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P5+1 prepares to lift nuclear-related sanction on Iran with English subtitles  

now the P 5+1 group of countries is preparing to look nuclear-related

sanctions on Iran under a landmark deal reached in July as a jew size are

implementing the deal hopes are high for further cooperation and a decrease in

long-running tensions but now all parties respecting the hard-earned

achievement of diplomacy where there's we were just discussing the us-

administration while ago for a new sanctions against Iran Iran and the five

permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany hammered out a

nuclear agreement in July the deal that was announced after numerous rounds of

marathon talks and the long running dispute over Iran's nuclear program did

deal known as the Joint comprehensive plan of action was described by world

leaders as a victory for diplomacy which ACPO a was claims the spider stronger

position from hogs in the United States and unprecedented israeli lobbying

against a diplomatic solution under the deal Iran is voluntarily limiting its

atomic program a return for the removal of all nuclear-related sanctions the

International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Iran has fulfilled its

commitments under the deal

tehran is now waiting the removal of sanctions sometime in January with the

use government has been recently sending mixed signals for instance President

Barrack Obama recently approved the law to impose restrictions and people who

travel to Iran the new rules prevent nationals from 38 visa waiver countries

who visited Iran Syria Sudan Iraq in the past five years from entering dus

without a visa to iran says the new law flies in the face of the nuclear deal to

move even drew criticism from europeans with the president of the French Senate

calling it unacceptable but the Obama administration remains defiant it added

insult to injury and Wednesday the Treasury Department announced that is

preparing sanctions against firms and individuals in Iran Hong Kong and the

United Arab Emirates over alleged involvement in Iran's missile program

iran has always defended enhancing its defense capabilities Iranian Foreign

Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif says test firing ballistic missiles does

not violate the nuclear agreement meanwhile top Iranian officials have

repeatedly warned that there are closely monitoring use actions and that any

violation of the GCP away will be met with a proper response

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