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Muslim Scientists Ep 2 (Alhazen) with English subtitles   Complain

Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham Part 2

Al Hasan Ibn Al haytham dedicated himself to learn science and gain knowledge

He came up with many scientific theories

And he wrote books, treatises and researches

He started to shine among other scientists in his age

His fame has reached Egypt

And so the Fatimii Caliph, "Al Hakim Biamri Allah" heard of him *P.S: The title of the caliph is literally translated as: "The Ruler by the commands of Allah"

I can tell from your description of him that he's an eminent scientist, Minister

Of course he is, Your Majesty! Moreover, he wishes to come to Egypt.

How do you know that?

Didn't I tell you that I've met him and we engaged in a long conversation, Your Majesty?

So you are specialized in engineering, "Ibn Al Haytham"

Engineering is one the branches of science, in which I've came up with important theories

But of course I try to research all the fields of knowledge and sciences

Can engineering serve the public interest?

Certainly! For example, architecture is based on engineering and mathematics

Astronomy and navigation, all of these are mundane matters that critical parts of them are based on engineering

May Allah aid you, and grant you success

so that you can use your knowledge to benefit us, Ibn Al Haitham

You told me that you are the minister of "Al Hakim Biamri Allah", aren't you?

Yes, I didn't want to go to The Levant without meeting you

Do you know, O Minister...

If I were in Egypt, I would do something to the Nile that would bring many benefits in all of its conditions

when its water rises and floods and when it dries and drawdown

That's wonderful!

I'll make sure to tell the caliph about it

What is this thing that he wants to do?

He didn't tell me what he was thinking, Your Majesty

but I believe that this is a serious matter, that's why I'm telling you about our conversation

Alright! Alright! Make a caravan set off to The Levant tomorrow

and ask them to bring "Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham" here to Egypt

If he wishes to help us to control the water of the Nile

that sometimes floods, while other times dries

Let's give him a chance to do so!

"Al Hasan Ibn Al Haytham" traveled to Egypt

and when he arrived, he received a cordial welcome by "Al Hakim Biamri Allah"

and he treated him with great generosity

Welcome to Egypt, Eminent Scientist!

Thank you for accepting my invitation!

Thank you for giving me such an opportunity, Your Majesty

Your house is going to be here

and you'll be provided with whatever you need

from books and tools to help you with your researches and studies

More importantly, to help you to establish your project

What project?

I was told that you have a solution for the Nile river problem, that would help us to benefit from the river

whether it floods or dries

That's true, Your Majesty but it's just a theory

It's time to verify your theory

Here is the Nile, I chose your house to look directly on it

so that you would start your work immediately

What are you laughing at?

Pardon me, Your Majesty

I didn't mean to offend you, but you didn't ask me what my theory is

and whether staying here would be useful or not

Isn't your theory related to the Nile river?

That's true, Your Majesty!

My stay here would definitely benefit me for sometime

so that I can study the drawdown and the rise in the river's water level

but I have to travel to the south to see for myself

What are you thinking about, "Ibn Al Haytham"?

-A dam -A dam?

Yes, an enormous dam

The people of Egypt rely on agriculture

and agriculture relies on the Nile water

but the Nile sometimes floods and submerge the lands on its two banks

and other times it dries, and the farmers suffer from the lack of water

If we build a dam at the south of Egypt

we'll be able to control the amount of Nile water that reaches Egypt

When the water floods, we'll keep it behind the dam to protect the fields and villages from drowning

and when it dries, we'll open the dam and the water that we've collected behind it would gush

to rise the water level of the river

That's all, Your Majesty

-You aren't a scientist -What?

Yes! You're a genius!

You'll receive all what you need, "Ibn Al Haytham"

Finish your studies, measurements and calculations here

then inform me when it would be convient for you to travel to the south

This was one of the happiest moments in "Ibn Al Haytham's" life

As he was close to achieving his scientific dreams

and this is how "Ibn Al Haytham" traveled to the south of Egypt

To "Aswan"

and there, he investigated the region himself to start the implementation of his project


-It's impossible! -What's impossible, sir?

The project that I am intending to implement is impossible to fulfill

Why is that?

The construction of any structure on the Nile is indeed difficult

The space is vast and the water would be a hindrance

Haven't you done your calculations before?

A theory is one thing, while implementation is an entirely different thing

I'm still sure that my theory is valid

but.. but what?

Isn't the theory valid like you're saying?

I believe so, your majesty

What's preventing you from starting the project?

It requires enormous resources

I told you that I would provide you with everything that you need

No matter how much we try, it will be nothing but a waste of time, Your Majesty

The river is long

Perhaps a time would come when construction tools become more evolved

and builders would be able to establish the dam that I have in mind

but it won't be easy to build any structure on the river at the present time

Was it difficult to build those pyramids thousands of years ago?

Its construction is an engineering mystery, Your Majesty That's why it is an agricultural miracle

Don't you want to build an agricultural miracle of your own as well?

I wish I could, Your Majesty

but I know that this attempt is going to fail

I got my hopes up as well

I got my hopes up that I would be immortalized in the history books because of this construction

but I'll find other methods to immortalize my name

You may leave now, Ibn Al Haytham

Shall I prepare myself to leave Egypt and return to the Levant, Your Majesty?

No, you are staying with us here, Great Scientist

As we still need to reap the benefit of your knowledge

Thank you! Thank you, Your Majesty!

"Ibn Al Haytham" realized that the ruler's decision of keeping him in Egypt was a punishment and not a reward

As the cliph has assigned him to administrative work

in the ministries of the country

The scientist wasn't ready for such a job

as it took him a long time and he didn't have the strength to continue his researches ...

...and experiments in the time that he had left

and the great scientist felt that he has reached an impasse

as he doesn't dare to refuse the request of the Caliph who's known for his violence

and at the same time he can't continue doing this job

So how would he act?

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