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Quan zhi fa shi ep 6 全职法师 6 The full time Mage episode 6 ENG SUB with English subtitles  

Im not sure why.. It's completely ignoring my orders!

Oh no! The students!

The students lives werent in danger as the Spirit wolf was ordered to go soft on them..

but now that it's out of control...!

We have to save them!

I thought I was gonna die!

Quickly go find a place to hide!

Damn..! Everyone's gonna get killed if this goes on!

The only people capable of even putting up a fight are Mu Bai, Xu Zhao Ting and Zhou Min,

But they're all..!

They're bound to get killed by that One-eyed wolf if they went inside the cave!

In order to save us, they...!

We shouldn't let down their sacrifice!

So let's get out of here!

How could u say that?!

No.. I must go in too!

Are u trying to suicide?!

U saw how strong that One-eyed wolf was!

It's so scary... monsters are so scary..!

But they are bound to die if we dont help them!

U can go on ur own if u wanna.. Anyway..

Where's the Spirit wolf?!

Where'd it go?

Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou lured it into the cave!


By doing that, they actually prevented the berserk Spirit wolf from hurting more people.

But their own safety is..

Mo Fan!

U beast!

U thought I only have the power of fire?!

This place shall be ur graveyard!

U beast.. still trying to hurt me? Do u really think I cant kill u?!

Now go to hell!

Xiao Hou!

That's the Expert level of Wind magic - Wings of the Wind

It's dead?!

This berserk Spirit wolf is already dead?!

D-Did u kill it?!

Ur Incinerate shouldn't be able to kill it

That's why i broke that stalactite.

I thought u guys are done for.

Never did I expect this Spirit wolf to be killed by a student like u

when it's abilities are on par with the real One-eye wolves.

Zhang Xiao Hou got injured while trying to save me

We need to get him treated ASAP!

Just exactly how did u did that?

That's strange.. according to the Spirit wolf's reflexes and agility..

It should have been able to dodge that stalactites in time.

Uhm sir! Can we prioritize in saving the injured?

Be careful.

I'm so glad... Good thing the Chief Inspector saved u in time.

Else u would be in deep trouble

Oh right, where's the bererk Spirit wolf?

It's lying over there. It's already dead.

What?! It's dead?!

Boss, since u already got to the scene in time

Why'd u kill my summoned beast?!

It should've been easy for u to take it under control!

I was late actually.

How did those 2 managed to survive if u arrived late?

Dont tell me this wolf was killed by them?!

It was indeed killed by them.

Or should I say, Mo Fan was the one who killed it.

What? Mo Fan killed it??

That's not possible! He's a mere student, it's impossible for him to kill my Spirit wolf!

This summoned beast is much stronger than any other normal summoned monsters!

Even expert hunters wont be able to do that!

Boss Zhan Kong, stop denying it!


Even I wont be able to take on that Spirit wolf.

Mo Fan's just a student. It's not possible!

Mo Fan, did u do it?

It's really was killed by me.

That beast wanted to kill me n Zhang Xiao Hou, so I broke that stalactite with my Flame ball

The stalactite pierced through its body.

But I didn't expect that wolf was a beast summoned by Inspector Bai Yang.

So this was all a practice training.

This started off as a practice training,

but Inspector Bai Yang lost control of the berserk Spirit wolf

And it started to prey on u all.

Good thing u lure it into this cave,

or there would be more victims.

- Careful.

Indeed. This berserk Spirit wolf was preying on u all for real.

U had to kill it to keep everyone safe.


My Spirit wolf got killed by a mere student..

My Spirit wolf actually got killed by a mere student...

My dear Spirit wolf!

My dear Spirit wolf!

Let him be. His pride was destroyed.

Just let him grieve for awhile.

In that case, didn't Mo Fan just saved us all?

As expected from our class's number 1! Mo Fan u're awesome!

Mo Fan is so brave!

My legs turned jelly the moment I saw that Spirit wolf!

My mind went blank!

But Mo Fan was able to stay calm n complete his Magic Star path

And the fire he unleashed was level 2 ignite!

Yeah yeah!

And we thought Mu Bai and Xu Zhao Ting were the strongest among us!

So Mo Fan was actually stronger than them!

Didn't u hear what Teacher Xu Mu Sheng said? Even he wouldnt be a match for the spirit wolf!

U all should be grateful to Mo Fan indeed,

for he prevented a disaster.

However I hope u guys have realised

The moment that Spirit wolf started to prey on u for real

what unimaginable disaster could've happened as u cant even release any magic skills

Real monsters out there are much more cruel and cold blooded compared to this

She's right. Im not impressed with u people's performance.

There arent many Mages who can remain calm and unleash Magic skills when fighting enemies

Mu Bai, Xu Zhao Ting, Zhou Min, Zhang Xiao Hou, u all did well.

But that's only an A for u.

Mo Fan gets an S.

- Mo Fan's so awesome!

Sir Zhan Kong, he should've already gotten an S by being able to unleash level 2 Ignite to hurt that Spirit wolf.

Now that he's killed the Spirit wolf,

didnt u promise to reward ur Magic armor eq to the student with the most outstanding performance?

I feel that Mo Fan deserves the reward.

Did I say that before?

U did!

Also, as the task has been completed

All students should be granted a pass with A score.

I almost forgot about that! All of us are getting an A!

- We're all A! - Mo Fan banzai!

U're very outstanding. Why dont u join my army when u graduate?

As the chief here, I'll make sure to look out for u

And ensure u get everything u ask for - u name it.

Uhh Chief Inspector, are u a soldier or a bandit..? Why do u sound so experienced in scouting?

Who cares. U joining or nah?

I think im better off staying as a student.

What an ignorant brat.

Dont forget, the Magic eq u promised..? :>

Whatchu talkin about..?

- Mo Fan's so awesome! - He really's so awesome!

Just exactly how did this kid manged to pull that off..?

Could he be hiding something..?

I remember seeing dark burn marks around the Spirit wolf's corpse.

Could it be..

Sir Zhan Kong! We've detected traces of Skeleton wolves towards the west direction!


Those damn wolves!

How dare they step into my territory!

Everyone get ur weapons ready!

Damn monsters had the nerves to step into our territory,

We, the Army Mages shall annihilate them!

Attention all Tian Ying Army Mages, We have a new mission - to wipe out the Skeleton wolves!


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