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Photography in Patagonia is Over with English subtitles   Complain


someone still




oh it's horrible horrible boy I know

what you're thinking but it was the

wrong type of snow we were cold and wet

so we decided to move on I burnt my lips

on some marte and we headed for the

cuernos where we would look for a trail

to a beautiful few points but on roots

we could not resist photographing the

dramatic weather that blew through the



so we've been patient was we wait about

15 minutes or so and we you know at one

point we lost the mountains completely

now they've come out they're showing

themselves in their full glory have

loads of where they're moving through

the valley sweeping across the mountains

and that's nice nice sort of dramatic

shots of the dramatic mountain in this

lovely dramatic weather it's quite cool

f11 focus on the mountain and jobs are

Goodin oh right

bright sunshine


so that's a quick stop by a quick photo

stuff and that impromptu photo stop was

actually it just so happens it's right

by the trail for this hike that we're

going on so yeah not too far to go I


although the sign says one and a half

hours I think we're free listicle e

looking at about half an hour looking at

it it's not too far away yeah look you

for this weather's cleared sun's out

hike looks beautiful

Thanks just to see what's at the top Oh


so it's hard and it's really hot I don't

know where this heats come from but

we're about halfway up now this trail is

called mirador it's above like you know

Condor above like okay wait that's oh

yeah I can't do can't pronounce these

Spanish names that just sound Yorkshire

village your guns or



fun is messing around waiting until

sunset enjoying the wind and the sun's

drop now light levels have dropped I've

been trying to find a composition to

include panier grande and the queerness

which is the the two peaks I'm looking

at here these these here and it's I

found the composition and I'll tell you

my thinking basically there is a lake

down there the lake doesn't work from

the summit because the lake is just

going way off to the left of the image

is incredibly unbalanced you have the

bright water bright body of water out to

the left of the image and this huge land

mass so the right of the image and the

whole thing feels and balance so I've

come dropped down the side of the

mountain a little bit and I'm kind of

using the ridgeline of the mountain I

stood on to frame the two mountains

there panagon day and the Quirinal with

the Lake Bank dead center and I thought

I was onto a winner I'm not gonna lie I

thought I was onto a winner but the

conditions are no good it's just just

bluebird skies and there is some really

interesting clouds for those clouds are

just really too much blue sky the light

is really harsh it's really not great

packing up and leaving this location

without having had the conditions we'd

hoped for was really hard this was

because it was our final sunset shoot

here in Patagonia and I'd hoped I'd

wished for so much more but we still had

one more sunrise to go and part of the

group decided that they wanted to go

back to this mountain for sunrise this

was going to be a bit of a risk and for

this to pay off we really needed some

good conditions we needed different

conditions than we just had previously


this morning half an hour before sunrise

and we may as well be on another planet

there is not a breath of wind you

remember obviously remember it's

probably like two minutes ago but we

were hanging out here with our jackets

flying in the wind well look at it now

not a breath of wind and he's gorgeous

look at the mountain drop behind me just

there look at the high-altitude cloud

above the mountains the Sun rising over

here that cloud hopefully will catch and

what a fantastic view my composition

down below is exactly the same as what I

wanted to shoot yesterday the benefit of

coming back to a location is you know

the crack you know the score you know

where you gonna say camera


so the sudden hasn't come up yet we get

this lovely pink hue and the clock on

the clouds behind the mountain so I'm

gonna grab this shot now so with regards

to my camera setup sure you get sick of

this by now but I've talked you through

it anyway Hurley medium urge to stop

graduated filter look at leha look at

the reflections that the mountains in

the filters amazing I'm add this is this

is totally gonna be my thumb roll thumb

roll thumbnail wait for it blue steel

that's what that is so well so to stop

me in damage graduated filter no

polarizer cuz it'll destroy this guy

when if they destroy this guy I mean

there's a lot of blue in the sky so

you're gonna get that deep blue circle

that you get here when you shoot wide

with the polarizer on blue sky days and

that's it no the filters with regards to

settings I'm at Effie life and I'm

shooting this around about 35 mil

composition wise again it's just this

ridge line here which forms this frame

for the lake going to the mountains and

I'm focusing on the mountains I've got

my little cable release just here so I

don't disturb the camera when I take the

photograph and I think my exposure is

somewhere between sort of one and two

seconds yeah it's all about you know the

technical side is fairly straightforward

it's about getting here hiking up here

and finding the right composition which

is what I've been working on what we've

been working on here yesterday evening

and this morning so I'm gonna grab this

now while this lovely pre sunrise hue

lovely glow here we go f11 one and a

half seconds Patagonia beautiful


absolutely stunning so the best thing

about doing the workshop like this is

you have so many photographers all

looking at different compositions and

all working with different ideas and its

really good for steeling compositions so

we were up here last night when it was

windy and one of the participants be who

actually is gonna be right down there

about about now a waterfall beneath the

echo in earth and she got this lovely

shot the hills leading up to the

mountains and I thought it was super if

I was really happy really happy that she

got that image but now she's not here

yeah I'm getting the image so it is it's

a beautiful shot it's like it looks like

a painting with the light hitting the

mountains and it's essentially a

portrait shot of the Rolling Hills here

in the foreground taking you up to the

queerness queerness guerdon north which

essentially means horns which are the

two spires they're the two obvious bias

I really like the image the light

streaming across the landscape makes it

this nice interest in the sky with some

clouds light hitting the peaks beautiful

composition could see of Beatrix and

yeah well don't be thanks for hooking me

up with a good image so I'm gonna grab

this shot now no doubt that f11 yes I am

I feel Evan and I focused on the

mountains because they're enough there's

no foreground interest for me the

nearest subject to my lens is probably

about five six hundred meters away and

it's just all about the white I'm using

a polarizer just to cut through some of

the haze that runs up to the mountain it

also gives the sky a bit more of a deep

deeper shade of blue and really makes

the clouds pop yeah a rather nice image

which if I can detangle the cable

release I'm going to take right now

there we go beautiful

so that's it that was the final shoot of

mine and brendan van son 2018 patagonia

workshop and what an experience it's

been we had lights with a drama without

rain we've been happy we'll be miserable

without a hell of a lot of fun hopefully

we've got some keepers maybe I don't

know so be honest the whole thing feels

like a bit of a blur this is it this is

the last I'm gonna see of this place for

a long time so I'm gonna really take it

all in and just enjoy this right now

what an adventurous be yeah I guess I'll

see you next time yeah until then bye

for now



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