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No Ice Cream for This Kid...Until What Would You Do? WWYD with English subtitles   Complain

Who wants ice cream?


And now our first customer steps up to bat.

Hey dad, can I get strawberry?

I already told you. You cost us the game, you don't get ice cream.

But, i'm sorry

The customer takes notice. That's strike one on dad.

You're a loser.

I can't buy you ice cream, go sit down there. Go.

As Aiden walks by with tears in his eyes, he can't stand to watch.

Strike two for dad.

But then comes Aiden's final pitch.

I did my best. They got ice cream.

Well they earned it and for this customer, it's time to call dad out.

We're coming in.

Here we go

Yeah, you're amazing. No.

Thank you, man. What was your message to him?

That he's the most important person in his life.

I mean, you tell a child, "You're a loser."

Life is hard enough already. You don't need to encourage that. My sons make mistakes.

I let 'em know that's okay. So they can understand that I'm also fallible.

Great advice from a loving father.

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