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Quan zhi fa shi ep 12 全职法师 12 The full time Mage episode 12 CC TRANS with English subtitles  

zhuo yun,

He has at least 3 magical equipments on right ?

To all the guests that are here to celebrate my son yu ang's birthday ceremony

To all the guests that are here to celebrate my son yu ang's birthday ceremony

I can't be more grateful

I shall not speak more

I will let yu ang present his abilities from years of training

MEH, there hasn't been a mention of mofan's name from the start

mo zhuo yun is severely undermining mo fan

mo fan originally was meant to be just a supporting lead, he isn't even fit to be a supporting lead. He is there just to help yu ang shine


Being my sandbag isn't that easy, you will be lying in the hospital bed for at least 3 months

You better be more worried for yourself

DUELLLLL, START Ice style: Freeze

Using a level 1 fire style to counter a level 2 ice style

well done ,very quick-witted

well done ,very quick-witted


This little kid is fearless for a reason

my turn now, fire style: incinerate

hmm :)

how can his speed increase so drastically all of a sudden

forget it, let's try again

It's a magical equipment An earth styled magical equipment

That pair of shoes allows a magician to move very quickly on the ground

This is too much,

mo fan's spell accuracy is already very high

but the moment yu ang used the equipment, he is unable to land a single hit

This kind of level 2 fire style beginner magic is unable to affect me

To be honest,

I actually don't wish to waste too much time with you here

You need to know, there are some people you should never mess with

This ice-style is re.. really strong

why is the freezing speed so rapid ?!

This is the level 3 ice style, blizzard

yu ang has really reached level 3

The last time we saw yu ang, he was only at level 2 ice style

Within a year, he actually achieved the level 3 ?!

Within the shortest period of time, blizzard has the ability to

Render the one-eyed wolf and similar large-bodied monsters

motionless like ice sculptures

That kid is in trouble now

Its useless, your puny sparkles is unable to resist the power of my skill

I think we should stop now, if he is frozen for long,

it will take his life

A fire-styled magician won't be frozen to death so quickly.

The winner/loser has yet to be determined.

If I don't let you suffer, you would really think I would be okay with random insults thrown at me ?

wow, I didnt expect the mu family's descendents to be able to use a level 3 skill at the age of 18

Really amazing

That kid's performance is also not bad

It's just that what mu family has produced is truly monstrous

ohmy, it has ended

even level 3 ice style has appeared, what else can someone his age do

Many adult mages, can't even produce level 3 beginner magic

darn, this jerk has also reach level 3

It's strength is overwhelming

My fire styled has been subdued

causing my star alignments to be consistently broken

This cant go on !

In just a few more seconds, my body will be completely frozen !

This time I must complete the 7 star alignments!

The 4th star

At this pace, it will be broken by the 5th star

No way , I must succeed !!!



The flames

it's power is familier

This kid actually survived

I knew this kid wouldn't be beaten so easily

The fire has prevented the snow from reaching him

Don't think you're the only one who attained level 3

fire style

You won't get me !

is that so ?



This is a level 3 move, fire style: explosion

Level 3 ?! Mo fan has also achieved fire style level 3

It's rare that a student from a school is able to fight on par with someone from a prestigious family

yu ang seems to be severly damaged

can he not get up anymore?!

Unexpectedly, trash like you has also achieved level 3

But, even so, you can't win me




I thought to deal with this kid, we wouldn't need the use of this armored magical equipment

I have underestimated him

mu zhuo yun

Isn't this too much ?

For a duel amongst young mages,

you've let yu ang wear such an expensive and rare magical equipment

Isn't that too unfair?

Is something wrong?! The previous magical equipment is already unfair,

And now its another invincible armored magical equipment

What is there more to compete?!

Mo fan's counter would've already won the match.

If mofan is able to get magical equipment,

I wouldn't have stopped him from wearing it

Anyway, background is also an ability

mofan , stop duelling

He has equipped a magical equipment that counters your fire

Even if you exhaust all your magic, you won't damage him

Any further fighting will be pointless

You have already shown your prowess

He is right, you can never win!

Admit defeat obediently, my father is right

background is also an ability

Blame it on your father that drives a broken car

He can't give you anything!


Your entry to magic high, has been settled!


I have an old school mate, who is currently a dean at magic high

I simply spoke, he agreed immediately !

You must study well this time!

mo fan , dad believes in you


He has given to my his all

Background is also an ability ?!

Then i will show you, what is a true ability


lightning, It's lightning style

How did mofan get the power of lightning ?

MY GAWD, this kid is has two elements

Didn't he not achieve being an intermediate mage??

Why can he dual-wield?!

That's what i was saying !

Isn't he fan mo, our lightning style team member

Seems like it really is him

Bu... but why... why does he have 2 elements

He is like xu zhao ting, is the one in a thousand, lightning-style mage




Forgot to tell you, my lightning style is level 3 as well.

And this is my true power

Lightning style: Fiery strike

I will let you have a taste of pure lightning

Lightning style has the ability to penetrate, this is the rare lightning styled most dominant feature

That armored magical armor is unable to prevent damage


Dual.. dual-styled

Is he possibly naturally born dual-styled ?!

It must be !

My god, mastering the lightning style is already a god's gift

This fire-lightning dual-style, is truly shocking

What's most important,

Mo fan has trained both styles to level 3

I must say, this kid is truly a beast

Today, i am the main lead!

I hope everyone enjoyed the subs!

I do not own any channels and did this for fun !

Subs by: wm

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