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Muslim Scientists Ep 3 (Al Hazen) with English subtitles   Complain

Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham Part 3

The great scientist "Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham" reached an impasse

As the Fatimii Caliph, Al Hakim Biamri Allah had gotten angry at him

because he couldn't build a dam on the Nile at the south of Egypt

and as a result, he hired "Ibn Al Haytham" in a job that doesn't suit him, at the ministry

and this job started to occupy all of the scientist's time

so he couldn't focus on seeking knowledge and coming up with theories

and since "Al Hakim Biamri Allah" was known for his violence and mood swings

"Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham" couldn't refuse this job offer

-What!? -Do you dare to refuse the job that I've assigned to you?

Humph! O Jailer!

At your command, Your Majesty

Take him! Throw him in jail!

No! No! No! I'm begging you, Your Majesty

I still have a lot of things in engineering, optics and mathematics...

...that I haven't accomplished yet

Please, I'm begging you, Your Majesty

-Come on! -No! -Come on! -No!

No! Noooooooooooooooo!

No! No! No!

I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed Satan

I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed Satan

I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed Satan

Are you okay, "Ibn Al Haytham"?

-Who are you? -I am your neighbor

I was awake when I heard your scream

What's keeping you awake this late at night?

I'm used to perform the voluntary night prayer

-May Allah bless you! -May Allah bless you!

Alhamdulillah, I'm fine

Alhamdulillah, I thought that something bad happened to you, that you were attacked by a thief

or that you...

or that I am... what?

or that you -Allah forbidden- had gone crazy

-I Had gone crazy!? -Yes!

What would make anybody scream so loudly at night except for one of these reasons?

I've gone crazy! I've gone crazy!

Thank you, My Dear Neighbor!

Thank you!

I want you to tell everyone what you've heard tonight and tomorrow you'll accompany me to the ministry

Why is that? They'll think that you are...

Please, I'm begging you

Let's keep this request a secret between us

That would be a favor that I would never forget

As you like. I have to go now

as you know, staying up late is forbidden by the orders of "Al Hakim Biamiri Allah"

-Peace be upon you -Allah's peace and blessings be upon you

I've gone crazy I've gone crazy

That's great! That's great!

"Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham" was thinking of an expedient to be pardoned from his position in the ministry

without enraging "Al Hakim Biamr Allah"

So what did he do?

-"Al Hasan" is late today -That's unusual of him

That's really odd!

Stay away from me! Leave me alone!

Leave me alone!

What's all of this shouting!?

Come! Come! Let's go and see!

Stay away from me! Stay away from me!

I'm not crazy Stay away! Stay away!

W-W-What is the matter, "Ibn Al Haytham"?

They are accusing of being insane! Can you imagine!?

Who dares to say so?

Me! You don't know what he did

What I did! I'll show you what I did!

W-W-What's going on?

Go down, sir!

You'll fall on the ground!

and you are an old man, you won't bear the fall!

but I also can't bear darkness

How is what you are doing related to darkness?

What darkness are you talking about? We're in the middle of the day!

and that's why I'm trying to reach the sun

The sun?

Yes, I want to scoop some of it with this ladle

What would you do with a piece of the sun?

Can anyone reach the sun?

Have you become insane as well?

See! See! You too are accusing me of being insane!

It's okay, it's okay, you are the most sane among all of us

Tell me, what would you do with this piece of sun?

I would keep it in this duffel bag

and take it home to light the place for me at night

and that's how all my time would be day

I won't need to sleep, since we sleep at night

and I would take it with me when I go out at night

No soldier would object to going out

since I would be at day

and not at night

Won't the duffel bag be burned by this piece of sun?

If you say one more word, I'll accuse you too of being insane

I'm just playing along with him, My Friend I'm playing along with him

But are you going to accuse him of being mad?

I mean, are you going to report to somebody?

Of course! I'm telling the minister of the ministery about what happened

that's if he hadn't known already

"Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham'"s claim of being insane...

...was nothing but a clever expedient to fight the unjustice that happened to him by "Al Hakim Biamri Allah"

"Al Hasan" waited for the Caliph's reaction

That's weird!

Of course it is, Your Majesy We've lost a great scientist

-Humph, What scientist? -"Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham", Your Majesty

He's a failed scientist

A loser

Have you forgotten his theories of the dam and the Nile?

He didn't realize a single letter of it

I remember that he said that it's difficult to be implemented at the present time

and that perhaps it would be achieved in another time

Would I reappear in a different time?

Damn! Damn!

Don't remind me of this matter!

I think that what happened to "Ibn Al Haytham" was because of work stress

In the end, he is a scientist and not and employee

I told you not to call him a scientist again!

Pardon me, Your Majesty

Alright! Alright!

Since he has become crazy, this means that he's dangerous now

that's why we must isolate him from the people

"Al Hakim Biamr Allah" appointed guards at "Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham's" house

He confiscated his money, and secluded him in his house, preventing him from going out

but "Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham" took advantage of this opportunity to ponder and clear his mind

What is he doing?

He's being crazy

How is that?

He's writing on the wall

His condition has worsened

"Al Hakim Biamri Allah's" decision to secule him in his house was a wise one

I'm afraid that his condition would get even worse and he starts to attack us

Why do you think that they have given us a weapon?

Obviously to defend ourselves!

I wonder, what these strange pictures that he's drawing on the wall are

Perhaps this is the principle of vision

but...but this discovery is something more than analysing the principle of vision

-Images can be transferred from one place to another -He's even speaking with himself!

Never mind! Never Mind!

Our mission is to guard the house and not to watch his dweller

"Al Hakimi Biamri Allah" is dead

The Cliph is dead

O People of Egypt

"Al Hakimi Biamri Allah" has died

-The Caliph has died -What?

What should we do? We were standing here by the commands of the caliph

and now.... Is what I just heard true?


a-a-and now let's go back to our places

I can smell freedom

"Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham" time in the seclusion was over by the death of "Al Hakim Biamri Allah"

who had issued this judgement on him

There is no use of continuing to claim being mad, "Ibn Al Haytham"

since you have gotten your house back

I don't want it, I'll look for another house

"Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham" chose a house close to Al Azhar mosque

and he lived there for the rest of his life

researching, experimenting, and authoring

he came up with many theories in astronomy, medicine, optics and engineering

and he remained occupied with knowledge until his death in 430 AH

and "Ibn Al Haytham" was ahead of his time as his theory of building a dam on the Nile was implemented

but it was at a time when the building techniques allowed it to happen

also his theory about light and the reflection of inverted shadows was the principle used to invent the camera

and he always used to say: "I've always seeked knowledge and truth

and I believe that in order for me to get closer to Allah

I've to benefit the humanity with the sciences and knowledge that I've learned

O Allah, increase my knowledge

and benefit me by that which You have taught me

and make what you have taught me of a great benefit to people

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