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Noel Quinones - 8 Confessions of My Tongue with English subtitles  

eight confessions of my tongue one I've

snuck past the borders of another mouth

today made an accent

tastes like kinship and watch myself

drown and false comfort there's always a

countdown when you realize I am not

fluent in Spanish you expected the

waterfall the spit that crossed the

ocean the syllables suffocating dance

and it is a dance this moving we've been

searching turning your back on what you

can never keep up with I contain so much

sad and Brown and malice that I can't

even pronounce be honest without a

stranger examining the air it took to

learn it to everything here is a devious

memory a hungry saying gobbling itself

into existence I listened to that Yankee

be between they told us I don't make a

vaccine for record thorns in my throat

but can't tell you what the song means I

yell Marc Anthony lyrics and faint

volume equates to knowledge I tell

myself it's not mine if I feel something

but I'm always the last one to get wet

up forever race to my own identity 3 my

tongue is a country less surface they

whisper of my fraud on the luck and in

the classroom but all I have to offer

all these two full skins fits into a

name I've worn so many of my family

members stories that I confuse my

childhood for theirs for I can't

remember the last time I didn't use

Google Translate to prove myself to a

poll by this means I have not destroyed

as my poems they are and imagine what

they need odd when I taste the shore and

it accepts me where my grandmother

wasn't spit on every day for not knowing

English and that never translated to her

never teaching us and you can see it in

my father's amnesia when I asked him

about our indigenous language and you

last 6,000 dead bodies on

the dinner table 6 I practice

self-torture in front of the mirror

every morning mimic whatever words are

sold to make myself a warm and thing

damiana Cynthiana going on you know my

skin always mistaken for hold my last

name and invitation to strangers who say

your parents should have taught you what

my parents say is my fault and I

remember the first time I asked for help

when to use Borg

Avada in a sentence and they said you

just feel it you're just supposed to

feel it 7 I don't ate my tongue is a

rainbow last hope of souther beneath a

foreign accent mark a transcontinental

things suck his own ocean and so I flood

in your net onto my mother's lap given

Wednesday she said now you don't belong


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