Little bastard, it's you!

What're you looking at?! Get movin! Do you wanna get eaten by that wolf?!

Who's that guy? You know him?

He's Mo Fan - that outrageous boy who insulted Uncle Zhuo Yun.

And I thought who could that be.

He surely ran faster than anything else,

and that's the no.1 of from Tian Lan high school huh.

How interesting.

Looking at how terrified he was,

Seems like the rumor of him killing the Spirit wolf was merely a story made by him.

Just ignore him!

I need your help to restrain this Monster! It's strength is far stronger than any other ordinary One-eyed wolves!

Capt, this is an Advanced One-eyed wolf

It's most probably to have been affected by the powers of the Underground Holy Spring; it's tough to deal with.

Have you guys seen Fan Mo? Ask him to get here ASAP if you seen him.

We need his Lightning skills to paralyze this One-eyed wolf's body.

Fan Mo, Fan Mo! Answer me!

I'm reaching soon! Hang on you guys!


Gawddamnit, gotta run back there again!

But it's still safer for me to do this.

I've shown my image as a Fire Mage in school,

but when using my identity as Fan Mo, I'm a lightning Mage.

I think it's better that I don't let anyone know that I'm a dual element holder.

Fan Mo, You're here!

Hey bro, I thought you're the one who sent us the location of the Monster,

how come you're the last to arrive?

Don't get distracted!

This is an Advanced One-eyed wolf. It might kill us anytime.

Everyone focus!

I'm glad that Cai Tang brought us an assistant -

Now we have 2 Ice Mages.

Fan Mo, hurry up and use your Lightning skills to paralyze its body.

Now here's the tough part,

if I were to help out, my fire might break Cai Tang and Yu Ang's Ice Smear.

That would mean freeing this One-eyed wolf!

But if I don't help out,

It's gonna be very hard to deal damage to this tough guy with just their Ice Smear and Lightning..!

Boss, what should we do?

I've already requested for reinforcement from the Magic council.

Yang Zuo He is on his way now.

We should just restrain it for now,

don't overly aggravate it.

The city crowd is not far from here,

there'd be countless victims if this got let loose!

Do you mean the Water element pro, Mr. Yang Zuo He?


With him here, there shouldn't be any problem killing this One-eyed wolf.

Yu Ang, quick! Release another layer of Ice Smear!

It won't work! This guy is too violent!

Oh no! It's gonna evolve into a General-class!

G-General class..!?

W-We're all gonna die to it..!


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