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Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised - Episode 7 Full - Eng Sub with English subtitles  

English Subtitle by: Sherrijames & Dynastykat FanSub, Candy, Lizzy, Ninja007, domogil, Faye90

Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wiset Episode 7

~I'm not a magician who can cast a beautiful castle for you~

~I don't have any magical powers or a royal carriage~

~But I have a special heart that will take you away tonight~

~I'm just a man who has a heart that sincerely loves you~

~Embrace me, close your eyes and let go~

~We will fly away crossing the ocean and vast sky~

~The star dazzles in the sky like a dream~

~The long night will open your heart Let go of the loneliness~

~Leave your feelings Love will show us both the way~

~I'm not someone superior, rich, or lavishes money~

~I don't have any powers like a prince~

~I only have a heart that will take you away tonight~

~I'm just a man who has a heart that sincerely loves you~

~I'm not a magician I'm just a man who sincerely loves you~

~I have no powers I only have a heart that certainly loves you~

~I'm not a magician I'm just a man who sincerely loves you~

~I have no powers I only have a heart that certainly loves you~

- You say it first. - You say it first.

- You say it first. - You say it first.

- You should say it first. - You should say it first.

I... want to go to the bathroom.

Alright. Go ahead.

Okay. I'll move away.

What is this?



- Just the beginning, you've already taken advantage of me. - What advantage? You fell onto me.

Don't talk tough. Just now, you hugged me so tightly.

You will not think positive of me?


Everything you did had a hidden motive behind it.

I'm not that type of person. I will speak my mind.

What are you doing?

It's too warm. Just taking off my shirt.

Even if my dad gave permission, you can't do anything as you please.

I just feel hot.

There won't be anything between us.

Everything is just a fake marriage. Remember this.

Is that so?

In Lakorns, every time there is a fake marriage, they end up sleeping with each other. Right?


Don't think of getting rich fast.

It's not that easy.

Men don't like to be looked down on regarding this kind of thing.

Don't look down on a man's ability. It's serious.

Serious about what?

Serious on proving our ability.

Don't mess up around here. Go away.



Are you tired?

Not at all.

Do you have anything that I can help with?

It's alright.

You've been exhausted all day.

Thank you very much for being the bridesmaid.

Just seeing Nuth being happy, all my exhaustion is gone.

How are you going home?

I left my car at the hotel.

I'll take a taxi to get it.

It's late.

Chaya, can you bring Mi to get her car at the hotel?

It's alright.

I'll be bothering him with his Music VDO making.

Get in the car.

You're acting weird like this. Are you afraid that I'll have feelings for you?


You may start your imagination & misunderstand my politeness.

Even if I like you, but I have my limits.

I'm not forcing you to like me back in return.

What? Why are you laughing?

You're hungry but still acting cool.

No, I'm not hungry.


What took you so long?

Khun Nuth.

I'm fine. I'll wipe it off myself.

Are you shy?


Who is shy? Nobody.

I'm shy? No, I'm not shy.

Just hope it's true.

It's true.

It's very true.

I'm a decisive person.

It's over means it's over. I'm not the type to daydream.

Unlike you, it's impossible & I know it.

You're sitting here. But your mind is at the bride's room.

Isn't that right?

You must be wondering. What are they doing?

Don't think that I don't know.


I'm sorry.

I didn't mean...

Eat it & stop talking.

Aren't you eating? Chayakorn!

Why are you still in the same dress?

Hmm... I...



Hmm... Hmmm... what?

Just say it.

I can't reach the zipper.

You... do it for me.

Stop. Don't think about it.

You will not see mine.

If you don't let me see, how can I help you?

- How many fingers? - 1

You can unzip for me now.

Nai. What are you doing?

Hurry up.

Since I can't see, I need to use my hand to feel it.

Hurry up.

Why are you stopping?

It got stuck.

Hold on.


You didn't see anything, right?


Don't look. Don't remove the blindfold until I go into the bathroom.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

- Don't. - Okay. I won't.





Wake up. Satawat, wake up.

Hey. Get up now. This is my bed.


Is he dead?

Want a happy wedding night?

Dream on.


Still not stopping?


Was I asleep as dead?

Why am I smiling?

Subbed by Candy, Lizzy, Ninja007, domogil, Sherrijames, Dynastykat, Faye90

Did he leave for work already?

Did you have a good sleep last night?

Yes, I did.

You still dare to answer.

You asked me.

I asked because I was being sarcastic...

Why didn't you wake me up?

I didn't wake you up?

From now on,

we must have a zoning.

No sleeping on the same bed.

I can sleep on the bed. But you sleep on the floor.

Do not cross the line. Is that clear?

Yes, mom.


Who told you to put your clothes here?

I don't like to share my belongings with other people.

Put your clothes in your basket.

Each person's belonging must remain separate.


Learn to respect my privacy.

Don't think that you can soften my heart with this little thing.


Why are you here, Doctor?

I'm used to it. At home, I'll make breakfast for my mother.

Please don't.

Please wait outside. Or food smell will get into your clothes.

Don't worry. I'll help you.

Breakfast is here.

Wow, you're yawning. You didn't get enough sleep?

Look. Their clothes match.


So cute.

Today's breakfast was prepared by Khun Doctor.


I thought Khun Doctor is only good with patients.

You're also good in the kitchen.

I'm guessing. You're also good in bed, right?



Look. Just teasing, both of them blushed.

Excuse me. I'm off to work.

What's wrong, Khun Doctor?

My back hurts.

Wow. He hurt his back.

- Wow. - Maybe last night, they did something acrobatic.

And Nuth seems to be lacking sleep.

Are you hurrying to make grandchild for P'Pol?

Can I join you?

I'm giving this to you for your hard work last night.

They can handle it.

They are still young.

Khun P', don't tease your niece. Look, Nuth is so shy.


Is it so funny?

There is no need to be shy.

It's natural.

Right. It's natural.

He confirmed it.

Now, I want something natural too.

Do you have any? Look at your face, anything natural?

Maybe he can't take it.

It's a big stab in his heart.

Let his heart burst to death.


Next time, before saying anything, consider my face.

Don't say something with hidden meanings, causing others to misunderstand. I don't like it.

Because I consider your face, so I said it.

If they know that I have no reaction when I'm with you... your image will be tarnished.


It's alright.

Khun Doctor.


Are you alright?

After only one night, you've been weakened already?

You already have back pain, Khun Doctor.


Khun Doctor, you just got married.

You've come back to work so quickly. Khun Nuth doesn't complain?

She doesn't mind.

She has work to do too.

Khun Doctor, do you have any plans for a honeymoon?

Don't overdo it.

Or you won't last.


I envy Khun Nuth.

Why are you so cruel, sending these pictures?

Now that you know, can you get over it now?

How did you turn into this type of person?

I already warned you.

You should stop before we hate each other more than this.

You hate me and see me as your enemy?

You started bugging me first. How many times have you threatened me?

Why are you messing with Nuth?

Did she brainwash you to hate me?

You're the one who changed.

Maybe, this is your real self that you hid from me.

You're not the same person I knew.

Do you think Nuth is any better?

As you know, she's messing with her own uncle.

You're a fool to marry her to cover up her scandal.

But I made my choice.

How about you?

Why are you fighting over a fool like me?

If you're not embarrassed for selling yourself, then we are both evil.

I won't lose to Nuth again.

I'll make you crawl back your way back to me.

Watch me.

We weren't eavesdropping.

Agreement to marry for 3 years?

- Then, what Soam said is true? - That's right.

If it wasn't Uncle Chaya's issue, I wouldn't have married this guy.

Does uncle Chaya know about this?

No. And he must not find out.

Does that mean last night was just a show?

That's why I'm so worried.

Plus, my dad proposed to give a gift for a grandchild.

So he's trying to get rich fast. Want to take the gift money to pay for his own debt.

Is he planning to have a baby for money?

So I need to protect myself.

I can't just let him be with me like this.

I have to find a way to force him to move back home.

Otherwise, I...

will never get any sleep.

Subbed by Candy, Lizzy, Ninja007, domogil, Sherrijames, Dynastykat, Faye90

What are you doing?

Taking my shirt out of my pants. Why are you alarmed?

Do you think that I will rape you?

Hey Nai.

Do you miss your mother?

Nope. I talk to her every day.

You're not worried? Your mother is home alone & she's aging.

What if she falls and knocks her head on the floor?

Are you cursing my mom?

Nope. I'm not cursing.

I'm just worried for you.

I understand if you want to go home.

For someone who lived with his mother all his life.

Suddenly, you need to be apart. It's uncomfortable, right?

Thanks for worrying about me.

But there are 2 housekeepers at home to take care of my mother.

Therefore, it's fine.


- How can a housekeeper be as good as a son? - Seems like you want me to go back home?

- Is there anything wrong? - Nope.

I told you. I'm only worried for you.

Are you sure?

Who is worried?

Whose phone is that?

Why can't you dress properly? It's an eyesore.

It's good that I didn't forget to wear my pants.

- Otherwise, you... - Pervert.

Why don't you put on your shirt?

I'm hot. Can I cool off in A/C for a while?

No. This is an order. Put on your shirt.

Why should I listen to you?

Because I'm your creditor. Did you forget?

You're so scary.

Nai Satawat.

- Put your shirt on. - Nope.

Put the futon away.

If anybody see us on separate beds, the truth will be exposed.

Don't worry. Just don't open the door.

I didn't lock the door.

Why didn't you lock the door?

Hurry up.

It's done.

Put on your shirt.

You're so stubborn.

Put it on now.

- Not that way. - That's the right way.

No, that's not it.

What are you doing?


Why did you come in?

Upset? Maybe I was interrupting.

Khun Nuth, you forgot your phone.

So I brought it for you.

- And the door is not locked. - Are you done talking?

- Give it to me. - Alright. I'm leaving now.

Tonight... Be happy all night long na ka.

How was that?

That was a close call. Next time, please remember to lock the door.

This is the product list from a new competitor.

These are our products, which we discontinued.

Hey. It's exactly the same.

Look. They copied us for sure.

How did our design leak out to our competitor?

We didn't even plan for any reproduction.

Our product was copied. That means information has been leaked out.

This is like stealing.

How about production department?

I've been investigating. But I can't find the source.

The production line, which Khun Prason is in charge of, is suspicious.

You can't find the thief so you're blaming on me?

Don't frame my husband.

But these designs were sent to the production line.

Uncle Prason, didn't you notice that the designs had been stolen?

There you go again.

Are you ganging up to throw the blame?

The entire company was busy about your wedding.

Who would know?

I'll investigate and charge the person behind this ASAP.

Nuth. Don't worry. I'll do my best to protect Casa.

Dah. Not trying to gain points at all, right?

Uncle, please don't disappoint me.

Come on.

How are we going to handle this copy case?

Medication before meal.

Seem like Nuth & Doctor are getting along well.

Nuth is so tough.

They'll live together for 3 years.

Will Doctor be able to make Nuth fall in love with him?

After they have a baby, they will love each other.

That's right. But Doctor is a true man. He won't take advantage.

After 3 years, he will leave after repaying his debt.

3 years?

At least, something nice should happen within these 3 years.


Will that guy live with Nuth for only 3 years?

How did you know?

Is it true?

It's between husband & wife.

You should not get involved, Chaya.

So he will pay his debt and leave Nuth after 3 years?

Listen to me.

Nuth got married. She has a family now.

You should stop the senseless hope.

This agreement means that Nuth is not willing to be with him.

And Nuth is not happy. So she draws a deadline.



Wait. Is Khun Nuth home?

She is still in her room. Since she came back, she hasn't come out yet.



Nuth. Can you hear me?

Why is he knocking non-stop?


Nuth. What happened?




Don't come in.

I can get up by myself.

I can see that you can't stand up.

I won't do anything to you. I promise.

Let me take you out, alright?


Give me some time. I'll get up myself.

What are you doing, uncle?


I can get up myself.

Uncle, put me down.

Let go.


Where does it hurt? Tell me.

I'm fine.

Fine? You are hurt this badly.

- Let me take you to the hospital. - No need.

I can wait for Wat.

By the time he comes back, you'll be in serious pain.

- I'll take you to the hospital now. - Uncle Chaya.

I can take care of myself.

Please go out.

- Do you fear that your man will misunderstand? - Right.

I don't want any problems with my husband.

Don't pretend that you love him so much.

I already know that you'll marry him for only 3 years.

How did you know about this?

Did Mi tell you?

Even Mi knows about this?

Why didn't you tell me anything?

I'm not important to you anymore?

Uncle Chaya, I beg you. Don't get involved with this.

And you should leave my room now.

Alright. We'll not talk about it now.

But I will not leave until you let me take you to the hospital.

Uncle, don't.

Nuth. Listen to me.

Subbed by Candy, Lizzy, Ninja007, domogil, Sherrijames, Dynastykat, Faye90

Nuth. Listen to me.

What is this?

- You are not... - That's not it.

- I... - Don't make excuses.

- So what if there is something between us? It's none of your business. - Uncle Chaya.

You benefited from us, right?

You got lucky and got married because of this.

You knew about it. Now, you can't take it?

Are you telling me so I can get used to it?


Please get out of my room now.

This is about my family. Outsiders should not get involved.

We need to live together for 3 years.

We should not have any secrets.

How long have you been involved with your uncle?

Don't you have any shame?

Do you have any sense or morals?

What crazy thing are you talking about?

- There is nothing between me & uncle Chaya. - Nothing?

- Is that so? - I hurt my hip because I fell in the bathroom.

Uncle came to help me.

Do you think I will believe this excuse? I saw it with my own eyes.

Next time, before you do something with your uncle, lock the door.

If it's just me, I can endure it.

But if your father or your relative see this, it will be fun.

Stop accusing me.

I told you. There is nothing between me and Chaya. It never happened too.

If there is nothing, why would your father put you in a basket and propose the marriage to me?

So you're not going to believe me?

If you think that there is something between me & uncle, go ahead.

I will not explain anymore.

You admit it now?

Next time, if you do something with your uncle, go ahead.

Just don't let other people see it.

I don't want anybody to gossip that my wife is cheating on me. Understand?

If you can't accept it, stay away from me.

Don't come near a player like me.



This is between us. It's none of your business.

I want someone to purify my daughter.

60 million. It may help you accept this.

As if Nuth is any better.

Everybody knows. She's messing with her uncle.

You're a fool to marry her to cover up the scandal.

No manners. I'm sleeping. Why did you turn on the light?

But I'm still working.

Working in the dark, it's harmful to my eyes.

It's your eyes, not mine.

- What are you doing? - Doing this.


- Are you alright? - You bullied me?

No, I didn't. You blocked my way.

Are you alright?

If you want to work, go work outside.

This is my room, not yours.

Khun Doctor.

You're not sleeping yet?

I still need to prepare for my lecture.

How about you, grandma? Aren't you sleeping yet?

I just went to look at Khun Pol. I'm about to go to bed.

I'll walk you to your house.

It's alright.

I can go back myself. It's easy.

Alright. Walk carefully then. Good night.

Thank you.

How was it?

Your soup is very yummy. Thank you very much.

When was your last meal?

Hmm... Since this morning.

Goodness. Be careful of stomach-ache.

You're a doctor. You need to take care of yourself.

Don't get too busy healing others. And forget about yourself.

I'm used to it. It's always like this.

Some days, I only have a piece of bread.

I don't have time.

You're working this hard to repay the debt, right?

Now that I've married Khun Nuth,

other people may envy me. But to me, it's embarrassing.

Not because my bride is Khun Nuth.

But I feel ashamed for myself.

Just like Khun Nuth said. I sold myself to pay back the debt.

That's how I feel.

I don't have any honor left.

The only thing I can do is to pay off the debt quickly.

To gain my freedom ASAP.

Where did he disappear to?

Is he sulking? If he sulks, it's his own problem.

Take care of yourself, doctor.

Soam is worried about you.

Concentrate on work na.

Did you eat anything?

Send a sticker too.

Miss you. Good morning.

What are you doing?

It's nothing.


- Nope. - Show me your hand.

There is nothing.

- Let me see. - Let go. Let go.

I said, there is nothing.

Why are you checking my phone?

I didn't.

It keeps making sounds. I don't know what happened.

It's so noisy. I just wanted to turn it off.

English Subtitle By: Candy, Lizzy, Ninja007, domogil, Sherrijames, Dynastykat, Faye90

Is breakfast this morning done by you again, Doctor?


Are you full already?

No, but I don't like the taste.

It's unusually strange and stinky.

I'm afraid that eating it will give me stomach-aches.

You're exaggerating, Chaya.

I think it's delicious.

Others might like it but I don't.

I hate the taste of it.

Nuth, do you want more coffee? I'll pour you some.

We don't need to bother you.

Are you forgetting that Nuth is my wife?

A husband like me has to care for her.

Your time is up, uncle.

Darling, don't drink coffee.

It has too much caffeine.

Drinking too much isn't healthy.

I think green tea would be better.

What do you say?

Alright. What my husband says, I say as well.


Excuse me.

If you want to soften Nuth, 3 years isn't enough.

Because Nuth isn't easy like Soam.

Seeing you this possessive, it makes me wonder what kind of love it is.

Your love makes Nuth embarrassed to face others.

Our love is deeper than you understand.

But I don't think to understand it.

A love that immoral and against tradition like this.

It's not wrong because we aren't biological uncle and niece.

No matter what the truth is, others know that you are just an uncle.

But I'm Khun Nuth's husband.

And as long as I'm her husband, you don't have any right to interfere with her.

And if something like last night happens again, then I'll move Khun Nuth out of here.

You don't dare.

Don't think so low of me, Khun Uncle.

I can do everything to save Khun Nuth's reputation.

If that was a scene for a lakorn...

it was very impressive.

Her uncle and her husband were about to fight each other.

Oi! I really want to know. In the end, who will conquer my older sister?

Grandma, you want me to help take care of Satawat?

Why do I have to do that?

It's not my duty.

It's the duty of a good wife.

But you know the real reason why we got married.

We didn't marry because of love.

Anyhow, you're his wife.

And you should do this duty while married to Doctor Wat.

There's no need.

Just allowing him to live and eat in our house is more than enough.

I don't need to do good to a gold digger like him.

It's a waste of effort.

If you think Doctor Wat was happy to marry you,

then you're wrong.

Last night, I spoke to him.

I just realized that he has to work very hard that he hardly has time to rest or eat.

Because he wants to repay you quickly.

He wants freedom from you, Nuth.

And how do you know he's speaking the truth? He could be pretending.

I'm confident that my judgment isn't wrong.

Doctor Wat is a good person. He's a gentle person.

You should stop thinking about the reason behind your marriage.

Because that is a barrier preventing you from knowing his true self.

- Here it is, here it is. - Here it is.

What is it?

Your wedding photos with Khun Doctor Satawat.

There's thousands of photos.

You won't be able to go through them all in three days.

Khun Nuth, enjoy them and let us see them too.

- Do you really want to see it? - Yes!

- Then look at them now. - Thank you!

What was that?

Take them all out. Don't leave a single photo in my room.

- Take them out. - Yes, yes, yes.

Why is it still haunting me?

Why did you want to see me?

I was thinking that we should cooperate.

You want Nuth and I want Doctor back.

If we work together then I guarantee that we can break their marriage.

If you want me to help in paying off his debt, then I won't do it.

It's like feeding sugarcane to the elephant.

You won't need to waste a single baht.

I will invest first.

Anyhow, I'll destroy those two. It won't even take 3 years.

You know about the 3 years agreement?

Just wait and watch the bomb that I'll throw at them.

Anusaniya won't be able to take 3 months.

Go back and think about it. I wager my future on this.

Khun Wat, do you want more rice?

Jan and Chamhua, look at my son! Where has he been starving from?

Nuth doesn't feed you good?

Why are you starving like this?

I'm the one who doesn't have time, Mom.

See that!

I know that you don't really have time. So I found you a helper.

- What is that? - Baby Sure!

It's a fertility calendar. Use it, son!

I guarantee that you'll have a baby.

- I confirm, Khun Wat. - You've used it?

Just once.

Are you crazy? I don't have a husband, how could I?

Oi! How would I know?

My niece used it!

She calls it a wonderful miracle for husband and wife!

Oh! And how do they use it?

Like this, after the first period,

mark it down and from that day,

they count 14 days to when they use it again & again ---

- Do what? - Test the urine.

Don't hey! Let me tell you. It's accurate in early morning.

In the afternoon, then after 4pm but before 6pm.

The more and more they do it and when the color is as dark as in the guideline,

then that's the day that they prepare to have--- for sure!

- Okay, Write it down and get ready. - When did you have a husband?

- When you weren't looking. - Meh!

Are you crazy? I don't have one.

It's just preparation for him.

Hey! Don't be nosy!

My son is a doctor. He knows better a lot more about it than you!

Ow! I was just worrying.

I'll go then.

Use it, son. You don't have a lot of time.

Don't aim for often but aim for accuracy. Don't do it too often.

It's a waste of energy and not smart.

Use the calendar. When Nuth is fertile and do it on that day!

Baby for sure!

Who said I'll have a baby with her, Mom?

Ow! But I want you to and so does her father.

Wat, if you have a child, you can use the gift money to repay the debt.

So you don't have to struggle like this.

See? I knew it. Did Aunt Nun scheme this with you?

Wat, here, just use it. Use it, use it.

I guarantee it will succeed for sure.

Lots of babies for sure!

- No. - Use it, son. Trust me, trust me! It's for sure!

English Subtitle By: Candy, Lizzy, Ninja007, domogil, Sherrijames, Dynastykat, Faye90

Grandma, I'm full.

Save it for Doctor when he comes back tonight.

Like this, slice it in half.

Why do I have to dote on him?

It's kindness. Try it and you'll know that it won't trouble you to death.

And it'll make you feel good too.

But I feel uncomfortable doing it.

Because I don't want him to get accustomed

and he won't feel grateful for what I'm doing anyhow.

Doing good doesn't require anyone to be grateful for it.

I'll bring some salt.

If Doctor sees your efforts, he'll be happy.

Nuth, is that for Doctor?

Nuth, this isn't you.

Why do you have to force yourself?

Why do you have to do something that isn't you?

I'm not forcing myself.

It's my duty as a wife to take care of my husband.

Why can't I do it?


What is it, Khun?

Apples, in case you get hungry at night.

I won't get hungry. I already ate.

I think you should keep it for yourself.

I won't eat it.

- Khun Doctor. - Yes, grandma?

Have you eaten the apples Nuth peeled for you?

- Khun Nuth peeled those apples for me? - Yes.

Excuse me.

Ow, and why was it in the trash?

Are you crazy?

I threw it in the trash. Why did you pick it back up?

Ow, the inside isn't dirty.

The apple is very good. Sweet and refreshing.

But it won't make you as full as what you've already eaten.

Khun, I went to see my mother. She cooked for me so I ate it.

If I don't eat, she'll sulk.

So I ate all of everything.

Fine then.

Did you think that I went to eat with Soam?


I didn't think that and I'm not jealous either.

Don't say that name in my room, I don't like it.

Hey, Khun... Don't tell me you cut yourself peeling apples for me?

No, I didn't peel them for you.

I was peeling them for myself. There were leftovers.


Hey, Khun.

Did you put medicine on already?

It's already bandaged. Can't you see?

I see but I asked if you put medicine on it already.

Wait here.

Now you see the benefit of having a husband who's a doctor?

Hey, don't use your charms on me.

I'm not soft like Grandma Karb.

You're quite smart as well.

You turned Grandma into your fan club.

And don't you want to be my fan club?


So it means you just want to be my girlfriend alone, right?

Don't joke around. I'm not your play buddy.

Oh, Khun, you paid for me. You don't want my special service?

Switch from bickering with me to adoring me, Khun.

Is this why Soam is head over heels in love with you?

Don't you feel anything at all?

No, because I know your true motive.

Get out.


Go wherever you want.


Why am I smiling?

Baby Sure.

I can say that if you have a baby, I'll give 30 million as gift to my grandchild.

But that wasn't the agreement.

This is a bonus.

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See? He's serious.

What is it?

It's an ovulation and fertility estimator.

I found it in the room. He still has intentions to have a baby to reduce the debt.

So he's using this method to catch me.

Hey! Does this mean he'll take advantage of you?

This morning, he asked me if my period came yet.

Doctor Wat doesn't seem like that kind of person.

Who knows? People who need money can do anything, Mi.

Hey, don't assume the negative.

It's what I'm thinking for sure!

You don't know how promiscuous he is.

What will you do?

- Hey! - I will find a way to live separately from him.

I won't risk staying with someone like that.

Let's conclude with how many types of kidney diseases there are.

There are five kinds.

Can anyone tell me what they are?

Khun, can you answer?

- Acute renal failure. - That's right.

- Chronic kidney disease. - How is it and what's the difference?

It's a disease caused by high blood pressure and diabetes.

Hello, everyone. I'm Anusaniya and I'm Khun Doctor Satawat's wife.

Can I sit in as well? I want to watch my husband work.

- Can I? - Yes!

The third, fourth and fifth, can anyone tell me--

I'm sorry.

- Ah... - Hello, Khun Prapa.

What is it? Oh. okay! Confirm it.

And send the documents for me to check over.

Khun Nuth.

Is class over? I was sleeping so soundly.

What are you trying to do?

Hmm, do what? Hmm?

You think I don't know?

You never come to my workplace but today you asked to sit in class.

Instead of sitting quietly, you disturbed everyone.

Are you trying to aggravate me?

Hey, why are you thinking so negatively of me?

I just wanted to do the duty of a good wife...

and take care of my husband, that's all.

- You call this 'taking care'? - Yea.

It's more like disturbing. I think you should leave.

I have patients to take care of.

- How did you feel after your last dialysis? - Weary, I slept the entire day.

- Startled me. - Get better soon.

- Come here. - Let go. I said let go.

When will you stop troubling me?

And when will you stop accusing me?

I told you that I'm doing the duty of a good wife.

You want me to believe you?

Ow, and how is it not believable?

Normally, you don't even want to look at my face.

So you think to like me today?

If you're here because you're afraid that I'll go to Soam,

let me tell you something. You don't have to guard me.

You can see that I have no time for anything.

Doing this is going to drive me crazy.

Alright, is everyone ready to practice at-home dialysis? Are we ready?


Yes, home-care dialysis consists of two methods. Very easy,

The first method is using an automatic system called APD, this right here.

And the second method is doing dialysis yourself at home.

- Which is called CAPD, which we will show you today. - Yes, alright.

The equipment that everyone will need is a drain line,

a dialysate solution, and a waste bag to transfer the fluid.

The procedure is that we will let the solution enter and exit our system, using gravity.

Place the solution bag at a high place, at least shoulder height.

The solution will go through the tube that we've already given everyone.

Alright, now we will have the patients and their relatives practice switching the solution along with us.

And we have a very special guest to come assist us with showing everyone how to perform dialysis.

Please welcome, Khun Nuth!

Please, this way, Khun Nuth.

Please this way.

Please this way. Over there.

- Isn't Khun Doctor's wife beautiful? - Beautiful!

Beautiful alone isn't enough, you have to be clean too.

Because the most important thing for at-home dialysis is that our hands must be clean.

Because we have to worry about infection.

The first step is to wear a mask.

The second step is to wash our hands using a technique that kills infection.

Wash your hands in the water.

Use the soap, dispense and rubs your hands like this.

Keep rubbing. The hands are where bacteria accumulate. It's very important.

The third step, clench your hand like this.

And keep rubbing. Keep rubbing--

Not too much.

Wash it thoroughly again.

If this doesn't clean it, then I don't know what will!

After our hands are clean, the surface area where we'll be using the solution has to be clean too.

Pouring a little alcohol is enough.


Why did you hit me?

Ah, husband and wife are teasing each other!

Alright. After that, we use a clean cloth to clean.

Starting from the middle in a circular motion.

Ah, Khun Doctor, a little help.

- What are you doing? - Didn't you want to be close to me all day?

The next step is the solution bag.

The first step is to see if it's murky or not.

It's clear so it's good.

The second, we have to check the expiry date. It's very important.

The third, we have to check if there are any leaks or not.

Rip off the package, this is how it is.

Can everyone see? It's like this.

After that, we hang the solution up.

Like this. That's all.

After that, we use the empty plastic bag appropriately.

Next, notice that everyone has a blue clasp. Clasp the tube.

The last step. The dialysis tube has to be--

The dialysis tube has to be here or here on our stomach.


And does everyone see the green lid?

We take off the lid.

Then, we take the lid off from the tube and connect them together.

All done.

Subbed by Candy, Lizzy, Ninja007, domogil, Sherrijames, Dynastykat, Faye90

(Kidney Training room)

Thank you doctor. I'm back to normal now. (Kidney Training room)

Thank you doctor. I'm back to normal now.

No problem.

Continue the dialysis as I instructed.

Yes. Thank you, doctor.

Come & say thank you to doctor. I'm well now.

Doctor, thank you for taking good care of me.

This is to show my gratitude.

It's alright. This is my duty.

Please don't be considerate.

I can't take it. It's alright.

Please take it.

It's alright, aunt. This is unnecessary.

The doctor took very good care of me.

You're very lucky to have a good husband like Doctor Wat.

Actually, it's not any trouble for Khun Doctor.

He just have to take care of his mother and pay off his debt.

He's working without any sleep.

Aunty, thank you for understanding.

If that's the case, you can take the fruit basket back.

But... I'll keep this.

Sorry. I can't accept this.

Excuse me.

Thank you, Khun Doctor.


What are you doing?

Helping you. There is no need to pretend anymore.

When did I pretend?

If you want to prove that you're not pretending...

You have to show me that you're a good husband.

Just like how aunt praised you that I'm lucky to have a good husband like you.

Doing what?

After work, take me shopping.

I'll take everything.


My goodness. I forgot my wallet.

How much is it?


- 190,000? - Yes.

I'll squeeze money off you until you're broke.

Lets see if you can endure me.

Sir, do you have another card?

Limit had been reached.

Let's look at the watch in that shop.

Hey, are you shopping until we go bankrupt?

That's enough. I can't take it.

You just need to pay a little & you're complaining.

A little? This is enough to buy a house.

How about the things that you took from my family? It's so much more.

Are you getting back at me?

You have time to shop, Doctor?

Did you quit your job to leech off your wife now?

He didn't quit.

But he just want to please me. So he spent money to buy those items for me.

After becoming a gold digger, you turned into a sporty man now?

He's married to me, he needs to do more.

I'm not done shopping yet. Let's go, hubby.

Let's go.

Let's go home. I don't want any trouble.

Do you think that I want trouble?

- You're a troublemaker. - Your ex is.

She's still following us.

What are you doing?

I beg you. Don't start a fight. Don't you remember our wedding?

Because of that day, I need to get her back.

Come here.

Showing your sweetness? Do you think I will give up because of your cheap trick, Anusaniya?

No way.

What are you buying here?

Does this one look good, darling?

How about this one?

Is this one more sexy? Look, it's black.

Don't you know? Wat likes it when I wear nothing.

Wat, those things are not necessary for us, right?

Since we're together, how about recalling our memories?

Soam. You know how it was between us. Why are you talking about it?

You don't want to hurt your wife's feelings, so you don't want to talk about it?

Don't listen to her. It's non-sense.

You don't want her to know that you were so crazy about me?

This one suits you very well. Come & try it out.

Excuse me. Can you take my wife to the fitting room?

This way please.

- Go on. I want to see it. - No.

I want to try it too.


This way please.

Don't expect to trick me with your fake show.

Wat will never love a stingy person like you, Anusaniya.

Love or not, I don't know. I just know that we're planning to have a baby together.

He never talked about a baby with me.

Because we want to be alone, just the two of us.

He doesn't want any bonding with you.

Because he's not serious about you.

When he's with you, does he last a long time?

I don't know. But he can wake up & go to work every morning.

What, he isn't aroused in the morning anymore?

Khun Nuth.

Are you done with the fitting? Can I come & have a look?

(That's enough)

Who started...?

Wow, darling, this one suits you very well.

You're so beautiful in it. How can I not love you?

Soam, can't you see? Nuth is trying her underwear.

Continue your lust. Are you so repressed? Do it at home.

Showing off your part-time husband?

You will not have him forever, Anusaniya.

Why do I have to acknowledge your rotten past?

My purse.

What is this? You said you forgot it?

What's wrong with husband & wife sharing the same wallet?

You're here, shopping so much. You intended to rob me, right?

Just paying this small amount, you act like you're dying.

Learn to invest some money. Don't take the gain one-sidedly.

Subbed by Candy, Lizzy, Ninja007, domogil, Sherrijames, Dynastykat, Faye90

Here, this is all my spending today.

Since you're so stingy to me, I'll be stingy with you too.

This is the payment for this month minus of what you robbed me today.

Don't be ridiculous. What happened to the other 1 million?

Minus the cost of this.

Where did you get that from?

I will charge security for my ring.

So you'll remember to not lose your wedding ring again.

No need.

That's too much!

You started being obnoxious with me first.

You robbed me. So I will rob you back.

Hey, you're calling me obnoxious?!

What about you?

What is this?

You were thinking of making money off me, weren't you?!

How did you get that?

Using a dirty method to catch me, is that not greedy?

Khun, my mother gave me that. I didn't intend to use it.

You or your mother, it's the same.

Let me warn you, if you still won't stop thinking...

about making babies,

I will kick you out, back to your house.

How could you think this? It's disgusting!

Are you even a man?

Quiet now.

Why are they bickering that much?

You heard who rape who? Who is making baby, right?

Something like that.

Oi... so now that they're quiet... it means that...

What are you doing, P'Nun?

Hmm, seeing him turns my mood sour.

Here, Khun. I made it for you.

- What is it? - It's orange juice.

You don't know what it is? You must be ill.

I know what it is but...

Why are you bringing it to me? What do you want?

Did you put something in it?

You think I'd drug you?

Well, yes!

It's 30 million! How can I trust you?

Are you satisfied?

Trying to conceal your intention with anger? Want to deceive me, aren't you?

- Mom? - Wat, are you up?

Come sit. Sit, sit.

Nuth, good morning.

Khun Sao missed Doctor. So she stopped by.

Hmm, I don't just miss you.

I came here because I wanted to make a nutritional supplement for you.

Since you both don't have any time. So I wanted to energize you.

- Chamhua. - I'm coming!!

Bananas, asparagus, potatoes, sweet chili, strawberries and chocolate.

And almonds!

And the food to avoid is...



Drinking too much will reduce your sperm.

And the drink to drink every day is...

Pomegranate juice.

Drinking it will make my Wat strong and fit.


Getting fit to catch your millions?

That's right. You act like he's the only one who can give you a grandchild.

Lek can as well.

Don't expect anything from me. In this life, I don't want kids.

That's good that you think that because I only want from my daughter, not my son yet.

You heard that, right? You're the younger brother, wait your turn.

Sit, sit. Have breakfast.

Wat, where are you taking me? I didn't make any food for you yet.


Mom, next time if you're coming because of this, then don't come.

Doing this, they will think that we're opportunists.

What opportunists? They want a grandchild. So we're giving them one, that's all.

Enough, Mom. Stop thinking it. I already told you it's not possible, Mom.

Why not? Before you got married, you said the same thing.

In the end, she's your wife. Anything is possible, son.

But this isn't. Impossible is impossible, Mom.

Wat! Wat, wait, son.

Khun Nai, or is Khun Doctor infertile?

Nang Chamhua! I will slap your mouth! You're jinxing my son.

Khun Nai! Hey! Or did Khun Wat and Khun Nuth not "bum bum" yet?

I wonder.

- Nang Chamhua, you have to move here and spy for me. - Huh?

- If you succeed and make them do the deed, I will pay you 10,000, okay? - Okay!

The other editor doesn't think you can do political news. The end, alright?

Ow, but you said you'd transfer me to politics.

Khun, what do you think politics is?

If you think politics is just sitting in the office, then you don't know politics.

Are you telling me that I have no future in political news?

No, but I'm telling you that politics is about power.

And we see power in our daily lives every day.

These hi-so entertainment gossip have a political factor for you to write about as well.

It's up to whether you see it or not.

The end.

Boss, I maintain that I want to be a political news reporter.

Otherwise, I quit.

Oh! You really are persistent!

Go write a political piece and I'll suggest it.

If your work gets printed, then you can transfer to politics.

- The wedding? - Yes.

- Politics? - Uh huh.

Compare the love triangle between Anusaniya, Chayakorn, Doctor Satawat and Soammika.

How it reflects the politics.

So I can see how well you understand politics.

Love triangle? What does a love triangle have to do with politics?

Sorry, P'.

Can I play too?

Chaya, what a coincidence. Are you exercising?

Why are you playing alone?

I'm not alone. Over there--

Where did they all go?

Do you want me to play with you?

I'm done. I don't want to play anymore.

- If you lose, admit your defeat! - Hey! You're messing up my hair!

If your hair is messy then fix it, why hold my hand?

- What's bothering you? - How did you know?

Sighing this much, how could I not know?

My dream of doing political news isn't possible anymore.

I know why you can't follow your dreams.

Because you're making a living off these scandalous news. Creating gossip to tarnish others!

This is all there is of your life, Mirantee.


Spray it, spray! The entire room! The entire room!

It'll be romantic tonight!

What are you doing?

What are you doing in Khun Nuth's room?

Ah... Oh! I went to clean up.

Is that so? Liar!

I just cleaned up.

Oh, really? I didn't know.

- I'm going. - Wait! Where are you going?

And what are you hiding behind there?


- Back there. I saw it. - Nothing means nothing.

- There is! - There isn't!

There is! Right here!

- There is! Right there! - There isn't!

- Did you fart? - Yes.

Seems like it's more than a fart...

Quickly go! Go!

- Don't make a mess here! - Yes, yes.

Khun Doctor Satawat isn't here.

I didn't ask, how did you know?

For you, it's only that one matter.

You aren't here to see a doctor for a headache, fever, or cold, right?

Hey, you!

Please leave. Don't bother Doctor when he's working anymore.

Please leave.

Since I was born, I've never seen someone so wicked!

You think you can avoid me, Doctor?

Thank you very much, Lookprai.

Have you decided?

Alright, I'll help you.

But don't let Nuth know that we're working together.

Alright, I'll take the front for all of this.

Here, Khun. Drink it before going to bed.

Did he put anything in there...

I didn't. Okay?

- Are you trying to rape me?! - No, Khun!

Khun, Khun! Let go!

Oi, I never thought the oil Khun Nai had me spray on the bed would work this quickly.

That much, Nang Chamhua?

Hey, hey! I'll talk.

That much, Nang Chamhua?

Good! Very good! You didn't disappoint me!

Hey, I'm about to have a grandchild, Nang Jan!

Meh, Khun Nai, are you happy for a grandchild or money?

Of course money!

Oi, Nang Jan!

Smart mouth, are you?

Just because I'm onto you!

Are you trying to kill me? Huh?

If I could kill you, I would've long ago!

- Let go! - You hate me that much?

Yes! I hate you! I hate opportunists!

I hate money hungry people like you the most!

What are you going to do to me?!

If you still insult me, you will get it.

- You! - You, what?

- You crazy psycho! - Crazy psycho?

Crazy psycho, right?

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